10 Sneaky Techniques Guys Use to Get in Your Pants

Ever fallen for the smooth words and sweet actions of a guy who just wants to sleep with you? Never fall for it again by knowing their techniques!

things guys do to get into your pants

Men love sex. Women do, too, but most of the time it’s men who are more active when it comes to seeking it out. It’s not really a big problem, especially if they happen to find a woman who’s looking for the same thing. The problem arises, though, when a guy is willing to say or do just about anything to get laid.

Of course, there are some ladies who can read between the lines and immediately see that the guy is just looking to get into her pants. But there are also instances where guys use these little tricks to sleep with someone they’ve been dating for some time.

How do guys trick girls into sleeping with them?

So for those of you who aren’t familiar with the techniques guys use to get you into bed, keep on reading because you’re in for a couple of their best kept secrets!

#1 He’ll promise you love and maybe even a relationship. The difference between most men and women is how they develop feelings for each other. A lot of women want to be sure that they really like the guy and that the feeling is mutual before they consider sleeping with him. But with most men, they’d want to sleep with a woman before they develop deeper feelings.

Many women already know this, and because of that, guys may sometimes promise that they’ll fall in love with you or that they already love you just so you’d agree to sleep with them. Sometimes, it’s true, especially for guys who are genuinely looking for something a little more serious. But in other cases, they use this ploy and then disappear once they get what they want. [Read: 5 ways to tell if he’s emotionally unavailable]

#2 He’ll convince you that he’s really good in bed. You can tell that a guy wants to sleep with you if the topic of sex comes up pretty often. He’ll ask you what you like, what you’ve never tried and what you’re open to trying. Then once he knows what your preferences are, he might start to subtly brag about how women say he’s really good at doing a bunch of those moves that you like.

Don’t get us wrong. Sometimes, they are genuinely good in the sack. But you may start to wonder why he feels the need to say so. To put it simply, he’s trying to get you so turned on with his words that you’d be excited at the prospect of sleeping with him.

#3 He’ll make it seem like sleeping with him is a privilege. This can be considered the opposite of the technique above. Instead of telling you about his sexual prowess with tons of other women, he’ll tell you that he hasn’t had a lot of partners. He may say that he only has sex with someone who’s special to him. He says this so that when he asks you to finally sleep with him, you’ll immediately feel like you’re one of those special women that he’d consider sleeping with.

#4 “I promise we’ll just hang out.” Hanging out is fine. It’s more casual than a date, and it doesn’t require any commitment. The thing is, if he asks you to “hang out” at his place at 11pm while no one is around, then he may have an ulterior motive. Add in some wine or beers into the mix and you can be pretty sure he’s looking to get laid. And speaking of alcohol…

#5 He tries to get you tipsy. Once the shots are laid on the table, you’d definitely need to take a couple. Alcohol is a desperate guy’s best friend. It will get your inhibitions down and it’ll get his confidence up. After a couple of drinks, he’ll be pretty confident that you’ll be pliable enough to sleep with him. So if you feel like you’re with a guy who’s getting you drunk so you’d come home with him, quit while you’re ahead. That way, you’ll at least have a clear head if you do decide to sleep with him.

#6 “I’ve never met anyone like you” and other forms of flattery. Some guys rely on the power of flattery to get into a girl’s pants. And the sad part is, sometimes it works, especially if the girl has really low self esteem. Some women think that if they sleep with a guy, he’ll like her even more. But the problem with this is that they just end up getting used. Don’t let a few words be some guy’s ticket into your pants.

#7 He’ll shoot down your self esteem. This is a really sneaky trick that some seasoned players often use. When the player meets a girl, he’ll chat her up until she’s really interested in him. But once he notices that she’s not the type to put out, he’ll lower her self esteem with some subtle criticism followed by a hint that he’ll like her a lot more if she sleeps with him.

A woman who’s secure with herself would just brush it off. But a woman who’s not so sure of herself may feel like her ego is hurt because a guy she likes has said something negative. So in order to “redeem” his attraction for her, she’ll agree to sleep with him just to get him to like her again. [Read: 20 signs that you’re too much of a people pleaser]

#8 He’ll linger around you when you’re heartbroken. Women who have just gone through a breakup can be the most vulnerable of all. Her self esteem is down, she’s alone, and she may be looking for a rebound. In comes a guy who wants to sleep with her. He’ll act like a shoulder to cry on, someone she can confide in. And when she’s at her weakest and loneliest, he’ll show himself to be the guy who can make her feel better again. And since she feels so unloved, she may be willing to accept any kind of affection. [Read: 15 signs you’re entering into a rebound relationship]

#9 He’ll exert a ton of effort on you and then ask for something in return. There are just some guys out there who are willing to manipulate a woman into sleeping with them. The most common approach they take is by acting like they’re the perfect gentleman. He’ll do her chores, pick her up from work, spend tons of money on her and spend lots of time with her. She’ll feel like a princess around her until he hints that he wants something from her.

Now, since she’s been treated really well, she may think that he deserves sex as a reward, even if it’s not really something she’s ready for. In some cases, she’s scared of losing someone who treats her so well, so she’d agree to pretty much everything he wants. You can easily tell if he’s the guy who’s just after sex based on his reaction to a refusal. If he takes it well, then he may just be treating you well because he likes you. If he doesn’t take it well, then it’s obvious that he has a sense of entitlement to your body. [Read: 14 ways to avoid being manipulated in a relationship]

#10 He’ll threaten to break up with you. This would only work for couples or pseudo-couples who haven’t slept together yet. A guy may threaten to break up with you if you don’t sleep with him. From the start, this is a sign that all he’s after in the relationship is sex. But there are still some cases where women agree to just sleep with him because they’re scared that they’ll never find anyone else like him. [Read: 12 subtle signs that your partner is just manipulating you]

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By knowing the usual techniques guys use to get in your pants, you can easily sense when he’s got an ulterior motive. Arm yourself and avoid being duped into falling into bed with him by keeping these techniques in mind!

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