13 Signs She Wants to Be Exclusive with You & Wants Your Commitment

signs she wants to be exclusive with you

Casual relationships aren’t that easy. Sure, they start out fun, but someone may catch feelings. So, how do you know the signs she wants to be exclusive?

Now, I’m not saying women are indecisive and complicated. We’re not that bad. I mean, you were in a casual relationship. How long did you think that could honestly last before you saw the signs she wants to be exclusive?

So many men think they can carry on a casual relationship without any feeling being involved. Here’s the thing, everyone has feelings. We’re human. So, maybe you dated her for a little while and noticed she takes this relationship seriously. Or, maybe you want to take the next step.

Signs she wants to be exclusive

Either way, no one wants to feel rejection which is why we’re so scared to make moves. Of course, you never truly know how she feels unless you ask her. But if you want to figure out how she feels about you two, then there are some signs to follow that gives you a clearer idea.

Now, every woman is different, so, she may show some of these signs she wants to be exclusive, while not showing others. But, don’t freak out, give it a little bit of time, and it’ll all become clear. It’s time to find out the truth.

#1 She’s off dating apps. This is a huge sign. This is equivalent to you not going to your favorite pick-up bar. She’s not looking for someone else to be with nor is she interested in it, so she deleted her dating app.

She hints at you that she deleted her app which is a great moment for you to talk about where you both want this relationship to go. That’s your window of opportunity, so take it. [Read: 15 signs you’ve already hit the exclusive stage]

#2 You’ve met the important people. We all have a group of important people we want someone special to meet. These could be friends or family,  but the point is, they met you. These people are the ones who are looking out for her best interest. And if you’ve met them more than once, you passed the test. If you were someone she wasn’t really interested in, she would never introduce you to the important people in her life. [Read: 14 signs to know if you’re just dating or in a relationship]

#3 She surprises you. Now, this could be on a sexual, emotional, or mental level. She could show up at your house naked, but she could also bake you a cake for your birthday. Point is, she invested her time in showing you signs of affection. This is a sign she cares. It’s not about the big things she does, it’s the little things you need to keep an eye out for.

#4 She knows you on a deeper level. If you just have casual sex and nothing more, she wouldn’t want to get to know more about you. Why would she? You’re not someone special in her life, rather someone to fill a need.

Sorry, that may sound harsh, but it’s true. But if she wants to get to know more about you, well, she’s interested in you. Trust me, women don’t waste our time on that, so if she actually wants to get to know you, it’s one of the clearest signs she wants to be exclusive with you. [Read: 15 signs she’s leading you on and taking you nowhere]

#5 She tells you she wants a relationship. Maybe on your first date, she told you she’s not looking for something casual and you know what. She wasn’t lying. Don’t overlook those sentences because she tells you exactly what she wants. She wants something exclusive. If not, she wouldn’t have said anything. Or she would have said something later on.

#6  You’re her go-to person. If you were only casual, she wouldn’t see you as someone she could come to for help. But in this case, she does. She trusts you. You’re the first person she calls when something good happens, and you’re the last person she talks to before going to bed at night. Sure, she has best friends, but you’re someone she sees sharing her life with.

#7 She’s met your family. Now, no one actually likes to meet parents. It’s a very stressful event, especially when you really like your partner. But if she’s willing and excited to meet your parents, that’s because she wants to see where you come from and who you are. She wouldn’t care unless she had feelings for you. [Read: 19 clear signs the two of you are ready for a serious relationship]

#8 She mentions the future. Now, I’m not talking about twenty years from now. Okay, sure it could be about the real distant future, but I’m focusing on the future over the next year. She’s talking about what you guys can do for the summer or where you can vacation during the winter holiday. No matter what goals she has in mind, they have you in them.

#9 You’re on her social media. We would never post a photo of a guy on our social media unless everyone knows he’s just a friend. If we do, that signals we are taken. Now, if she posts photos of you, she wants people to see that you are together. If you’re invisible on her social media, she doesn’t want someone to see. [Read: 12 hints a girl drops if she wants to get exclusive with you]

#10 She spends holidays with you. Valentine’s day, your birthday, these are all important holidays, yet, she chooses to spend them with you. It’s easy to text someone ‘happy birthday,’ but she goes out of her way to make sure that you enjoy your day. This shows she takes the extra step to be in your life.

#11 You spend days and nights together. Anyone can spend a night with someone, that isn’t hard. What’s hard is spending a day with someone. Now, if she likes you, she’ll spend her days and nights with you no problem. She doesn’t care if it’s a Friday night or a Tuesday afternoon. She’ll take advantage of the time she has with you.

#12 Her things are at your place. If she didn’t feel comfortable, she wouldn’t leave her things at your place. But she’s leaving them there partially for convenience but also to mark her territory. This is a good sign that she’s not going to go anywhere, and she’s here to stay. [Read: Is it a good idea for her to move in? The signs you need to know]

#13 She’s over the past. Yeah, she dated some idiots, but who hasn’t? However, the big difference is that she’s not using you to get over her ex. She’s moved on from her past relationships and wants something new.

You know exactly when a woman uses you as a rebound and when she’s serious. If she’s serious, she’ll show these signs.

[Read: 20 signs it’s probably time for you to clearly define the relationship with her]

So, are there signs she wants to be exclusive with you? Or is she showing more casual dating vibes? Well, look at what the signs tell you.

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