20 Signs She Is Falling in Love with You & Wants Something Serious

You like her, maybe you love her, but are you scared to say those three magic words? Know the signs she’s falling in love with you and feel reassured.

signs she is falling in love with you

Many guys are completely in the dark when it comes to understanding how a girl really feels. Knowing the signs she is falling in love with you can help you be more on point with regards to the real situation at hand.

You see, when you’re not totally sure if she’s falling in love or not, it’s easy to hold back on how you feel as a result. You might want to tell her how you feel, but you’re scared you’re not on the same page.

It’s no easy task to decipher a woman’s mind. At the same time, you shouldn’t overthink things. It’s true that many women aren’t direct. This is a problem, as you’re left to decode what they’re trying to say. This is why so many guys have trouble understanding women.

It’s true that men are usually more direct and straightforward, yet often not when talking about their feelings and their needs. Basically, we all just need to be honest about what we’re thinking! Yet, if you’re reading this, you’ll know how to read her mind in no time.

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How to read the signs she’s falling in love with you

Truthfully, most women aren’t as complicated as you may think. You’re just not looking at the right things. Women actually do let you know how they feel. Maybe we’re not as direct or obvious as men, but we do drop pretty big hints. You just fail to see them!

Step one? Look at the right signs. They’re a lot more obvious than you probably assume. So, let’s get started and figure out whether she’s dropping any signs she is falling in love with you or not.

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1. She tells you that she loves you

We know you may think this is a clear sign, but not necessarily. Of course, these are big words to say to someone, so if she does tell you this, she has feelings for you.

Sometimes, people will say “I love you’ because they’re feeling emotions and don’t know how to describe them. Though she may not really love you, it’s a clear sign she’s falling for you. [Read: Understanding the 5 big differences of love vs in love]

2. She’s all smiles

Whether you call or see her, you can feel the smile miles away. She’s so happy and excited to talk to you.

When we’re falling in love, we can’t stop smiling around that special person. They make us happy. If she’s smiling when she’s around you, she’s falling for you. You have her hooked.

3. She wants to spend all her time with you

Any free moment she has during her day she tries to spend it either seeing you or communicating with you. If she’s spending her weeknights and weekends hanging out with you, she’s falling for you.

She could be doing other things, but she’s investing her free time in you. [Read: 12 real signs of true love in a relationship]

4.She’s not talking to other guys

She has other guys who are interested in her for sure. She may be talking to them, but since she started seeing you, that’s all stopped.

This doesn’t mean she’s cutting out her male friendships, but she’s not interested in starting new ones or anything else that could lead to something more.

5. She opens up to you

When it comes to men, women are a little reserved in the beginning. We may be interested in you, but we’re scared to get hurt. So, we pull back a bit until we trust you.

If she’s opening up to you, it’s because not only does she trust you, but she sees you as someone special in her life. [Read: 10 communication techniques to finally get them to open up to you]

6. It’s all about ‘we’

Every sentence that’s about you and her starts with ‘we.’ She’s including you in her life and announcing that you are a pair.

She’s not going to use ‘we’ if she’s unsure about you. This pronoun really indicates how she sees you. It’s the next step forward.

7. She deleted her dating apps

Whoa whoa whoa! Did she delete her dating apps? You know what this means. If you’ve seen her going on her phone and noticed her dating apps have disappeared, well, that’s because she’s not into meeting anyone else.

If she deletes the apps connecting her to meeting other men, it’s one of the strongest signs she is falling in love with you. [Read: Understanding the difference between dating someone and being in a relationship]

8. She appreciates your quirks

We’re all flawed and have our own weird quirks. There are going to be some people that don’t like your quirks, and that’s just something you need to accept. But if she loves your little quirks and flaws, she’s falling for you big time.

9. She loves teasing you

What can we say? We love teasing the guy we’re falling for. In some way, it’s a defense mechanism, and on the other hand, it’s always a way to be flirtatious and play a little hard to get.

If she’s playfully teasing you, she’s into you. Now, if she’s downright mean, well, that’s not teasing, that’s just bullying. [Read: How to have playful banter & keep the flirting alive forever]

10. She makes plans for the both of you

She goes out of her way to buy concert tickets for the both of you or books a trip somewhere and gets you a ticket as well.

She’s not shyly asking you if you would be interested in doing something with her. She automatically includes you in her plans, and that’s a great sign she’s falling for you. [Read: 15 signs she’s clearly head over heels in love with you]

11. She shares her news with you first

Whether it’s good or bad news, you’re the first person she tells. This is a huge sign of you being an important person in her life.

When it comes to news, we usually only tell our closest people. If she weren’t in love with you, she wouldn’t share important information with you, at least not right away.

12. She asks for your advice

She’s not going to ask for help from just anyone. She’s going to get advice from people she respects and appreciates. If she’s asking you for your opinion, regardless of what it’s about, she looks up to you in a positive way. 

13. She can be a little possessive sometimes

Women aren’t much different from men when it comes to territory. When we like a guy, we become a little possessive.

But, the keyword there is ‘little.’ If she’s going all out and stalking you, then it’s not called love, it’s an obsession. [Read: 13 signs she wants to be exclusive and is looking for commitment]

14. She buys you things

Now, when we say “things” we don’t mean a Mercedes Benz. We’re talking about small tokens. Maybe she saw a t-shirt and thought you would like it. Or she surprised you with your favorite chocolate bar after a bad day at work. It’s a small gesture that means a lot.

15. She speaks openly to you

She feels comfortable saying how she feels even when her opinion may not be in line with yours. But the point is she feels she can openly share with you what’s on her mind without being judged.

When a woman feels free around a man, this is when she starts falling for him. [Read: 20 signs you’re wasting time in a one-sided relationship]

16. She talks about the future

She may not bring up marriage and children, it doesn’t have to be that far ahead.

But she’ll mention doing a couple’s trip in the summer or what you should do for your birthday. When a woman talks about the future, she’s talking about committing to the relationship. Looks like she’s falling in love!

17. She includes you in her world

If a woman is serious about you, she will make you a part of her world. Don’t expect to be the center of it, but you’ll be a priority, for sure.

She won’t hide you, she’ll openly talk about your relationship, and she will seek advice from you when she needs it. She’ll also be there to support you too. Basically, you’re in her world and it feels good. [Read: Secret to happiness: The uncomplicated guide for a happy life]

18. She introduces you to the important people in her life

It might not be her family right away, but she will certainly introduce you to her close friends and her inner circle.

Again, that means she sees you as someone who’s going to stick around and it’s definitely one of the signs she’s falling in love with you. If her friends tease you and say that she hasn’t stopped talking about you, that’s another great sign!

19. She considers your feelings

She doesn’t want to hurt you by saying or doing something that inadvertently upsets you. She considers your feelings before doing something.

That doesn’t mean she won’t do what she needs to do, but she’ll talk to you about it and make sure that she makes the right decision for the both of you. [Read: How to express your feelings & get your point across the right way]

20. She lets everyone know she’s taken

She won’t flirt with other guys, she won’t play hard to get, she won’t hide you on her social media.

It’s quite clear to everyone around that she’s taken and she’s with you. She does that because she respects you and she doesn’t want you to feel uncertain or insecure in the relationship. Be sure you do the same thing for her!

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Falling in love is a crazy experience and one that should be shared. After looking at the signs she is falling in love with you, what do you think? Are there signs in your relationship?

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