Waverly Smith is a freelance writer who has been getting paid for spreading her sarcastic take on love, life, and sex since 2010. She is many things that people do not like: married, a vegetarian, a Christian, and Canadian. She is also many things that people do like: a musician, an Italian cook, and a magnificent lover (or so she is told.) This sex savvy writer attended college for Journalism-Print and has been running her own online music magazine since 2011, conducting interviews with independent bands, recording studios, and musical entrepreneurs across Ontario, Canada.

Latest Features by Waverly Smith

Neighbors to Stop Having Loud, Noisy Sex

The Subtle Ways to Tell Your Neighbors to Stop Having Loud, Noisy Sex

Sexy neighbors can be hot, but not when their ruckus in between the sheets is keeping you up, or being heard by your kids!

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Dated a Bad Boy

I Dated a Bad Boy: Why I Pursued Him & Why You Shouldn’t EVER Do That!

Everywhere I went, men were falling at my feet. I was the “heartbreaker,” and I was about to get a huge lesson in humility from a bad boy.

waverly-smith by Waverly Smith
redhead facts

Ginger Trivia: 34 Fascinating Redhead Facts & Myths No One Knows

If you’re dating a sexy redhead or you’re thinking about it, you might want to check out these redhead facts. You might be surprised what you learn!

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The Pros and Cons of Marrying Your High School Sweetheart

Thinking of marrying your high school sweetheart? Here are the top pros and cons to popping the question and saying yes to your high school love.

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divorced parents at your wedding

Dealing with Divorced Parents at your Wedding

Your parents love you more than anything, except maybe arguing with each other. Here’s how to celebrate your marriage with parents who are divorced.

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you and a friend into the same girl

What if You and Your Friend Are Into the Same Woman?

Are you and your friend going after the same woman? Things are about to get awkward! Here’s a guide to dealing with that situation.

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words and phrases men need to know

9 Words and Phrases Every Man Needs in His Arsenal

Looking to be the perfect wordsmith? Here’s why having these 9 words and phrases in your vocal variations will lead to a happier relationship.

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Partner Gaining Weight

Partner Gaining Weight? How to Bring This Up Delicately & Not Hurt Them

Your partner has gained weight and it’s putting you off, but you don’t want to hurt their feelings by bringing it up. Should you say anything?

waverly-smith by Waverly Smith

Should You Take Your Husband’s Last Name?

Tradition says that when you get married, you take your husband’s last name and assume a family as a couple, but what if that’s just not for you?

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male orgasm

A Guy’s Guide to the Faux-O: How to Fake a Male Orgasm

You may be surprised to know men can fake their orgasms, with 10 times the difficulty! We’re showing you how to fake a male orgasm and when to do it.

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