Waverly Smith is a freelance writer who has been getting paid for spreading her sarcastic take on love, life, and sex since 2010. She is many things that people do not like: married, a vegetarian, a Christian, and Canadian. She is also many things that people do like: a musician, an Italian cook, and a magnificent lover (or so she is told.) This sex savvy writer attended college for Journalism-Print and has been running her own online music magazine since 2011, conducting interviews with independent bands, recording studios, and musical entrepreneurs across Ontario, Canada.

Latest Features by Waverly Smith

how long should sex last and the average time for sex

Average Time for Sex: How Long Should Sex Last Vs. How Long We Really Last

In your fantasies, sex may last for hours. But how long is too long in real life? We have answers, and so we’re looking at the average time for sex.

waverly-smith by Waverly Smith
decline being the best man

The Must-Know Steps to Politely Decline Being the Best Man at a Wedding

Is there ever a good time to say “no” to being somebody’s best man? Absolutely, and we’ve got you covered with a list of perfectly acceptable excuses.

waverly-smith by Waverly Smith
Neighbors to Stop Having Loud, Noisy Sex

The Subtle Ways to Tell Your Neighbors to Stop Having Loud, Noisy Sex

Sexy neighbors can be hot, but not when their ruckus in between the sheets is keeping you up, or being heard by your kids!

waverly-smith by Waverly Smith
Dated a Bad Boy

I Dated a Bad Boy: Why I Pursued Him & Why You Shouldn’t EVER Do That!

Everywhere I went, men were falling at my feet. I was the “heartbreaker,” and I was about to get a huge lesson in humility from a bad boy.

waverly-smith by Waverly Smith
what does a pussy taste like vagina

What Does a Pussy Taste Like? The Secrets that Give the Vagina Its Flavor

You’ve found yourself asking, “What does a pussy taste like?” Read the facts, and the personal accounts and learn what makes a vagina taste the way it does!

waverly-smith by Waverly Smith
how to get rid of vaginal odor - make pussy smell good

Vaginal Odor: 35 Secrets to Make Your Vagina Smell Good & Taste Even Better

Is there a nasty sniff down below? Don’t worry! You can learn how to get rid of vaginal odor, and make your pussy smell good and taste even better!

waverly-smith by Waverly Smith
What Does Sex Mean to a Woman

What Does Sex Mean to a Woman: What She Feels & Wants While Having It

Most men have wondered what sex in a relationship means to a woman. It’s different for them, so read on to understand women more for a better love life.

waverly-smith by Waverly Smith
Saggy Balls

Saggy Balls: A Full Guide & What Women Think of Low-Hanging Testicles

It’s normal to wonder whether parts of your body are normal or not. Are saggy testicles normal? And, what do people think of low hanging balls?

waverly-smith by Waverly Smith
fun challenges to do with friends

24 Fun Challenges to Do with Friends to Bond & Create Fun Memories

Whether you’re staying in or going out, it’s easy to entertain when you’re with friends. Try these fun challenges to do with friends to up the ante.

waverly-smith by Waverly Smith
dirty used panties

Selling Used Panties & The Fetish: The Full Guide to a Dirty Turn On

You’d be amazed at some of the ways you can make cash these days. Selling used panties is one of the more ‘out there’ methods. Intrigued? Let’s explore.

waverly-smith by Waverly Smith