Waverly Smith is a freelance writer who has been getting paid for spreading her sarcastic take on love, life, and sex since 2010. She is many things that people do not like: married, a vegetarian, a Christian, and Canadian. She is also many things that people do like: a musician, an Italian cook, and a magnificent lover (or so she is told.)

This sex savvy writer attended college for Journalism-Print and has been running her own online music magazine since 2011, conducting interviews with independent bands, recording studios, and musical entrepreneurs across Ontario, Canada.

Latest Features by Waverly Smith

Hairy Nipples

Hairy Nipples: Why Women Get Them and The Quick Fixes that Work

Many women have hairy nipples and even hairy boobs. If you have this issue, don’t worry, it’s nothing serious and can easily be sorted out. Here’s how.

waverly-smith by Waverly Smith
big testicles Men With Big Balls

Men With Big Balls: Pros, Cons & What Girls Think of Huge Testicles

Men with big balls are somehow celebrated, considered the epitome of masculinity. But, what does it mean to have huge testicles, and is it actually normal?

waverly-smith by Waverly Smith
well endowed women

Well Endowed Women: The Biggest Ups and Downs of Jiggling Jugs

If you think well endowed women have been given a good hand in life, you might be surprised to learn about the downsides. Of course, there are upsides too!

waverly-smith by Waverly Smith
Pillow Humping

Pillow Humping: How to Hump a Pillow & the Naughty Ways to Do It

Feeling horny in bed and want some sexy time? Here’s everything about pillow humping and the different techniques you can use to know how to hump a pillow!

waverly-smith by Waverly Smith
plus size women sex

Sex as Plus Size Women: Myths, Sex Positions & Your Insecurities

Many plus size women to have insecurities about sex, but there’s no need! These plus size sex positions prove that sex is amazing at any size.

waverly-smith by Waverly Smith
Signs She Wants to Be Your Girlfriend

How to Move On From an Ex When the Heartbreak is Fresh and Hurting

Whether you got dumped or did the dumping, heartbreak is a sting that can last for years. But here’s how to move on from an ex when you’re still hurting.

waverly-smith by Waverly Smith
wedding night sex

Wedding Night Sex: How to Make It an Unforgettable Experience

Wedding night sex may be wildly romantic, or you may spend it hovering over a toilet bowl. Here’s what to expect from wedding night sex.

waverly-smith by Waverly Smith
Intense Orgasms

Intense Orgasms Checklist: 11 Moves to Guarantee One All the Time

Show your girl you’re down for giving her grip-the-sheets intense orgasms with our list of 11 naughty ways to please your lover.

waverly-smith by Waverly Smith
not ready for a relationship

Not Ready for a Relationship? 7 Legitimate Reasons Why It’s Okay

Dating can be a tough nut to crack and leads many to wonder why bother. Here are seven reasons why you’re not ready for a relationship.

waverly-smith by Waverly Smith
Bachelor Party Ideas

Super Fun Bachelor Party Ideas That Don’t Involve Strippers

Did you make a pact not to have strippers at your bachelor party? Good for you. Here are some bachelor party ideas that don’t involve naked ladies.

waverly-smith by Waverly Smith