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14 Sweet and Cute Ways to Make Your Woman Happy

Want to make your woman smile with glee, and feel overwhelmed with love and affection? Just try these 14 sweet ways to make her happy, and you’ll see!

how to make your woman happy

You know that classic joke where there’s a long list of what makes women happy, and then the list of things that make men happy are just beer and sex?

This is obviously not completely true, but it does take a handful of things to make a woman happy.

For starters, different women want different things. If you’ve been dating different women for a while, you’d be privy to this by now. Some women like tons of PDA while other women prefer to keep displays of affection behind closed doors. Some women love being around you all the time, while a few others absolutely love their space. So how can you tell which things are sure to make your lady happy?

Well, you can’t! But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try.

14 things you do that’ll keep your woman happy

Here are a list of things that have been shown to make even the most composed woman smile with glee. And if you’re with a girl who’s not into anything on this list, then you still get some points for considering it or giving it a shot!

#1 Let her know if she does something well, and thank her! Everyone possesses these little hidden and not-so-hidden talents. Whenever your wife or girlfriend displays those talents, be sure you let her know that her efforts matter and that you appreciate what she does. Whether it’s as complex as doing your tax returns for you or as simple as getting a stain out of your white shirt, give her a smooch and tell her she did a great job. [Read: 50 really cute things to say to your girlfriend]

#2 Make her laugh. They say looks fade, but a sense of humor sticks around. Laughter is a great medicine, and it’s a good idea to give your gal a hearty dose whenever you can. Even if you’re not a born comedian, you can still try to master a couple of jokes or antics that are sure to tickle her funny bone. Just bear in mind that being funny doesn’t mean you have to do it at another person’s expense. [Read: 12 types of humour and how it affects your relationships]

#3 Cook for her. Whether you’re a masterchef or just a guy who can barely fry an egg, your efforts won’t go unappreciated. It feels nice every once in a while to not worry about whipping up a quick meal. There are tons of easy recipes online that only call for the simplest ingredients. Learn a few of them, practice a couple of times, and then surprise her with a freshly cooked meal.

#4 Shower her with affection whenever you can. This doesn’t mean you have to get your hands all over her whenever you’re together. Affection can be as subtle as a random kiss on the cheek or a quick back rub when she looks tired. These tiny things you do can pick up her mood or even make her day a whole lot better!

#5 Offer to do chores she hates. We’re not walking, talking cleaning machines. There are chores we hate, but we need to do them to keep a clean home. Any man who’d pick up the slack and do some of the chores we hate would be an angel in our eyes! You can easily tell which chores she hates by the look on her face when she’s doing it. So go up to her, take the brush, the sponge or the trash, and tell her to relax while you do it for her.

#6 Fix what needs fixing. We know men aren’t walking, talking handymen either. But there’s bound to be one thing you can fix for your girl. It can be as tough as taking a look under the hood of her car or as simple as getting rid of viruses on her computer. Women like men who can fix things, so she’s bound to like you twenty times over!

#7 Play games or sports together. Games aren’t just for kids. Adults play games all the time to stimulate the mind and body. If you’re tired of going to the same old restaurants for your date, take your date outdoors with some sports like Frisbee, running or swimming. For those who aren’t athletic, video games are another great option. Pick a game she might like and teach her how to play. Just don’t let her notice if you’re letting her win! [Read: 10 naughty and horny games you can play in bed!]

#8 Pamper her when she’s down. Sometimes, women try to look better to feel better. That’s why they go on pamper sessions at the spa, their manicurist or their favorite salon when they’re sad. In times like this, offer to pay for her pamper session or accompany her when she’s trying to relax.

#9 Give her little gifts. You don’t always have to whip out hundreds of dollars to impress your girl. Even the smallest gifts can have a huge impact. For example, you can get her that dress she’s been eyeing at the store. If she loves cats, you can always get cat-related things from shops around the corner. If you’re good with your hands, create something that shows you care about her. The effort almost always matters more than the price tag.

#10 Listen to what she has to say. Some girls are capable of talking your ears off. But instead of just brushing off what she has to say to you, try to actually listen and respond. You don’t always need to solve her problems or give suggestions, because sometimes all she needs is someone who would listen. Be that person and she’ll know you’re a keeper! [Read: 15 types of really bad girlfriends who’ll make your life hell]

#11 Involve her in your activities. Show her that she’s an important part of your life by letting her in on activities you enjoy. If you’re into working out, invite her to join you. If you’re a soccer player, invite her to watch you play. If you like to paint, ask her for her opinion on how to make your painting nicer. Even if it’s not her thing, simply asking already makes her feel more involved.

#12 Let her know that her opinions matter. Women are an opinionated bunch. We often have an opinion about everything and anything under the sun. Heed her opinions, whether they’re about small matters or big decisions. It shows her that what she thinks matters enough to affect your choices. If she’s the one you want to spend the rest of your life with *or if she already is*, then you have to make her feel that she has a say in things that matter to you. [Read: 20 more ways to make your girlfriend incredibly happy!]

#13 Value what she values. Whether she’s into art, music, pets or sports, you have to make her feel that you also value these things because they’re important to her. For instance, if she needs to cancel a date because of a music event, understand that this event is important to her and let her off the hook. If she’s in love with her pet, give her pet a treat when you can. Show her how important she is to you by showing her that you do your best to care about the things she cares about.

#14 Give her space when she needs it. When everything’s crumbling down around her, your first instinct may be to come to her rescue. But when she asks you to give her space to figure things out, respect her decision and give her the space she needs. You can be the godsend who can get her out of her predicament, but sometimes women want to learn how to do things for themselves. Just remind her that you’re there for her if she needs a helping hand.

We hope these little tips help you keep your woman happy. It may seem like a lot, but you don’t have to do all of them at the same time! Most of all, don’t just use these tips to get out of trouble because then she’ll start to worry why you’re suddenly being so nice to her.

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Just whip out these 14 tips to keep your woman happy randomly, and you’ll have a woman who’ll be jumping with glee because she has such a thoughtful guy!

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