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How to Tease a Man: 14 Tricks to Tantalize and Make Him Desire You

You want to win the guy—I feel ya. But you’re not going to do it if you’re giving him what he wants right away. Nope, first learn how to tease a man.

how to tease a man

If you like a guy and you’re hoping something will come out of it, then you’re going to need to learn how to tease a man. That’s right, ladies, time to switch up the power dynamics. Listen, he’s going to get what he wants in the end. Making him work for it is more enjoyable for both of you.

He’ll feel like he earned it, and well, you’ll not only learn how to tease a man, but you’ll also understand the power of teasing a man.

How to tease a man

I talk to a lot of women who feel stuck trying to win over the guy they like. First off, if you bend over backward for his attention… it might be time to pin your hopes on another guy. You shouldn’t have to work that hard to get a guy interested in you. [Read: Is he shy or not interested? Tips to decoding your crush’s behavior]

Secondly, women, fall into the trap of giving a man everything he wants to make him love us. Now, I’m not telling you not to act on your urges. Instead, know why you’re doing the things you’re doing. Are you having sex with him because you want him to hang around? Or are you having sex with him because you truly enjoy it?

We often let ourselves go into situations which damage us. We sleep with guys who don’t respect us or see us as a potential partner. *Now, you can sleep with someone without wanting a relationship, but be on the same page*. And let’s make him work for it. [Read: Why men like a chase and how to use it in your favor]

#1 Remember your self-worth. If you want to be a good tease, remember your self-worth. Listen, if you want to find someone with any level of self-respect and respect for you, you need to show them you love yourself.

Teasing a man is pretty layered. It’s about showing your worth, and of course, making the journey more exciting for both of you. A good tease is someone who truly believes in themselves. [Read: Secrets for how to respect yourself more]

#2 What’s your goal? You need to have a goal at the end of the day before you go trying to learn how to tease a man. Of course, you can flirt without a motive, but if you like this guy, what’s the goal? You want him to ask you out? You want to sleep with him? Have a relationship? Then, you’ll be able to gauge your approach and send the right signals.

#3 Show you’re unattainable. If you want to be an all-star tease, you need to show him you’re unattainable. He thinks just any guy can have you? I don’t think so. This now switches the power dynamics and shows him that he needs to match your level and not the other ways around. He’ll be the one drooling and fantasizing about you instead. [Read: How to make playing hard to get work for you]

#4 Don’t be so available. I know you like him, trust me, I know. But you cannot look like you have no life. You have a life, and it’s not revolving around him. Being a tease doesn’t start at a sexual level. It starts with you not being so damn available.

No guy wants to be with a girl who’s always there. Where’s the excitement? Where’s the thrill? This is an old school tip, but it works. Stop being available.

#5 If he asks you out, be cool. If you’re going to tease a guy, you need to do it till the end. You cannot act unavailable and unattainable, and then when he asks you out, you become overwhelmed with happiness and scream “Yes!” into the phone. No, girl. Play it cool. Be cool, calm, and collected. It’ll show him he’s on a good path, but you’re still not convinced. [Read: How to get a man to chase you and fall really hard]

#6 It’s all in the eyes. You read right, ladies. You all have beautiful eyes and aren’t using them enough. And, no, the eye roll doesn’t count. So, you’ve shown him you are unavailable, and now you’re finally ready to say yes to a date. Good job.

When you’re on a date, or you bump into him, use your eyes. Hold your gaze, and well, frankly, eye fuck him. But do it in a confident way, not in a “please will you be with me” manner. [Read: How to master eye fucking and get them to do it back]

#7 Take his personality into account. Not all guys are the same. It’s easy to think there’s a one-size-fits-all method to men, but there isn’t. When you’re teasing him, you need to think about the type of guy he is. Not all guys are into banter, for example. Before you put the moves on him, get to know him first. That way, you’ll see what approach to use.

#8 Know where the line is. If you’ve gotten to know his personality, you’ll understand where the line is. Not all guys enjoy toilet jokes or insults. If you’re not sure where the line is, remember this: avoid jokes which humiliate and demean him. Some men have sensitive egos, and once you bruise it, it’s hard to come back from that.

#9 Never make the first move. You’re teasing him, right? So, you cannot make any first moves. If he wants to kiss you, he’ll have to come to you. You’ve worked too hard to make him chase you already, and you’re in the final stage. If you start making the moves, well, the ball is now in his court, and all that work you did is gone to waste. [Read: The art of making a guy long for you]

#10 Kiss and push him away. You’re probably thinking, “but I want him to kiss me more,” yeah, I know. But this isn’t how it works. You need to learn how to push him away after a passionate kiss. Give him just a taste of what he can expect. Now, you don’t need to push him back like you’re a football player, just lightly. He’ll be dying inside.

#11 Now, distract him. You have him horny as hell, but you can’t let him win. Now is the part where you distract him. Suggest having another drink or switching places. At this point, he’ll just want to take you home and as much as you want that, you’re not going to let him. He still has some work to do. [Read: How to woo a guy to sleep with you without being slutty]

#12 Don’t go home with him. Yes, you can make out with him, but you should not go home with him right away. I know you want to, but listen to me! Don’t do it! Kiss him, make out with him if you want, but when it’s time to part ways and go home, you go home… alone! This will show him that he’s still got to put more work into it, but there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

#13 Let him text you after. You’ll want to text him, but this is his job. He’ll probably send you an “I had a great time” text to test the waters. Or he may ask you out again, and that is a great sign you have him hooked. Don’t be too eager to text him, if he wants you, he needs to make the next step. [Read: How to effectively play coy and win the guy] 

#14 You decide when it’s time. You need to be the one who decides when it’s time for you and him to take it to the next level. By teasing him, you put the power in your hands. The next date, you can kiss and make out with him, but you choose how far you want to take it. I recommend waiting a couple of dates before doing anything more.

[Read: How to play hard to get with a guy and make it work for you]

If you want to keep him on his toes, try out some of these tips for how to tease a man. Everyone wants to win the prize, but the journey is what counts.

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