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How to Make Him Worry About Losing You: 15 Ways that Really Work

Do you ever feel like you could disappear and your man wouldn’t notice? Here’s how to make him worry about losing you and stop taking you for granted.

how to make him worry about losing you

Ever feel like you are undervalued and underappreciated? Sometimes in a relationship, it becomes easy to take advantage of one another or just to assume that the other person is going to be around forever.

If you are sick of being treated like it matters not if you live, die, breathe, don’t breathe, or simply exist, there is a way to bring back that attentive guy who couldn’t live without you. You have to know how to make him worry about losing you.

Yes, that guy is still in there somewhere. He may just need some major coaxing to find his way out. In any relationship, no matter how comfortable you are with each other, there are ways to creep insecurity back in… the good kind.

A little healthy tension and jealousy are the best way to snap him out of taking you for granted and give him a vision of what it looks like when you are no longer there to be his maid, cook, and booty call.

How to make him worry about losing you – 15 ways that really work!

Not that I think playing games is a good idea. But, if the choices are to either move along and find someone else or try to rekindle what you once had, then I think some trickery might be in order.

The key to using these tips for how to make him worry about losing you is that you don’t go overboard. Jealousy is a good thing in small amounts. But, if you make him question your loyalty or whether he should trust you, then you might just have gone too far.

Here are the tips for how to make him worry about losing you.

#1 Have a friend text you under an imaginary contact. The thing that will make him worry about losing you most is thinking that there are still other men who find you desirable and want to score with you.

The best way to remind him that you meet people out in the world every day who may be interested in dating you is to create a fake contact on your phone like “Jake” and then have a friend text you.

When he sees another guy’s phone number blowing up your phone, it will certainly send his anxiety high and make him fearful that there might be someone else out there better suited – or just plain better – than him. [Read: How to make a guy jealous in 30 wicked ways to win his attention]

#2 Make yourself unavailable. If you are always the one who is sitting around waiting for him to contact you or to check in on your day, then it is time to make yourself unavailable. If he suddenly can’t contact you any time that he wants, he might be reminded of what it was like to not have someone as awesome as you in his life.

#3 Be elusive about your plans. If you are someone who always checks in and checks with him before making plans, then it is time to stop being so accountable and accounted for. Instead of telling him the aspects of your night on the town or downplaying it to make it sound like you don’t have anything important going on, keep the details all to yourself.

Next time, make him guess what you are up to. If all of a sudden you stop filling in the gaps and telling him every aspect of your life, he will wonder why you are leaving the specifics out and what you are doing differently. Making him question things is always a great tip for how to make him worry about losing you. [Read: How to make a guy realize he’s losing you – 13 hints that work]

#4 Talk a whole lot about a co-worker that is good-looking. If he comes by the office once in a while and notices Matt in the cubicle next to you is hot, you likely have seen that quick glance of panic.

If you suddenly start talking about Matt and he is included in your conversation nonchalantly, then he will start to wonder why you are talking and thinking about him so much.

Including a good-looking guy in the conversation here and there is a great way to keep him wondering how much time you are spending with other guys. Or worse yet, daydreaming about him. [Read: How to make him miss you and call you more]

#5 Stop doing the things he loves so much. We all want to make the guy in our lives happy. So, we do those little things to brighten his day or make a horrible day less so. If you want to make him worry about what life will be without you, then stop doing all those things that say “I love you.”

If you pause doing the things that say “I have been thinking about you” for a bit, it will make him question whether you have been thinking about him or not.

#6 Stop instantly answering his text messages. One of the biggest reasons why a guy starts to pull away or take advantage of someone is because girls themselves too needy or they stop being a challenge. So, another tip for how to get him to worry about losing you is to stop answering his text messages immediately.

If he shoots you a text, don’t answer him right away… or at all. If you don’t answer him, you will be surprised at how quickly he will be blowing up your phone wondering why the change has occurred and freaking out that your feelings might be changing. Make yourself a challenge again by not being so clingy and responsive. [Read: Tired of chasing? Here’s how to make a guy chase you instead]

#7 Try some new moves in the bedroom. How do people typically learn new bedroom tricks? Well, I suppose some look online, but usually, women get their new tricks from being with someone else.

If you put some effort into your sexual performance or add a couple of things to it, he will wonder what you have been doing in your spare time. Also, if you show him your wild side, it might make him wonder what else you have been hiding from him. [Read: 20 kinky things to do with your boyfriend beyond the bed]

#8 Put a lock on your phone. Sure, you have nothing to hide, so it makes no sense to put a pass code on your phone. But if you haven’t had one and you suddenly do, he will start to wonder why you are acting all secretive.

Think about it, if he put a pass code on his cell if he hadn’t had one before, you would probably worry that he was getting texts from someone that he didn’t want you to know about. Guys’ brains might not always work the same all the time, but in this instance, they do.

#9 Change your passwords. Just like putting on a pass code, changing your password will stop him from having access to all your stuff. It isn’t really that he cares or looks through it, but the thought that you have kept something from him and put things under lock and key will drive him crazy, and he’ll wonder what you are up to. That translates into worrying about losing you.

#10 Do things to better yourself. If you have put on the “relationship ten pounds,” suddenly start working out. Getting into shape will work two-fold. One, he will wonder why you all of a sudden care so much about the way that you look. And two, it will restore you back to the girl that he couldn’t keep his eyes off of and never, ever, took for granted. [Read: My husband ignores me – The real dos and don’ts to get his attention back]

#11 Flirt. It is easy to get out of the practice of flirting with other guys. Just for the record, even if you don’t care about learning how to make him worry about losing you, flirting is a good thing for you to maintain a healthy self-esteem.

It will also remind you and him that there are other fish in the sea. If you want him to worry about losing you, then maybe you need to consider how much you really have to lose. Flirting will jog your memory about a time when a guy adored you and thought you were the hot dignity. [Read: Why flirting when you’re in a relationship isn’t really cheating]

#12 Send yourself flowers. Send yourself flowers without a note. That will make him wonder who is trying to win you over. Flowers say “I have romantic feelings for you” and that will make his brain spell trouble.

#13 Go away for a weekend. There is nothing that can make a guy miss you more than giving him some time alone to miss you. Absence really does make the heart grow fonder. Let him feel what it is like to not have you around.

#14 Have a care-less attitude. Women are creatures of habit and caring about the men in their life is hardwired. Unfortunately, those qualities are usually not the same in men. If you want to know how to make him worry about losing you, then you have to develop a “care-less” attitude about him.

If he doesn’t want to call when he says that he will…. care less. If he doesn’t ask you to go out on the weekend, care less. When he stops seeing you fall over yourself trying to make him happy, he might start to fall all over you to make you happy again. [Read: How to give space in a relationship and not drift apart]

#15 Stop “nagging.” The more you try to get his attention, the less he is going to want to give it to you. If you continually complain about how he never does anything with you, or that he is taking you for granted, that won’t make him want to be with you.

And, it might just make him a little less fearful of losing you. If you stop the nag train, let him be and live your life without him. He will quickly get the feeling that something is amiss. He might then be afraid of you not hanging around to “nag” him anymore. If you live life without him, your words might sound less like “nagging” and make him miss your voice. [Read: Rekindle your relationship – 17 ways to sparkle in love]

In every relationship there comes a time when people start to take one another for granted. If you have started seeing more of the couch than a night club, more take out than wine glasses and tablecloths, and less and less attention by the guy in your life, it may just take you showing him what he has to lose to wake up before he loses it.

[Read: How to keep a guy interested – 30 effortlessly easy and sexy ways]

Making a guy jealous is a totally fair trick if he isn’t paying you the attention he should. Just be careful that it doesn’t backfire. The last thing you want to do is end up losing HIM when trying to figure out how to make him worry about losing you.

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