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Promposal Ideas: 33 Cute, Creative Ways to Ask a Girl to Prom & Get a Yes

Coming up with the most inventive promposal idea is more likely to land you with a ‘yes!’ Treat your special lady to a romantic question and watch her smile. 

promposal ideas - ask a girl to prom

Prom is such a fantastic part of the year. Everyone gets super excited, couples come together, and everyone makes an extra effort to look fantastic. Of course, sweet and cute promposal ideas are the perfect way to impress your crush.

Everyone wants to have the perfect date for prom. Sometimes having a great date is even more important than getting dressed up and looking fantastic! Depending on who your date is, they make or break your entire night.

So, getting that one special person to say “Yes!” makes all the difference. [Read: Prom sex – 5 real reasons you shouldn’t put out for prom]

The history of prom

The word ‘prom’ is actually an abbreviation for the word promenade. A promenade is technically the act of introduction when couples enter the party. Many schools now call this the grand march, while the entire get-together is referred to as the prom.

Prom was established as far back as the 1800s and held as a co-ed banquet at the end of the school year for the graduating class.

Now, prom is a tradition in American schools, and many other countries host something similar by the same (or another) name. [Read: What is dating? The full modern day culture guide to dating]

How to ask a girl to prom

We’ve established the importance of the promposal, but there are many other things to dictate whether or not you get an excited “Yes!”.

If you really want to know how to ask a girl to prom in a way that ensures they’ll say yes, these techniques are exactly what you need to make sure you’ll end up going to the prom with that one person that makes it special.

1. Be yourself

Don’t try to be someone else just because you want her to like you. You can’t put on this big show of being someone else and then go to prom as yourself. She’ll be annoyed and disappointed you lied.

The best way to feel comfortable around her is to just be yourself. Don’t try to hide who you are because she’ll want to say “yes” to the REAL you. Not someone you’re just pretending to be.

Plus, it’s much less effort to be yourself! [Read: How to introduce yourself to a girl and leave her yearning]

2. Find a great promposal

There are TONS of different ways to prompose to a girl. Choose a promposal idea that is unique, creative, and fits her personality perfectly in order to get that “yes” from her.

If she’s into sports, come up with an idea that relates to her specific sport of choice. If she loves pizza, find a cute play on words to ask her on a pizza box. Just make sure it’s not something completely copied from the internet.

3. Be confident

This can be very hard to do if you’re nervous to ask a girl to prom, but it’s also important. Confidence is very, very attractive. If a guy is really confident and shows that to a girl, it automatically makes her feel more comfortable.

Work on becoming really confident with who you are. If you just aren’t the confident type, then you can definitely fake confidence until you can be confident on your own. Having confidence will be worth it. Fake it till you make it! [Read: How to ask a girl out when you’re a shy guy]

4. Establish a friendship first

Girls don’t really want to go to the prom with someone they don’t really know. Although it’s happened before, it doesn’t happen often.

Girls want to know and trust the person they go to prom with. After all, it is a very important night for them. They want to make sure they’re in good hands.

That’s why you should work to establish a good friendship with her before you ever ask. [Read: How to be a friend – the real art of true and meaningful friendships]

5. Get to know her likes/dislikes

Do a little digging to find out what kinds of foods she likes, sports she enjoys, or even any hobbies that she might have.

By discovering these types of things, it’ll be much easier for you to come up with a promposal idea that fits who she is. We already know doing this helps you get that coveted “yes!”

6. Have her friends put in a good word

When it comes to knowing how to ask a girl to prom, you need to remember that a girl’s friends are a very powerful tool when you want to influence her in any way. If you get to know some of her friends and have them put in a good word for you, she’ll be more likely to say yes.

To do this, just become friends with them while you’re becoming friends with her. If they like you, she’ll like you. And if she likes you, she’ll definitely want to go to prom with you. [Read: How to tell a girl you like her and not come across creepy]

7. Show her that you’re fun

Prom is a night to go crazy and have fun. Every girl wants to go to prom with a guy that knows how to have a good time – because that means she’ll have fun too.

This isn’t really hard to do at all. If she’s around, make funny jokes, talk about how much fun you had over the weekend, and just be goofy. Once she sees that you’re a fun person, asking her to prom will be much easier.

8. Compliment her

Girls are suckers for compliments. They don’t even have to be elaborate compliments about her eyes shining like the stillness of a lake under the full moon in the dead of summer.

They can be really simple! Compliment her personality and interests more than just her looks. This gives her the idea that you’re really interested in who she is rather that JUST what she looks like, and she’ll want to go to prom with a guy like that. [Read: How to compliment a girl – 15 must-know tips and 35 of the best lines]

9. Drop hints

Talk about going to prom a lot! You could say how excited you are and talk about how you’re waiting to ask this one girl. If she knows that you’re looking to ask someone and getting excited for the prom, it will make her imagine you at the prom with her.

Just make sure not to be too forward about it. They’re called “hints” for a reason.

Another tip, don’t talk about the girl you’re asking like it’s someone else. She might get the idea you won’t ask her, and she’ll try to get another guy to ask her. [Read: All the ways to tell if she’s flirting or just being friendly]

10. Don’t wait too long

Prom is usually set up way ahead of time. Don’t wait until two weeks before the dance in order to ask her. She’ll most likely be either annoyed that you’ve waited so long, or she’ll feel like your last option.

She might even already have a date if you wait way too long. If you know you want to take her to prom, start working toward the tips above way ahead of time so you can ask her at least a month in advance.

11. Don’t copy what someone else has done at school

If you see the whole school get excited by a promposal, you might want to copy that. Don’t. Girls like to be treated like they’re special, so make sure your promposal is unique in the school.

12. Do it somewhere they feel confident

Not everyone wants to have attention on them. If this is the case for her, don’t make a big scene by asking her to prom. Do it in a way that’s subtle, or just do it when the two of you are all alone. [Read: A gentleman’s guide to successfully asking a woman out]

13. Make sure she doesn’t already have a date

This can be difficult if you don’t know her all that well, but don’t ask her if she already has a date. It puts her in an awkward situation, and you’ll just be disappointed.

Promposal ideas to ask a girl to prom

Much like “proposing” to someone, many guys—and sometimes girls—make a very grand gesture in asking a date to prom. Hence, the name “promposal”!

When you’re asking a girl to prom, you want your promposal to be extravagant. The bigger, the better. Girls expect something very grand and creative in order to go to prom with you — just like when you’re asking a girl to marry you.

If you’re not the creative type or just have no idea what to do, these promposal ideas will get you a “yes!” [Read: How to be better at dating]

1. Pizza promposal

If you want to ask a girl to prom that LOVES pizza, this is the way to do it. All you have to do for this one is order a pizza, open the box, and write, “Will you go to prom with me, or is this too cheesy?”

The play on words will be really cute and funny. She’ll love being able to eat the pizza, too! Use that phrase exactly, or get creative with your own play on words with pizza, cheese, and asking her to prom. [Read: 20 ingeniously crazy ways to ask a girl out on a date]

2. Balloons in her car

This is one of the super cute promposal ideas. For this one, fill up her car with a bunch of balloons.

Next, write “Yes” on all the balloons — ALL of them. Then write a note on her dash and say, “Give me the balloon that reflects if you want to go to prom with me.” She’ll have no choice but to give you a “yes” balloon.

3. Flowers in her locker

Every girl likes flowers. No matter what she says, she loves them. Fill her locker up with flowers. Pick a flower with big petals that face outward. Now, write with a thin marker, “Will you go to prom with me?” all around them so she sees the question when she looks at each flower. [Read: 22 romantic flowers that are favorites with women]

4. Donut promposal

Who doesn’t love donuts? We know most girls LOVE them. Get a little box of donuts and write on the top inside of the box, “I DONUT want to go with anyone else to prom. Will you be my date?”

This is one of those promposal ideas that—just like those free donuts—will be hard to refuse. [Read: Sugar, sugar – How to sweet talk a girl and make her melt]

5. DIY puzzle

There are a lot of different places to buy blank puzzles, allowing you to write whatever you like on there yourself. If you can’t find any, purchase a child’s puzzle, paint over the picture, and write your promposal on top of that.

Mix all the pieces up and give them to her in a small bag or box. When she puts them together she’ll see the question! You can also write “yes” or “no” on two pieces at the bottom of your question so she answers you by giving whichever puzzle piece back!

6. Scrabble promposal

If you know your girl is into board games and likes to play Scrabble, this is a really cute way to ask her to prom.

Either spell out each word, if you get the opportunity, or begin the game by already setting the board up with the question. She then spells out her answer for you! [Read: 15 fun games to play when you’re bored]

7. Build a Lego tower

Lego may be a kid’s toy, but it’s still fun no matter what! Build a Lego tower on a slab of cardboard or something transportable. Then spell out, “Le(t’s)go to prom together?” at the bottom.

This cute and creative way to ask a girl to the prom ensures you hear a “yes.” It’s fun and brings her back to her childhood. She’ll appreciate that. [Read: 70 hilarious cheesy pick up lines to get a girl laughing]

8. Pigs fly promposal

Buy some pink balloons, fill them up with helium so they rise in the air, then draw a pig’s face on them.

Put them in a big box and give it to the girl you want to ask to prom. When she opens the box they’ll all fly out, and then give her a card or note that says, “When pigs fly, will you go to prom with me?”

9. Write a poem

Poems are always cute and creative, especially if you’re the shy type. Sometimes it can be hard to gather the courage to ask a girl to prom if you’re just not that outgoing.

This way, all you have to do is write them a little poem. Something like, “Roses are red, I think you’re great, It would be amazing, If you’d be my prom date,” works perfectly. [Read: 40 best romantic quotes to melt her heart]

10. Make a fill-in-the-blanks poster

Get really creative with your promposal ideas. Create a series of questions with fill-in-the-blank answers, so all the answers line up and say, “Will you go to prom with me?”

11. Beachy promposal

Who doesn’t love the beach? All you need to do is write your promposal question in the sand and wait for her eyes to light up with excitement!

12. Harry Potter style

If she’s a big Potter fan, you can use this great promposal idea. Write your question in gothic font and accessorize with sorting hats, brooms, and wands. [Read: 33 awesome date ideas every couple should try]

13. Marvel theme

Dress up as her favorite Marvel character and either say the words, or write a message in similar colors and show it to her on a sign!

14. Write it on a billboard

This is one of the promposal ideas that might cost a little money, but it will be worth it when she agrees! Write your question on a hired billboard and point her eyes in that direction.

15. Make a cake

If you’re inventive with baking (or you can follow a recipe), write the question “will you go to prom with me?” in icing on a cake. Not only will she love the idea, but she’ll also get to eat the cake! [Read: Cooking as a couple – 10 romantic tips and date ideas to have fun together]

16. Math equation

Write on a chalk board “ME + U = prom.” Such an easy equation, right?

17. Promposal in a book

Look at where she’s at in the book she’s reading and casually slip a note in while she’s not looking, asking her to prom.

18. Promposal on a fishing line

If you enjoy fishing, you could take your sweetheart with you, catch a few fish, and then when you’re ready, attach a note to the line asking her to prom. It will look like the note emerged from the pond itself! [Read: Creatively cheap – The best date ideas to have fun on a budget]

19. Outdoor lights

String up some rope lights and attach notes to each one, spelling out the words “will you go to prom with me?”

20. Dining promposal

You could take her out to dinner and arrange for the waiter to write “prom?” on the table when you arrive. She’ll be shocked and delighted all at the same time! [Read: Foodie dates – The best trendy dinner ideas for new couples]

Make your prom a night to remember

Your prom night will be something you’ll remember forever, and you’ll only ever get to go to one! That’s why you need to put it all out there and ask the date of your dreams to go with you. Be yourself, own it, enjoy it, and you’ll remember it forever.

[Read: Cute ways to ask a girl out that are sure to get a “yes”]

Asking a girl to prom is something to be taken seriously. These are some cute and creative promposal ideas that will make any girl give you a “yes!”

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