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45 Special & Sweet Date Ideas Every Couple Should Have on Their Checklist

If you’re tired of going on the same cliché dinner-movie date, look no further. Here are totally awesome and unique date ideas to surprise your date with.

date ideas for couples

Let’s admit it, most of us are guilty of relying on the old-time classic dinner and a movie when it comes to going on a date. Not that there’s anything wrong with dinner and a movie… But when you’re really trying to impress your love interest, you might not want to settle for the typical dating ideas!

We’re not saying you and your partner are getting bored with dinner and a movie. But sometimes, it’s just nice to jazz things up a little bit. Step out of your comfort zone and do something fun.

Perhaps it’s time to break the mold and free yourself from obvious, store-bought romance and opt for some more unconventional date ideas that will really get your date talking!

New things keep relationships fresh and interesting, and they’re the best way to get to know your partner even better!

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The importance of going on dates

Planning a date can be nerve-racking, but you’ll be thankful you put effort into doing it. Going on dates has a lot of unspoken benefits for your relationship as well as for you as a person.

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First and foremost, going on dates allows you to connect with people. This type of quality time is important between people because it builds intimacy, communication skills, commitment, and reinforces the idea that you care about one another.

This is especially true for couples who are in long-term relationships. It’s expected that a couple who is always around each other falls into a routine—and this routine inevitably shifts their focus away from their significant other.

But having regular date nights breaks patterns of distraction because it allows you to focus all of your energy on your partner, not work or other responsibilities.

Another important reason you should go on dates is that you learn a lot about yourself. Communicating with new people and getting out of your comfort zone helps you grow as a person.

You learn what certain things interest you, and what doesn’t interest you. Your experience with other people can bring out characteristics you might not have known you had inside of you. [Read: 18 dating rules to be a good date & must-know toxic habits to avoid]

Date night ideas to try with your partner

Every couple is different, so we understand that you may feel stuck looking for the perfect date idea to impress your date.

Lucky for you, we have a range of options to choose from. Try one, two, or all of these ideas. There is a unique date idea fit for any couple!

1. Binge movies

When it comes to movie and tv dates, the possibilities really are endless. You and your date can share your favorite movies or discover new ones together!

Watch a movie that will really get you thinking. Something along the lines of Inception, Fight Club, or The Matrix can get you into a philosophical or existential debate. Or, geek out on your next movie date. Do a marathon of the Lord of the Rings or Star Wars.

Or, if you’re up for it, try out an artsy movie. Artsy movies are known for nice ambient or sensual soundtracks, which would make for some awesome background music when you want to get frisky. [Read: 50 best steamy romance movies to get you both hot, naughty & in the mood]

2. Attend a concert

Music is very intimate, which is why going to a concert with your date makes for an amazing date night. So, find an artist playing near you to visit. Perhaps it’s a cover band that plays renditions of songs you know and love. Or maybe it’s a sensual jazz group at a bar.

Rock band in a small venue, anyone?

3. Karaoke

Liven up your usual drink date by choosing a karaoke bar instead of your usual local, under the condition that you both must commit to at least one song each or maybe even a duet!

Karaoke is a great way to either croon your way into your partner’s heart or laugh at yourselves for attempting impossible high notes.

4. Be a tourist in your town

Put aside those local restaurant menus and movie show times, and discover other interesting things that you can do with your date in your hometown!

Look for your local tourist hot spots, perhaps there’s a local art gallery or museum that you have never considered going to before?

As far as date ideas go, this one is very romantic because it requires you to think outside the box.

5. Prove that bingo isn’t just for the elderly

Although you might find yourselves to be the youngest couple in attendance, head on over to your local bingo hall for an evening of silly, kitschy fun.

Up the ante by agreeing ahead of time on how you plan to spend any winnings. [Read: 55 tips & things to do on a first date to leave your date smitten & in awe!]

6. Board game night

You don’t have to go out to have a great night with your date. So, why not have a night in with a pile of your favorite board games, a bottle of wine, and the takeout of your choice?

To add a little more sizzle, the overall loser has to do something sexy at the end of the night. Get nostalgic and play some childhood games like Monopoly, Snakes and Ladders, or even chess.

7. Attend class together

Is there an interest that you’ve always wanted to explore more? A hobby that you wish you could master? If so, take a night class.

Many colleges offer short courses for those who are working. Squeeze into the roster and pick an interesting class to enroll in together.

8. Try a DIY project

It can be as simple as teaching each other how to work with loom bands or as complex as creating a full-on piece of functional furniture! Whatever you choose, it’ll be so romantic to have an item that you both worked hard to make together.

Just watch the noise as your neighbors may not appreciate hearing a hacksaw all night.

9. Get physical in a dance class

Exercising isn’t limited to going to the same gym every day. For something new in your routine, try a fun new workout like Zumba or Jazzercise. After all, the endorphins you release after the workout are a great prelude to a night of long-lasting loving.

Not only is dancing romantic and classy, but it leaves you with no choice but to get up close and personal with your date.

Whether you end up impressing your partner with your moves or poking fun at your own two left feet, dance classes are a great way to express yourselves and make an instant connection.

And no need to worry about studio fees. There are tons of follow-along videos on YouTube of fun and exciting exercise routines that you can try at home. [Read: 26 secrets to get motivated to workout and exercise your way to a better life]

10. Get a romantic view from above

Be daring and get a whole new perspective of reality by floating up high with your date in a hot air balloon. Why? Because everything looks far more romantic from above!

For added charm, take the ride at night and perhaps bring a bottle of champagne.

11. Spontaneous dinner

Got a globe at home? Great! Give it a spin, and the first country you point to will tell you which cuisine you should try out.

Don’t have a restaurant that serves that cuisine? No worries, whip it up yourselves with some help from online tutorials! [Read: Foodie dates – 15 trendy dinner ideas for new couples]

12. Have a romantic afternoon on a river

Look for a town that provides boating facilities to the general public, pack a picnic, and have an afternoon in a row boat with your date.

In the words of Ratty from “Wind in the Willows”: “There is nothing—absolutely nothing—half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.”

13. Try your hand at baking

Not everyone is made to be a pastry chef. But you can’t possibly be so inept in the kitchen that both of you will botch a batch of by-the-box brownies! Give it a try. Even if the results are disastrous, you can just call it “practice.”

14. At-home cocktails

So maybe cooking and baking aren’t your thing. Then you just might have a shot in the world of liquor.

Whip up some of your favorite cocktails with your honey and see who can make a mean margarita or authentic-tasting sangria. [Read: Popular alcoholic drinks – how to prepare them to impress anyone]

15. Visit a museum or an art exhibit

Whether you like classic works of art or performance art or modern art, there’s sure to be a gallery or exhibit happening somewhere in the city. Just schedule the date and save that night for an artistic adventure.

16. Chocolate tasting

Pick up some treats from a chocolatier and do the tasting in the intimate privacy of your home. Nothing beats the melt-in-your-mouth deliciousness of eating exotic chocolates with the one you love.

17. Go on an impromptu weekend away

Show your date just how romantic and spontaneous you can be by whisking them away on an unplanned trip *if your bank account allows for it*.

Head to the airport and find the cheapest flight that departs as soon as possible without any regard for the location!

Spend the weekend exploring the mystery place with your date and return just in time for work on Monday morning. [Read: 59 fun things to do on a road trip to create awesome memories together]

18. Country-themed date

Again, pick a random country and take your date there. But we’re not telling you to book a flight! What we mean is to turn your home into a cozy nook fit for that country.

For example, you can choose Korea and order some Korean takeout, watch Korean dramas, and maybe even dance to a few K-pop tunes.

19. Brewery tour

To impress your date with one of the best incredible date ideas and get to know them better, why don’t you visit your local brewery?

There are breweries out there that double as bars or pubs in the evening, so you can see how the good stuff is made and then taste the fruits of their labors in the evening.

Try out their special brews and you just might find your new favorite beer, together.

20. See a play

There isn’t a song called “Music of the Night” for nothing! There are lots of plays, whether independent or big-budget, that drop by the city from time to time.

There’s no excuse for not seeing some classics like Les Misérables, Hamlet, or Cats, especially if you’re trying to wow your date.

21. Get adventurous with a day of physical activity

Thinking of new and exciting date ideas? Get off the sofa and get your adrenaline pumping with a day of action-packed fun!

Seek out a local leisure center that has rock climbing and abseiling facilities, and show your partner your adventurous side.

You could also try activities such as indoor skydiving or paintballing, and really make your date one to remember. [Read: 23 fun, romantic summer date ideas to warm your date’s heart and make it melt]

22. Enjoy the thrill of the hunt and find some hidden treasure

Organize your own treasure hunt by hiding a gift for your date. Make them a map or leave clues that lead them to the hidden treasure. Or, you could even find a local GPS Treasure Hunting event to enjoy together.

23. Go to a sports game

Nighttime sporting events, anyone? Not all sporting events happen in broad daylight. Actually, it can be more exciting to see the game with floodlights!

This is one of those date ideas that will really get the excitement stirring. Plus, sitting on the bleachers watching a sports game with your date might remind you of old high school romances under the bleachers. Yes, use nostalgia to set the mood!

24. Reveal your mischievous side and take a “sick” day

We’re sure you can agree that you and your date need a well-deserved day off. Plan to take a cheeky sickie on the same day, and spend some time together.

Whatever you choose to do, knowing that you would ordinarily be at work makes it so much more fun!

25. Do a good deed together

Nothing feels better than doing something kind for others, especially those who are in need. Why not suggest that you spend your date volunteering at your local soup kitchen or pet rescue center?

Not only will you prove to your date how kind and thoughtful you can be, but doing charitable acts can also help strengthen your bond as a couple. [Read: 48 real secrets to change your life and find the right path when you’re lost]

26. Do some night photography

Natural light may be great for portraits, but having an evening pictorial is not only more dramatic, but it can also be more elegant.

Posing beneath a streetlamp or taking a long exposure shot of the city lights can bring about wonderful effects. [Read: Easy dating advice for introverts – 19 tips and tricks!]

27. Reveal your inner child and go on a playdate

When was the last time you flew a kite or climbed a tree? For this date idea, it’s time to get nostalgic with your date!

Head out into the countryside and reveal your playful side. From building forts to playing hopscotch, you’ve got endless play date ideas to choose from! Also, the more grass stains, the better!

28. Take a random train ride

Take the late train and go someplace you’ve never been to in the city. Just make sure you pack a map and pick a place that’s relatively safe for tourists. [Read: 59 fun things to do on a road trip to create awesome memories together]

Out of all the date ideas we could offer, this one could reveal the most excitement in a romantically spontaneous way!

29. Commemorate your date with a time capsule

Fill a box full of as much memorabilia from your day or evening together as possible, whether they’re dinner receipts, film tickets, an art gallery brochure, or a wine cork.

Add a note to your future selves and a snapshot of both of you together. Bury the box in a specific location, and make a commitment to open the capsule together on a set date in the future.

30. Go on a little road trip

With a car, you can explore even more romantic spots within your city. You can see your city from atop a hill or wander off into the bay for a really romantic date. Pack a few sandwiches and a bottle of wine, and you’re all set!

31. Go to a theme park

You’ll never run out of things to do at a theme park! If neither of you are daredevils, that’s what the carousel and bump cars are for.

But if you love heights and speed, then get on the highest rollercoaster they’ve got! [Read: 80 very unique, fun, and exciting things to do with your boyfriend]

32. Take a cheeky test drive in a car you can’t afford

Just because you don’t make six figures doesn’t mean you can’t give your date a quick taste of the high life! Get dressed up to the nines and head to the most expensive car dealership you can find with your beau.

Take a good look around, pick out the car of your dreams, and shamelessly take it for a test drive with no intention of making a purchase!

33. A romantic bath

Not everyone is a fan of leaving the house for dates. So, to keep the romance alive, use some sensual bath salts, candles, and flower petals in the bath.

No one will be able to resist that after a long tiring day at work! [Read: Shower sex – 18 sexy bathroom secrets to get wet, make love & not slip]

34. Make a date for breakfast rather than dinner

Instead of your standard dinner date, why not set your alarm and rise early for a breakfast date? Pack a picnic of delicious breakfast goods and head to a perfect spot to watch the sunrise with your beau. Having your first meal with your partner is definitely a great way to start the day!

35. Restaurant hop

You’ve heard of bar hopping, but have you tried restaurant hopping? For each course of your meal, choose a different restaurant to visit and make a date out of it!

One restaurant for appetizers, the next for a light meal, another for another meal, and another for dessert. You can add as many or as few restaurants to your hopping adventures as you choose, it’s your date after all!

36. Explore the countryside by bike

If you’re looking for a romantic time, then hop on your bicycles and go on a romantic bike ride in the countryside. Better yet, rent yourselves a tandem!

Head to your local pick-your-own fruit farm and feast on your pickings together before heading home. Isn’t that just so romantic? [Read: 60 best free date ideas to have a romantic time without spending money]

37. Take a fun trip to a nearby farm

Play the country bumpkin and the milkmaid for a day by heading to a farm to experience the fresh countryside air.

Try your hand at milking cows or riding a tractor. You’ll end up sweaty and grimy at the end of the day, but it will all be for fun!

38. Discover who has the best cooking skills by having a “bake-off”

Baking is already pretty fun but why not make it even better by adding a little competition? Go head-to-head under a time limit to see who can bake the best cupcakes, cookies, or brownies, and reward yourselves afterward by feasting on your delicious homemade treats.

39. Sensual bucket lists

Different from a regular bucket list, a sensual bucket list might be the key to a passionate date night.

List down your sensual bucket list. Each of you can write them down, and then you can compare notes later.

If you’ve got items on your list that match your partner’s, then you know what to do on your next date night. [Read: Couples kinks list – 52 freaky & weird sexual fetishes many people indulge in]

40. Have a casino night

Why go to the casino when you can plan a casino date night in the comfort of your own home? Serve appetizers and get your poker face on. You and your date can play cards and make innocent bets on them.

This is a date idea you can bring into the bedroom as well, there are plenty of sexy card or dice games for couples to get the bedroom steamy.

41. Sexy games

Play with a pair of sexy dice that will tell you where to lick, suck, kiss, and fondle your partner. These are available at almost any party favor shop. And while you’re there, you can pick up a few other games too! [Read: 19 foreplay sex games for couples to get naughty & horny in minutes]

42. Build a campfire

If you want to plan a date that your lover will never forget, then bring your date outdoors with a campfire. This is the perfect opportunity to bring out blankets, pillows, and marshmallows. Enjoy the stars and tasty treats with your date with this intimate date idea.

43. Play hide ‘n seek

You have to admit, hide ‘n seek is such an exciting game to play when you’re a kid… And it’s still fun to play as an adult!

So bring out your inner child and play it on a date! You’ll be surprised at how much fun you and your date have together laughing over this date idea.

44. Go antique hunting

If there’s one place you’ll never be bored at, it’s an antique store. Because of this, antique hunting is one of the best unique date ideas.

Spend time laughing with your date and exploring all things antique stores have to offer. You’ll never run out of things to say as you explore so many previously-loved items! [Read: Winter date ideas – cozy date ideas when it’s freezing outside]

45. Read to each other

If you’re looking for an intimate and cozy date idea, try a reading date. Pick a good book and read it aloud to your date. You’d be surprised at how sweet this date can be.

If you’re a shy public reader, you both can read your own books. Sitting in the comfort of your date’s presence while entranced in a book is more romantic than it sounds. When you’re done reading, you can share and discuss your thoughts with each other.

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With these unique date ideas, you’re sure to impress your date. A fun-filled date with your partner doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. With our list, you’ll never run out of exciting new things to try and enjoy!

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