It was always my dream to become an advice columnist, so after years of off and online dating and eventually finding a wonderful relationship, I have decided to do just that. It started with some dating app reviews and quickly turned into me sharing my relationship and dating advice to anyone interested in hearing it. I will always tell it how it is and am never afraid to tell the truth.

Latest Features by Samantha Ann

marriage traditions

Marriage Traditions: Their Not-So-Sweet Origins & Our Modern Choices

Ever wondered why or how some marriage traditions started in the first place? Check out these marital rituals, and learn how it all began.

by Samantha Ann
promposal ideas - ask a girl to prom

Promposal Ideas: 33 Cute, Creative Ways to Ask a Girl to Prom & Get a Yes

Coming up with the most inventive promposal idea is more likely to land you with a ‘yes!’ Treat a special lady to a romantic question and watch her smile.

by Samantha Ann
Long-Distance Friendship

Long-Distance Friendship: What Makes It Work & 15 Ways to Stay Connected

Just like a relationship, a long distance friendship can struggle, but if you are willing to put in the effort, you can stay close friends.

by Samantha Ann
sweetest day ideas

The 30 Best Sweetest Day Ideas to Celebrate Love & Kindness the Fun Way

Whether its a holiday or any other day, when you’re celebrating love you’ll want the sweetest day ideas to help make your days extra special.

by Samantha Ann
Signs She Wants You To Leave Her Alone

15 Blunt Signs She Wants You To Leave Her Alone & Has Zero Interest

You’re pursuing a girl, she doesn’t seem interested. Is she playing hard to get or are these signs she wants you to leave her alone? Know the difference!

by Samantha Ann
deleting pictures of an ex

Deleting Pictures of an Ex: The Psychology Behind It & Why We Do It

Deleting pictures of an ex right after a breakup can say a lot about your mental and emotional state. So, let’s unravel what that means.

by Samantha Ann
He Won't Commit But He Won't Let Go

He Won’t Commit But He Won’t Let Go: What Should You Do Now?

Men want the benefits of having a girlfriend without having to be a boyfriend. Here’s how to handle it when he won’t commit but he won’t let go.

by Samantha Ann
how to reconnect with old friends

How to Reconnect with Old Friends & Rebuild Your Lost Friendships

Sometimes we lose touch with people were used to be close to. But, learning how to reconnect with old friends can bring back that friendship spark again.

by Samantha Ann
cute texts to send your girlfriend

35 Sweet & Cute Texts To Send Your Girlfriend to Make Her Go Aww

Looking for cute texts to send your girlfriend? Lacking in the texting creativity department? Worry not. Here are the sweetest things to say.

by Samantha Ann
how to cuddle someone

How to Cuddle Someone: A Guide to Snuggle Up and Feel the Love

Want to know how to cuddle someone? Snuggle up with them in a way that makes them fall even more in love with you right now.

by Samantha Ann