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20 Flirty Ways to Text Your Crush to Get Them Interested

how to text your crush

These days, the easiest way to get someone’s attention is through their phone. Here’s how you can use texting to get your crush interested in no time.

The average teenager sends 3,000 texts per month, and the average person probably doesn’t deviate much from those numbers. With that being said, we can all agree that texting is one sure-fire way to communicate with someone you like. The problem is keeping them interested in what you have to say.

Why is texting an effective way of communicating?

The only relevant answer is that texting is extremely convenient. It’s very affordable nowadays and it bridges distances that span continents and zip codes. So no matter where your crush is situated, you can at least rest assured that the message will be received if they are within the vicinity of a working cell tower.

In terms of creating connections, texting helps express things that are difficult to say in person. The only problem is expressing those things in the right context. That’s where emojis and punctuation comes in. If you want to show how happy you are, you can simply add a smiley. If you want to express sadness, just flip it over for a sad smiley.

It’s that easy, but there are still some limitations on what texting can offer you in terms of relationships. When you use texting to express your emotions, the sincerity of your message becomes questionable. If you fail to reply or if you use texts as a weapon during a fight, you open yourself up to misunderstandings and unprecedented fights.

Still, it’s nice to know that texting can at least get the conversation going. The question now is, “How you can do that?” [Read: How to get your crush to notice you and fall hard for you]

How to get your crush’s attention with a text

Human beings are complex and simple at the same time. In order to take advantage of the latter, you just have to be honest and direct about what you want to say. In terms of texting, getting someone’s attention is still complicated, especially when they’re entertaining more than one person through the tiny screen in the palm of their hand.

So, if you really want to make an impression, here are a few ways you can amp up your texting game and walk away with the winning prize: an eggplant and taco emoji. We’re kidding, but if that’s what you’re into, go right ahead. [Read: 20 fun flirty texting facts that’ll help you have a great love life]

#1 Say hi. A simple “hi” would probably suffice, but it’s best that you add a smiley face or at least a question at the end of it. Asking a person how they’re doing is fine, but you can also say it in a way that allows them to reply longer, like texting, “How’s school/work/your mom?”

#2 Follow up with an open-ended question. Apart from that, you can continue the conversation by adding questions that don’t warrant a yes or no answer. This will require a little more grammar proficiency on your part, but isn’t it all worth it in the end?

#3 Ask about their day. If you ask about their day, they might have a lot to say or not much at all. The purpose of this is to show that you care about what’s going on with their lives. If they don’t reply with a long text, just ask them why their day went the way it did.

#4 Show them a funny meme. Most people use memes to start conversations or to actually carry on a conversation. Nobody dislikes a funny meme, and if you end up sending one they’ve never seen, your crush will laugh their butt off and be very grateful for the little burst of happiness you gave them.

#5 Send a conservative amount of emojis. Do not under any circumstance flood your crush’s phone with emojis. The perfect amount to send is an emoji for every emotion you express and a smiley at the start or end of your conversation. Also, try not to send vague emojis, lest you offend your crush in the process. [Read: How to start a conversation with your crush and woo them over]

#6 Make your presence known once a day, max. If your crush is not much of a texter or if they rarely reply immediately, make sure you only say hello once a day. Don’t keep sending messages, hoping they’ll reply to at least one. This can be perceived as annoying, so it’s better if you let someone reply when they have the time.

#7 Give them compliments. This is pretty much a game-changer in communication. Studies show that people who receive compliments are more likely to become attracted to the giver. So go ahead and stroke that ego. [Read: 40 unbelievably cute things you can say to your crush]

#8 Congratulate them on a job well done. Appreciating their achievements is also a great way to make them notice you. That’s because it can be surprising if someone other than their friends or co-workers take notice of their achievements.

#9 Ask them for a favor. It was Benjamin Franklin who discovered that asking an enemy for a favor would result in their liking you. This could probably work for texting as well.

#10 Show them that you care. Remind them to eat even though they know when they should. Tell them to bring an umbrella when it looks like it’s going to rain. It sounds domineering and overbearing, but it actually shows that you care.

#11 Be cute. Try sending a few mushy statements that don’t make you look like you’re trying too hard. For example, “I really like talking to you” would be a nice text for your crush to receive. [Read: How to talk to your crush and make them fall for you]

#12 Be sexy. Try to also say things that make you look like you’re trying hard enough. For example, “Netflix and chill?” This shows that you actually want to do something with them outside of texting.

#13 Be assertive. Rather than wait for your crush to start the conversation, go right ahead and send them a message whenever you feel like it. Tell them what’s on your mind. They’ll appreciate the honesty and vivaciousness.

#14 Open up about their favorite things. The best part about hacking communication is that it’s easy to make someone enjoy talking to you. And that’s through talking about them.

#15 Ask them personal questions. Talking about personal things can bring people closer together. Just make sure you don’t overstep your boundaries or ask anything offensive. [Read: 40 questions to ask your crush and subtly flirt with them]

#16 Tell them you just got out of the shower. Then, let their imagination do the rest of the work for you.

#17 Send a bored selfie. Remind them how good you look by sending a strategically posed pic that seems like you didn’t put much effort into your look. [Read: How to text flirt with your crush and seduce them into desiring you]

#18 Sign your goodbye or goodnight texts with a kissy face. This type of emoji exchange can elicit feelings of happiness and giddiness. The kissy face is the be-all and end-all of flirty texts, so don’t forget to use it whenever possible.

#19 Use their name whenever you can. Using someone’s name breeds familiarity and also shows that you’re confident enough to approach them. Even if it’s through texts, the principle is the same. Say their name to promote closeness and intimacy. [Read: 9 quick ways to know if your crush isn’t into you]

#20 Skip the text and Facetime them instead. If you’re at that point where you’ve been texting for a while, you might want to ask them if it’s okay to Facetime instead of texting all the time. This can add another level of intimacy and familiarity to your budding relationship.

[Read: 20 naughty text messages that are assured to start a naughty conversation]

Even though texting can seem a bit impersonal, if you know and follow these simple tricks, you can enhance the texting experience for yourself and your crush, leaving them wanting more!

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5 thoughts on “20 Flirty Ways to Text Your Crush to Get Them Interested”

  1. willa says:

    You know a couple of days ago, my bff and I were playing a game to call our exes. And I had to call this guy, who is my ex, but I kind of still have feelings for. He is just not that type of guy that you can forget easily. What started out as a game, guys, transitioned into reality. I said hi and asked about what he was doing and he’s texting me in class and during rehearsals for my upcoming school play. I think it’s cute 🙂 What do y’all think? Should I date him again?

  2. Tra says:

    What I actually do is text them of all my intentions. I usually type them an essay and it gets them to fall for me. I know this is a difficult thing to do and rather uncommon but it is what I do and I always did it. It works every single time. If you want to have sex with her, go on and tell her. It’s an open world, they have to have an open mind if they want to have a relationship. Getting it in there is a way of communicating to them that you are a real person and doesn’t want to fake it at all. Smoothness with the ladies requires constant practice and soon, you will come to a point where you are close to or near to what I am right now with the ladies. I’m a ladies man and all my ladies know it.

  3. ahand says:

    Omfg he’s perfect. I’ve had the biggest crush on him for like a year and I’m finally getting the chance to be with him. He’s crazy sweet, funny, gentle, and he’s so attractive. And my god it’s so hard for me to actually like someone because I’m so picky, but then there’s him and I just forget about everything when I’m with him and time seems to slow down and omfg when he holds me it literally feels like I’m home and it’s so crazy. I’ve never felt this way before. I’m texting him right now! LOL

  4. Dran says:

    Texting a crush is a slippery slope. You need to make sure you hang out with her in person too. Other wise you start to see them as the perfect person in your imagination and not for who they actually are. Lots of times if they are into you they will work just as hard to keep the conversation going. So if they keep shooting you “k” and other lame replies you might need to move on.

  5. really says:

    I know this guy, he was working on his doctorate in some science, I think physics and he was very busy, I had only seen him once in the past few weeks and he was always with this girl who was really cool. They would hang out a lot while he would do research and she would do work for her masters’ thesis, would text each other every day and also they would once a week go out to burger king (poor college students and have stuff from the dollar menu). It was pretty clear that they dug each other as they seemed to be very similar and were both very interesting. They had met when he was finishing up his doctoral work and so I asked him what he planned to do. Well he said that he planned on asking her out. Now this confused me, as I had thought they had been dating for roughly the last six months, so I ask him if they’ve ever hooked up. And he’s like yeah every time she comes over and they sleep in the same bed roughly 5 nights out of the week. Do you go out with her? He took her to burger king. Do you really enjoy talking to her? Yeah I’m glad we talk all the time and stuff. And I say “Dude this sounds suspiciously close to a relationship”. And he goes “Oh that explains this then”. She had sent him a text saying “happy 6 months baby!! :D”. Even after this he still wasn’t sure. So yes my friend is retarded. They are still together to this day.

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