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The Best Places to Go on a First Date

the best places to go on a first date

Picking the perfect place for a first date can be tricky. Sometimes, the perfect place can warm your date up and take it to the next date, and at other times, it can end your date midway. Find out the best places to go on a first date.

Here are the answers to a Lovepanky poll about the perfect place for the first date.

Which is the best place to go on a first date?

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best places to go on a first date

Best places to go on a first date: What’s the Verdict?

More than a third of the participants believe that the best places to go on a first date is a café or a regular hangout (34%). While a dinner date at a restaurant (21%) is the second best option, going out for lunch or watching a game or a movie seems to be a common third option, followed by a date at the park (09%), and lastly, an exotic option (04%).

From what we see, the best place for a first date seems to be unanimous, a chat over coffee. Safe and easy going! [Read: 5 perfect questions to ask on a date]

Lovepanky Says

A first date over coffee is a great option for any first date, especially if you want to warm up to the person with you, without going overboard. Cafés are perfect, because you can avoid the pressures of impressing or worrying about what to do if the date goes wrong, or worse, your date mate is just way too boring. Coffee houses can make for great dates between people who know each other, or work at the same place.

Taking your date out to dinner is a classy option if you want to impress. The pressure is on, and you have to be at your best to impress. But if you’re a confident magnet, then, we’d suggest you go straight to the dinner date. Dinner dates are supposed to be like real dates, unlike a coffee date which is just having coffee. So you either win the date or you completely blow it. So choose to go out for dinner, if you don’t know your date very well, and if you know you want to get the message across immediately.

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Unique dates are “wow”, but it can also be a real mess and not recommended for the best places to go on a first date. You don’t really know what your date mate wants or likes, and as much as you may impress and get lucky with skydiving off an aircraft, things can go horribly wrong if your date’s scared of heights. So play safe, and don’t go over the top on the first date.

Any place can be perfect for the first date if you’re looking at dating someone for a long time, and not a quick fling. Choose a place where both of you can spend around an hour, but not more than two hours. Both of you should be comfortable and have an option to end the date. [Read: How to get to know someone on a date immediately]

Have a good time, and if you like your date, make sure you go home and call or text your date thanking them for a great time. And also do add in the line, “I would love to see you again very soon…” [Read: The best ways to end a date]

So the next time you’re heading on a date, choose any of these best places to go on a first date, and the rest, as they say, will be history!

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25 thoughts on “The Best Places to Go on a First Date”

  1. Ryan says:

    These are some great pointers. It’s always confusing though, because some people prefer dinners over coffee dates, because coffe dates actually don’t feel like a real date, per say. But in reality, it does make sense. It’s always better to go easy, especially if you are interested in a long term commitment. Unless, of course, you’re looking for a fling, then perhaps a dinner date and a night over in someone’s place makes sense. But it’s always wise to go easy when you’re looking for true love.

  2. Crystal says:

    @Ryan, hey, I’ve been on a lot of dinner dates, and that doesnt necessarily mean I’m trying to sleep with any guy I meet. Dinner dates are just a lot more exciting and feel date-like than a coffee date. Coffee is something you share with a friend, so I really don’t know if that would feel like a date to me, but well, if many people do think a coffee date is better, well, it’s their view. I’d love exotic dates too.

  3. Jeremy says:

    Wow, there are def lots of boring people out there if they all think going for a coffee is exciting, where is the fun in that? You want to have fun on your first date, release those endorphins, be crreative, that creates intimacy and a better connection. Coffee?

  4. Tracy says:

    Odd as it may sound, coffee is exciting to me. It’s warm and relaxing. I never had anyone to drink it with and it’s like a treat whenever I get the chance. No, not boring, just different.

  5. Roz says:

    What about the movies? Wouldn’t that be a good first date?

  6. kimmy : ) says:

    This is cool!
    It is always good to take the first date in a place where you could talk almost about anything. Over a coffee wold be great! and safe…

  7. evans wafula says:

    Hey guys at a coffee place may perfect place, but w@ about those cool guys who tend to talk less. I think for ’em, movie places would appropriately do marvelous to them.

  8. George says:

    I’ve never thought dinner dates are the

  9. Jenny Rose says:

    Dinner and coffee hello boring cliche can anybody think outside the box and then think outside of the box do something fun go exploring go somewhere that you’ve never been drive around and get lost and see how the two of you work together to find your way out go out into the boonies and go hiking and get dirty and look for arrowheads go tubing down the river in the summer if you’re a jeeper go find some mud puddles and tear it up why does everybody have to go dinner & a movie & now…Coffee is exciting oh my good lord I am absolutely mortified use your imagination people

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