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Winter Date Ideas: Cozy Date Ideas When It’s Freezing Outside

Getting tired of winter? We’re looking at 13 romantic winter date ideas to keep your love burning hot in these cold winter months.

winter date ideas

Is it just us or does winter feel like a wet blanket on most days? As the temperature drops to a shiver, winter is now a long session of white snow, and the next big “event” to look forward to is… spring! But that doesn’t mean your winter date ideas should be a bore!

Admit it, when we said winter date ideas, you thought “Netflix and Chill.” While binge-watching series after series in your jammies definitely has its appeal, it’s not exactly what qualifies as date night any longer *in fact, it’s probably just your average Tuesday!*

Winter date ideas for those who love a good cuddle

Instead of TV-themed dates, we’re looking at 13 fresh winter date ideas for those who love to laze about, those who want to embrace the snow, and those who want to get out and spend.

#1 A sexy night in. Let’s start with the most obvious date night fun, for those spending the night in. Getting down and dirty! Have a dirty winter date night by dressing up in your best Mrs. Clause lingerie and spending all night having sexy fun together.

Spice it up by choosing some sex games or practice delayed orgasms. Whatever sexy-romp you choose, be sure to take your time and have fun with it. This is date night, after all! [Read: 10 naughty sex games for couples to feel horny again!]

#2 Themed movie night in. Alright, alright, so we said “Netflix and Chill” is more of an “everyday” occasion, but you can definitely make it work. Instead of binging old episodes of Friends, why not try a “themed” movie date?

For example, what about a true crime date night? Check out Making a Murderer, or The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst. We promise once you start watching you won’t be able to stop. *Seriously, my husband and I started watching “Making a Murderer” one Sunday morning and didn’t stop until we had watched all eight hours. Talk about wasting the day in style!*

#3 Winter date ideas for the bookworm couple. Reading together is an awesome way to spend your date night in. There are two possible ways to go about these, both equally awesome.

First, grab a novel and take turns reading paragraphs/pages to each other. Make this as sexy or silly as you want. Make it silly by grabbing a great book and doing different voices for each character, or make it sexy by choosing a scandalously erotic novel and read the paragraphs in the sultriest way possible.

Second, Audible! Audible is what we like to call reading for lazy people! Find a great rated/raved about book you’ve both been curious about and download the audiobook. Pour a glass of wine, flop into a pile of down-filled blankets, and pop your iPod onto your dock speakers. This is an awesome way to spend your date night. There’s wine and you don’t have to read for yourself? Ding, ding! [Read: 22 things to do on a date that aren’t Netflix and Chill]

Winter date ideas for those who really love the snow

#4 Build a snowman. Build the neighborhood’s biggest snowman in a combined effort of cuteness, or each of you take on your own challenge and attempt to build a snowman lookalike of your partner! The end result of this date is so fun and cute, we swear.

#5 Have a fire. Attend a community bonfire or kick up the fireplace in your house for a great way to spend an evening. Share a blanket, get warm, and cuddle up by the fire in this winter date idea. PS: Doing it by the fire is also majorly romantic *as are s’mores… hint, hint!* [Read: How to cuddle with a guy – Cuddle secrets you HAVE to know!]

#6 Have a HoCho date. Hot chocolate transcends your childhood and somehow still manages to make pretty much anything better. Incorporate hot chocolate into your winter date by either heading out to your local hipster cafe and sample their most outrageous HoCho flavor, or make it your at-home mission to make your own hot chocolate from scratch! [Read: Foodie dates: 15 trendy dinner ideas for new couples]

#7 Go sledding. Sledding is such great fun and really gets you and your date out into the elements. Snuggle up on a sled, or ride solo down the hills in this active winter date.

#8 Go ice skating. Aside from the fact that skating is great exercise and tons of fun, it’s also incredibly romantic. You’re out on the ice in wobbly skates, your date grabs your waist to steady you, the two of you spend the date skating and holding hands, and the only break you take is to sip delicious HoCho? Um, hello! Winter date heaven!

#9 Attend a winter carnival. Winter carnivals have the reputation for being romantic winter fun for a reason! There’s ice skating, ice sculpting contests, craft beer tastings, bad carnie games, parades, and more! Bundle up and take your sweetheart to an unforgettable winter event.

#10 Have an epic snowball fight. Winter is practically the season for fun—that’s why it always seemed like the best season when you were little! Embrace your inner child and have a massive snowball fight with your lover. Give them 20 minutes to prepare their snowball ammo, then blow the whistle and let your pitching arm fly! [Read: Cutest couple traits: 21 most unlikely but truly cute traits]

#11 See a sunrise in the snow. Do you live near a natural wonder, national park *or hey, just an awesome park*, vast farms, or a mountain? Take advantage of your scenery and head out for the best morning date you’ll ever have. Bundle up straight out of bed early in the morning, grab your favorite hot chocolate or coffee to-go, and head to your viewing area to take in the morning sunrise!

For those dying to get out and $pend

#12 Fantasy gift ideas. This game takes your love of shopping to a fun and competitive level. Head to your local mall and see which one of you buys a better present for the other. The catch? You only have $5 to spend! This game is definitely competitive, sweet, and fun to try and pick the best budget item.

Dirty-up this gift-giving game by taking the venue to a sex shop with the caveat that you *have* to use/play with whatever your partner buys. Each of you goes in separately with a budget of $20 and see what your partner comes up with. At the least you’ll be in for a laugh, and at the most you’ll be in for a heck of a night! [Read: Creatively cheap: 12 date ideas to have fun on a budget]

#13 Play tourist for the day. We don’t care where you live. There’s bound to be a tourist trap nearby! While tourist attraction tend to plug up traffic and irritate the pants off of you in the summer, you’ll have to admit there’s definitely something attractive about having one all to yourself during the winter months.

Play tourists for a day and head out to the best museums in town. Indulge in dinner at the most touristy trap on the street. This fresh winter date idea gets you out of the house and feeling refreshed, plus you just can’t beat those off-season prices!

[Read: 20 perfectly romantic winter dates and breaks]

Being cold is no excuse for turning down the romance. Follow our 13 romantic winter date ideas and you’ll be happily dating your way into spring.

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