Male Body Language: 24 Subtle Cues to Instantly Read His Thoughts

Reading the male body language can be tricky, but is key to finding out how he feels. Here are 24 examples of male body language and what they mean for you.

male body language

When you see a cute guy across a bar, have a crush on someone at work, that hottie you buy coffee from every morning, or you look at a friend differently and want to know if they feel the same, reading male body language is crucial.

Men don’t express their emotions as well as women. Sometimes if a guy likes you, he won’t come right out and say it. Instead, you must look for more subtle signs to help you decipher exactly how he feels about you and to give you the green light to make a move.

The keys to reading male body language

Obviously different men act and react in different ways when showing a girl that they like her. However, looking for the telltale signs in the way he acts and speaks when he is around gives you clues as to whether he has the hots for you or is just being friendly. Perhaps, he isn’t even interested at all.

We all find it a bit nerve-wracking if we like the look of someone or have feelings about them but aren’t sure how they feel in return. So, next time you are in that crowded bar and spot a guy that takes your fancy or trying to flirt with the good-looking barista—look for these 24 male body language signs. And understand how to read them to help you figure out exactly how he feels!

#1 Lots of eye contact. If he keeps staring at you and looking you in the eye this is a sign he is interested, attracted to you, and confident about the way he feels. Holding your gaze suggests self-assurance—and confidence can be very attractive. He wants you to know he likes you and welcomes you to make a move. [Read: How to use eye contact when flirting]

#2 Brushing your hand. Brushing your hand gently, ‘accidentally’ pushing his leg up next to yours, or any light physical contact shows that he likes you. He doesn’t want to make it too obvious just yet and waits to see how you will respond. If you like him, then it’s a good idea to do it right back. [Read: How to get a shy guy to ask you out]

#3 Going red. Does he go bright red when he sees you or speaks to you? Bless him. You obviously make him pretty nervous. This is a good sign that he likes you, and whenever you are in the room, he can’t quite get himself together.

#4 Folding his arms or crossing his legs. Folding his arms and crossing his legs is quite defensive. He protects himself. If he does this a lot, it could be a sign he’s just nervous and feeling vulnerable in front of you, but also a sign he tries to put you off and shut you out.

#5 Smiling. Smiling at you is one of the clearest and most obvious signs that he likes you and enjoys your company, so look out for a flash of those pearly whites!

#6 Ruffling his hair. Ruffling, rearranging, or just playing with his hair is a good sign. It shows he is interested in you and flirts with you.

#7 Avoiding eye contact. If he refuses to look you in the eye, it may be that he just finds you too damn beautiful to look at. However, continued lack of eye contact suggests a lack of interest. Unless you know he is the super nervous sort, if he looks around the room rather than at you it might suggest that he’d rather be elsewhere.

#8 Shrugging his shoulders. Shrugging his shoulders suggests he doesn’t know how he feels. He might be a bit confused and uncertain about his feelings for you. It’s a little dismissive too. He’s not fully engaged in what you say or your conversation. It’s certainly a warning sign to look out for. [Read: How to help a passive aggressive man to quit playing games with you]

#9 Fidgeting. Does he fidget a lot when he is around you? Again, this has a couple of meanings. Fidgeting with things could just be about trying to distract himself from how nervous you make him, but it also implies a lack of interest, especially if he keeps playing with his phone.

#10 Raising his eyebrows. A flash of the eyebrows is a flirty and confident sign that he thinks you are attractive and welcomes a conversation with you.

#11 Parting his lips. In pauses in conversation, study his mouth. Do his lips remain slightly apart when he talks to you? If so take this as a good sign he’s attracted to you.

#12 Nostrils flare. Nostril flaring is another very subtle indicator of attraction. Keep your eye out for this. Try not to make it too obvious though!

#13 Stroking his tie. Stroking his tie is another flirty male body language sign. Him touching himself is suggesting to you that he’d like you to do the same to him. [Read: The science-backed clues you need to know if a guy likes you for sure]

#14 Standing up straight. Does he stand up straight and look as tall and manly as possible when he talks to you? This shows he tries to look attractive and confident for you—a very good sign.

#15 Fiddling with his socks and pulling them up. Fiddling with his socks and pulling them up indicates he preens for you. You make him nervous, so he checks that he looks presentable for you too!

#16 Buttoning and unbuttoning his shirt or jacket. If he does this, he is being quite suggestive, revealing a little flesh, getting relaxed. He’s also uncertain if he keeps buttoning them up again which indicates he likes you, and you make him feel all fluttery inside!

#17 Hands on hips. The classic power pose—he tries to show you how very manly he is!

#18 Touching his face. If he touches his face a lot when he talks to you, this is an indicator that he likes you and is flirting.

#19 Drinking his drink quickly. When you next meet up with him notice how quickly he knocks back those drinks. It’s not necessarily because he wants some dutch courage. Rather, he could be nervous about any silences in conversation between the two of you so gulps his drink when there is a lull. If he doesn’t order another one he could just be desperate to get out of there. [Read: 17 signs he likes you more than a friend and wants to ask you out]

#20 Perching on the edge of his seat. If he perches on the edge of his seat when he’s with you, it shows he wants to get as close to you as possible. Coupled with leaning in when he speaks, and you know you are onto a winner.

#21 Turning away from you. How does he position his body when you are together? If he turns away from you this is a sign he’s not interested.

#22 Guiding you as you walk. If he puts his hand on the small of your back when you walk somewhere, he is protective and flirty.

#23 Stuttering. Stuttering when he talks is a sign you make him nervous because he likes you a lot! [Read: Signs a guy likes you but is unsure of what to do]

#24 Losing the thread of the conversation. However, if he keeps losing track of what he says, this isn’t such a good sign. It suggests that he’s not paying much attention to you.

These 24 male body language signs are great to look out for and clearly indicate whether he is interested in you or not.

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Next time you want to know how to read male body language, keep your eyes and ears open. Pay attention to his movements, gestures, and words, and you’ll soon find out exactly how he feels!

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