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How to Meet Men and Finally Find Your Elusive Prince Charming

If you’re like most women, you figured you’d find Prince Charming by now. But… you feel like he must have gotten lost. So, here’s how to meet men.

how to meet men

Many women had their whole lives planned out since they were children. If you’re one who has done that, then you knew you’d find “The One,” get married, have babies, the picket fence, and the whole shebang. Well, if that’s not your life… and if you’re wondering how to meet men, especially the right man who’ll sweep you off your feet, well, what happened?

The answer is different for everyone. But regardless of what went wrong in your plan, there are ways to get it back on track. Don’t worry, you won’t be the crazy cat lady on your street. Well, unless you want to. But I’m assuming you don’t since you’re reading these tips for ways to meet men.

Let’s take a look at some of best ways to find your Prince Charming.

Old-fashioned tips for how to meet men

Let’s face it, times have changed. If someone was writing a feature about how to meet men 15 years ago, the advice would be different. The internet and technology have changed the way we meet people and date. Gone are the days of placing personal ads in newspapers *people really did that?* Yes, yes, they did do that.

Let’s start with talking about the more conventional, old-fashioned strategies when it comes to figuring how to meet men. Don’t worry. I won’t have you placing a personal ad in your local newspaper. [Read: 33 best places to meet eligible and attractive men]

#1 Ask your friends to set you up. Friends love to be matchmakers! Years ago, I set a good friend of mine up with my cousin. I didn’t think they’d hit it off, but they did. And now they’re married and have twin boys. Your friends know you well, so they might be able to find a good match for you.

#2 Join clubs. It can be any kind of club. Maybe you’re a professional, so you could join Rotary, or a women’s business organization. Clubs like that routinely have luncheons and other types of functions that you can go to. When you do, mingle around and talk to as many people as you can. Even if you don’t meet a man there, maybe you’ll meet someone who can introduce you to someone they know.

#3 Make new friends at work. Sometimes, especially if you are an introvert, you can just get into a bad routine of staying in your office or cube all by yourself. But why not try venturing out of your cave and go start talking to new people?

Obviously, that works best if you work for a big company. But either way, start talking to people, and you never know where it might lead. [Read: 15 ways to make new friends as an adult effortlessly]

#4 Join a gym. Okay, so I’ve never done this. But not because there aren’t eligible single men at gyms. I just don’t like working out. But I have friends who get asked out all the time at the gym. So why not get into great shape while trying to find the man of your dreams? It’s a win-win!

Now let’s look at some more modern options for how to meet men.

Online dating

Now that we have covered the old-fashioned strategies when it comes to figuring out how to meet men, let’s fast forward to the 21st century. Honestly, it seems like most people meet online or on dating apps these days. So, let’s take a look at the most popular ones. [Read: Why you can’t find love – how to find love]

#1 Tinder. I know, I know. It has a horrible reputation for being a hookup app. And it can be. But trust me, there are plenty of good, normal eligible men on Tinder. Trust me, I know. I won’t tell you how I know, but I know *ahem*. One of my friends met her boyfriend that way. Yeah, yeah, that’s it.

#2 Plenty of Fish. Another online dating site that has a bad reputation, yes. But I think it’s one of the most popular ones out there, and it’s been around for quite some time. So why not give it a try?

#3 Match. Match.com is the granddaddy of online dating sites. It has been around for a very long time. And the good thing is that it doesn’t have the reputation for sleaze like Tinder or Plenty of Fish. It seems to be a bit classier, but you need to know who you’re looking for. [Read: 30 effective tips to help you win at online dating]

#4 Eharmony. Eharmony markets itself as a scientific way to find your perfect match. While I think that is more a bunch of hooey and a marketing ploy, it still appeals to people who are more relationship and marriage-minded.

#5 Niche sites and other dating apps. Are you Catholic? Great! There’s Catholic Match. Jewish? One for that too. Want to date a millionaire? There’s MillionaireMatch.com for that. And it seems like there’s a new dating app coming out all the time. So, check out those if you are looking for a particular kind of person.

#6 Matchmakers. Don’t laugh! They actually still exist. And if you can afford it, this may be a great option for you. The matchmaker gets to know you and what kind of man you’re looking for, and they she goes out and finds him for you. [Read: 14 Important dos and don’ts of online dating]

And we can’t forget social media

I have a friend who met her husband on Facebook *well, okay, he’s an ex-husband now, but you get my point*. He just messaged her, they started a conversation, and the rest is history *even the divorce.* While that marriage didn’t work out, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have better luck.

I met several of my friends on Facebook, too. [Read: 9 social media sites to use to snag you a date]

So, what should you do? Well, start with looking through your friends’ friend lists. If you see someone you think is cute, then stalk their profile. Look for any signs of a wife, girlfriend, wedding ring, or relationship status. If you think he’s single, then send him a friend request. If he accepts, send him a friendly message introducing yourself, and see where it goes.

Another thing you can do is join groups on Facebook too. If you love to hike, maybe there’s a hiking group. Interact with the people within the group, and you never know who you might meet there. The only problem with this strategy is that what if you meet someone you like who lives half way across the world? Well, you can cross that bridge if it comes.

[Read: How to get a boyfriend effortlessly with 5 small changes]

Now that you know how to meet men, what are you waiting for? Prince Charming isn’t going to just come knocking on your door. But if you put some effort into it using these tips, you’ll be riding off into the sunset in no time.

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