41 Things Girls Do That Guys Love & Makes Them Crazy for You

There are certain girlie things that have an effect on guys. Check out these things girls do that guys love – you might be surprised! 

things girls do that guys love

We’re all totally unique. How we think, feel, dress, and act on any given day depends upon a huge range of different variables. However, there are many things girls do that guys love. You might even be unaware that you’re doing them in the first place!

Now, this isn’t a reason to be more conscious of your actions, but it’s an assurance to keep doing you! Guys definitely notice these adorable and mundane things you’re doing, even if you’re completely ignorant to it.

Girlie things can work wonders!

Most girls think that trying to get a guy to notice you can be hella-difficult. Sometimes that’s true, whether you’re single or in a relationship with one. Figuring out just what men want and like can also be a tad confusing.

That is why women go to so many lengths to look pretty. After all, guys are highly visual creatures and are more quickly drawn to things that are pleasing to their eyes. However, have you ever stopped to think that the girlie things you do casually could be just as effective?

In reality, it doesn’t take much to please a guy. Just the fact that you’re a woman is enough to get them to notice you. Even your slightest girly side is enough to melt their hearts and make them fall head over heels! [Read: How to be feminine and reveal the softer girly personality in you]

Why is it important to know the things girls do that guys love?

Asides from the fact that it can be a confidence boost, it’s also a way to know what things guys find cute. Every guy has different preferences, so there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach for every guy.

However, guys often find a majority of the things in this list cute. If there’s the boy you like and you want him to notice you, feel free to try some of these to let him know you exist.

Maybe it’s biting your lip or being affectionate, but these are all things you can use for your crush or a gorgeous stranger you want to notice you *or maybe even a boyfriend!* [Read: Lip biting – What makes it look so sexy and why guys love girls who do this]

The casual and unintentional things girls do that guys love

We’ve come up with a list of things girls do that guys love. Think about whether you do these without realizing it or not. You might be sending the guys in your life crazy without knowing about it!

1. Playing with their hair

Much of the time, girls play with their hair when they’re listening, talking, watching something on TV, concentrating, or, of course, when they’re flirting. Did you know that guys find this pretty cute and, in some cases, very very sexy?

You might be playing with your hair just because, but for guys, they find this ignorant act of yours adorable. It’s even cuter when you’re not aware that you’re doing it. If you try and do it on purpose, it just won’t translate in the same way. [Read: 25 tips to look really cute and melt any guy’s heart effortlessly]

2. Being affectionate “just because”

Of course, not all girls are cuddly and regularly affectionate. Many guys love the fact that some girls don’t think twice about showing affection. Especially when it comes as second nature to you, it’s adorable since it comes off as genuine and caring.

Cuddles, gentle nudges and smiles, kisses on the cheek, impromptu neck massages, these are all ways that girls show affection to the person in their life.

3. Dressing for themselves

Dressing for you and only you is one of the most confident and powerful things you can do. It means that you’re not bothered by what other people think about your style. You don’t care what other people think of your outfit or style, but you dress up purely for yourself.

It doesn’t just make you look good, but it makes you confident – especially in the eyes of guys. We know you’re probably doing this anyway, but don’t hesitate to dress for yourself the next time you go out! It’s certainly one of the things girls do that guys love. [Read: The clothes make the girl – 15 tips to get you looking your best]

4. Showing real body confidence

Confidence is sexy and attractive, hasn’t anyone ever told you that? This isn’t a truth for all girls, because we live in an age when women’s bodies are scrutinized like never before. Learning to accept your body and love it for the wonderful and sexy thing it is can be difficult for many.

It can be a very rewarding and empowering feeling when you show body confidence, regardless of how you look or feel. As a rather wonderful side effect, it makes guys stand up and take notice. [Read: How to build self-confidence: 16 ways to realize you’re worth it]

5. Really taking the time to listen

Most girls are pretty good listeners, because they have that empathy and gentle spirit. Guys love it when you show them your full attention and really listen to them.

Guys appreciate it when you show empathy to them, especially when they rarely ever express what they feel.

Even around their guy friends, they don’t often express their feelings without the fear of being perceived as soft or weak. [Read: How to be more empathetic and forge emotional connections]

6. The way their face lights up when they talk about things they’re passionate about

When a girl talks about something she loves to do, or something she’s truly passionate about, her expression changes. She comes alive! There’s just something about your eyes that sparkles and shines when you talk about your passions and deepest desires in life.

It’s certainly one of the things girls do that guys love. The next time someone asks, don’t hesitate to tell them all about your passions! [Read: What are you passionate about? How to find and own your desires?]

7. Teasing them in a cute and harmless way

Guys love it when girls tease them in a fun way. Of course, that doesn’t mean ripping him to shreds but a teasing remark about something that he doesn’t find offensive. It shows friendship and your ability to ride along without getting offended. It’s one of the underrated things girls do that guys love.

If he’s a terrible cook, a cute and teasing remark, accompanied by a nudge and a disarming smile is something he loves to see. [Read: How to tease a guy and make him realize he’s falling for you]

8. They show true loyalty to their friends

Nothing comes between a girl and her squad. Despite the fact that guys might be a bit annoyed about how close you are to your friends sometimes and the slight issue of oversharing information, they admire the loyalty you show to your pals.

Guys know how important friendship is, so it’s only natural they admire this with girls who see that value. When a girl shows that she has her friends’ backs through thick or thin, that’s something to admire. [Read: What makes a good friend – The art of honing your friendship skills]

9. She becomes his biggest fan

In a relationship, this is one of the admirable things that girlfriends often do for their man. No matter what situation he’s in, she’s always his biggest fan. Nobody else cheers him on the same way his girl does, and that’s one of the best things girls do that guys love.

She will encourage him, push him to do the things she knows he will excel at, and she has his back through it all. It makes him feel like he can take on the world and win.  [Read: What guys look for in girls – 26 things that catch EVERY guy’s eye]

10. The ability to show vulnerability, but kick ass too

Girls are known for wearing their hearts on their sleeves, so this attractive trait is pretty obvious. However, when a girl is also capable of kicking ass when someone crosses her, then there’s something to be said about that.

It shows fire and passion with that soft side that encompasses femininity. It’s entirely possible to be soft and loving while also being able to click into “don’t mess with me” mode. [Read: How to feel good about yourself and kick ass in all aspects of life]

11. How they go crazy over cute animals

Most girls are obsessed with cute animals, so this shouldn’t even come as a shock in this list of things girls do that girls love. They adore it when girls go all mushy over cute animals!

So, the next time you see a puppy and you can’t help but turn into a puddle of goo, go for it, he loves it! It doesn’t matter if it’s a dog, cat, raccoon, or whatever cute animal, just go for it! [Read: What guys notice first about a girl – 1 of these 15 things]

12. Touches when talking

Girls are so oblivious when doing this, but they have a habit of touching your arm or shoulder when talking to you. It’s something that’s completely admirable about them that guys end up finding cute.

Especially when they like a guy, they end up breaking that touch barrier by unintentionally touching his arm when conversing with him. Don’t worry; guys find it cute!

13. Smiling or laughing

Regardless if most girls are very insecure about their smile or laugh or not, guys find this adorable. Really, isn’t it more adorable when someone laughs or smiles because something made them happy at that moment?

The next time you end up smiling or laughing, don’t try covering your mouth because you’re insecure about it. Show that smile off to the world! You never know, that smile can make someone fall for you. [Read: How to smile more often – The baby steps to change your life forever]

14. Showing encouragement

There’s something admirable about a girl who shows encouragement for guys! You might not be aware of this, but they don’t really get enough encouragement, so the fact that they get this means the world to them.

This is one of the things girls do that guys love that often goes unnoticed, especially as it’s in girls’ nature to offer words of encouragement to others. [Read: How to motivate your man and make him feel like a champion again]

15. Taking an interest in what he loves

It doesn’t matter if it’s playing games, watching sports, or working out; if you find an interest in his passions, then that’s already attractive to them.

When you try to do these things with him or really take the time to do them with him, then that’s even a bonus for them! The dream is to be able to watch sports or play games with your girl – that’s basically living the life for them! [Read: 48 cute and romantic things to do with your girlfriend she’ll absolutely love]

16. Wearing his shirt or hoodies

If you’re either living together or are dating for a significant period, then this is bound to happen. Girls love harboring hoodies and shirts of their boyfriends as it shows ownership and comfort.

It’s basically her saying that she’s so comfortable around you that she’s okay borrowing your shirt and clothes, hoping you don’t mind. This is one of the things girls do that guys love that drives them insane!

17. Biting your lip

You might not be aware you’re doing this, but it comes off seductive, sexy, and charming – all at the same time! If you bite your lip around guys or trace your fingers along your lips while thinking about something, watch the impact this will have on them.

It’ll drive them nuts, especially when you’re not even aware that you’re doing this. This simple lip-biting action can devour them. [Read: Lip biting – What makes it so hot and secrets to make it way sexier]

18. Eye contact

It doesn’t matter what you say, eye contact will always be attractive. If you engage in direct eye contact, he’ll just get lost in your eyes completely, forgetting everything that surrounds him.

This is one of the most underrated things girls do that guys love and will leave them absolutely speechless. [Read: Subtle but powerful eye contact flirting moves that work like magic]

19. Excitement

Happiness and excitement are always a good look on anyone, so if you’re showing your excitement around guys, they tend to get attracted by this. It’s because your eyes shine and sparkle, and this kind of look on girls is always a sight for them.

Excited and happy girls are always the best kind of girls, after all. [Read: Tired of chasing? How to make a guy want you instead]

20. Wriggling out of tight clothes

You might feel like an elephant wriggling out of your tight LBD, but to your man, you’re an undressing goddess. 

The way you take off your clothes and shimmy out of them can be a major turn on for guys—especially when they get to see what you’re wearing *or not wearing* underneath. [Read: 51 physical turn ons that arouse guys instantly]

21. Crawling into bed

For guys, every little move you make can just seem so sensual. 

This is especially true when you approach him by crawling into bed beside him. Your feline moves are enough to make them purr, and it’s one of the girlie things he adores. 

22. Twirling your hair

There’s something about your long hair that gets men’s senses on high alert. Whether you’re pulling at it, twirling it, or caressing it, there’s something about it that men find cute and sexy. [Read: How to look cute – 25 ways exude cuteness and melt any guy’s heart]

23. Your perfume

Maybe it’s a man’s animal instinct, but getting a whiff of your perfume as you pass by can leave them giving you a lusty second glance.

24. Your shampoo

As with perfume, something as unintentional as your shampoo can leave guys crazy over you. Smelling your hair is a major turn on, and you probably don’t even notice it.

As far as girlie things are concerned, the smell of your freshly washed hair is right up there on the list. 

25. Your lingerie

Whether you’re wearing Savage X Fenty, or your everyday pair of mismatched underwear, there’s something about the sight of you in lingerie that can naughtily provoke your man’s mind—and his groin. [Read: 25 things guys find really sexy and attractive when they see a girl]

26. Closing your eyes for a kiss

Men especially love it when they lean in for a kiss and, for that split second, they can see you trustingly kiss them with your eyes closed. 

The same goes for when they break the kiss, and you leave your eyes closed for just a few more seconds, like you’re savoring the feeling—and they savor just how exquisite you look. [Read: 15 kissing techniques for that heartbeat-skipping kiss]

27. Slowly breathing out

There’s also more to a kiss that turns guys on. The way you breathe out a shaky breath after a kiss can be enough to drive them loco. It’s like their assurance that you like them and what they did, and they go crazy for that. [Read: How to turn a guy on and leave him hard with just a kiss]

28. Pursing your lips

The lips are a very sensual body part. Whether it’s a new guy, or your man who sees you purse your lips, especially when you’re concentrating, they always find it hot and endearing.

29. Blushing

Men find blushing girls too cute. It’s one of the girlie things they adore. Maybe that’s why pick-up lines were invented—to provoke that rosy glow. 

The sight of you blushing, especially if they caused it, is such a big pat on the back, and it makes them even more drawn to you.

30. Stretching out

Whether you’re in the grocery store, reaching for that can of pasta sauce, or at a guy’s place, trying to reach the top shelf of his cupboard, men will take their sweet time before helping you, because they’re admiring the view.

The view of a woman’s body, stretched out, and perked up—it’s irresistible. [Read: The naughty ways to get your boobs noticed without looking trashy]

31. Your giggle

That honest giggle that lights up your face is enough to bring guys to their happy place, too. Not only does it put them at ease, it also makes them more attracted to you—especially if it’s their jokes you’re laughing at.

As far as the top girlie things go, your giggle is a major contender. 

32. Crinkling eyes when you laugh

Actually, it’s not just the sound of your laughter. It’s also the way your eyes crinkle and smile, that can make guys swoon.

It shows you have a good sense of humor and you’re confident enough to let out a good laugh when you feel like it. That’s something guys absolutely adore.

33. Calling his name

Whether you call out their name in the bedroom, or just whisper it naughtily when you’re out in public, you will find guys loving it. 

Even something as simple as calling them out for help or greeting them is enough to make them secretly giddy inside. [Read: 15 classy ways to make a guy go crazy over you]

34. Your wild hair

Flipping out your hair or even tossing it around can be a major turn on for guys, too. There’s something about your rolled-out-of-bed, tousled hair that makes them want to inch closer and comb through your locks.

35. Wearing glasses

There’s something good about looking geeky, and guys like it when you’re wearing glasses. It could also be because the sight conjures up teacher fantasies for them.

36. Scrunching your nose up

You probably don’t know you’re doing this, and it’s one of the girlie things that men love. When you’re concentrating on something or even when you don’t like something, you scrunch your nose up in a look of disgust. It’s cute! [Read: Sense of self – 26 steps to raise it and feel like a million bucks]

37. When you’re unsure of yourself

Of course, men love confident women, but when a confident woman lets her guard down for a second and is unsure of herself, it’s cute. 

It could be “how do I look in this outfit?” with a look that says you’re a little unsure of whether it suits you or not. It works wonders!

38. When you become entranced by a movie

One of the girlie things that men love, although they may not admit it, is when you get so into a movie that you’re totally entranced. You cry at the end because you were so into the plot. [Read: 60 most romantic movies in the world that are a must-watch this year]

39. When you get flustered

Of course, he doesn’t want to see you stressed out. But when you get a little flustered over something, such as the housework or the fact you can’t figure out what to wear, it’s cute to him. 

40. Singing without realizing it

Do you often sing along to yourself under your breath or burst into song when you’re driving or in the shower? 

This is one of the things girls do that guys love, even if he tells you that your voice is terrible! [Read: 20 most romantic songs for the one you love]

41. Your open heart

Most women are happy to talk about their feelings. Of course, most men aren’t fans of huge heart-to-hearts, but they do admire the fact that you have such an open heart and a willingness to talk about your emotions. 

These girlie things prove that guys are already crazy about you!

You might not be aware that you’re doing some or most of these, subtly winning the hearts of guys everywhere. The point is that you’re doing them without realizing it because it’s part of your true nature. And that’s adorable and downright sexy.

[Read: 25 things guys find really sexy and attractive about a girl]

These things girls do that guys love are traits and actions that most girls show on a regular basis. That means you’re sexy simply by default!

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