Dating Advice for Women: 20 Tips to Transform Your Love Life

Even if you’ve been dating for the longest period, you could still use dating advice for women. After all, we’re all a little lost when it comes to love.

dating advice for women

The dating game can be tricky. Knowing where to start often feels a little overwhelming if you find yourself single but ready to start dating again. That is why we’ve compiled this helpful dating advice for women. Or if you’ve been doing this for forever but just want some guidance in your dating life, you can still read on.

Dating can feel overwhelming and confusing at times, especially with the several rules to follow. You don’t know which way to go and which rules to actually apply. For all you know, the things you’re dating in your dating life can do more harm than good with the guys you date.

Whether your last relationship was ten days or ten years ago, getting back out there and feeling confident about going on dates and starting that search for your perfect partner again is a little daunting for anyone. Dating is easier said than done, which is where dating advice for women becomes essential.

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Why do you need dating advice for women?

We all need dating advice every now and then. Even if you’ve been dating for a long period or you just started dating again, finding the right pieces of advice can benefit our dating life by so much. When you take dating advice for women and apply them to your own life, you might find your dating life to improve drastically.

Whether it’s your approach to dating, the guys you choose, or even how you handle relationships, sometimes all you need is the right advice to find the kind of love you’re looking for. Dating and relationships are supposed to be fun and before you get to do that, it’s essential to be equipped with the right dating advice for women.

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Dating advice for women

Dating makes us nervous and not act like our usual selves. You want to have a great date with someone you think has potential. How do you ensure that it goes well and end feeling like they want to see you again? It’s a horrible feeling if you think the date went well, only to never hear from the guy again.

It leaves you feeling disheartened and a pretty big blow to your confidence that makes you unsure whether you want to go back out there and try again. To ensure you have the best date possible, what can you do? Here is the best dating advice for women! [Read: 11 honest reasons why guys don’t call after a date]

1. Think of an unusual place to meet

Going for coffee or meeting for a drink is pretty standard and a safe bet if you want to have a reasonable time. Why not push the boat out and suggest meeting somewhere or doing something a little more fun? A morning rave? A color run? Going horseback riding together?

It’s standard to go on coffee or dinner dates, but why not try something different this time? Dates are about having fun, so find out your common interests and pick an interesting place! If they are up for it, you’ll know you are onto something good. [Read: 30 fun first date ideas to leave anyone wanting more]

2. Don’t be afraid to be set up by friends

If you cringe at the idea of your friends getting involved with your love life, remember they have a pretty good idea of who you are and what you like. Blind dates have always been a thing and as intimidating as they seem, they also work! So the next time your friends set you up on a date, don’t be so fast to decline.

This is one of the dating advice for women you’ll regret not following. You never know, the guy your friends set up could turn out to be great! [Read: 13 blind dating tips for a happy blind date]

3. Get on a dating site

In this day and age, most people who find themselves single end up on a dating website. It’s the easiest and most convenient way to find other single people. In fact, some relationships begin *and work out* all because they took a chance on a dating app. There used to be a bit of a taboo about joining dating websites.

Women wondered whether it made them look desperate and whether the guys on the sites would just be desperate weirdos. Now, the online dating game is entirely different. There’s so much potential in finding a date on a dating app, so feel free to try it! [Read: 8 great reasons online dating is worth a shot]

4. Have some conversation starters at the ready

You might want everything to be cool and natural between you, but often nerves get in the way. Don’t feel bad, as it’s normal to feel nervous when you first start talking to someone. After all, you’re just getting to know one another, so prepare for lots of awkward and messy moments.

Make sure you have some conversation starters at the ready so that you keep the conversation flowing throughout your date. After a while, and maybe a drink or two, you’ll probably relax into it more anyway.

Maybe ask them light questions or break the ice by making them laugh, just so they feel more at ease around you. [Read: 25 fun conversation starters for when you’re drawing a blank]

5. Make a good first impression

You don’t want to overdo it, but there is nothing wrong with making a bit of an effort. First impressions are everything when it comes to dating, so be sure to look your best! You don’t have to look fancy or luxurious, but dressing up neatly will suffice.

Obviously, how much you dress up depends on where you are going, but making an effort to look nice and greeting them with a big smile gives a great first impression. Also, don’t make them wait up as that leaves a bad impression on them.

You don’t want to start your date with him feeling disgruntled. [Read: 12 easy ways to avoid a first date catastrophe]

6. Don’t drink too much

If you feel a bit nervous, it can be easy to drink a bit too much to try and calm yourself down. However, getting super drunk on a first date could be a bad idea. We know you’re nervous, but drinking one glass after another also leaves a terrible impression on your date! Try to balance your nervousness and drinking.

A few sips will do, and you’ll start to feel your nerves calm down a bit. Otherwise, you may end up saying or doing something stupid or wake up not remembering what happened at all! [Read: What to talk about when you’re drunk with your date]

7. Don’t play it too ‘cool.’

While many women think they should play it super cool on a date, there is no need to be too distant or mysterious. If you like them, you like them. Make that obvious, be friendly, talkative, and genuine. There’s no need to play mind games with them just to have a successful date.

If you have to try that hard, maybe they’re not the right person for you. A little bit of mystery is good, but too much will just push them away entirely. [Read: How to play it cool with a guy without being too distant or clingy]

8. Don’t overshare

Remember what we said about leaving a little mystery? Don’t spill every detail on your first date with them. Keep conversation topics pretty light and casual, ask questions to get to know one another, but don’t reveal absolutely everything about yourself, including talking too much about your exes!

Unless you want to push them away by doing so, don’t reveal everything about yourself right on that first time. Otherwise, there might not be a second date! [Read: 20 ways to perfect your first date conversation]

9. Be yourself

When it comes to great dating advice for women, nothing beats just being yourself. If you aren’t, then they won’t have a genuine impression of you, and even if it goes to a second date, how long are you going to keep up the pretense for? It might sound so cliche, but it’s a crucial piece of advice.

You can’t keep it up for long when you pretend to be someone you’re not just for the sake of your date. It’ll get exhausting and eventually, your true colors will be revealed. [Read: How to be yourself: 14 steps to unfake your life & love being you]

10. Don’t put out on a first date—unless you are cool with it

If women want to sleep with a guy on a first date and things are heading that way, then that’s totally great. But there are some things to be aware of. Putting out on a first date might make a guy feel like that’s what you do, and you might end up feeling the same about him.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with getting into bed on the first date, but remember what we’ve said about the element of mystery? Leave something for guys to anticipate in the following few dates. But in the end, it’s really up to you and your personal preference.

Never feel pressured into doing it though, and remember, if they don’t call you because you didn’t, they definitely aren’t worth any more of your time anyway. [Read: Sex on the first date – Should you give in to the urge?]

11. Maintain eye contact

Eye contact will always be sexy so if you’re seeking dating advice for women, you should definitely take note of this. Make sure you maintain good eye contact throughout your date—if you like them, of course. Body language plays a big part in showing whether or not you like someone, so pay attention to yours.

Don’t be afraid to hold their gaze for a moment or two. The eyes are the window to the soul, after all – at least, that’s what they say. [Read: How to maintain prolonged eye contact when flirting]

12. Don’t ask for anyone else’s opinion just yet

Getting other people’s opinions and analyzing every single second of your date can be pretty destructive. If you like them and they like you, then meet up again. Just see how it goes. You may love your friends and they probably give great advice, but you can’t keep validation from your friends for all your dates.

There will always be some form of bias and at the end of the day, your dating life is between you and the other person you’re dating – nobody else. Ask for their opinion when things are getting serious but until then, hold off.

13. Follow your instincts and move on if you don’t think it is going anywhere

Our gut instincts tend to be really strong, so this is one of the dating advice for women you shouldn’t ignore. Not every date is going to be perfect. In fact, there may be many where you know in the first five minutes that they are not the man for you. Maybe you spot the red flags right away, or something just feels off.

In this case, once the date ends, you’ll know that they weren’t the guy for you. It’s better to move on to the next than stay with someone you don’t enjoy dating! [Read: How to listen to your gut and give strength to your inner voice]

14. Wait for him to contact you

Of course, there is no reason why a woman can’t contact a guy first, but you know that if he likes you he’ll get in touch. So why not just leave it to him and get on with your day? He’ll eventually call you when the time is right and if not, it’s his loss anyway! [Read: Should I call him? The real answers to make up your mind]

15. Remember, there’s more to life than dating!

It can be very easy to get sucked in too deep when it comes to dating and feel like it’s taking over your life. Remember, there is more to life than dating. If you need to take a break from it, that’s cool too! Your dating life is just one portion of your life, so don’t make it everything!

Just because you haven’t found a date, it doesn’t reflect your worth. This is the one piece of dating advice for women you should never forget. [Read: How to stay single until you’re seriously ready to mingle]

16. Don’t be too focused on one guy

We’re not saying to stick to play around and stop dating seriously; that’s not what we’re saying. But the intention of dating is to have while also meeting the right person for you.

So in order to achieve that, you need to be willing to date around for quite some time. Date different personalities and people, and you’ll see the various possibilities for you. [Read: How to date multiple guys without being shady or called a cheater]

17. Know your deal-breakers

when you’re dating someone, one of the dating advice for women you should follow is never to forget your standards and deal-breakers. It doesn’t matter how cute or tall he is; no guy is worth disregarding your standards for.

If you really want the best dating life, remember your deal-breakers. So if you meet a guy and all your standards don’t align with him, then walk away immediately. You’ll thank yourself in the long run. [Read: 10 relationship deal breakers to watch out for!]

18. Make sure you’re ready

Before you go ahead and start dating, you need to make sure you’re ready. Have you healed from your past relationship? Are you sure you’re prepared emotionally and mentally? Have you moved on from your ex? These are the questions you need to ask yourself before dating again.

We can’t always admit when we’re ready as most likely, we also tend to use dating as an escape from our issues and baggage. However, your dating life will be such a mess if you’re not yet ready. [Read: 19 clear signs you are ready for a serious relationship]

19. Be the date you’d want to have

If there’s a specific type of person you want to date, then act like them. Do you not like it when they use their phone? Do you like someone focused and attentive? Maybe you like someone funny and charming? When applying the dating advice for women in your life, be the date you’ve always wanted to have.

20 Forget your perfect list

Just like you have your deal-breaker list, you must also have your list of perfect qualities in a guy. Look, you’ll never find someone with the ideal list of qualities. It’s not realistic, and it’s putting too much unnecessary pressure on dating. Remember dating is about having fun, and it’s not a commitment *at least, not yet*.

So ditch your list of what a perfect guy is and just enjoy the ones you do meet. You’ll be surprised how the guy that doesn’t check all your boxes is the one you end up liking.

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So, what’s the best dating advice for women?

There’s no perfect piece of advice, but dating is about finding yourself and having fun the best way you can. If you want to have the best dating life, just be yourself and have fun with the experience.

The dating world is a pretty crazy one. However, by following these 20 pieces of dating advice for women, you’ll have more fun with each date and possibly even land a great guy!

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