20 Easy Conversation Starters with a Guy You Like

Starting a conversation with anyone can be tough, but someone you like? Harder! Learn a few conversation starters with a guy you like and make it easier. 

conversation starters with a guy you like

As a girl, it’s pretty easy to get any guy’s attention; all you need to do is look at the guy you like. Yet at times, the guy you’re interested may not have noticed you yet. That means you need to be brave and actually speak to him – yes, terrifying, right? However, learning a few conversation starters with a guy you like beforehand helps you out and gives you the confidence to just be yourself.

Confidence is key when trying to start a conversation of any type but when it’s a guy you have your eye on, you’re more likely to stumble over your words. A lot of the worry in this situation comes down to not knowing what to say. How do you actually get that chat started without sounding boring, or worse, weird?

Arm yourself with these tips and just relax! [Read: 20 reasons why a guy may never like you back]

The art of being subtle when using conversation starters with a guy

Conversation starters can be easy to learn, but if you come on too strong or make it way too obvious that you like a guy, you might find he starts playing hard to get with you!

If you really want to make a move on a guy and initiate a conversation with him, try to play a subtle game and don’t ever let him feel like you’re more interested in him than he is in you. [Read: How to keep a conversation going & make anyone love talking to you]

It’s a guy thing. If he thinks he can get a girl easily, he’ll take her for granted or take it so easy that it may appear like he’s uninterested.

But if you can rouse his interest in you, you can talk to him and still make him crave for your attention.

Top conversation starters with a guy

If you want to play it safe and easy, and avoid letting him know that you’re interested in him or smitten by him, use these conversation starters. They may be obvious at times, but these conversation tips will still give you complete control of the conversation. [Read: Tongue-tied? 35 brilliant conversation questions]

1. Have we met?

Look at the guy you like with a hint of fake recognition, walk up confidently and use this line. “Hi, I’m sorry, but do I know you…? I feel like we’ve met somewhere, but I can’t place you in my mind…”

It’s easy, and even if the guy you like doubts your recognition and your intentions, he’d have to ask a few questions in return which will lead to several more questions to get to know if both of you do know each other.

2. Eye contact and a flirty smile

If both of you are sitting in a room for a while, this may be the best way to warm things up. Exchange glances now and then, and look away. But don’t be aloof. Be warm and approachable and smile now and then to let him know that you’re interested in talking to him. It’s not all about words when it comes to conversation starters with a guy, it’s also about non-verbal communication too!

And just to make it easier for him to walk up to you, leave your friends aside and walk past him or stand in an isolated space like you’re trying to make a phone call for a few minutes. If he’s interested, he’ll definitely say hello! [Read: 10 subtle eye contact flirting tips]

3. Can you help me with this?

Make a man feel like a knight in shining armor and he’ll definitely think it’s his lucky day! Plan this step ahead, and as the guy you like walks towards you, ask him to help you with something.

It could be your heavy bags, a car breakdown, or even some help opening your car door or picking the car keys which have accidentally slid under the car. As long as you thank him with your sweetest smile, he’ll definitely stick around to continue the conversation. [Read: Damsel in distress: Why men find them so irresistible]

4. Can I use your phone?

Create an emergency and any guy will gladly stand up to help you. One of the easiest conversation starters is the phone trick. Walk up to the guy and ask him if you could use his phone because your phone is dead. Just to make your act seem more genuine, fumble with the back panel of your cell phone in a place where he can see you, a minute before you walk up to him.

5. Pretend you thought he was someone else

Say something to him, followed by “Oops, I’m sorry, I thought you were someone else!” Pretend like you’re really busy, tap him on his shoulder, and start talking. And just as he turns around, appear startled and use this line. Apologize to him for the misunderstanding, but continue to ask him for some help by using any of the other conversation starters here, be it some help with your bags or something else. [Read: What to say to a guy you like to make him like you back]

6. Smile and beckon him to you

See a guy you like? Exchange flirty glances with him for a while, and you can also use the help of your friends to make it rather obvious that you’re interested in him.

Once you feel like he’s hooked to the staring game, walk away from your friends to a lonely spot and appear busy. But look at him, smile and gesture to him by curling your index finger towards you in a “come here” motion. Blush and play coy, and don’t try to be bossy. [Read: 25 ways to look really cute]

7. Would it be okay if I sit here?

This is something we hear all the time, be it in the bus, the train or even at the airport. Use this very line as you come up to a guy and sit next to him. But just as you ask him the question, flash your warmest smile at him so he knows that you’re a warm and approachable person. And before you know it, he’ll try to start a conversation with you. These are the types of conversation starters with a guy that are perfect for beginners because it simply looks like you’re just being polite and not trying to flirt with him!

8. I wouldn’t do that if I were you

A perfect line to use when you see a guy while hanging out at a place you’re familiar with. Is the guy you like doing something that he may regret later? Improvise and just use this line. He’ll continue the rest of the conversation. [Read: 15 Obvious flirting signs between a guy and girl]

9. How boring is this?

Or how awesome is this, or how screwed up is this! One of the best ways to start a conversation with someone is by using the circumstances around you. Use this line if you’re sitting next to the guy you want to talk to, but are sitting too close to try exchanging glances. Just lean towards him, and say something appropriate to no one in particular and sit back. You can turn towards him and smile if you want. He’ll do the rest. [Read: 9 sneaky ways to get any guy you like to ask you out]

10. Say “hi” and walk past him

Or just smile. This is a wonder move when it comes to talking to a guy you bump into often and feel the chemistry with, be it in the corridors or the cafeteria. When you’re about to walk past this guy, either in a flight of stairs or a crowded hallway, look at him suddenly, say ‘hi’ and walk ahead like you did nothing wrong.

Don’t look back or do anything else. And the next time you bump into him again, don’t say anything. Just glance towards him for a second. If he does have some feelings for you, he’ll immediately split into a broad grin.

11. One of the best conversation starters with a guy – This is my first time here

I’m lost. Look clueless when you’re in a new place, either an office or any other place where there’s potential to get lost. If a guy you’re interested in is around, appear confused, walk up to him and use this line. Don’t go into explanations. Just wait.

And before you know it, the dashing knight would hold you by your hand and come to your rescue. [Read: How to get a guy to notice you and fall for you]

12. Make something fall near him

If you play this well, there’s no way he’ll think it’s a conversation starter move. As you walk past him, accidentally drop a pen or let your scrunchie drop near him. As long as he notices it, he’ll immediately pick it up for you. Flash your cutest grin and thank him for his assistance.

You can continue the conversation or just smile at him. Even if you didn’t strike a conversation the first time, you can always talk to him the next time you walk past him. After all, your little trick just gave you a well planned introduction.

13. Entice him while shopping

This can be bold to a few, but when you’re out shopping, there’s really not much time to chat up a guy or use a conversation starter on him. If you catch a guy glancing at you now and then, just hold up two girls’ tee shirts against you and look at yourself in the mirror. [Read: 20 Ways to perfect your first date conversation]

And when the guy you’re interested in glances towards you, lift the two tee shirts higher and raise your eyebrows slightly in a questioning manner. If he wants to play along, he’ll definitely help you pick, and strike a conversation too.

And even if he doesn’t make a move to talk to you, you’ve got nothing to lose. After all, did you really just ask him for his opinion? No, you were just looking at the mirror, weren’t you?!

14. In a queue

If you’re standing in a crowded place or in a long line, brush him accidentally while picking something up. And as he turns around, look at him, smile and apologize. You’ve set the ball in motion. All you need to do is look warm and approachable, and he’ll definitely talk.

15. Ask for the time

Okay, most people have their phone on them constantly and can easily check the time but perhaps your charge has gone! Asking someone for the time is a great way to get an ‘in’ and that means it’s one of the best conversation starters with a guy, for sure! It’s also pretty innocent and if you’re not getting a vibe from him, you can easily cut your losses and move on without looking like you crashed and burned. [Read: 25 Best relationship topics to talk about if you want to be happy]

16. Do you know ….?

Ask him if he knows a particular person. You could say that you’re pretty sure he knows your best friend or maybe you think he used to work at a particular place. Of course, you’re completely making it up but he doesn’t have to know that! He might say that he doesn’t know that person (more likely than him saying that he does) but that’s fine, because you’ve got the conversation going and from there it’s easier to carry on.

17. How do you know ….?

This one is great if you’re at a party because you can ask them how they know the host. It’s easy enough to ask and it’s not going to get you into any kind of flirtatious trouble that you can’t get out of without embarrassment. They might not know the host at all but that’s fine because you can then explain how you know them and the conversation should start to flow from there. [Read: Does playing coy actually work?]

18. Can I ask for your recommendation? One of the easiest and best conversation starters with a guy!

If you’re in a queue for a coffee shop and you’re standing next to a guy you really want to strike up a conversation with, how about asking his opinion on which drink you should order? You could say that you’re really stuck between a toffee latte and a hot chocolate and you’re not sure. Then, ask for his recommendation if he’s been to that coffee shop before. It doesn’t just work with coffee shops, it works in delis, bars, restaurants, cafes, you name it!

19. Do you know when the next bus is?

Ah, public transport – annoying yet oh-so-helpful when you’re trying to start a chat with someone! Using public transport is one of the best conversation starters with a guy because it’s comfortable enough to talk about and it has countless opportunities for extending the chat into other areas!

20. Just say it straight

Exchange glances with the guy for a few minutes until you know he’s interested in you too. Walk up to him when he’s alone, and just say ‘hi’ or something like “I see you’ve been watching me…”

It’s flattering and puts any guy in an awkward and happy place, but don’t overdo it or say something too sexual. Most guys take it really easy if a girl makes a rather bold move. And almost always, they have expectations in mind and treat you like an object if you make an overtly sexual move. [Read: How men really fall in love]

What shouldn’t you do when using conversation starters with a guy?

Of course, it’s as much about what you shouldn’t do as it is what you should do.

1. Don’t interrupt

If he’s talking to someone or he’s on the phone, don’t attempt to start a conversation with him. It’s just bad timing!

2. Don’t be rude

You might think you’re just being confident but sometimes it comes over as rude. Be yourself, that’s the single best piece of advice. [Read: 9 Subtle differences between a confident & arrogant man]

3. Don’t make it completely obvious

Yes, you’re trying to start a conversation so you can flirt it up but don’t make it totally obvious from the get go!

4. Don’t forget to check if they’re with someone

You have no true way of knowing whether someone has a partner already when you’re trying to start a conversation but you can check if they’re with someone first. If they’re with someone in the cafe, shop, bus stop or anywhere else, it’s a good idea to wait it out. Sure, they might not be together, but you don’t know that and stepping on someone else’s toes isn’t cool.

5. Don’t let your nerves control you

It’s normal to be nervous. When you like someone or even you just like the first look of someone, your nerves are gong to chime up. However, take a deep breath and don’t allow them to control you. You can do this!

[Read: How to impress your crush: 20 tips to steal their heart effortlessly]

And there we have it – 20 really easy conversation starters with a guy that’ll definitely work in your favor. Use these tips and you’ll see just how easy it can be to chat up any guy you like.

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