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What’s He Thinking? How to Know He’s Interested through His Texts

You’re not sure if a guy’s into you. Don’t waste any more time. Look for the signs that point to how to know he’s interested through his texts.

How to Know He's Interested through His Texts

I remember spending hours trying to decode a text I received from a guy. I would call my friends, we’d talk about it endlessly. Really we were just wasting our time. Why? Because we had no idea how to know he’s interested through his texts.

Oh, but that emoji means he likes you. Oh, and then he said, “hahaha,” yeah, he’s totally into you. If only we knew what we were talking about.

Listen, you may think how to decipher a guy’s text is hard, it’s not. Rather, learn what to look for because there are specific signs he’ll be dropping whether he means to or not.

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How to know he’s interested through his texts

This is why I created a list of signs. It’s about time women saved ourselves countless hours of wasted time trying to understand what a guy thinks. And in the end, if you still don’t know what’s going on, why don’t you ask him?

Yes, I know you want him to make a move, and I know you want him to come to you. But sometimes you need to sort things out on your own. If not, you can end up waiting months, even years before you figure out what’s going on. And that’s what you don’t want to happen. You need to get to the bottom of it and decide what you want to do. [Read: 15 no-fail clues to know if a guy likes you through his texts]

It’s time to read those texts more closely.

#1 He texts back right away. This is a great sign he’s into you. If a guy doesn’t like you, he won’t reply quickly to your texts because he’s not getting anything out of it. But if he likes you, he’s not going to leave you on “seen.” No way. He’s going to make sure he replies to your messages right away. Remember, interested people will care. [Read: Don’t miss these subtle signs that someone likes you back]

#2 He talks about his life. When he talks with you, it’s not just superficial conversation. Instead, he talks about his life and tells you about his problems and more intimate details. No man is going to talk about their private life unless they want the woman to get to know them.

#3 He texts you before going to sleep. 

#4 He texts without reason. [Read: 15 obvious signs of flirting between a guy and a girl]

#5 He sends you “good morning” texts. Well, isn’t that cute? If a guy doesn’t like you, he’s not going to send you any text, let alone a good morning text. A good morning text holds a lot of emotion in it. Yes, it’s just a text saying, “good morning,” but he wants to wish you a good morning. He wants you to know he’s thinking of you.

#6 He texts you when something important happens. Maybe he was offered a job or passed all his exams, but one thing is for sure – you’re the first person who knows about it. If that happens, that’s a great sign he sees you as someone important in his life. It doesn’t matter if it’s big or small news, you’re someone he wants to share it with.

#7 He drunk texts you. Ah yes, the infamous drunk texts. Those are always a sign that he’s into you. Now, he can still be into you without having to drunk text you. But if he’s throwing you drunk texts, then that’s a pretty good confirmation of what he’s thinking.

#8 He asks you questions. I know this sounds a little lame, but it’s not. If a guy doesn’t like you, he doesn’t care about you. He’s not going to ask you questions or get to know you. But if he likes you, then asking you questions will be his priority. He wants to get to know you even if it’s over text. [Read: 25 surefire signs that tell you if a guy likes you]

#9 You have your own jokes. Never underestimate inside jokes. Those jokes are only formed between people who are close to each other. And, it’s also a great sign that he “gets” you. He knows what makes you laugh and touches your heart. And we all know that laughter is a part of bonding.

#10 He uses flirting emojis. If you’re wondering how to know he’s interested through his texts, here’s a big clue. Now, don’t be offended if he doesn’t use emojis. Not all guys are into using them. Your guy could stick strictly to words and still like you. But if he is using emojis, see if he’s using flirty ones. A lot of winky faces? Well, he’s probably trying to flirt with you via text. [Read: Emoji sexting and 16 emojis that make any conversation sound naughty]

#11 He sends you funny links and memes. When you are texting each other, he has no problem sending you memes or funny YouTube links to things he thinks you’ll like. It’s a great sign that he wants to make you laugh and cares about you being happy.

#12 He texts you first. Oooh, this is a good one. He doesn’t need to be the one to always text first, but he will text you first. If a guy doesn’t want to talk to you, he’s not going to start a conversation with you; it’s as simple as that. But he wants to talk to you, so he sends you a text first, and that’s a great sign.

#13 He keeps his plans with you. In today’s world, not flaking out on plans is like a wedding proposal. But with him, when he texts you about going out or confirming a time, he commits to it. That’s because he wants to spend time with you. And why would he want to spend time with you? Because he likes you!

#14 He doesn’t send you multiple texts. When you are texting, he’s not panicking and sending you three or four texts in a row. He’s not desperate. Now, sending multiple texts does show that he’s into, but also shows a needy side. With him, he’s playing it cool. [Read: Science-backed clues that will tell you if a guy likes you for sure]

#15 You can’t stop texting each other. I think by this sign, it’s pretty clear he’s into you. If you are texting each other all day, all night, then it’s time to accept that you have something going on. No one would do this if there wasn’t chemistry floating in the air.

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If you’re really wondering how to know he’s interested through his texts, you need to know these signs. If not, you’re going to waste a lot of time.

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