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Basic White Girl: Who Is She & 50 Stereotypical Traits that Make One

The basic white girl is a phrase that’s evolved over the years. Who is she now? What are the stereotypes that make a girl one? Here’s what you need to know!

basic white girl stereotypes

The basic girl, or basic white girl, is a fairly commonly used term these days. The reason? There is NOTHING more annoying than someone who is trying very hard to be unique by trying so hard to fit in and stand out at the same time. But is it all bad? Are you one? Would you like to be?

Who is a basic white girl?

Before we talk about the stereotypical aspects that make a girl a basic white girl, let’s define what a basic white girl is, for the uninitiated.

No, it’s not just any white girl.

A basic white girl is a girl who tries exceptionally hard to be different and stand out from the rest, but inevitably ends up being exactly the same as most other white girls. She thinks she’s “in trend” and setting new trends herself, but in reality, she’s just following the exact same *old* trend that many other girls are following to the tee.

Live. Laugh. Love. Anyone?

The stereotypical basic white girl was probably raised in a typical, middle *or upper* class suburb, had a perfect childhood and doting parents who raised her like she was the most perfect thing ever. She grew up carefree, had a lot of white girl friends, and now that she’s all grown up, the basic white girl thinks she can relate to everyone, and understand everyone better than everyone else. And yet, she can’t truly understand anyone, even herself.

She takes her privileges for granted, thinks she’s a part of a global new revolution when she’s still stereotyping others around her. There’s a lot to learn about this special kind of unique girl, and we’ll get to all of that soon.

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How it all began and how it’s grown

It all began in the late 2000’s, with the words “basic bitch”, which roughly translates to mean a girl who’s boring, and yet, full of herself. Over the years, it evolved to become what it is today. Not only is it accepted to be a basic white girl today, it’s actually cool to be one!

Here’s something that’s definitely noteworthy though. So many white girls are accidentally basic these days, and they don’t even realize it. They’re all trying so hard not to be one, and that makes them one by itself. And at the same time, basic white girls are completely okay with being called one. In fact, many take pride in it.

If we were talking about any other race or color, these stereotypes would have annoyed the hell out of everyone. But to a certain group of girls, being a basic white girl isn’t an insult, it’s a gold standard of how they want to be portrayed and seen.

When you’re ignorant about the real problems in the world *though you think you know it all* and behave like you’re facing all the them everyday, when you’re actually more privileged than 95% of the world, well, that makes you a basic white girl. If you’re interested in everything and have opinions about everything, but don’t know much about anything, that definitely makes you a basic white girl too.

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Being a basic white girl and owning it

What may have started off over a decade and a half ago as an insult isn’t one anymore. Being a basic white girl is a cool thing to be these days, at least to most basic white girls. After all, no two basic white girls are the same. And yet, they’re all the same!

With social media pervading every part of our lives these days, it’s not hard to see that there are hundreds of Instagrammers and social media influencers who take pride in being a basic white girl.

Today, the basic white girl is a force to reckon with. As annoying as they may be, they’re influencers and that’s as mainstream as it can get in today’s world. Now, with their avocado on toast, their love for Coachella, little handbag pets, their Gucci belts, and expensive vacation clicks, they’re what all girls in the world want to be – skinny, white and wealthy. [Read: Do you understand and embody the real qualities of a good person?]

It’s an unsettling trend of self-absorption and being totally clueless about the real world issues, but that’s exactly what many girls in the world look up at. Unfortunate? Yes. Very real? Yes again.

We’re not shaming anyone here. It is what it is, and it’s definitely here to stay. Well, until the next big thing comes along.

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So what makes a girl a basic white girl? These 50 stereotypical signs!

A basic white girl is someone who tries to show her individuality by doing things that are cliche, shallow, and annoying. But to her, she thinks everything she does is original!

Being a basic white girl is like when you name your child something you think is totally outlandish, only to find that the “unique” name is number one on Good Morning America for the year *that actually happened to me!*.

When this phrase first became a rage, it was all about pumpkin spice lattes, Ugg boots, and reruns of Friends. But it’s evolved a bit more, now that we’re well into the ’20s. Want to know what makes someone a basic white girl these days? Here go go, y’all!

If you are someone who can’t get the latest Vans, Birkenstock, or Converse *Or Uggs if you’re still living in 2015!* quickly enough, can’t wait for the pumpkin latte at Starbucks to resurface, or own twenty different “North Face jackets,” then you just may be trying too hard to be unique by trying too hard to fit in.

Here are 50 stereotypical signs you just might be a basic white girl. *and loving it?!*

1. Social media is life

You are obsessed with social media, and you can’t imagine living without Instagram or TikTok. Instagram influencers are your new big crushes, and real life celebrities as well. [Read: Instagrandstanding and how girls use it to flirt online]

2. Acronyms are real words

WTF, “totes”, what is that? Well, they’re “real” words you love using because it’s so much faster and cooler to use them, instead of real words.

3. Everything’s exotic

Anything other than your “normal” growing up is considered exotic! Trying a new Chinese dish or some Mexican food? It’s going on Instagram under #exotic.

4. Avocado on Toast?

You’re still obsessed with them, and think it’s the epitome of classy, health food.

5. Everyday starts with this

You update your status every day, if not multiple times a day. Your day starts with an #OOTD post, followed by several photos of breakfast *avacado on toast?* As if once isn’t enough… news flash, no one cares that you are having a bad hair day! [Read: 15 millennial problems that reveal not all is Instagram perfect]

6. You can never have enough shoes

Last year’s model simply won’t do for the new season ahead, but you can’t seem to part with the other 119 pairs!

7. Starbucks!

You think Starbucks is a major food group. Need I say more about this one?

8. You love big cars

You drive an SUV and have run over so many curbs you have lost count. A basic white girl is always in a hurry, running late, texting, on the phone, or immersed in something other than the road.

9. You’re very “in”

You use phrases that are out quicker than they are in. Just so you know, if you are using it… it is already popular. You didn’t invent cool words – you picked them up elsewhere. [Read: People pleaser – 20 common signs most people just don’t see]

10. You love brands

You won’t walk out of the house in anything that doesn’t have a brand name on it. Seriously? There are a lot better things you can spend your money on.

11. Walmart is for the poor

You wouldn’t get caught dead at Walmart. Walmart has discounts, and that is basically uncool and for the general public.

12. You have big life problems

You think that your cleaning lady taking the week off is a major life event. You talk in third person, and refer to your help as “she” while talking to her, and talk about her with others as if she can’t hear you… she can! [Read: The mean girl – 25 traits to recognize her straight away]

13. Shrink it up

You think being fake-depressed or having a shrink is so fashionable. You may not need them, but you want one just to look cool. Is faking depression still cool in your book?

14. Your order is… like… precise!

You order everything with specifications that makes the waitress roll her eyes. Your taste buds aren’t that special… live life a little.

15. Your babies have to be named right

You have children whose names have to be sounded out phonetically. If you use a popular name, just spell it like everyone else please. [Read: Drama queen alert! 12 steps to calmly deal with a diva]

16. Your life, your memories

You never leave the house without documenting it with a group photo. Why do you live your life on social media?

17. You’re into “rap” music

You throw some off-color rap songs into your mix to mix things up… hey, you can be raunchy too! – Heads up! Drake and Eminem are basic white girl icons.

18. Girl cult movies

You quote girl cult movies as if everyone knows what you are talking about. You think Mean Girls is a classic and cult movie. It’s almost 20 years old, get over it! Not everyone has seen Mean Girls, nor do they want to hear you quoting it.

19. You think you’re poor

You complain about how poor you are while handing over $7 for your spice latte. Not to mention the Gucci purse you’re carrying.

20. Your dates must impress friends

You wouldn’t dare go out with a guy who isn’t a minimum of 7. You care more about how attractive your friends will find your date than you do. [Read: 15 signs you’re clearly a high maintenance woman]

21. You love emojis

You use U instead of ‘you’ and a series of emojis to express everything from mad to upset to crazy, just in case. Acronyms are a MUST, of course!

22. You talk street

You use slang that you think is from the hood, but the only hood it is from is yours… down the street. Sorry, “hit me up” and “kicking it” doesn’t make you “gangsta”.

23. The newest versions

You are already anticipating the new iPhone while buying the old version. Is it really going to be that much better?

24. Lingerie

You think Victoria’s Secret is a religion.

25. You think you can dance

You dance like a basic white girl, but think that you have the rhythm to shake your booty. You also enjoy themed-dances and push through to the dance floor to show off your “skills”. You probably can’t twerk too, but that doesn’t stop you jerking your ass around. [Read: Attention seeking behavior and why some people always go looking for drama]

26. Your favorite shows

You’re obsessed with shows like Grey’s Anatomy, The Bachelor, Gilmore Girls, and Gossip Girl and binge these on Netflix religiously.

27. Classy movies

You like to talk about classy movies, but the most classic movie you’ve ever seen was the Parent Trap. Marilyn Monroe wasn’t an excellent actress nor were her movies Oscar worthy. Get over her, the rest of the world has.

28. You love boxer shorts

You watch marathons of Charmed on Saturday in your boxer shorts. The kind with the real flap in the front.

29. You’re on a “diet”

You order a Big Mac with a large fry, and follow it up with a diet coke.

30. Justin Bieber

You still love Justin Bieber and think he got a raw deal. Your favorite line is “my momma don’t like you.”

31. Vendetta

You have no problem blackballing friends who told you they didn’t like your boots with leggings. Get over your damn selves! [Read: Reasons why playing the victim only makes your life much worse]

32. Your love for wine

Especially white wine! Wine is not something you do as much as something you drink. You drink a whole bottle of it and say things like, “Gosh I never do that!”

33. You step out in style

You can’t live without a pedicure once a month.

34. Cosy and sexy

You buy your PJs based on comfort and fur, and make a big deal and make everyone feel it. That means every night, not just for your silly sleepover parties.

35. Chick flicks

You love chick flicks, but call them romantic comedies and think every one of them is “inspired by a real life story”. [Read: 20 secret things guys wish girls knew about them]

36. You binge on reality shows

You have parties to watch “reality television.” The Bachelor is a major event in your life.

37. You think the Royal Family is American

You know Meghan, and someone called Harry. You have no idea who and what the Royal Family is, or what they do. Who is Kate anyway? But you do know this, the Royal Family lives someone in the US.

38. Paree!

You still think that anything “French” is classy. [Read: 20 crucial girl-code rules for a drama-free life]

39. You have favorite words

You use words “literally,” “seriously,” and “oh my god” more than once within a conversation, and love using them because it makes your point seem more real and valid.

40. You’re a connoisseur

 You not only have Pampered Chef and Southern Living items, you know what they are and have hosted a party.

41. You’re a real fan

You wear a football jersey to a game, and you don’t even like sports.

42. BFF!

You only wear coordinated costumes on special days. But you choose your Halloween outfit to coordinate with your bestie instead of your boyfriend or husband.

43. Love for inspirational quotes

You pass along inspirational quotes that no one cares about. [Read: 10 simple ways to be a more socially conscious person]

44. Everything’s coordinated

You have a scarf that matches your boots that match your handbag. 

45. You know you’re basic

5 years ago, most basic white girls didn’t know they were basic. But now, not only do you know it, you religiously try to mold yourself deeper into the stereotype!

46. You love cookie exchanges

You have a cookie exchange, but you order your cookies from the bakery claiming that you made them.

47. Trendy you!

You try to be more trendy than your tweens. You even know what a tween is.

48. You love drama

You and drama are inseparable. You tell everyone you hate drama and that you try to stay a mile away from it. But somehow, you’re always in the thick of any drama happening around you. [Read: All the signs you’re a drama queen and don’t even know it]

49.  You can’t get enough selfies

You take 100 selfies of yourself, another 100 of your food, and a few more of the sky, before finding the right one to post. And then, you don’t even erase the others, so you can use them in later posts.

50. You love the basic white girl life

You don’t say it out loud, but you try to do everything it takes to be called a basic white girl. You want to be unique and cool, and basic, all at the same time.

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Celebrate your basic white girl status!

A decade ago, being a basic white girl was meant to be an insult. But now, with Instagram and other social media swarming with them, it’s not obscure or weird anymore, it’s in the mainstream and there are lots of girls who proclaim themselves to be basic white girls, and love every minute of it.

So if you’re just a bit stressed that you could relate to so many of these traits of a basic white girl, don’t worry, you’re not alone. And you have nothing to be ashamed of. It’s a cultural shift, and you’re winning!

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Now, not only is it okay to be a basic white girl if you enjoy it, it’s cool too. So just embrace your basic-ness and roll with it!

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