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Superficial Person Alert: 36 Shallow Traits They Just Can’t Hide

If you know a superficial person, you probably avoiding spending too much time with them. Learn the signs to spot them, before they become a problem!

Superficial Person

A superficial person is all about the surface. That means they couldn’t care less about what is going on underneath. Superficial people care about one person only, and that’s themselves.

Of course, you can guess that this type of person is not very much fun to be around. You can’t really rely upon them too much – a superficial person isn’t going to be your lifesaver, your emergency contact, or the person you contact if you ever need anything. A relationship with them is all about what you can provide for them.

Everyone can be superficial on occasion. It’s normal as a human being. However, some people are just superficial all of the time and it’s draining to be around. Learn the traits and signs of a superficial person and know when to step away for your own sanity! Or, these signs might help you to identify any superficial traits you’re harboring and do something about it before it becomes a problem. [Read: Shallow people lack depth: 30 Signs you swim in the shallow end]

Superficial person alert! 36 Traits they just can’t hide

Being superficial seems like you get the best with giving very little. What it really means is you aren’t being genuine, real, or all that nice. Instead of being superficial, you might want to dig a little deeper to find the real you lurking underneath.

1. They go where the wind blows

Yep, a superficial person doesn’t have an opinion or conviction that can’t be swayed, convinced out of, or just eradicated without much pressure. A superficial person can’t be bothered with caring about a “cause” or anything that really exists outside of them. [Read: 17 ways to be a citizen of the world while living at home]

2. Has friends because of what they can do for them

Superficial people only want to be with people who have something to contribute. A relationship is one-sided and all about the inequity that flows continually in their favor.

3. More concerned about their looks than their goodness

All about appearances, a superficial person is all about what they look like on the outside and not what is in their heart. Goodness is only good if they do it to get something. [Read: Why is inner beauty more important than outer beauty?]

4. They smile when talking but look you up and down

The emotion they display doesn’t necessarily match what they think. A good “Bless your heart,” and they are all good to rip you to shreds the moment you aren’t within ear’s distance.

5. Gossip is about as deep as they get

If they have something to contribute it is typically “Did you hear about…”

Gossip is about as deep that a superficial person goes in conversation. ‘Cause they use the guise of “I am really worried about ___.” They worry about nothing but having a juicy story to tell that puts them in the heart of attention. [Read: Drama queens – How to deal with these divas]

6. They have nothing to add to, well, anything

You know when you have a conversation? There is something called “adding a little.” That is not anything that a superficial person ever does. They don’t even listen to what you have to say because they don’t care what you have to say. They probably just like watching your lips move.

7. Their goal is simply “me”

If it doesn’t benefit the big one “ME,” then I am not going to throw any energy or anything into the prize.

8. If it isn’t name branded they aren’t wearing it

All about the labels, not only will they not wear anything that doesn’t have a famous label on it, they look down on anyone who isn’t doing the same. Existing is all about looking your best, so you best look your best by wearing expensive shit.

9. Will do anything for “all eyes on me”

A superficial person exists on attention. If they aren’t getting it, they do whatever it takes to get all eyes on them. Overreacting, being a drama queen, starting rumors, it makes no difference, it is all about having the adoration of everyone around them. [Read: 12 signs you’re an attention seeker and don’t even know it]

10. Nothing is ever genuine besides their purse

The only thing that is genuine about a superficial person is their brand name purse. Trust it, there is no such thing as a knockoff in a superficial person’s world.

11. Their iCloud has reached full capacity due to their selfies

If you can’t decide which is the best selfie to post today, then check yourself, you are probably superficial. [Read: How to be classy: 20 traits that command awe and respect]

12. Their social media persona is the only one that exists

There is a social media persona that people create, and then there is the real person who is about a tenth of the intensity of the persona created. If you and your social media persona are the same, you just might not be genuine, which makes you superficial.

13. They chat it up, but when it is your turn to talk they tune out

A conversational narcissist has all the makings of a superficial person. The only interesting thing they find are those things that involve them. So, if you start talking to a superficial person, they hijack the conversation, so it always comes back to “me.” [Read: Are you a conversation narcissist?]

14. They date someone to increase their status, not because they like or even know them

A superficial person dates someone just to up their own status. It makes no difference if there is a connection or sexual attraction. If you can move me up the social ladder, I’m all yours!

15. They are all about the backhanded compliment and probably don’t even know it

Superficial people have absolutely no self-awareness, so a backhanded compliment is about as nice as they get. If they have something nice to say, it always has to be followed by something to squash you. [Read: Backhanded compliment: How to react kindly or give back in kind]

Superficial people have no cause but to further themselves in some fashion. If they wear a logo for a cause, it is likely just because it is in fashion.

17. You unfollow them to stop your phone going off every two minutes with an update

A superficial person believes that the world revolves around them. Therefore, you want to see what they are having for lunch, what they are doing at all times, and want to know every second what their status is.

18. They are always around when they need something

But when you actually need something, they are “totally busy… sorry!”

19. Your problems irritate them

A problem is likely met with an eye roll and a signal that says “you waste my time with your insignificant problem.” [Read: 17 bad friends you should unfriend from your life]

20. If you aren’t cool anymore, you’re a ghost

If you can’t further a superficial person, don’t be surprised if they ghost you or can’t be bothered being your friend anymore.

21. You introduce yourself to them like 100 times

Why would they take the time to commit your name and face to memory? You aren’t important, but in your defense, no one is.

22. They come over to help and sit around watching your work. They’re just there for the wine

If they are all about the “help” that is not helpful and all about drinking your wine while whining to you while you work overtime, then you met a superficial person.

23. They don’t have a laugh that is the same twice

Not even their laugh is real. [Read: 9 Subtle differences between a confident & arrogant man]

24. They tell you things like “you know what you should do” or “why don’t you just …”

Yep, they have the answers for everything, and it is always, “You aren’t as smart as me so figure it out.”

25. They never bring, they just expect you to pay

“Oops, did I forget my wallet again? I gotcha next time…”

26. Thank you isn’t in their vocabulary. They’re entitled, don’t you know?

They don’t see a need to say thank you because they aren’t grateful for anything. In their head, they are entitled. Just give them what they deserve and that doesn’t deserve thanks. [Read: Feeling unappreciated? 31 unappreciated quotes to empower you]

27. Everything you do is okay, whatever they do is amazing

Yep, a superficial person thinks they are the center of the universe, so everything they do is amazing. Whatever you do is mediocre at best.

28. Whatever they do, you catch them posing, wink-wink

They’re a poser. Poser all the way. It is all about keeping up appearances.

29. They are always totally in and then bail last minute because something better came along

They are “so there” until it is time to be there and then they are nowhere to be found. [Read: Got flaky friends? Here are all the reasons to ditch them]

30. They’re always flexing

If they always try to show off, then they are all about the surface – superficial.

31. They won’t go outside without or being fully dressed up

Not even to the mailbox or Walmart, gotta show everyone up 24/7.

32. They never have a problem and everything in their life is awesome, all day, every day

Superficial people have the most wonderful life, beautiful spouse, wonderful kids, and the nicest everything. They are unable to admit they aren’t perfect and neither is their world. Nope, every day for a superficial person is simply awesome.

33. Everything they do has a purpose, and we mean everything

If they do something for you, you better mark it down. That means that you owe them in some way, shape, or form. [Read: Manipulative people: How to spot them and stop playing the victim]

34. Their phone is more important than anything

Don’t try to compete with their phone, you won’t ever win! Social media is way more important than your insignificant ass.

35. They are irritated by a homeless person lying on the street, because they had to walk around them

It is all about them. So, if you are going to lose a limb, it better not splatter blood on their outfit! [Read: How to manipulate superficial people: 13 proven strategies that really work]

36. They not only have to talk themselves up, but if they have kids, they’re a one-man promotional band

Being superficial doesn’t stop with just them, it emanates to everything they own, have, or produce, including the kids. They have to be just as superficial as them. They can’t go anywhere without dressing their children like they just walked out of the latest catalog, that screams “I am superficial.”

Superficial people are just as the name describes. They keep everything surface. Don’t ever expect someone who is superficial to care as much about you as you do the least important person in your life. The only person that exists in a superficial person’s life is them.

[Read: Shallow people lack depth: 30 signs you swim in the shallow end]

So, if you want to be friends with a superficial person, you better have a thick skin, be okay with being used, and ready to pose if you want to hangout.

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