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How to Get Wet and Really Aroused Whenever You Feel Like It

Let’s be honest, we all know that having sex isn’t much fun if you’re not wet. But sometimes you run out of ideas to know how to get wet and stay wet!

how to get wet

If having dry sex was the only option, I would probably rather eat sand. We all know what it feels like when we’re not wet enough but still try to somehow make it work. It can be… well… dry. And dryness means uncomfortable and painful sex. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Sex is supposed to be fun and wet, so this means you’re going to have to get your juices flowing and learn how to get wet enough to really enjoy the smooth experience!

How does the body create vaginal fluids? Good questions. There are two glands called Bartholin glands responsible for producing arousal fluids. They’re located at the top of the opening of the vagina. When you’re aroused, those glands start pumping out fluids. Tada! A wet vagina is achieved.

How to get wet and stay really wet all through

Sure, use lube, but you can also use other methods to get yourself wet. Methods that don’t need anything extra except yourself. Doesn’t sound that bad, right? Well, if you wonder how to get wet easily, I’m going to tell you. All you need to do is try out these methods and see which one works the best for you. Who says you need a man to get you wet? [Read: 14 easy ways to make yourself wet and get lubed up]

#1 It’s all mental. I know you’re focused on your vagina, but really, what you need to focus on is your mind. Understand the vagina is highly connected to our mental state. If stressed out or sad, it’s more challenging to become aroused.

So, before you even look at your vagina, check out your mental state and see what’s going on. Are you stressed? Upset? Tired? This could be a reason why you’re not wet. [Read: What to do when you’re not in the mood to get wet]

#2 What do you like? What is it that turns you on sexually? Do you like watching porn? Reading erotic novels? Getting tied up? You need to figure out your sexual preferences because everyone is different.

If you follow the advice of your friend, that could be a reason why you can’t get wet – they have different sexual preferences than you. When you know what you like, you’ll satisfy yourself on your own or before sex. [Read: The art of having sex with yourself]

#3 Get connected to your body. Connect yourself to your body. If you’re not feeling connected with your body, then you probably won’t be able to get yourself wet. Become aware of how your body reacts when you touch it, how you breathe and what erogenous zones respond best. That way, you know how to turn yourself on and how your partner should touch you.

#4 Focus on your erogenous zones. These are the areas of your body which are activated when you touch them in a sexual manner or become aroused. These zones are your breasts, butt, vagina, neck, and ears. While trying to turn yourself on, start touching, grabbing, and rubbing these areas. [Read: Top 10 erogenous zones that drive all women crazy]

#5 Bring out the toys. Some of you will have a sex toy in your nightstand and if so, you can use it to help you get wet. There are some helpful tools like dildos and vibrators that help you get aroused and the juices flowing. Spend a couple minutes with a sex toy to warm yourself up, and in a couple minutes, you’ll be wet.

#6 Keep some naughty material easily accessible. Whatever it is that turns you on, make sure you have some easily accessible material. The more time you spend trying to find a good porno to watch, the less you’re actually interested in turning yourself on.

Limit the amount of work it takes you to get turned on, so keep a nice folder handy on your computer or phone that you easily tap open when needed. [Read: The naughtiest borderline titles on Netflix]

#7 Work on your clit. The clit is a magical part of the female body. It’s literally only designed for sexual pleasure, so it’s very unique. This is why you need to pay attention to it as it helps you achieve wetness.

Stroke your clit up and down or from side to side. Whatever brings you pleasure. Once you get going, change pressure, speed, and technique, mix it up a bit and see what works. It helps you produce vaginal fluid for sure. [Read: How to stimulate your clitoris and arouse yourself in no time]

#8 Play around with your bum. You have a cute bum and you’re missing out on how much it helps you become wet. I know, you probably didn’t think of it. But the truth is, the anus is extremely sensitive and actually makes you wet if you play with it.

Of course, it doesn’t get wet naturally so you need to use some lube to avoid any discomfort. Start inserting your finger in your anus while rubbing your clit. [Read: 15 ways to finger yourself and experience sexual ecstasy]

#9 Experiment. The only way to figure out what turns you on and makes you wet is if you experiment with different techniques and erogenous zones. Spend some time trying different pressures, strokes, caresses over your zones. Play around with your body, it’ll tell you what it likes.

#10 Connect with your partner. If you want sex with your partner, then you want to be wet. But it takes two to tango, right? Connect with your partner in foreplay. Don’t rush to penetration. Spend time kissing, touching, grabbing your partner. Connection makes you wet, and they touch you the right way.

Women take longer to get wet, so, if you spend more time in foreplay then you’ll be able to get aroused. [Read: The key to the best sex of your life is foreplay]

#11 When in doubt, use lube. If you want to bypass all these methods, you can always use lube. Head to the store, buy a bottle, and you’re good to go. Sometimes, you just don’t feel like doing all the manual labor, and no one said you should. This is why lube was created!

[Read: The best lubricants hiding out in your kitchen]

Now that you know how to get wet easily and stay wet, all you need to do is practice. It’ll take some time to see which method works best for you. Have fun practicing!

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