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How to Get Rid of a Toxic Friend: Make Them Walk Away for Good

A toxic friend is like lead in your water, you can’t get away without a huge fix. But, there are simple ways for how to get rid of a toxic friend.

how to get rid of a toxic friend

Toxic friendships are the worst. If you look for ways for how to get rid of a toxic friend, first of all, let me say my heart goes out to you. Toxic people are like toxic substances. They poison everything around them. The good news is you don’t have to have a battle on your hands, you just need to take a stand.

Toxic people aren’t just toxic to you. They are to everyone else too. So, instead of feeling like it is your responsibility to shoulder their burden, remember you only have an obligation to one person, and that is you. Stop worrying about the fallout, anger, or whatever consequences come from getting rid of a toxic friend. Instead, think about breathing fresh air without them again.

How to get rid of toxic friends: 9 ways to get them to dump you

Getting rid of a toxic friend is simple enough when you know why they are toxic. They are unhappy, and they feed off the misery of others. So, if you change who you are, you will no longer be attractive to them. They move on to poison someone else.

#1 Refuse to acquiesce. Toxic people live by one general rule. What is good for them, is good for everyone. Typically, it is easier just to let them have what they want than to demand or even ask for something else.

If you refuse to go along with what they demand, suggest going somewhere else, or just say “no,” you will be surprised at how quickly they vacate. You won’t have to get rid of them. You won’t ever see them again. [Read: 10 scenarios when it’s okay to ghost a friend]

#2 Disagree with them. Toxic people only tolerate one thing, that they are right. If you disagree with a toxic person, it is like throwing gas on a fire. Not used to having someone not follow along, if you try to tell them they are wrong, you won’t have to get rid of them. They get rid of you so quickly your head spins.

#3 Put your needs first. If you want to get rid of a toxic person, then put your own needs first. What you will notice about a toxic friend is that you always leave them wondering why on earth you let them win, why you didn’t say something, and why you sacrificed your day when they didn’t appreciate it.

If you want to get rid of them, refuse to be their punching bag or tagalong. They will find a new follower. Stop worrying about how to get rid of them. Just start worrying about your own happiness and the rest takes care of itself. [Read: How to make happiness your default state of mind]

#4 Stop them from talking badly about others. Toxic people LOVE to be mad at someone. There is always a target of their anger and angst. If you want to get rid of them, then stop feeding the monster. It isn’t just about not joining in with the pack mentality; it is about sticking up for someone who they target at the moment.

They won’t like it very much when their dastardly plan isn’t working. They find a new conspiratorial partner. The chances are very good that if you stick up for someone that they are mad at, you will be the next target, sure. But the best thing you can hope for, is that they will get mad and ghost you.

#5 Question them. Toxic people don’t like to be discovered or called out. Instead of just accepting what they say, question if it is real and how they know so. They are used to people just going along and taking what they have to say as “the word.”

If you question their belief system, why they do things they do, or why they behave the way that they do, then trust me, they will leave you in the dust. [Read: 15 ways to spot and stop selfish people from hurting you]

#6 Introduce your parasite to a better host. If you want to lose your toxic parasite, find a more suitable host. Some people live off the misery of others, so find someone ripe for a toxic person to feed. I am not suggesting that you set them up with someone who will be hurt by being their friend the way that you have.

Maybe find another toxic person. Misery truly does love company, and toxic loves more toxic. They can sit and hate on one another all day long. If you find someone deserving and just as poisonous, they will likely make a fine pair. [Read: 17 bad friends you need to unfriend from your life]

#7 Ask them for help constantly. It isn’t enough to ask them to help you out once. Even a toxic friend helps every once in a while. If you start to act like them and overdo it, then they drop you like a bad habit.

Don’t stop with a simple ride somewhere. Set up a schedule of all the things that you need from them for a week. Soon you find they stop answering your calls or your phone stops ringing. You will be rid of them for good.

#8 Become friends with people they don’t like. Toxic people decide who they like and who they really don’t. If you want to get rid of them, then make good friends with someone who is on their “out” list.

They won’t like that you choose to disobey by being friends with someone on their “naughty” list. Soon they won’t want to have anything to do with you. [Read: How to recognize and end toxic relationships]

#9 Don’t be afraid. Often, we maintain friendships with toxic people because we are afraid that if we don’t, there will be reprisal. Whatever you must go through to get rid of them is better than staying stuck in their awful web.

The good news is even if you become one of their targets this week, soon enough, they find someone else worthy of their anger and hatred, and you will be history.

[Read: 25 early warning signs of toxic people]

Like a Bandaid that has been on too long, sometimes you just have to rip it off and let the healing begin. The simple answer for how to get rid of a toxic friend is that you can’t or won’t do their bidding anymore. They’ll leave you.

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