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When Best Friends Become Enemies

When Best Friends Become Enemies

Best friends share everything, from clothes to each other’s secrets. But is it safe to share all the details of your love life with your friend? Can best friends become enemies? Can you trust your friend with all your secrets? Find out here.

You thought she was your well-wisher. You thought she was your confidante. You knew she could stay by your side forever. But remember, life comes with its own share of good and bad.

Now think again.

There are times when you also feel like she is the root cause for most of the unfortunate events in your life, especially in events concerning your man.

That’s when you look at her and would see iniquitous eyes and two evil horns threatening to knock you down any moment. She could conspire against you and play her wicked mind games on you.

You know who I am talking about, don’t you? No! Not your mother-in-law. Of course not your mother and definitely not that girl back in school that always beat you in academics.

I am talking about your girl pal, the one you call your Best Friend Forever!

No doubt she’s close to you, but once you have a man in your life, your best friend can change overnight. Ever wondered what happens to that oh-so-sweet girl you once knew? Why does she act so unusual all of a sudden?

Stoically, in most cases, when it comes to love-lives, girl pals often tend to show their bitter side of being. Duh! You can’t expect every friend to be a huggable understanding girl. Ahem!

All of a sudden friendships become topsy-turvy and you find yourself trying to find out if your BFF is your best friend or worst enemy. In no time, things can get really nasty when you and that girl are merely an inch away from getting at each other’s throat. These relationships are, if truth be told, enigmatic.

Here are some classic examples when BFF’s turn out to be your worst enemies.

Sharing Secrets with Best Friends

You share this little secret about your quick shag in the office loo or your kiss with another girl’s man with your girl pal. And bang! The next day, you walk into your workplace and you find that everybody is either talking about you or cracking some dirty jokes and sniggering in sign languages. You know how it feels. Girls are well known to be thoroughbred bad secret keepers.

All a friend would do is tell another friend and ask her to keep it a secret and this goes on and on. If you want your friend to keep a secret, it will not be possible and there’s no point in complaining later. It makes you feel as though it was her motive to spread the news. Honestly, girl pals are a sure disaster if you want them to keep that little girl talk of yours hushed.

Sharing Boyfriends, Old and New

Wondering if things could get any worse? Well, it could! What if your man is your BFF’s ex?

In this case, it’s not about your BFF anymore. You may not even know that he was her ex or even if you did, you probably learnt that detail after you fell in love with him. Maybe your friend doesn’t even like him anymore but it is likely that she has a spurt of past emotions just to make you feel guilty.

The general opinion she arrives at is, “you stole him from me!” Unfortunately, it does not end there. Everyone begins to believe this story eventually. It is at all times an awkward situation to be in.

At such times, she seems to care less about your happiness with him though she has no designs on him. Girl friends often have this trouble in handling past emotions even if it is at the cost of a friend. Well, is she still your friend?

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