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10 Adorable Ways to Say “I Love You” to Someone Special

Saying “I love you” may be easy, but it can take more than just a text message or an email to get your point across. Get creative and use these ideas!

adorable ways to say i love you

If you want to prove your love to someone, it can easily be done by showing how much you care through your actions. Words are easy to say, but they don’t leave a lasting impression. This is especially true when they sound like they were copied out of a mass-produced greeting card.

When do you usually say “I love you?”

Saying the three most important words in your life should only happen when you are absolutely sure that they are true. When a person chokes or hesitates when saying those words, it can mean that their feelings may not be love quite yet. [Read: 10 reasons saying “I love you” too soon can be disastrous]

People say “I love you”, not because it’s mandatory or because they are expected to say it. People say these words because it is a simple yet profound way for them to acknowledge their love and give joy to the person on the receiving end. [Read: 10 tips for saying “I love you” for the first time]

How do people say “I love you”?

When you are in love, saying the words “I love you” comes naturally. People use different methods to show their love for their significant others. Some people opted to conquer countries, leave marks on the moon or write award-winning songs just to give meaning to those words. Such extreme acts of love have become obsolete in the 21st century especially since text messaging, emailing and other easier forms of communication were invented.

The act itself has become less personal because of technology, but there are still people who go out on a limb just to tell people how they feel. Making a public spectacle of yourself is not the only option. People who are truly in love find special ways to show how much they care. In this case, cute little signs of affection can go a long way to show your loved one how much you care.

How can you say “I love you” in a simple yet meaningful way?

You can express these words without saying them, but wouldn’t it feel amazing to see them manifest in sweet and adorable ways?

#1 Using a code derived from their work. If you have been in a line of work for some time, you may have discovered that people can invent inside jokes, puns and innuendos using workplace jargon. Use this to your advantage by collecting phrases and terms that you can string together to express the words, “I love you.” For example, if your sweetheart is a doctor, take a quote from Natalie Portman’s V-day greeting card in the movie “No Strings Attached”: You make my heart have premature ventricular contractions.

#2 Take a whack at an arts and crafts project. This will cost you a little bit of time and effort, but the fruits of your labor will be worth it. It seems cheesy and corny, but the best thing about this irony-loving generation is that it will make most people laugh and feel warm and fuzzy inside. Make a pop-up book, a cross-word puzzle, I-<3-U shaped candles or anything that you can Google or look up on Pinterest with a few days’ notice. Anything made with love is the best way to say “I love you.”

#3 Hire a singing telegram. Oh, yes. These rare performers still exist, and it’s their rarity that make them a unique little treat. The concept seems just as corny as the arts and crafts bit, but the results are still the same. It’s a surprising yet endearing way to express your love. Just make sure that you send the telegram at home and not at their job. Singing people in costumes may distract the people in the office!

#4 Plant the words. Seriously. That is exactly what I mean. If you live together and have a garden, plant a row of flowers in the shape of the words “I love you” or the contracted form “I [heart] You”. If you live in a place without a garden or away from each other, buy some flowers that you can arrange to get the same results.

#5 Research love rituals and perform them. Don’t forget to explain it while you’re doing it though. Every country has some sort of act-of-true-love tradition. Whether it’s a ten-year courting ritual, a dance under the full moon or a search for an elusive plant, people perform these rituals to express their love for their partners.

You can give your partner a Welsh love spoon or an Irish claddagh ring. You can serenade your partner – karaoke bars are readily available. You can find a place in your home to attach a “love lock”. Any of these traditions can help you express your love, while also letting your partner in on the origin and significance of these acts. [Read: 8 love rituals that can bring you closer together]

#6 Give them a care package with trinkets and treats in groups of threes. Tell your partner that everything stands for “I Love You”, in case the intention wasn’t obvious. Make sure that you put in all of their favorite things to make the gesture more personal. It can be three band-aids with cute prints, three bags of their favorite tea or even three of their favorite sweet treats. Speaking of food…

#7 Say it with food. Buy a customized treat that says “I love you” or better yet, make one yourself. If you are a novice in the kitchen, you can use simple no-cook recipes. Put frosting on a cake with the words “I love you”, make a pizza with heart-shaped pepperoni pieces or use a heart-shaped stencil when frying an egg. With food, the possibilities are endless!

#8 Put up a sign in public. It doesn’t have to be as extravagant as a billboard space. You can set up a cute sign along your partner’s jogging path. You can hang the sign on your mailbox. Go to her favorite coffee shop and ask the baristas if you can put the sign on the counter temporarily before she gets her morning cup.

#9 Say it with a playlist. Nothing expresses love better than music. All the great composers wrote their biggest hits with their true love in mind. If you are not one of those composers, make a playlist for your boyfriend or girlfriend instead. Find songs with clear messages instead of vague lyrics. Try to find songs that mean a lot to both of you. Play the songs on your next date, burn them on a CD or make one for free on YouTube.

#10 Say it anytime. You don’t have to wait for the right moment to say the words. All you need is the feeling. It’s cuter when you say it out of the blue. Say it before you cross a street or while picking out shoes. Say it right before you watch your favorite movie. Say it while you’re both waiting in line for the bus. The element of surprise and the endearment it shows can make any moment perfect for saying those three sweet words.

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Loving someone is not hard. It’s the greatest gift you can give anybody. Finding cute and adorable ways to say it is just a bonus. Try any of these methods, not just once, but several times in the course of your relationship. You’d be surprised how these cute and seemingly random acts can make your partner fall in love with you over and over again!

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