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65 Nice Things to Say to People and Make the World a Better Place

nice things to say to people

Being nice costs nothing and makes you feel great! Here are 65 nice things to say to people and create a little sunshine in the world.

There is nothing more flattering than being thought of as a really nice person. Being nice to people takes no time at all, hardly any effort and you make an incredible difference to those around you. It also fills you with that warm fuzzy feeling of wellbeing. Here is a comprehensive list of nice things to say to people and make the world a little better.

You never know what someone might be going through or how they might feel that day. Whether it’s your best friend, your mom, or a stranger, taking the time to say something nice to someone makes all the difference.

Being nicer is something we should all strive for. You’ll also probably find the nicer you are to people the nicer they are back. Niceness rubs off on people. So, spreading the love means the person you were nice to will go onto be nicer to someone else and so on.

Paying it forward in this way not only benefits the other people you are nice to but will make you feel happier, more positive, and generally all around fantastic! [Read: 15 tips to be nice and loved by all instantly]

65 nice things to say to people

There are many different ways you can be nice to people. Often giving someone a simple compliment makes their day and keeps them smiling! Sometimes you want to give a deeper, more meaningful compliment, something that sticks with them for a long time.

Compliments about someone’s appearance work well on strangers. You don’t want to get too deep and meaningful with someone you just met or don’t know at all.

However, compliments to good friends and relatives or partners can be more heartfelt. Telling someone how much they mean to you, how grateful you are that they are in your life, and that you truly appreciate and value them and wouldn’t change them for the world is so nice to hear. It really strengthens your relationships with others too!

So, the next time you get an opportunity to be nice why not give it a go? Here are 65 nice things to say to people to give you some inspiration and get you started!

#1 You have a wonderful smile. [Read: How to change your life and be happy in 12 steps]

#2 You are so talented. [Read: Things to remember to be thankful for]

#3 You did an amazing job on…

#4 I love your…

#5 You are so popular.

#6 You are so clever.

#7 You are my inspiration.

#8 You make me look good!

#9 You really helped me today.

#10 I appreciate everything you do.

#11 You are such a free spirit.

#12 I love your style. [Read: 50 cute compliments and their meaning]

#13 Your laugh is infectious.

#14 You are so strong.

#15 You have such good manners.

#16 You are so inclusive.

#17 You’re lovely!

#18 I wouldn’t change a thing about you!

#19 You are such a good friend/girlfriend/boyfriend.

#20 You are an amazing parent.

#21 You are a great dancer.

#22 I love your sense of humor.

#23 You make me laugh so much.

#24 You always know the right thing to say.

#25 You are so brave.

#26 I always have a good time when I’m with you!

#27 You are even more beautiful than I remembered.

#28 You are beautiful both inside and out. [Read: How to accept compliments without feeling awkward about it]

#29 You take my breath away.

#30 I couldn’t live without you.

#31 You have touched so many lives.

#32 Everyone loves you so much!

#33 You are such a good listener.

#34 You are so supportive.

#35 You are such a trendsetter.

#36 I love the way you smell.

#37 That outfit is so flattering.

#38 I love how you’ve done your hair/makeup today.

#39 My favorite days are days I spend with you.

#40 You have no idea how amazing you are. [Read: How to be charismatic even if you weren’t born with the mojo]

#41 I just want to say thank you.

#42 You are truly unique.

#43 Everything seems more colorful when you are around.

#44 You are so cool.

#45 You are so calm.

#46 You always know what to do!

#47 You are treasured.

#48 You are loved.

#49 You are my light in the darkness.

#50 You have so many friends.

#51 Being with you is like being on a permanent holiday!

#52 You are a breath of fresh air. [Read: 50 ways to start someone’s day with a smile]

#53 You light up every room you walk into.

#54 You can hold your own in any conversation.

#55 You can be whoever you want to be.

#56 You are so loving.

#57 Your generosity knows no bounds.

#58 You are so selfless!

#59 More people should be like you.

#60 You light up my life.

Things to remember when being nice

#61 Be sincere. There is no point in being nice just for the sake of it, or if you have a selfish ulterior motive. You’ll just come across as fake and insincere and that won’t make the other person feel good about themselves at all. Make sure you are genuine when you are nice, and you’ll give the other person a real confidence boost. [Read: 30 honest life truths you need to understand]

#62 Be thoughtful. Actually put some thought behind your compliments and nice words. Think about what the other person would like to hear, what’s been troubling them, what their insecurities are, or anything they might feel doubtful about. Then think of something nice and reassuring to say that addresses these concerns.

#63 Be original. Of course, coming up with a truly unique compliment that they’ve never heard before is going to win you extra brownie points. Try to be original when being nice, and don’t just say the exact same thing to each and every person you meet.

#64 Say it with a smile. Having a big sincere smile on your face when you say something nice shows just how much you mean it and only proves more what a nice and kind person you are. So, make sure you flash those pearly whites when you spread the love! [Read: How to smile more often and change your life]

#65 Back it up with actions. We have all heard the phrase ‘actions speak louder than words.’ If you want to truly demonstrate what a nice person you are and make someone’s day then make sure your actions back up your nice words.

These nice things to say to people are a great start if you want to try and be a more positive, friendly, and kinder person. Remember it takes so little to be nice, and can have such a massive impact on others. So, whenever you do get the opportunity to be nice, go for it!

The more often you are nice to other people, the more you’ll be regarded as a kind, friendly, and positive person. You’ll naturally attract people because you make them feel good about themselves. You open yourself up to more experiences, people will want to repay the compliment and return the favor, so will be more likely to say nice things to you and do nice things for you, which can be a massive confidence boost. It generally makes your life all the more wonderful as well.

[Read: The 9 rules for being nice to people]

These nice things to say to people will make the world a better place and make you feel better about yourself too. What’s not to love about that?!

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