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10 Types of Love You’ll Experience in Your Life

types of love

You may have had your share of love experiences. But do you know the ten types of love that you’ll definitely experience in your life no matter what?

Love is a funny thing.

It comes in so many hues and ways that it’s almost impossible to predict the type of love you’d experience until you actually experience it.

But as confusing, happy or even painful as it may seem, love is still something we all look forward to experience.

Throughout your life, you’ll find yourself in many circumstances of love, and almost all the time, you’d find yourself experiencing one of these ten types of love.

And eventually, you will experience all these ten types of love if you choose to!

The ten types of love

Without really getting into theories and styles of love that can just end up complicating your mind, let’s talk about real life and the experiences you’d feel in your own life.

Read these ten types of love and if there are some types that you haven’t experienced yet, don’t worry, it’s just around the corner.

And if you think a few types of love mentioned here aren’t really the kind of love your mama told you about, think again, because your brain sure does think it’s all truly an experience of love!

#1 Platonic love

Platonic love is the simplest of all types. There are no strings attached and no sexual intentions either. It’s pure, friendly and something we experience from a very young age when we still don’t know why we have the things we have inside our underwear.

The kind of relationships you share with siblings, close childhood friends and even a few grownup friends can fall right here. Do you remember the first time you missed a friend? That was probably your first platonic love moment.

#2 Limerence and crushes

Ever had a crush on someone? Of course you have! The first crush is a memorable experience, one that’s filled with confusing jolts in the stomach, sudden urges to throw up and a stupid sense of grinning satisfaction each time you see your crush. It’s a beautiful experience even if it did feel like your life depended on it at that time.

Limerence, on the other hand, is rather close to a crush but much more intense and “weird”. Have you ever liked someone madly, but didn’t ever want to express your love for them, like a school teacher or an actor, or even a crush? Sometimes, you may have an intense infatuation for someone, but yet, you wouldn’t want to spoil the happy thoughts by doing anything about it. Ever been there? [Read: What is limerence really?]

#3 Unrequited love

Unrequited love is a love filled with heartbreaks and one that almost all of us have experienced. It’s the dreaded one sided love, where you like someone and you know that person will never like you back. They may be in a relationship, or they may just use you. You find yourself falling more in love with each passing day, even though you know you’ll never get any happiness out of this type of love.

This is the type of love that gives love a bad name. But you know what, it also helps you understand the real value of reciprocal love. [Read: What is unrequited love?]

#4 Obsessive love

Are you an obsessive lover or someone who’s addicted to their partner? Do you feel helpless and lonely without that special someone in your arm?

Are you sure you’re not bordering on being clingy? If you’ve ever been an obsessive lover, there’s a good chance you’ve sucked the life out of your partner and pissed them off until they eventually left you on the curb.

Obsessive love is usually experienced by the novices who experience love for the first time, probably after having to deal with the scary unrequited love. Obsessive lovers are scared, insecure, and obviously obsessive about the relationship.

Now you may have been one or may have dated someone like this. It’s a stage all of us experience when we’re afraid of losing someone we love. But if you or your partner has security issues, really, there’s no hope for a happy ending here. [Read: Handling insecure relationships]

#5 Selfish love

Selfish love is smart. And though it involves two people to create that relationship, selfish love also involves two people who are in love with one person.

Your partner loves you. You love you.

Selfish love is a narcissistic love where you don’t care about your partner or their happiness. You only care about yourself. If you ever find yourself getting into a relationship just for the heck of it without really falling in love with the other person, chances are, you’re a selfish lover.

Selfish lovers are clever, scheming foxes who only get into a relationship to see what they can get out of it. [Read: Are you being used?]

Ever dated someone just to appear cooler or achieve something for personal gains? If you have, tick the selfish lover off the list. If you haven’t, wait and watch yourself use someone at some point in your life. Don’t worry, it’ll eventually happen.

#6 Awww love

Awww… that’s so cute. This type of love is the most spontaneous and yet, the one you’ll forget the soonest. It lasts for a few seconds, sometimes even less and some other times, a lot longer.

Do you love cats, dogs, goats… any animals at all? Or perhaps, a car or a tree? Sometimes, all of us feel an overwhelming sense of love for something or the other, and it doesn’t have to be a person. It’s love at first sight, and yet, it’s not something you’d want to sleep at night with (mostly). We’ve all experienced the heart melting awww when we look at vacation photos or a tiny kitten or a pup on youtube. Been there and done that, and yes, you’ve experienced another type of love.

#7 Same sex love

Ever felt an intense burst of happiness when you see a friend of the same sex? You’re both straight, you don’t cuddle and you don’t grope each other. But somehow you just love this person, and you either have a man crush or a girl crush on this friend of yours.

Same sex love is an emotion you’d feel for your friend or even a celebrity, but it’s got less to do with sexual attraction and more to do with awe, respect and admiration.

#8 Lusty love

Ever dated someone who got you wet with a hug? Ever had a crush on someone who makes you want to do things to yourself when you’re alone in bed? Yeah, you’ve experienced lusty love! [Read: How to turn yourself on easily]

Lusty love is the type of love you experience when you lust for someone or get into a relationship with someone you’re extremely sexually attracted to. The first few weeks are all about sex and the positions, and both of you need just a few seconds of alone time to throw each other’s clothes on the floor. If a relationship of yours revolves more around the bed and less around trees and flowers, you’re in lusty love, my love.

#9 Romantic love

Butterflies, bliss and Louis Armstrong’s β€˜what a wonderful’ is all you need to think of when you experience romantic love. It’s beautiful, sappy love at its best.

You feel the flutter of butterflies in your stomach, the world looks so much more beautiful and you can’t hold that grin back no matter what you do. You want to be with your sweetheart all the time, and even when you’re not together, you can’t help wanting to be together.

You’re happy. Your lover’s happy. The world’s happy for you. And you’re having the time of your life! [Read: How to know if you’re in love]

#10 Unconditional love

Blessed are the lovers who experience this special type of love for each other. It’s not easy and it’s definitely not something most people even want to try. But if you do ever take a leap of faith, you’d see what true love really feels like.

Do you love someone more than you love yourself? Do you care about your lover more than you care about anything else is the world? Chances are, you may be experiencing unconditional love. Unconditional love is the stuff fairy tales and romance novels are made of. If both of you care about each other and love each other selflessly, you’re in the middle of a special type of love that few ever experience, but spend all their lives looking for. [Read: A sweet experience of unconditional love]

If you do want to ensure that you experience this tenth type of love, take a leap of faith and truly fall back in love with someone who loves you. Soon enough, with a bit of trust, communication and hope, you may just live through this grand experience that dreams are made of! [Read: 25 relationship rules that count]

And there we have it, the ten types of love that you’d definitely experience in your life, as long as you’re willing to risk a chance and take that plunge into the waters of love. So how many types of love have you experienced so far?

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35 thoughts on “10 Types of Love You’ll Experience in Your Life”

  1. Robbie says:

    Interesting… Now I’m rather familiar with the lusty kind of love, but unconditional love? Really, do people even experience that these days?

    I remember the only time I truly loved a girl was in high school. I was so crazy about her, it actually drove me insane. And I loved it. I loved her more than myself and was willing to do anything for her. I was even willing to give up on my education just so I could be closer to her. And guess what? I found out that she was two timing me with my best friend and also having a fling with another guy at the same time!

    The bitch broke my heart, and ever since, I’ve lost my faith in true love and the kind of love you say is unconditional. But now that I have fun and don’t really ever fall in love, I’m always happy. And I also get to enjoy a lot of relationships at once too. Who needs unconditional love when you have lusty love, seriously?!

  2. rose says:

    eric<3 unconditional

  3. lolo says:

    robble i dont know if you read the article or if you’ll ever see this again but the type of love you had was obsessive if you unconditionally loved her even if she was two timing you with a hundred men you would have forgiven her thats what unconditional means NO conditions even cheating

  4. nabila says:

    ive never felt unconditional love but if he chose to leave me then fine. After all its his decisions. I still love him even after ive faced everything and hope one day he realizes he’s lost something way precious than anything. </3

  5. Brandy says:

    Alex… I Lusty Love You but at the same time romanticlly love you too. <3

  6. aanam stha says:

    first three one i have experienced a bit…others are strange 2 me …especially same sex luv n unconditional luv…

  7. Sara says:

    i’ve felt unconditional love… it’s also unrequited.

  8. azeez says:

    i have felt all, except selfish, unconditional and same sex love

  9. ansh rawat says:

    i have felt an unconditional love for someone<3 not to forget romantic love at the same time!!! the name which is appearing in my comment is his name πŸ™‚

  10. Abc says:

    The love God has for all of us and the love a mother has for her child Now that’s UNCONDITIONAL.

  11. Zaheer says:

    I love someone and he also lover me very much and wants to see me happy in any way even i cheat him that is really true love which gives a pure and powerful true feeling for him

  12. Will says:

    Was cool with everything ABC said but I would switch mother to parent…I know plenty of fathers that adore their kids…myself included

  13. Elodie says:

    How about forbidden love?? Or is that just in books?

  14. Deby says:

    I love him unconditionally…but he love himself more than me πŸ™
    He loves me but he also love the idea of having another person to love behind each other’s back.
    I loved a jerk :/

  15. Anon says:

    I’ve experienced everything except selfish love, and unconditional love in a romantic sense. My only true love was lusty, obsessive and romantic all at once. After that kind of heartbreak, I’m not sure I’ll ever really be able to love properly again, because I don’t think I have… enough of a foundation to build on for that anymore. In that sense, I can kind of understand what Robbie means.

    But even if I am damaged, I refuse to propagate that pain. Robbie, I know it’s hard. But please try not to break other people the way you have been broken. And don’t lose your faith in unconditional love. It might not ever happen to you, or even to me. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. I think… you say you’re happy, and I believe you. Though it might be a little presumptuous of me to say, you’re not HAPPY. But that’s okay, I mean… I don’t know how to get back there either. Just stay true to yourself and enjoy each day as it comes as best you can. I don’t know what else to do.

  16. Alexa says:

    I have done the selfish love. I was being bullied in high school and I had extremely low self esteem. I used to tell myself that if the most popular guy in high school thought I was beautiful, then I truly was(lol), so I dated him because he was popular and would protect me from the bullies..which he did! But I never loved him or got physical- i wasnt attracted to him.

    my second bf was the love of my life.

  17. Tarzan says:

    Unconditional love. I asked my friend out… She rejected me… Now whatever she does (loves somebody else, eat slugs, drinks horse’s piss) I will continue to love her. Don’t know whether this is platonic or unconditional or obsessive though. She is unique in her own way and will continue to be for me.

  18. Sally says:

    I ve always wanted to experience Unrequited love and romantic love too I still do… I m 21 yrs now but my destiny never took me to experience a realy two lover relationship. Instead the only type of luv I felt i guess was platonic, crush, the aww one and this unrequited luv which i m goin thru…. I read ur article n its exactly the same u described, I like a guy, crazy about him but knowin tht it will never happen I still continue to push myself n tht hurts n i hope on wishing for him to be like real frnds wit me again, if nt lovers ( well we do talk rarely but r nt exactly frnds). But I still believe and wait for an unrequited luv to come to my lyf bcos I knnow they exist ppl just huv to pursue and treasure their luv properly

  19. AC says:

    I was young and had aww love turn to unconditional love, so unconditional someone took me back time after time of being unfaithful and I took that person back time after time of being a drunk. After 6 years I knew that I needed new experiences before making a decision to be with someone forever who I unconditionally loved and loved me back. I met a handsome guy, who acts like a child, and we moved away to Australia together (my family lives here)…I have the lust kind of love for him. I know he’s not my Mr right, I’ve already met him.., he is my Mr right now and I am A OK with that! Here’s to being young and having nothing but time!

  20. Mimi says:

    I had experienced unrequited love i love dis guy alot he said he wanne be just friends i tired my best to love him unconditionally but he at the end he never felt the same way what i felt for him πŸ™ i felt its time for me to move on with out him.. i still do love him πŸ™

  21. Amy says:

    I thought I found real love when I married my husband 46 years ago. But that was all a front, the day after we were married I was told he didn’t think he had any love in his heart. I thought he was kidding but he said he wouldn’t kid about that. I asked why we married and all he could answer was every one else was why shouldn’t he and he apologized for the mistake Needless to say I couldn’t forgive him. Being devistated I had no where to go, he invited me to share the house and I wouldn’t have to pay for anything. He moved to the basement and said its best that we don’t interact with each other. He started to work the midnight shift, and from there on to today the line in the sand has not been crossed. I swore that day I was never getting involved with another man, I really hate them all. Time past quickly and I’m in my mid 60s and still live in my part of the house. It seems stupid to stay I have no place else to go and a warm house and he shares all his health insurance with me. Also he fixes every thing he can around the house or has it done.

  22. Chris says:

    Can there be both same sex, unconditional love?

  23. Amber says:

    The worse pain in the world is to feel one sided unconditional love and yet I cant hate him. Never was obsessive or unrequited

  24. Rita says:

    Can all these kinds of love be with one person ?

  25. Nini says:

    I’ve had a crush on a guy since I was like 8,I neva told him but I guess he knew..we lost contact..and I can’t even think of loving another person Even though am now 19..don’t know what to do it’s ruining my lifr

  26. Dahlia Rose says:

    I love my boyfriend so very much. I think for both of us it is unconditional love. But I am not ready to move in with him. I don’t know why, I guess I’m just cautious about jumping too fast and too high. I’ve moved out before and it’s not worked. He says he is getting the backlash of my past but I just don’t want to ruin anything. I love you Gary, my Marshmallow. I always will xxx

  27. Herikayela says:

    I live the unappconditional love and it’s so beautiful. <3 We are really selfless and we are just so happy with each other. We are so lucky from have us considering we are the firsts ones from each other. <3

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