47 Sweet, Deep Signs Your Boyfriend Really Loves You and Cares for You

You don’t know how your man feels about you, so you want to know the signs your boyfriend loves you. Here’s what to look for and what to do if he doesn’t.

how to tell if your boyfriend loves you

He loves me… he loves me not… wait, he probably loves me… he has to love me, right? So, you are probably wondering about the signs your boyfriend loves you. And it’s a nerve-wracking experience.

Maybe he even said it to you. But words can just be words, right? And it’s truly the actions that count. How do you know if the man you’re with, your boyfriend, is really, truly, and madly in love with you and not just treating you as a casual fling?

You’re there giving him everything while at the same time, you’re wondering if he even feels the same way. Deep down you know how he feels. When you start looking at the signs and paying attention to your intuition, you know what’s going on.

Find out the answer as you read through our list of signs to tell if your boyfriend is really in love with you.

Signs your boyfriend really loves you

When it comes to people, specifically men, you can never really know what they’re thinking. A guy can tell you he loves you and not mean it or not tell you anything and secretly love you for years on end.

Ideally, just ask him how he feels about you, but that can be scary. So, instead, why not look at how to tell if your boyfriend loves you? [Read: 25 signs he loves you even if he doesn’t say it out loud]

There are only so many signs a person can give you to show that they love you. All you need is to look at the right signs for a hint about what’s going on in their mind.

It’s time to find out how to tell if your boyfriend loves you.

1. He stares

Men are visual creatures, so you know they like something when they stare. If you catch your boyfriend staring at you all the time, that means he just loves what he sees.

And if he’s staring at you in secret and you catch him in the act, that just makes it better. Just wink, smile, and bask in all that love he gives you. [Read: 35 not-so-obvious things your man adores about you]

2. He feeds you

The road to a man’s heart is through your stomach, too. You may just be on too much of a strict diet to really bother or notice.

But seriously, a guy who really loves you will buy you food you like without him even noticing he’s doing it. When he thinks of food, he thinks of you too. The part of him that wants to care for you will just come out as he buys you your favorite organic potato chips and artichoke dip.

3. He makes you laugh

Another sign he’s madly in love with you is if he is comfortable enough around you that he takes off all his macho charms and makes a fool of himself.

Aside from that, he just loves to see that smile on your face, so he’ll do what he can to bring it out, especially when you’re feeling down. [Read: 30 fun and deep what-if questions to ask your boyfriend and have a laugh]

4. He just can’t keep his hands off of you 

And not just in the naughty, bedroom sense. Being in love with you, he just wants to be near you.

He loves to be close to you and touch you, so you’ll find him always touching you in different ways, like stroking a stray hair off your face, guiding you into a room with his hand at the small of your back, holding your hand, and just touching you, without even trying to turn you on.

5. He imitates you

Since imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, he does it to the point he isn’t even aware of it. This imitation is actually called mirroring, and it is prevalent in mates throughout the animal kingdom. [Read: 37 very sweet and subtle signs he wants to marry and spend his life with you]

If you sit a certain way and he does the same or repeats the words you said, that’s a sign that he is physically and primally attracted to you.

6. He cuddles

If your boyfriend loves to cuddle you without even trying to have sex with you, then that is a great sign that he loves you a lot and you’ve got a keeper. 

A guy who loves you will like to get cozy with you without expecting any happy ending. Just the idea that he’s close to you is enough for him. But, of course, he doesn’t mind if sex comes afterward. [Read: Do guys like to cuddle? 19 truths you never before knew]

7. He spends money and time on you

Being in love with you puts you on top of his priorities, so he will definitely spend not only his money but also his time, on you. Of course, he doesn’t mind this, because spending his resources on you makes him happy too.

He enjoys taking you out to dinner, buying you clothes, taking you on vacations, or just going out for a stroll at the park with you.

8. He tells you his secrets

A guy who loves you will be comfortable enough with you that he opens up to you. He will tell you things he won’t even dare tell his closest buddies.

And what’s great about this is that it comes naturally because he knows you will not ridicule or make fun of him. [Read: Does he love me? 20 really easy ways to read his mind in no time]

9. He calls your name often

A guy who loves you and is not just treating you as a fling knows your name. In fact, he knows it and he likes to say it, even if he’s not even aware of it. This has something to do with how men are wired.

A dead giveaway is if he uses a softer tone when he calls your name, and you love to hear him say it too.

10. He gets a little jealous

A man who is emotionally attached to you will want to keep you for himself. So, a little healthy jealousy is natural because he has strong feelings for you. [Read: 17 big signs of a jealous and possessive boyfriend]

Whether you are making him intentionally jealous or not, the fact he displays even the subtlest irritation at another guy staring at you is a sure sign of his love for you.

11. He has nothing to hide

Men tend to be very mysterious and sketchy, especially if they’re up to something, like monkey business on the side. However, a man who is truly in love with you will not even think about cheating on you and has nothing to hide.

You know all his passwords and all his social media and email accounts, and he wouldn’t even mind if you go through his stuff if he can’t find his keys. [Read: 25 more signs he’s madly in love with you even if he doesn’t say it out loud]

12. He pauses his video game to talk to you

Actually, whether it’s mobile, PC, or console, there’s something about games and guys that are just inseparable.

The world goes by and they won’t even notice as long as they’re hooked on their favorite game, so if he pauses his game or altogether forgoes game night just to accommodate you, you’re one lucky girl.

13. He no longer flies solo

If before he was a lone wolf, he’s now a lovebird. He just can’t move without you in the picture. There will be times he’d prefer to spend time with you instead of his buddies, and even in his free time, he’d rather hang out with you.

This is a great sign that your boyfriend loves you. [Read: 72 cute, sweet things to say to your boyfriend and make him really happy]

14. His place is transforming

Into your place, that is. His sacred man cave is dramatically getting some female touch, even if it means an addition of your toiletries in his bathroom. 

For a guy, his territory is precious to him, so he wouldn’t just let any woman share it with him, unless that woman is really, exceptionally, special. And surprise, that woman is you.

15. He makes plans that include you

Ever heard him talk about making plans for the summer and that’s still eight months from now? That’s because he sees you as part of his future, and not a lot of guys do that—unless the girl really means a lot to him. [Read: The subtle ways your man tries to say “I love you” without using words]

When he makes short and long-term plans that include you, he intends to keep you around, and he’s serious about you.

16. He introduces you to his friends

If a guy is serious about you, chances are, he may have talked about you with his friends on one of his boys’ nights out.

Actually, he is just brimming with excitement to show you off to his friends for them to see just how amazing you are, which is roughly how he describes you to them. That is a great sign that your boyfriend loves you.

17. He introduces you to his family

Not all girls get to the stage when the guy they’re seeing introduces them to his parents. This takes the relationship to a whole other level and not many guys are ready for that—unless they’re really in love with you. [Read: How to charm your boyfriend’s parents when you meet them]

Okay, if you met his family once, then don’t assume he’s madly in love with you. But if he invites you for dinner with his folks or holidays in his hometown, that’s it, you bagged a keeper.

And if you see other signs and notice he’s taking you more to see his family, then he’s clearly developing some strong feelings for you. He wouldn’t be bringing you into his close circle unless he felt you were the one.

18. He asks for your advice

Another thing about a guy who really loves you is he respects and cares about what you think. In fact, he may even really want to please you. [Read: How to know if your man really means his “I love you’s”]

So if there comes a time he needs to make a decision, he lets you weigh in on it too. The more important the decision he asks you for advice on, the more important you are to him too.

19. He checks up on you

Listen, when it comes to the human race, we’re pretty selfish. We put ourselves first and make sure we’re taken care of. But, when we’re in love, things change. 

Yes, we’re still a priority, but now, there’s someone else who’s equally as important. If he’s checking up on you throughout the day, it’s because he cares and worries about you.[Read: The sure signs the guy you’re dating is a real keeper]

20. He lights up when he sees you

When he sees you, his face completely changes. It’s like you instantly bring sunshine into his life.

And you know what, that’s because you do. Love is pure joy and happiness. When he looks at you, he can’t help but smile. If you see his eyes light up when he looks at you, it’s because he loves you.

21. He sends you good morning text messages

Not a morning goes by where he’s not sending you a good morning text message. If he’s doing this, he’s completely hooked on you. [Read: 20 reasons why a good morning text is so important]

Love is intense, it’s an obsession and not necessarily a bad one. If you’re the first person he thinks of when he wakes up, he’s in love with you.

22. He gets into your life

He’s in your life. He knows all your friends and family, he goes to every dinner, and he will even will attend your brother’s soccer games on the weekends. 

In other words, he’s making sure he has a strong presence in your life. If he’s making this much effort, it’s not just to get in your pants. [Read: What does it feel like to be in love?]

23. He goes out of his way for you

Maybe he already had plans or has been busy at work, but he’ll rearrange things around just to get a chance to see you. Whether he sees you for a couple of hours or minutes, he will go out of his way to spend as much time with you as possible. What do we call that? It’s love, baby.

24. He treats you as a priority

This is another huge sign that your boyfriend loves you. We usually put ourselves first before other people. And let’s not be naive, he still puts himself first, but he also prioritizes you. 

When he’s making decisions, he includes you in them, making sure you are on the same page. This is because he loves you. [Read: Never make someone a priority when you are only an option – the truth]

25. He genuinely listens to you

When he asks you about your day or any question regarding your feelings, he listens. He doesn’t just ask it to fill time, he’s asking you because he genuinely wants to know how you’re feeling. 

A man who loves a woman is a man who cares about her feelings and all the small details happening in her life.

26. He doesn’t give up

It’s normal for couples to argue and disagree on things, but that doesn’t mean the relationship is supposed to end. Whatever problems you’re having, he doesn’t throw the towel in and call it quits.

He puts 100% into the relationship every single day and never doubts that you two are going to make it. [Read: 17 gestures that are louder than words when it comes to love]

27. He asks for your opinion

But not only on simple questions like “does this shirt look good on me?” or “should I get the new iPhone?” I’m talking about real questions, questions regarding his job, family, or friends. 

If he consults you before making a decision, he respects your opinion and values what you have to say.

28. He’s there when you need him

If a guy didn’t love you or at least wasn’t interested in you, he wouldn’t be there when you need him. But if he loves you, no matter what you need, he’ll go out of his way to make it happen. [Read: Damsel in distress – whey men find women who ask for help irresistible]

Whether your car broke down or you’re sick and need soup, he’s there. Now that is what we call love.

29. He makes sure you’re in the loop

He is always making sure you’re updated on everything going on in his life. Even if it’s something you didn’t need to know, he makes sure you’re informed. When a man loves you, he wants you to be a part of his entire life, not just a piece of it. 

30. He sees you

When a guy doesn’t love you, he doesn’t really see you. Okay, he sees you in the literal sense, but he misses the small details like the way you laugh or the face you make when you’re sad.

When a man is in love with a woman, he notices everything. And we mean everything. [Read: 39 Signs a man is emotionally attached to you and ready to get closer]

31. He misses you when you’re not around 

Whether it’s for five minutes or a couple of days, when you don’t see each other, he’s sad. Typically, men fall in love with a woman when she’s not around. You know the saying, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

If he’s always texting or calling you when you are apart, he probably can’t get enough of you. [Read: The 14 signs a guy really does miss you]

32. He focuses on making you happy

What could say love more than this? If his main goal is to make you happy, he clearly loves you.

No man would waste their time making sure someone is happy unless he truly cared about the person. If you’re doing something that makes you unhappy and you tell him, he’ll change it right away.

33. He told you

Of course, some people just say “I love you,” when they feel any positive emotion. And they may not necessarily mean it. But, if he says it and you truly feel that it’s genuine, then you’re not wrong. You have your intuition, and you should listen to it.

34. He talks about your future together

This is one of the biggest signs that your boyfriend loves you. If he didn’t, then he wouldn’t be imagining a future with you. And we’re not talking about planning to go to a concert with you next month.

We’re talking about marriage, children, and growing old together. He would only talk about that with someone he loves. [Read: All the signs he wants something serious with you and is ready to commit]

35. He uses “we” instead of “I”

Guys like their independence. A lot of them are used to having their space and their man cave.

So, if he switches his mindset from being a single guy and talking about what he is going to do to what we *you and he* are going to do, then that means he sees you as a unit. And men only talk that way when they love a woman.

36. He keeps his cool during disagreements

Even if he has a temper, he knows that it might scare you away. So, he tries to keep it under control. Because let’s face it – that’s not a trait most people like. 

If you find him trying to stay calm and cool when you are having an argument, that means he’s trying to change for the better for you because he loves you. [Read: How to fight fair in a relationship and grow closer as a couple]

37. He wants to make things easier for you

Maybe you have an old car, and it is in need of constant repairs. He knows it frustrates you when you try to figure things out on your own.

So, if he tries to take that burden off your shoulders by doing it for you, then that’s a great sign that your boyfriend loves you. He wants to make your life easier.

38. He strives to be a better person for you

A lot of guys get into bad habits. They can get lazy and selfish. So, if he cuts down on playing video games to spend time with you or starts going to the gym to be healthier, it’s because he wants you to be happier with him. He wants to be the best man he can be for you because he loves you. 

39. He’s your number one fan and cheerleader

If you get a raise or are trying to lose weight, he is your biggest cheerleader. He is always encouraging you to do your best and praising you for all of your accomplishments.

That’s because he is very proud of you and wants to tell the world how much he loves you. [Read: Selfless love – 18 traits that sets it apart from selfish love]

40. He thinks you’re the most beautiful woman

He is always complimenting you and telling you how beautiful you are. He points out attractive women not because he’s checking them out, but because he’s telling you how much hotter you are than them.

He wants you to feel good about yourself, so he never misses a chance to tell you that he is a lucky guy to have you in his life.

41. He doesn’t compare you to his ex

Even if his ex looked like a supermodel or was his first love, he never compares you to her. That is a great sign that your boyfriend loves you. He isn’t looking back at her and comparing you. He’s only looking at you in the present moment and where the two of you can go in the future.

What to do if your boyfriend doesn’t love you

If you have come to the conclusion that your boyfriend doesn’t love you, then you will need to figure out what to do from here. Here are some tips for you. [Read: 25 sad signs he doesn’t love you anymore and is just messing with you]

1. Talk to him

Whether your boyfriend has come out and told you directly that he doesn’t love you or if you just have an intuitive feeling, you still need to talk to him. Ask him point blank how he feels about you and the relationship. 

You need to figure out where his head is at regarding the future between the two of you. If he says that he doesn’t want to continue, then you have your answer. If he says he does or is not sure, then you need to do some soul-searching of your own.

2. Analyze your relationship

Think back to the entirety of your relationship. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been together for one month or for several decades, you need to think about how his behavior has changed. Not only his behavior but yours as well. [Read: When your boyfriend ignores you – why he does it and how to respond]

How have the behavior changes impacted your relationship overall? What was good about your relationship in the beginning and at what point did that change? Is there any way you can make changes yourself to try to get things back on track? 

3. Reflect on your feelings

Sometimes people exist in relationships on auto-pilot. In other words, they’re still together today only because they were yesterday. They don’t put a lot of thought into their feelings and behaviors and how the relationship is going overall.

So, get in touch with your own feelings. Do you even love him? You’re so caught up in wondering about the signs that your boyfriend loves you that you might not have even wondered if you even love him. That’s very important to figure out. [Read: Should I break up with my boyfriend? 36 signs you MUST to be happy]

4. Write down the pros and cons

If you’re on the fence about what to do if your boyfriend doesn’t love you, then you will need to sit down with a pen and paper and write down a couple of lists of pros and cons. Write down his good qualities *pros* and bad qualities *cons*. 

Then, write another list about the pros and cons of staying with him or breaking up. Once you have the lists down on paper, it will be a lot easier to make a decision about what to do about it. 

5. Figure out what you want to do

If your boyfriend isn’t making any kind of decision about whether to stay together or break up, then you will have to do it yourself. You might not want to, but you have no choice.

It’s not an easy decision to make, but it comes down to whether you want to keep living in a relationship like this or not. [Read: How to express your feelings – 16 must-know ideas to speak your mind]

6. Make a plan

Once you make a decision, then you need to make an action plan. If you have decided to stay with him *and he wants that too*, then you will both need to change in order for the relationship to get better in the future.

If you have decided to break up, then you need to make an exit plan. And if you’re not living together, then it should be easy. Just break up, go no contact, and move on with your life. If you are living together, then you need to make plans for other living arrangements as fast as you can.

[Read: How to know if your boyfriend loves you back]

There are no guaranteed ways to tell if a guy is really in love with you because, in the end, it’s up to your own feelings and instincts. However, now that you know the signs that your boyfriend loves you, you know what to look out for and decide what to do about it.

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