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Can Gaining Weight Affect Relationships?

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In recent years, people across the world have been eating their way into creating a new global phenomenon of obesity. But can gaining weight affect relationships? You may not know it, but gaining weight can affect you in more ways than one.

can gaining weight affect relationships?

Can gaining weight affect relationships with your loved ones?

We’ve heard this before, but other than the sexual appeal, is there any other way by which gaining weight can destroy your relationship? Find out here. [Read: Why you can’t find love]

Can gaining weight affect relationships?

The sedentary modern day lifestyle with its characteristic comforts has led to a full fledged problem, being overweight.

When this gets out of hand, it results in obesity. The increase in salaries over the years has resulted in indulgence in many areas, including intake of food and various kinds of drinks.

This has led to increasing rates of obesity in adults, teenagers as well as children. Individuals, families as well as the nation, are yet to show concern over this serious issue.

You are responsible for your health

This is where the buck stops. You are responsible for your actions. Either you confront the overweight issue or end up with a contribution to the medical fraternity, by addressing hypertension, diabetes, coronary heart disease, stroke, osteoarthritis, sleep apnea (a disorder in which breathing is interrupted during sleep), respiratory problems, infertility, breast cancer and colon cancer.

The signs and the workout plan

A person’s waist circumference is an indicator of risk from obesity related diseases. Eating a healthy diet and being physically active can help you overcome the disease. A 30-minute workout helps you maintain your weight. A 60-minute workout helps to prevent weight gain. A two hour workout gets you to set such high standards for your body that you’re at a serious danger of sports injuries.

And once you stop working out, for whatever reason, in all probabilities the weight problem comes right back.

Effects on relationships and career

Once the weight problem goes out of hand, the sooner you arrest the slide, the better it is. A whole bunch of relationships could be going down the tubes, which could adversely reflect on all areas of your life. [Read: How to be happy in life]

Are you aware that some organizations now require you to clear a medical examination before the letter of appointment is issued? As you climb the ladder of hierarchy and are overweight, what kind of leadership skills are we talking of, when you can’t take care of yourself?

The impact that your physique, as well as your mental state, has on your relationship with your spouse, colleagues, boss, friends, and even your children is huge. All of them will be proud to see a fitter ‘you’.  On the other hand, as your weight steers away from the required standards, you could be the cynosure of jokes related to being unfit. And this leads to the erosion of self-esteem, self worth and affects your confidence levels.

As your body begins to sag, so does your morale. Do remember that the human body is designed to last for more than a hundred years, provided you take care of it.

The recommended solution

To improve the situation, all you need to do is watch the ‘input-output ratio’. Input refers to the quality and quantity of food and liquids that is consumed and ‘output’ refers to the calories that are burned. Once you balance this ratio, you are heading towards leading a balanced and purposeful life. All this adds up to you feeling good about yourself. Once you are in this frame of mind, you could then spread the positive enthusiasm around you.

If you truly want to have better relationships with your loved ones and the people around you, you need to make a conscious effort to change your physical appearance for the better. [Read: How to find love]

Weight and relationships – How to have better relationships?

Inculcate a workout program, as part of your must-do options five days a week.  Most people chill out during the weekends and holidays.  But that is actually the time when you should be pushing on your workouts!

Let’s examine the life of an average office goer. A normal working day combined with travel time from home to office and back leaves him or her with hardly any time to hit a gym or exercise, right? Look at the possibilities.

Workout schedule and better relationships

If your workplace sports a gym, look no further. Others, identify a gym close to the office and spend time working out at the gym, rather than sitting in rush hour traffic.

For those who are unable to exercise these options, identify a walking area close to your home and go for a morning walk. The first and last five minutes should be earmarked for a warm up and cool down walk and the other twenty to thirty minutes should be identified for a power walk.

On weekends and on other holidays, spend more time working out. Add variations and strength building exercises to your workout program.  Make sure you involve a good warm up, cool down and stretch, as this helps to prevent muscle injury.

It’s always good to cross train as this will prevent a single sport injury. So add on cycling, swimming, yoga and dancing to your list of workout styles.


The stationary cycle is a recommended option, for a twenty to thirty minute workout.  It could be bought and used at home. It provides an excellent non-impact cardiovascular exercise.


Swimming is rated as the perfect workout for the entire body. Stretch and perform a light warm up before you get into the pool. Have a twenty to thirty minute swim using different strokes (free style, back stroke, breast stroke and butterfly) as they target different muscles.  And the effect of water on the body, known as hydrotherapy, has huge advantages. Use a swimming cap to take care of your hair, and as far as skin care is concerned, moisturize after you get out of the pool and bathe.


Stack up your favorite dance numbers and let your body respond to the rhythm of the music. Music helps you feel elated and dancing has helped people stay fit for thousands of years. Did you know that in ancient times warriors would use dance as a fitness regimen to prepare for battle?


Yoga is the ultimate exercise to improve flexibility and increase concentration.

Weight and relationships in good company

Find like-minded colleagues, friends or neighbors to join you. Training partners help encourage and push each other to maintain consistency and set higher fitness standards.

Rejoice with your rewards – Better relationships

In all probabilities you will find that after being physically active, you are more enthusiastic and alert at work. The body releases mood enhancing endorphins, which keep you upbeat and help de-stress. Exercise also creates more brain energy and gives you additional stamina and endurance to complete your projects or meet the required deadlines.

The current day lifestyle makes exorbitant demands not only at work but also at parenthood, marriage and other relationships. The related stress could be better coped with a mentally and physically stronger ‘you’. Increased stamina, toned body and better flexibility are an additional bonus. Increased output at work, better parenting attitude, additional confidence and higher self esteem would help to lead the way to more fruitful life. The rewards are both emotional and physical.

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So go ahead and try a new workout plan. So what if weight and relationships share a balance? As long as it’s in your favor, who really cares! And if you can have better relationships and be a better and fitter you in no time, why not give it a shot?

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