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Build Your Self-Esteem: 35 Funny Things to Tell Yourself

build your self esteem

Sometimes, dragging yourself in front of a full-length mirror yields devastating blows to your self-esteem. Let’s try to change that, shall we?

Confidence is the key to gaining absolute happiness in life. It’s not just about your appearance, but who you are as a person. There are a lot of ways in which you can gain a healthy amount of confidence and build your self esteem, but one of the most effective methods is by talking to yourself in front of a mirror.

Looking at yourself in the mirror is often used to face the truth, but can also be a way for you to get rid of your fears and insecurities. Mirror exercises are a great way to tackle introspection, because you get to know yourself better mentally and emotionally by looking directly at who you are physically.

Why is introspection necessary?

Mirror talk is not limited to what you look like. It’s about where you are, why you’re there, and what you’re willing to do to change the things that cause you dissatisfaction. Most experts advise you to really open yourself up to the exercise by delving deep into your more uncomfortable emotions, like sadness, contempt, and anger.

Some will give you the same advice we’re about to: just laugh about it. Rather than tap into heavy emotions, we would like you to utilize the other part of your personality: the one that makes you giggle and laugh at yourself. Trust us. Nothing gets people through their issues more efficiently than their sense of humor. [Read: 12 types of humor and how it affects you and your relationships]

How to start your mirror exercise

First of all, this exercise is meant to increase your self-confidence. You can choose to do it alone, or you can ask a loved one to stay with you during the process. Make sure that it’s someone you trust. It should also be someone who has proven that they will never judge you for your appearance, personality, or life choices.

Do this at home or somewhere private where you have access to a full-length mirror. Some of the questions will require you to strip down, so it’s best not to do this in a public restroom. Make sure that there are no distractions, either.

Turn up the lights. Stand in front of the mirror. Tell your friend, partner, or family member to get ready, because this one is going to be a doozy. In a good way.

Build your self esteem – Things to tell yourself in front of the mirror

#1 So, you think you’re fat? Have you seen Jabba the Hutt?

#2 Do you think your belly button looks good on you?

#3 Is anyone else judging you in this room right now?

#4 How can you think you’re not attractive when you look so good right now?

#5 Have you washed your face today?

#6 Do you love how your hair looks today? If not, have you invested in some good shampoo?

#7 Smelling good means feeling good. Are you using perfume that smells great on you?

#8 Isn’t it time to ask yourself what YOU want to look like?

#9 Would YOU like to see yourself naked?

#10 Don’t you look awesome when you’re naked?

#11 Need a thigh gap? Just spread your legs! [Read: 8 very effective ways to get your body confidence back in the bedroom]

#12 Do you look hungry? If yes, then eat.

#13 Turn around. Check out that butt. All butts look good when you’re alone.

#14 A paunch is a medal of honor saying you can hold your liquor—even when you don’t want to anymore.

#15 Just so you know, someone out there doesn’t have a mirror that shows them how awesome they look every day.

#16 If this outfit doesn’t look good on you, find one that does.

#17 This mirror is not a person.

#18 I am beautiful. *giggle* I am beautiful. *laugh hysterically* I am beautiful. *believe it*

#19 *Tilt the mirror back* Cool. Now, I’m taller.

#20 *Tilt the mirror to the front* Oh, look how petite I am!

#21 The world lies. This mirror is truth! [Read: How your self confidence affects all your relationships]

#22 *Drag your partner in front of the mirror with you.* We look so cute together.

#23 *Drag your partner in front of the mirror with you.* Now, that’s proof you’ve got it going on.

#24 This is not your online display pic. This is your real life display pic.

#25 If I can talk to myself like this in front of a mirror, talking to normal people will be a cinch. [Read: 11 tips to fall in love with yourself and enjoy the world]

#26 You will not compare yourself to anyone else in this mirror. *Tell your friend to back away so you can only see yourself.*

#27 Where are my flaws? There they are. And the world did not end.

#28 If I squint hard enough, I can see my mother/father in the mirror.

#29 Will my face and body get me that promotion I want? If yes, this job may be illegal.

#30 This camel toe doesn’t have to exist if I buy pants that fit.

#31 Smile. There you go.

#32 I think I’m starting to like you more.

#33 I never noticed how much I actually look like a real person in the mirror, as opposed to Instagram and Facebook.

#34 *Laugh really hard, but not at yourself.*

#35 I love you. I really do.

[Read: How to master positive self talk and banish negativity]

It’s easier to talk to yourself in front of the mirror because you can’t escape it—unless you leave. When you do, the conversation is done, and you get nothing out of it. Face yourself, so you can find out what you truly want, in terms of your appearance and your life.

But remember. You’re not here to judge yourself. You’re here to laugh at why you ever thought judging yourself was a good idea. It’s easy to love yourself once you get to know yourself better. And isn’t it awesome how easy it is to do, when you take the time to talk to yourself in front of the mirror?

[Read: Why it’s important to pay attention to inner beauty more than the outer one]

There isn’t a single person alive who couldn’t use a little boost of self esteem. Using these 35 questions, you can talk your way to a happier, healthier, and more vibrant you.

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Danielle Anne
Danielle Anne
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5 thoughts on “Build Your Self-Esteem: 35 Funny Things to Tell Yourself”

  1. Nona says:

    Ok if I am honest standing in the mirror inspecting myself especially de-robed is funny already and it is difficult to take myself seriously. Still I know that if I can be honest in critiquing myself then I can work on areas I do not like while celebrating those I do. I really love #4 and #13 for different reasons. Number four I like because I believe that is true about me even on my worst days. Now #13 makes me laugh and not take myself so seriously. I plan on going through this list one by one and building myself up point by magnificent point.

  2. Leslie says:

    You’d be surprised how much changing shampoos and conditioners can make to the overall look of your hair. Like most people, I was just using a general hydrating shampoo and the condition of my hair was just awful. Tangle free, sure, but it was just breaking off like crazy and I couldn’t do anything to stop my hair loss. That’s when I made the switch to a strengthening shampoo and conditioner combo and the difference is like night and day. I might get a little knotty now and then because of it, but a little time spent with a brush after it dries and I’m all set. No more hair loss. Hopefully I’ll be looking awesome into my 40s and beyond.

  3. anorex says:

    Every time I feel hungry, I eat. I don’t care what other people say. I can maintain my figure without limiting myself like all the models do. I will not subject myself to be starved to death just because I want to fit into a certain size. I’m a size 2 right now and I eat whatever I want. I’ve been a size 2 ever since 2 years ago. Previously, I was a size 4 but I lost weight and the only reason I lost weight is I didn’t subject my self to starve anymore. I learned how to eat healthy and have a better lifestyle. I hope you all learn from me.

  4. Pep says:

    I pep talk myself in the mirror all the time and I always end with the statement that I LOVE YOU. Yes, I do love myself and that’s the reason my life is so happy right now.

  5. Selfie says:

    This is a case of bad genes, and worse self esteem. I’m not pretty I know that. I doubt I ever will be. I don’t have the desirable facial type of the ‘hot’ and ‘sexy’ woman. I have a big Filipino nose and a round face. My body is OKAY (I’ll admit I have some nice legs) but I’m not the skinniest person. Normally one could say I’m average. I won’t lie. When I take selfies, much like others I make myself look good. Maybe even better than average. Online, people think I’m OKAY looking or pretty. But for me the reality sucks. I look at my selfies and realize how little they depict me. For me, my biggest flaw is my skin. Yes it could be better if I took even better care of it. But for me the problem is that I have a disease. An autoimmune disease that causes my immune system to suck and also attack bacteria on my skin, good or bad. I constantly have rashes, dry skin, sores. I’m always itchy with red patches and I feel disgusting. Most days I can’t even look at myself I’m so disgusted. I hate my skin. I take so many meds and out medicines on my skin yet its still bad. Whenever I meet someone or go into public I’m so ashamed of myself. People must think I’m gross. I don’t take care of myself. That I’m utterly hideous. I can’t stop the thoughts. My boyfriend tells me he doesn’t care but I’ve lived with this self hatred so many years I can’t believe it. I can’t fathom how anyone could see me as normal or not gross, much less pretty or desirable. It’s to the point an insult to how I look is more of a compliment than an actual compliment. Because I feel compliments are lies and over exaggeration. I complain a lot and I try and for years I’ve dealt with this. I’m embarrassed to be me. To look like me. To be so ugly I can’t even look at myself. To know looks define people so many times and I don’t have a choice. She’s ugly. She’s gross. I’d never date her. Eww she doesn’t look anything like her pictures. She’s nasty. I never show anyone the real me because I can’t even show myself. I won’t even show my boyfriend pictures of me even though he’s seen me in person long enough. I’m just so ashamed and grossed out by myself.

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