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Women with Curves: 20 Ways You Changed All Women for the Better

Women with Curves

Skinny used to be in, but thanks to women with curves, women can again be beautiful in all shapes and sizes without anxiety or starving themselves.

I love that Meghan Trainor song when she says “I’m just teasing, I know you think you’re fat,” when talking about skinny bitches. I love the newer girl generation. I want to let y’all know that I admire the way that you don’t give a shit about your curves. You know why? Because women with curves rock!

I wasn’t born thin or fat, but what I certainly know was that I not endowed with any curves at all. I believe that growing up, the boys used to refer to me as “flat and easy to screw” *yes, they said it and I didn’t sue for bullying*. But, at the time, teasing was socially acceptable.

I grew up in the Kate Moss era. Kate Moss was the hottest model during my formative years. I was brought up with supermodels who made bulimia and anorexia not only acceptable, it was something to aspire to. The whole “you can never be too rich or too thin” – that was from my generation too. Yep, it was pretty miserable if you were one of the women with curves in my day.

20 reasons why women with curves rule

God bless your generation. You are who you are. You don’t apologize for anything. You don’t play the same games we did, or pretend that you don’t ever sleep around while sleeping around. You also, and this is the most critical component to you, don’t starve yourself to try to obtain something that isn’t only unobtainable, it isn’t healthy or real.

So, to all of you girls out there who eat dessert again, don’t stress about calorie counts, walk around like a zombie because your brain isn’t getting enough oxygen, kudos babe. You have freed us all, and my hat is off to you.

Here’s why women with curves rule.

#1 You aren’t bitchy all the time because you are starving. Have you ever starved yourself? If you watch the walking dead, you totally get it. Like wanting to ravage someone, your anger is quick and fast; you’re constantly ready to pounce and not much fun to be around! [Read: Why men love women and their oh so hot bodies]

#2 You care more about what is on the inside than the size of your jeans. It’s so great, because women with curves aren’t concerned with the size of their jeans… they are worried about better, less shallow things in life.

#3 You don’t look like you could pass out at any minute. Skinny girls have that look about them, like everything is a hassle and merely breathing can make them pass out at any second. But women with curves are full of energy and spirit and aren’t afraid to hop to it!

#4 You aren’t stupid because your brain isn’t getting enough energy to operate. Yes, it is true, depriving yourself of food to be skinny actually makes you stupid. Your brain doesn’t get enough oxygen or energy to run. That is why some skinny girls can seem so spaced out at times. [Read: Should a girl ever dumb it down to impress a guy?]

#5 You aren’t buying into what the media is selling. Another great thing is that women with curves aren’t slaves to anyone else’s ideal of beauty. You are happy with what nature gave you and aren’t about to let any media campaign change that. Wear it loud and wear it proud.

#6 Your selfies aren’t about being in a skinny bathing suit. I HATE girls in bikinis sporting their skinny asses. I’m sorry, if I had wanted to see you in a bikini, I would have invited you to the beach. Which BTW, if you are one of those girls doing it and you look really hot in a bikini, no one is going to be inviting your ass anyway… too much work!

#7 You aren’t a hater, skinny, fat, who cares where anyone else is at. What’s also awesome is that women with curves are accepting of everyone. Not envious that someone can fit into a smaller size than you, you find beauty in all women, big, tall, short, small… it’s all good. [Read: 14 insights into what men want and need in a woman]

#8 You have freed us all to wear skinny jeans, skinny or not. I wouldn’t have been caught dead in leggings in the 90s, so thanks to you for wearing your skinny jeans to show off your assets. You have freed us all.

#9 You are comfortable in your own skin. There is nothing better than being around someone who is happy, confident and feels good in their own skin. They don’t need to talk badly about other girls out of jealousy or put anyone else down to make themselves feel good. You are just okay with letting you be you and letting skinny be skinny.

#10 You aren’t ashamed of the way that God made you, or trying to continually fit a scale. If you haven’t stepped on a scale in years, you are my idol. No woman should define her beauty by what the scale measures. You are just beautiful you. [Read: Well endowed women – The ups and downs of jiggly jugs]

#11 You aren’t chained to a gym. You aren’t that girl who gets out of bed at 9 a.m. on girl’s weekend to take a run by the ocean, or wastes countless hours at the gym sporting your spandex.

It isn’t that women with curves don’t work out and take care of themselves, it is just that they don’t look like they’re training for the Olympics or missing out on so much of life because they are stuck on a treadmill.

#12 You can hit the beach and not worry about sucking it in. You can hit the beach and not suck it in like you haven’t eaten in weeks… it must be so freeing!

#13 You saved my girls from yo-yo dieting. Yo-yo dieting not only makes you dumb mentally, but it also makes it much harder to maintain and lose weight later on in life. Like setting yourself up for a lifetime of misery, thank you for changing things, so my girls aren’t beholden. [Read: How to look better naked – 15 real life tips for instant effect]

#14 You don’t pretend that you have an excellent metabolism in front of the guys and starve yourself around the rest of us. If you want dessert, you have it, and you damn straight aren’t going to just order a salad. God bless you!

#15 If a guy doesn’t like what you look like they can go “f” off. Women with curves have a f*ck-you attitude that just rocks. I wish I had that confidence all the way around.

#16 You brought child-bearing hips back into fashion. Women were supposed to have hips and curves, that is what nature invented us for. Men are attracted to hips and thank goodness you brought them back into fashion. [Read: What men like in women more than anything else]

#17 You don’t define yourself by looking around a room and gauging who’s skinniest *yes, we used to do that*. You don’t think you are superior because you have the major self-control to starve yourself, nor do you admire someone else who does.

#18 Designers can go f*ck themselves because you aren’t going to buy into the “catwalk,” – those girls look ridiculous. I think we can all agree, those models look ridiculous, don’t they?

#19 You are what the female species is supposed to look like – healthy. Having a full figure and curves is what the female body is made for. They signal the male species that you are just ripe for procreation. Your curves are your biggest assets; it is about time that women learned the truth. [Read: 13 physical attraction tips to look way hotter]

#20 An hourglass figure means you have no time to wait for someone. You aren’t into games or letting someone play games with your head. That’s because women with curves just own it, what more can I say?

I have four little girls at home, and I have to admit that I am so happy that they don’t have to grow up in a skinny-obsessed world. Girls today have so much more moxie, aren’t going to spend a lifetime trying to be someone they aren’t, and when they die, aren’t going to think… shit, I should have had that scoop of ice cream.

Most of all, women with curves don’t waste all their time and energy restricting themselves, missing out on meals, and vacations and all the other indulgent things that life has to offer. Most of all, they don’t judge people by their pants size or care about their own. If you own them, you own them; it is as simple as that.

[Read: How to flaunt your plus size curves and rock it with confidence!]

One more time, thanks for saving my girls from eating disorders, buying the media hype, and letting some fashion designer tell them their worth. Let’s face it – women with curves are not only in, they are awesome, and I am forever grateful for you taking your stand and being your own damn self with pride!

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