Men Who Stare at Women

men who stare at women

Staring at women is a fun hobby for most men, but seriously, what is it with men who stare at women? The Super Fella explains everything you need to know about the Stare, and how to stop a guy from doing just that.

What’s the real reason behind why men stare at women?

Each time a woman walks past, most men just can’t stop staring at her.

A few men may be discreet, while a few perverts may go “strip mode”, but either ways, men who stare at women incessantly are just no good.

Understanding why men stare at women

For most of my life, I had never really figured that women get annoyed when men stare at them.

But I guess it does bother women, because I’ve heard the story of the “scary stares” from girl friends one too many times.

I for one, have never really experienced an ugly reverse stare from a woman, so you can forgive me for not figuring this out earlier.

But then, when men stare at women and the women don’t like it nor do they glance back, I really don’t think that qualifies for a flirtatious stare exchange.

But either ways, I don’t know what that stare could be called, so let’s just call it ‘the Stare’!

Men and staring at women

The last time I was out in a coffee shop with a girl pal of mine, I could sense that she was feeling quite uncomfortable, but she just shrugged it off when I asked her about it.

After a while, she told me about a guy who left the coffee shop just then. Apparently, he was doing ‘the stare’ thing with her! Oooh, it sounds creepy, doesn’t it? Almost as bad as Grudge Part I, she told me.

I was quite surprised because an occasional stare is complimenting, if the guy’s presentable enough. But then, she tells me it doesn’t matter how good the guy is, if it’s ‘the stare’ that he’s using, that’s just creepy and annoying.

To me, men who stare at women constantly sounded hilarious. To her, it was freaky. So that was my cue. I had to enlighten all women about ‘the stare’ and about men who stare at women. To blow the dust off the surface, ‘the stare’ isn’t just an ‘I’m-so-shy-I’d-wet-my-pants-if-I-looked-twice’ kind of thing from a guy. It’s actually more like the stare that forces you to time travel back fifty thousand years and see a hairy ape-like man grunting and beating his chest! [Read: Men and their fascination for a woman’s body]

Now that I picture that, the hair on the back of my neck seems to stand up. I’m just being dramatic here, really, so I can relate to all the poor women who’ve had to put up with the knee buckling stare.

Men who stare at women and the way they think

So why do men stare at women really? First off, men stare because their eyes need action. Secondly, because they want to. Thirdly, because they can! However much it pisses off a woman, men stare at women and will continue to do so. Most men who have understood the fact that we live in the 21st century don’t stare hard at women, but men who haven’t yet figured that they’re way past the Stone Age still stare at women like they’re getting set for a mating ritual.

It’s those men you see, men who stare at women with such intensity that women would be confused whether the guy’s constipating or just trying to fart real bad. Now that’s the guy who has ‘the stare’ in his eyes. And that’s the guy you’ve got to have in your blind spot.

Now I’m the kind of guy who hates seeing a woman in a spot of trouble. I’m not a male chauvinistic pig, and I don’t mind sitting in the passenger seat of a car, while a woman’s driving, though the ride can be a bit freaky at times. And I’m the guy who stops the car and gets off to help, if a woman’s having a fight with a cab driver or fixing a flat tire. Women are sweet, but some men take their sweetness as a sign of vulnerability, which sucks. Okay, I’m digressing a wee bit too much. [Read: Why men love a damsel in distress]

Why do men stare at women instead of talking?

It’s all in the head, you see. When the man was still a boy, most other bigger boys and men told him that it’s not easy to talk with woman. The big men say this to cover up their own shortcomings with women. The smaller boys use this as an excuse to squirm out of making a move on a girl.

The point here is, the first thing that pops into a man’s mind when he wants to approach a woman is, “Will she insult me?” And with that one thought, a drum beat starts drumming away inside his head. And it just gets worse, as he gets closer to starting a conversation with a woman.

Most men hate that feeling of getting spurned by a woman, and they definitely hate that drumbeat that’s their heart as they approach women. So they just sit back and stare at women. It’s the next best alternative for a loser of a guy who’s so sure he’d be spurned if he’d ever make a move. So he just sits back, and devours as much of you as he possibly can without making himself feel uncomfortable. These guys are just losers anyways, and they’re the ones who end up with goats or animals to give them company in bed, unless one of the women he stares at, finds it exciting and falls right into his arms. [Read: Should a girl accept a drink from a stranger?]

Do men stare at all women?

All women. Definitely. Most women think men stare only at beautiful girls, petite girls, or girls with breasts that fill their shirts really well, but men who use ‘the stare’ don’t really give a damn. They just want attention back.

They want to stare right at you, and hope you’ll stare back. Of course, you’re going to be curious at first and give him a few glances out of curiosity. But these men take these little innocent glances as a sign of triumph. They think they’re on stage two of hooking up, now that they’re past the ‘stare, watch, and wait for reciprocation’ stage, and they try giving women that creepy smile along with ‘the stare’. This is when you’d feel like throwing up all over his annoying face.

Men who stare at women know you won’t really do anything about it, so they continue staring at women wherever they are. It’s annoying, but at least now you know why men stare at women. [Read: Signs a guy is into you]

But do you want to know how to piss the men who stare at women off, or what men really imagine when they stare? Click here to continue reading about why guys stare at girls to get the real dirty picture!

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59 thoughts on “Men Who Stare at Women”

  1. Jim West says:

    As the author, you’re either a real guy or somebody’s mom. Being someone who’s “stared” and, I think you have got the “why” part pretty much on the money. But as to the driving motives and judgements in your writing, you couldn’t be any further from the truth, with your generalizations about guys.

    You sold your fellow brothers out by making them out to be stalkers, just so you could appeal to the more immature, insecure and self-righteous amongst your female readership? Tsk, tsk. All your claims do are justify, all the more, why women need to be on the offensive towards men rather than identify the good guys from the bad guys.

    Best of luck to your readers.

  2. catalina martinez says:

    Well, I have been with this guy for six years! He seems to not be able to stop staring at woman! Now I am wondering if really cares for me at all. I have told him lots of times to stop staring. He stares at men and woman!!! I am curious abut this relationship now.

    I also think he might be bisexual. I am worried. Here at home, he treats me like a queen, not all the time though. But he is abusive when I tell him to stop staring!!!!

  3. nancy says:

    Slap him in the face or kick his balls right in from of whoever he’s staring at, my husband stare at this girls who just happen to walk past by us with her boyfriend….I told him out loud “GEEZ HONEY WHY DON’T YOU TAKE A FREAKING PICTURE OF HER” lol, he boyfriend stared back at him LOL…………what a shame 😛

  4. AJ says:

    Only insecure pricks with no manners stare at women and people as a whole. I ignore people in public and the norm is not to look at them at all. Eye contact with strangers is pathetic and disgusting.

  5. Liz says:

    AJ your comment is a breath of fresh air, glad to know a man exists on earth who feels the same way that I do about eye contact with strangers! So desperate.

  6. jason says:

    Wow, the author is a real cranky panky, sounds like a fat b!tch who’s mad because they’re not getting any attention, yes men stare but so do women, Infact there’s nothing wrong with checking out the opposite sex. You make it sound like they did a hit and run, damn savages eh?

    And to Aj “. I ignore people in public and the norm is not to look at them at all. Eye contact with strangers is pathetic and disgusting.”

    yeaaaaaa starring at someone is horrible! and make sure not to look at anyone, cause that IS disgusting! what kind of society do we live in when people look at each other, maybe we should have designated lanes that we follow with our heads pointed down, that would make as much sense at this stupid article.

  7. LadyBlaze says:

    LOL, very funny! I stumbled across this article because I was looking for answers as to why this guy working in a restaurant (he was pretty cute) that I was eating in the other day would not stop staring me and when I smiled at him he continued to stare at me and then gave me one of those intense, devil-look, smiles. I’m definitely not beautiful though I do tend to get a lot of guys checking me out and chatting me up, but not staring at me the way this guy did. I figured I must be either really attractive to him or just monstrously ugly. Anyway, the article reinforces my belief that he was looking at me like that because he found me attractive, especially with the hungry smile, and I wish I’d had the guts to say something , but when it comes to potential rejection I am a spineless wimp. The author of this article does seem to be teetering on the whole ‘sucking up to women/bashing on men to score points’ thing though, so I’ve got to agree with Jim West. Very funny indeed.

  8. Chris says:

    the person who wrote this is a woman, wants to be a woman, or thinks they will get laid by being the man-poodle. lol

    its simple,

    guys look at woman who shoot all their bullets before the war is over. meaning if a woman is near naked or wearing form fitting attire like body paint guys will look. its not rocket science people.

    if men walked around like chip n dale dancers women would look as much as men maybe more since guys are already conservative dressers compared to women and women still look.

    Is it right to stare? I would say better not to, but understandable when its done since woman bait the attention like prostitutes.

    but for the sake of your wife or girlfriend insecurity don

  9. vac says:

    The author is yet another example of insecure emasculated man-gina trying his(her) best to ingratiate himself with his female readership. Real men enjoy looking at women to the same degree that women like to dress up, put on makeup and want to be seen. If men ‘stare’ at the preened up women then by the author’s logic, the women must be attention whores? Why else to make lips redder with lipstick, eyes bigger with mascara, hair more voluminous, bust hanging out of cleavage and asses vacuum packed in spandex? It is to hide and divert attention from ‘stares’. Wear a burka and there will be no staring 100% agree with Jim West.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Men who stare are usually creepy. No offense.

  11. Amanda says:

    Yeah not all men do this but the ones I’ve seen do it look creepy lol. It just makes me feel uncomfortable at times when I get the stare but I think its more due to the fact that I deal with anxiety issues sometimes. So I can’t change that :/

  12. AbsolutelySays says:

    it is very normal for many of us straight guys to stare at women. but nowadays there are just too many mean women out there that are not worth staring at.

  13. OA says:

    You guys are confusing staring with looking-glancing. Most women don’t complain when a guy looks at her, but when you’re staring at her with a deranged “i just got out of jail and haven’t seen a woman in 20 years” look then YES she will be offended. Learn the difference! Here’s how to tell if the look your giving is appropriate or not: Would you approve of another man looking at YOUR daughter the way you’re looking at the woman in question? If the answer is NO, then stop it! Before going off on woman, always take a situation and apply it to your daughter…. most men tend to see things differently when it comes to their own daughter…..

  14. Todd says:

    This article is a joke. I am friends with many women who enjoy people watching. It’s very entertaining. They stare at men and comment on them the same as my guy friends and I will stare and comment on girls. Sometimes we will approach them and talk to them, but sometimes not. It’s human nature to stare, especially at the people who are dressed very sexy showing off body parts we enjoy staring at. Haha. The “guy” who wrote this article goes way overboard kissing snobby woman ass.

  15. chris prophman says:

    if you reward honestly with punishment, your husband will never be honest.

    Guys have a problem with looking more so than women. there are reasons why this is true but not justification for doing it.

    first lets explain the reason so many men have this problem.

    1. during youth our culture encourages the lack of sexual self restraint in men, while at the same time discourages women.

    2. men are biologically designed to plant seed in many women so this sex hyper system has a tendency to get out of hand easily when allowed to.

    3. the sex drive chemical hormones that seperate men from women are higher in men than women and need more control.

    4. there are more women dressed sexually in the public than there are men to bait the eye.

    So how do we fix this?

    1. masturbation and sex spikes the testosterone which sex charges and feeds the brain addiction. so even though it lowers the liklyhood of prostate cancer, it throws gasoline on the flame. If you think only impure thoughts are capable with masturbation you are mistaken; musterbation and sex are the same thing.

    2. even hamburger commercials show sexual things to trigger the addiction so secular tv is a no go. you may not even be aware of the implanted suggestion. internet, secular movies. avoid public areas where secular dress is expected, because women dress has become so sensual most modest women dont realize how sexual they are to men and their affect. a bikini is legal underwear, do not think God will just judge the drug addict, the drug dealer is just as much to blame

    3. if you are not feeding the spirit in you, you are being fed by the world, because we live in the world. read the bible daily and pray daily.

    If you remember these three things your man will be able to maintain himself.

  16. Aylar says:

    Agree, I think it’s digusting when just anybody in the street looks at me, but I like it when I find an attractive blue-eyed, bussiness-like men staring at me! 😀 I want to stare back, but I give a short glance, and look away or down because I don’t want to give away my pride, and later I regret, because I’ll never see them again! I generally stare alot at everything and anbody, just for fun. I like analyzing people, and some ladies might wanna start a catfight with me when I stare, or most men I don’t like might think I’m flirting with them, or some babies might cry by my evil stare, but I can’t help but stare. So, I only want to be stared at by men I like, lol. How can I make men hate me and make them stop staring at me? I feel so objectified when I’m walking and am aware I’m being watched step by step, every move I make. It’s funny, I laugh at my own misery

  17. Chrissy says:

    It was really a breath of air for me to see AJ’s comment on staring in general. Let alone that your mate, husband, etc. does it to the point that a back and forth exchange go on with smiling and strategically placing onself to be able to do it when they think or see the person that they are with turn to do something and they sneak that look and smile in AGAIN! I am a victim of this. Unfortunately, I am married to the man who is doing this. He even took my nature of being trusting and socially normal to his advantage. I never thought to watch his every move and who would? Until he was constantly accusing me of staring and saying comments suggesting I was. It struck me as over the top with his constant verbal and angry accusations that I started looking at what he was doing and unfortunately robbing mysel f of enjoying life. I did this because I started realizing all of the advice of very smart people with the advice that someone who is constantly accusing you of something you are not doing is doing that themselves, due to a guiltly conscience., Well, it is so true that I am searching for help, guidance, to feel that I am not the only one in this. Especially now, we have joined a gym because over the years we have gained weight and decided enough was enough. To my delight we are both losing weight and commited to the gym daily. Ironically, there is always a side affect, right? Mine is he is constantly stare at the women and with multiple stares and even smiles back and forth. I am now consumed with watching him and being devistated every time. He, of course denies it. I am not blind and don’t plan on becoming blind in the near future. The saddest part about this is that we are both looking amazing and are commited everyday and feel physically awesome. For me though, it is so bitter sweet to have to absorb the eye cheating and it takes away from my own physical work-out. I wish I never saw him doing that. At least I would be oblivious to the fact that I am the laughing stock of the women that he stares and smiles at. We both have our rings on and they clearly know we are married. I have been married for 13 years with 3 children with my husband,. It is so clear that other women are more worried about their self-esteem then uniting with other women against men who do this. I am giving an ultimatum to my husband and we will see who loses the most. He can stare and smile all day, but I will be on the look out for a man like AJ who only will have eyes for me!!!!!

  18. dave says:

    Or…… maybe,Ms. Chrissy, you are a woman who treats her man in such a way, that he only has eyes for you.Is that illegal,also?

  19. mija says:

    loved this article! totally agree with th e author i think!.. coz ima girl n the stares really do makeu feel awkward!!.. esp. when the author has mentioned the girl stares back out of curiosity n the guy takes the wrong hint!!.. plus there are others who almost strip u with their dirty looks n yeah it occurs even when u are wearing the most decent of clothes!!.. makes u wanna wonder what s wrong with my jeans or top??!.. is antthing showing from somewhere r they torn or what??!.. n still u keep getting those awkward looks!
    and totally get it that it must be inevitable for a guy not to stare or flirt with a good lookin woman!!.. even the married ones do at times , which can turn out disappointing!! .. i mean u got ur girl!!??!! wat the hell??!..

    some some guys r not that creepy in the stares ,.. they ll just look n then ignore u. .which is nice i think !.. coz u can super make out from jus one glance if the guy /girl is worth a second glance!.. i mean yeah girls do it too!.. but for me just one glance is enough!.. n i would want to stare back a lot or it might send wrong signals!.. though on a few occassions if a guy was too good looking or was an ex crush of mine obv couldnt help staring back awkwardly just hope they didnt notice!! 😛

  20. Kathryn says:

    Unfortunately this article suggests that most men are sex-craved idiots and that women feel threatened by those men who do stare.
    First off, Not nearly all men stare at women. Yes, there are guys who are 100% for their partners and nobody else matters. I don’t think that men appreciate the fact that society has painted them with one generalizing sweep. The fact that men are often encouraged to act like pigs is ridiculous and a lot of guys only behave this way because they’re pressured to. Not to say there aren’t guys who stare – some do – but keep in mind that these same guys are the ones behaving out of context and humans generally are wired to remember the bad things. So those douchebags that undress women with their eyes are giving decent men a bad name.
    One reply suggested that men are programmed to want to spread their seed to as many women as possible. Seriously? Are we talking about the same species here? We’re humans, not sea-elephants on a discovery channel documentary. Not knocking sea-elephants, but they’ve got a very different way of doing things, and are in a different part of the food chain than us.
    Also, those women who so often complain about men staring should reconsider how they present themselves. Keep in mind that people don’t just stare at good things. Car accidents and train wrecks receive plenty of rubbernecking action but it’s not because they look nice. If a woman spends an hour putting on makeup and dresses in sleazy clothing, she will receive more attention than women who wear normal clothes. The attention won’t necessarily be good. In fact, there’s a good chance that at least half the men looking at her are thinking she’s pathetic or a high-maintenance train wreck. But some women just love attention and will get it in whatever way they can.

  21. Kathryn says:

    Oh, and I wanted to also add that men who suggest that “all guys stare” are pathetic and are just looking for others to validate their behaviour.

  22. Seriously says:

    but then again, there are certainly Very Stuck Up Women today.

  23. The Real Answer says:

    It really makes much sense for many of us men that don’t have a love life right now to look at a woman that we’re very much attracted too, and with so many very nasty women out there these days certainly is a problem for us since we’re looking to meet a good woman to settle down with. And it is a real shame that there are so many rotten women out there that are certainly the problem since many of them today are so very stuck up and think there God’s gift to men. Totally different than the women that we had in the past that were much better educated than the ones that are out there today, and many of the women back then were hoping to meet a good man to settle down with and have a family too. Most women nowadays are really not nice at all making it very difficult for us men that are seriously looking, and we certainly can’t blame ourselves at all either. So where in the world can us good men go to meet a good woman today to have a relationship with?

  24. Brooke says:

    I would like to know why does my husband do the creepy stare and then want to kiss and put his hands all over me and then deny he is being sparked by other females he is staring at. He also wants to look in my pants as well.

  25. Sam says:

    there is a difference between creepy stare and normal flirting stare. Stop being ugly biased old mama. women also stare at guy and please don’t deny it. But i never read an article that stating women that staring a guy is creepy.

  26. Rick says:

    As a man, I can relate to this problem. You see, I am often on the receiving end of stares of women. I receive stares from women ranging in age from elderly to high school and college aged women!

    There have been times when I have been stared at by both mother and daughter at the same time. Often these stares sweep my body up and down as if I am nothing but a piece of meat for these aggressive women who wish to objectify me.

    I worry that this behavioral pattern is being passed down from generation to generation.

    From seniors at the senior centers, to my daughters’ high school cohorts, the stares I receive leave me feeling vulnerable, and send the message that my mind does not matter.

    When I try to swim at the YMCA or spend time at the beach in swim trunks, environments populated more by females than males, I feel as though I am considered to be an object there simply for their viewing pleasure. Simply because I am considered to be attractive and have the audacity to maintain a high level of fitness does not give these women the right to gawk at me like I am their play toy.

    I often will catch these stares from my peripheral vision, and when I turn to confront the offender, they will brazenly continue to stare at me for anywhere from 5-20 seconds. They often will smile maliciously at me, look me up and down, and if with friends, will talk excitedly among themselves, giggling and laughing at my disenfranchisement. It has gotten to where I dread being where I know a location will be women-centric.

    In addition to staring, women will actually approach me and begin talking to me, in a blatant attempt to victimize me sexually. They will callously talk to me as if the staring had never occurred, and in some cases, will actually fondle me!

    I have had my chest, arms, shoulders, legs, and buttocks fondled with no regards for the beautiful person I am inside. The objectification I am ex

  27. Doug says:

    I’m getting quite fed up with this attitude. I happen to be a guy who has received bad reactions from staring and I’m pretty sure that the stares that I receive back do much more harm to me than they do to these “victims.”

    Since you clearly only understand part of what goes through the minds of people like myself, let me educate you. Yes, I have frequently thought about sexual things while looking at women. In addition to that, I try to assess the person that I’m looking at because I’m interested in who they are and what they’re interested, among other things that you seem to think are beyond the reach of these pitiful staring man-beasts. I wonder about what they think about me too, which is why people like myself look away when the person that we’re looking at appears bothered.

    While we’re on that subject, did you know that I feel hurt when I receive a reverse glare from a woman? Of course not. You’ve already labeled me and are now hiding behind that mental shortcut so that you don’t have to seriously think about it. Nonetheless, I do feel hurt. I’m hurt because the person I’m looking at now thinks that I’m just a perv even though I’m probably a lot nicer than most of the people who actually talk to her and I’m hurt because I may have caused her some distress, however fleeting.

    I’m not even dangerous. I’ve never gone up to talk to a stranger that I’ve looked at like this because I don’t talk to people unless I have business with them or I have reason to believe that we are potential friends (no, looks alone don’t meet that criteria). I’m far too introverted to deal with complete strangers. That’s right, I have no desire to approach the people I’m looking at. I don’t even want to be noticed because that could result in an awkward encounter and I just don’t have the energy for that.

    Oh, and speaking of introversion, let’s not forget your obviously ignorant attack on the introverted third of the population. You have stated that the people who are quiet and assess a situation from a distance instead of diving in (who are generally either introverted or shy) are all losers who are sexually attracted to animal. I would tell you why this is wrong if it weren’t so obvious.

  28. Ray Hoechst says:

    As one of the commentators here said, men stare at women who are strikingly beautiful or who are scantily clad. Either way it is admiration, although of a sensual variety. Sometimes, men may just stare at someone who walked into the field of vision while they are engrossed in some thoughts. This could make the woman uncomfortable but the offender may not have intended it. Anyway, going back to sheer beauty (fully or half-clothed) or sensual dressing, if women do not like to be stared at, why do they wear bikinis of ever-diminishing sizes and parade around on the beach? You could swim with a speedo suit covering your entire body. Why do you need a bikini or even a one piece?

  29. sofia says:

    This article surprised me. I find that men who stare are confident and not afraid to show a girl he likes her. I find it very attractive and masculine. Being a woman who gets a lot of attention, i tend to feel shy and more feminine around these type of men.

  30. Shawn says:

    What the fuck?! Are all of you serious?! Eye contact is apart of greeting in a friendly and professional level. Also, some guys truly link feelings to the female they stare at, it’s called romance. It’s either you reciprocate or you don’t. It’s hard to tell if someone likes you if they never want to see your face. You’re uneducated, take a speech and communication class. Get over yourselves.

  31. Alex says:

    A very beautiful woman caught me off guard in a parking lot once and I still don’t know what made me frown. But i wish she would give me a second chance. I still hate myself for it.

  32. Ayesha in Canada says:

    Oh my God, so many funny comments! I especially loved the comments by Ladyblaze and Aylar! You women are funny! I came on here cos people stare at me but today I was at the coffee shop and this guy who was handsome in a rugged way was staring at me pretty much like he was gonna eat me alive. :/ I was not scantily dressed. I ran out of there fast.

  33. Alex says:

    What the Hell is this article talking about? The reason I “stare” at a girl is because I find her pretty and interesting and I’m looking for clues that she likes me back so I can actually walk up to her and have a conversation with her.

  34. anonymous says:

    This article seems to made by both man and woman…probably a woman who got some man to help her out….
    And I think she’s probably a psychopath. Who the hell can write like this?!?!

  35. Female says:

    I am not tarty I wear hoodies, hairs just tired back ect but I get hit on alot anything from polite staring as a opener to pretty sick behavior. For some reason Doctors tend to like me they are the ones that generally come under sick but I had one puzzler. The Doctor came into the waiting room called my name had a big smile whilst studying my whole face. He talked to me the whole way which meant moving in close at two doorways and with his height he was bent over looking at me as if he was going to kiss me. I was still trying to convince myself that it was my imagination when he was sat in his chair and put his hand out for me to shake it but I had to lean right over the corner of the table towards him, he squeezed somewhat with a big smile and slightly dilated pupils.
    Now while I had been in the waiting room some ladies had been commenting on a new Dr being nice one took it further joking I hope hes good looking and single. She had come out saying thats no good hes married with two children ! Which is why I just stared at him in disbelief and then away trying to work it out, he then looked puzzled and then wheeled his chair under the desk and got on with the job with some sneaky stares.

    So my questions are
    If there is a room full of men the last one to speak to me would probably be the one I would would be most likley to date (are you listening Doug I talk to anyone who makes polite conversation in a polite manner its the creeps that dont stand a chance) so how did he manage to make me want to kiss him ?
    Is he a creep or a nice guy who finds me attractive ?

  36. chuma geo. says:

    Women should never complain about guys staring at them. I mean,what are guys for? For not to appreciate the beautiful nature of feminism even though he doesn’t have the balls to walk up to her. But I encourage guys to work more on their approaching skills than staring skills. The worst you can get is NO. Surely it will help more.

  37. Ed Shy says:

    I stared at a woman today, she looked at me in a mean way. It made me feel sad and later depressed. She was beautiful and sexy. So I found this article and made me understand how she felt

  38. Me says:

    The stare is a problem for women young and old. When I was young it grossed me out and was so creepy, there’s a different look in the man’s eyes and it’s pretty yuck. Now I’m older my husband has done this a few times to others and again it grosses me out and is yuck. Instant respect reducer – the stare.

  39. Karen says:

    I believe men who stop in their tracks to ogle a female while their wife or girlfriend is with them is saying “I want to fuck you” and I would if my woman wasn’t with me. I believe men who do that have no respect for who they are with and are always looking to see if the grass is greener on the other side. The word for that kind of man is CHEATER. I learnt that once when a guy told me he had always dreamed of a woman like me. I dumped his ass and told him that’s why his marriage didnt work. Men always think they can find something better then what they got

  40. Ben says:

    Truly I feel my IQ dropped some reading this article. Definitely written by an early 20’s female who has little grasp of the subtleties of interpersonal communications. Trust me if this is where you are getting your world view from. You’re in for a rough ride in life. So what the author is saying that any man who doesn’t follow up a piqued interest with a direct verbal approach is a loser. So if in a day a woman receives 20-30 curious gazes, she would be happier with 20-30 direct approaches? I dont think so.

    Try this for a model of explanation of the “Male Stare”:
    1/ Male sees an attractive female.
    2/ Stare’s and attempts to make eye contact.
    Then we have a few possible scenarios from that point.
    A Woman sees stare and Scowls and looks away. Man sighs and goes on with his day as there is clearly no interest.
    B Woman gives a shy smile which gives the man a positive body language signal that may indicate an approach may be welcomed.
    C Woman gives a large smile and turns shoulders to face towards the man…
    Or as promoted here
    D Woman see stare and tries to ignore it thinking “how creepy, after reading a dodgy article online”. Man is confused as no clear signal has been received whether the interest is welcome or not, so will likely continue to stare until a communicative signal can be interpreted. This is a little akin to waving at someone who clearly doesn’t recognise you and fails to wave back. It just creates an awkward situation for both parties involved.

    So maybe the male stare can make you feel a little awkward at times but it really is just a method of interpersonal communication. Try reading some info on body language it is amazing how much we say while saying nothing at all if you know how to interpret it. Effective communications is not just a verbal thing. Articles like this help to erode human communications with erroneous explanations of typical human behavior.

    Maybe an article on PRINCESS SYNDROME would be interesting here and possibly relate closer to the authors own particular issues?

  41. greenghost2008 says:

    This is embarrassing to admit but I live in a very male environment. I can go months without seeing a woman my own age(20 some things). When I do my first thought is like,”omg she must be the most beautiful person on Earth. Holy cow. (insert poetry here) Oh wait you are staring again. look at your phone or something you creep.” That might illuminate things.

  42. Truth-teller says:

    I see a man who looks at most attractive women as a lower-quality guy. Not all men stare/look at hot women. But some do. To me, it’s the sign of someone with a Neanderthal brain, who has no self-control or respect and can’t grow up. I understand men under 20 doing this. But when a man is 40+, it is no longer hormones. It is lacking female energy within them and purpose in life. To me what differentiates a GUY FROM A MAN is this very thing: Theodore Roosevelt IS a man. Snoop Dogg is a guy. I can’t imagine Mr.Roosevelt staring at every attractive woman who walks by. “Guys” who do this are immature, lack purpose in life or have not bothered to work on themselves to grow as a person. It is a matter of evolution. Maybe you will find this cocky but I am a rare breed as a woman and I believe that I deserve the best man this planet has to offer. That, unfortunately, does not include guys who look at hot chicks all the time like they have nothing better to do. I don’t want a man like that to father my daughter, who might then learn to dress scantily and try to get attention from other men (which she was deprived of by her own dad). I want my daughter to know that she deserves someone who has evolved from the Neanderthal brain and is not WEAK. Guys who stare at women when their partner is with them(or not) are weak, un-evolved and no good. They are more likely to cheat because they use women as an escape from their meaningless life. It’s an addiction. “It’s what guys do” doesn’t cut it. Sorry! We are far, far away from the times when all men was good for was their sperm and their hunting skills. I expect more from the man I am with because I am giving up on all the hot, exciting and powerful men I would/could sleep with. If my man stares, I will not keep him. I like men. Not “guys”. I like men with purpose, power and self-control. Neanderthals are not sexy or desirable. Period.

  43. Ronald Arias says:

    this article was written poorly it was all over the place… ever think some men give a glancing stare to get one back and continue doing their thing, like reading a book or looking at their iphone? It’s innocent flirts, Girls love staring too even when they are next the their boyfriends and that’s when I worry bitch stop starring gonna get in trouble for nothing. Bottom line its: normal to look at people that’s what primates do…especially if they are attractive or dressing very nicely

  44. Tony says:

    We have all seen the movies. Handsome famous actor stares at pretty actress and keeps looking at her waiting for a response. Since he is a handsome and famous then his stare at her is welcomed and not creepy. Its a shame that society bases on what’s creepy or not on whether of not the girl find the man attractive. So less attractive men who are actually good honest hard working men who may or may not have children are suddenly creepy if he looks at a girl he feels attracted to and appreciates her beauty. If he does not approach her it could be he is shy, has a girlfriend, is married, gay, or maybe he is not interested in a relationship right now and is focusing on work but noticed her beauty and maybe he smiles to her as he does everyone else because he is friendly to everyone. Just because he does not approach does not make him a loser. I know a lot of guys who have have approached many women and have been friends with lots of girls. Even they do not approach and talk to every pretty girl they find attractive. They may look and make eye contact saying, “I notice you are pretty” in their head. Maybe they can’t take their eyes off her if she is especially beautiful. Or maybe they decide not to talk to her because they notice she gives off a bad vibe, she has a bad attitude, she has a frown on her face, she smells bad, she has a masculine voice, dresses sloppy, is rude to others, or for no reason at all simply because they just don’t feel like talking to and approaching every pretty girl they see. This does not make them losers. Also, I see women stare at me all the time. If a very handsome man comes into the room then all the girls in the room look and at first try not to stare but you will catch them looking at him over and over again. They just can’t help themselves. Now imagine the guy has large muscles and no shirt. He is flaunting it. You might stare due to attraction but it could be because his making a spectacle of himself. Women due this too. They flaunt their cleavage with the tops they wear. They also wear tight fitting yoga pants that show the shape of their ass. Then they get mad if we look. Imagine if men had tight pants that showed the length, thickness and shape of their penis under their pants. You girls would look and not help but notice. If nobody was noticing then you would stare. There is a YouTube video with a guy who did this on a train and had a hidden video recording while he pretended to sleep. Girls stared at that long thick lump under his very tight pants. So women basically do this with the clothes they wear and expect men not to do the same. That is very hypocritical.

  45. Sarah says:

    The funniest thing I saw once was a man staring at this girl as she passed him and he walked into a lamp post. I ended up marrying the guy that was staring at me. He was handsome (and Irish 😉 so I stared back and smiled. I was 21 at the time and 20 years and two kids later we are still happily married. If he looks nice and is single feel flattered.

  46. Kevin says:

    looks like you basically said any guy with self esteem issues is a loser.

  47. Daniel Carvalho says:

    So when a women stares at a guys this is nice? We have some ridiculous ideas in this website. That people doesn’t know that eye contact is body language associated with sexual tension and seduction?

  48. Daniel Carvalho says:

    Indeed, girls look at us even with thier boyfriend aside her! This topic above seems a feministic stupidity

  49. Raquel E says:

    Staring is annoying and disrespectful, period. I am marrried now, uber young but married and men are always staring at me, on the elevator (as if I can’t seem them, ya sure). On the train, in the gym; I can see how it may be a compliment, but I am married simple as that and some of the men can be twice my age. C’mon chillax and find a wife if you are that horny, a good looking wife (cough, cough…if your creepy ass can). I don’t think men stare at any women, all the young men I have known that stare or show intrest direct it towards “attractive women” so I find that a lie. Plus I see it oh so often, men will help out and stare at a women of there liking. The other day my husband and I were stranded in a woodsie area on the road and people could not see him fixing the wheel, two cars stopped…men of course (thanks guys, aslong as you are not creep). My husband was laughing afterwards and said, it’s funny when men see a women they automatically want to help, they see you and probably think she is so tiny) but some men pick and choose who they help (which I feel it shows how douchee many* guys can be) but the nasty truth.

  50. Caleb Kleve says:

    I was reading this because I want to become a more sensitive man and a more caring boyfriend and this offends me. Women think men stare at women because they cant get the girl? I’ve been single for 2 years and that’s not it at all. It’s because (for some of us) we don’t feel like we deserve a good and proper girlfriend so we look because we are too afraid to touch. Try being more understanding and less judgemental

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