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13 Signs a Married Man Is In Love with You & Wants Something More

Signs a Married Man Is In Love with You

He flirts but is married? Wondering if the innocent flirting is turning into something more? Look for these signs a married man is in love with you.

Before you even go looking for the signs a married man is in love with you, here’s some advice you need to know. When it comes to married dudes, I really only have one thing to say: stay away from them! Yes, I know you like him, and he likes you, but he’s married. He has a wife, possibly even children; this just screams “mess.”

I understand it’s a tough situation to be in, especially if you think he’s in love with you. Women are told time and time again by married men that he’s going to divorce his wife and leave his family for them. But you know that hardly ever happens. And it’s not because they don’t want to be with you, they do, but they also don’t want to destroy their family.

See the dilemma they’re caught up in? But let’s not jump too far ahead. Right now, you need to figure out where his feelings are? Is this just innocent flirting? Or is this something much more serious? In other words, is he in love with you?

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Either way, the ball is in your court with how you choose to handle this situation. Yes, you can have an affair with him, but you need to remember that it won’t necessarily work out in your favor, and you will get hurt.

Or, you can end the flirtatious behavior and communication, allowing yourself to find someone who’s actually available and open to fully love you. But first, let’s see what’s really going on.

The most obvious signs a married man is in love with you

His eyes aren’t on his wife; they’re on you. Here are 13 of the most obvious signs a married man is in love with you, and wants you to fall in love with him.

#1 You feel it. I always say this when it comes to people’s feelings. We’re humans created with instinct; you know when someone has feelings for you. It’s in their eyes; it’s in the energy, it’s in the way they laugh or smile at you. You just know there’s something more going on inside of them. Don’t doubt yourself or what your instinct is telling you. [Read: 18 emotional affair signs you probably haven’t noticed yet]

#2 He spends his free time with you. He should be spending his free time with his wife and kids, but instead, he’s spending his free time with you. Now, this is a huge sign he has deeper feelings for you. You’re single; you can spend your free time however you please. But for him, he has a family he should be spending time with, but he’s not.

#3 He tries to be close to you. Some married men are more aggressive, while other married men are scared to make a move *as they should be*. So, they won’t necessarily make any physical contact, but they’ll try to get closer to you. Whether it’s sitting close to you, standing next to you, or leaning over you, they will do whatever they can do close the gap. [Read: 12 clear signs he wants you to cheat with him – What you need to do]

#4 He touches you. I’m not talking about highly sexually touching; for example, he grabs your ass. You would know right away what his intentions are. What I’m talking about is subtle touching, for example, when he opens the door on your and places his hand on your lower back. He brushes the hair out of your face, rubs your shoulders.

This doesn’t necessarily mean love, but it means he’s sexually attracted to you. Now, if this touching isn’t with your consent, then that’s a problem. [Read: 15 super-obvious signs a man is sexually attracted to you]

#5 He talks about his marriage with you. Not every married man will do this. Some prefer to pretend they’re not married at all. But others will use their marriage as a way to get closer to you. Maybe he’s having problems in his marriage, and he chooses to discuss them with you. He’s not talking to you about his problems because he wants advice, he wants to show you that his marriage is on the rocks and he’s on his way out.

#6 Where’s his ring? You know he’s a married man, but whenever you’re around him, there’s no evidence of his marriage. When you look at his hands, they’re bare, not a ring in sight. You know the old saying, “out of sight, out of mind.” Not seeing his ring gives himself the impression that he’s single and available for you, even though he’s not.

#7 He makes excuses to talk to you. He will say whatever he has to say to get another five minutes alone with you. And it makes sense. If someone really likes you, they’ll try to spend as much time with you as possible. Since he’s married, he can’t blatantly ask you out; he needs to create situations to spend time with you. [Read: Does he want a secret relationship with you?]

#8 He’s a little too friendly with you. Maybe you work with him, and of course, it’s normal for people to have friendly working relationships with one another. But there’s a clear line between being friendly with your colleagues and being a little too friendly; you know what I mean? Though he’s not taking a big step over the line, he’s crossing it very subtly.

#9 He’s jealous. There’s no reason for him to be jealous if he’s just a co-worker or friend. Why would he be jealous? He has his own wife and family. But for him, he feels threatened by other guys who are near you, and sometimes behaves in a boyfriend manner. One of the weirdest signs a married man is in love with you is when he tries to mark his territory. What he seems to forget is he has a partner already! [Read: 14 side chick rules to be a happy mistress minus the drama]

#10 He goes out of his way for you. I don’t mean that he holds the door open for you; he will take leaps and jumps to make you happy. He’ll go out at lunch and grab you lunch, even get you a coffee every morning. Come on, I know it’s nice to get a free coffee in the morning, but you know there’s something more behind it.

#11 He’s interested in your love life. Why would he care about your love life? What good is it for him if he knows who you’re dating? Who cares? The only reason why he would have any interest in your love life is if he sees himself as part of it. One of the sneaky signs a married man is in love with you is when he wants to know if you’re single or dating someone, and the type of guys you’re into. [Read: The biggest signs you’re the side chick when you believe you’re his main girl]

#12 He talks to you outside of work/school hours. Maybe you know him because he’s a colleague or fellow student. And it’s normal for people to socialize during work hours, for example, but if he’s texting you late at night or during the weekends, he’s trying to create a closer relationship.

#13 He buys you things. This one is pretty obvious. If a married man is buying you gifts, it’s clear he’s into you. Now, you can accept the gifts if you want, but you need to know by accepting those gifts, you’re playing into his game. If you want to stay out of what will soon be a complete mess, don’t accept gifts from him.

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After reading these signs a married man is in love with you, remember that he is still a MARRIED man. Before making any moves, always keep that in mind, because the last thing you want is a broken heart.

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