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14 Sexy Secrets to be Incredibly Good in Bed Every Time

You never want to be the one who sucks in bed. Learn these sexy secrets to be good in bed and blow the minds of every partner you have from here on out!

how to be good in bed

Don’t lie. You know you want to be amazing in bed every time. We all do! Most people fear that they’re not going to satisfy in bed and, quite honestly, that can make them worse! We all want to be the person that leaves their significant other in awe after getting it on.

Being great in bed isn’t just for the benefit of your lover either. It can make you feel ridiculously powerful to be the reason they roll over, gasping for air, and don’t want to move for hours on end. It’s a huge confidence boost!

Being great in bed isn’t just about having the best moves or being able to last the longest. Actually, it’s about so much more than that.

The best sex secrets to be incredibly good in bed

Having sex isn’t rocket science and neither is being fantastic at it. When you’re good in bed, both of you benefit from the fun time. If you really want to know how to be the best they’ve ever had every single time, pay close attention. We’re about to unleash the secrets to being a master at sex.

#1 Be confident. Confidence is just downright sexy. If you waltz into that room acting like you know exactly what you’re doing, it will convince your partner that you do and that they’re in for a good time.

Too many people get nervous and it shows in the way they have sex. Naturally, this leads to sex that feels awkward and is not as enjoyable as it could be. Be confident and you’ll be good in bed every time. [Read: How to be a seductress in bed without behaving overly sexual]

#2 Don’t be shy! Shy is never sexy when it comes to getting naked together. When you’re shy, you don’t have confidence, you don’t try new things, and you are honestly probably just boring.

It might be intimidating having sex with someone for the first time, but just think about the fact that they want to be there with you. That should ease some shyness and give you a little confidence to make the event incredible.

#3 Pay attention to their likes/dislikes. Not everyone likes the same things. Some people like rougher sex while others really get off with soft, sensual touches. Pay attention to whether or not they’re reacting positively to something and then do it more!

If you really want to know what they like most, ask them! Of course, do so in a sexy way by asking what they want you to do to them. This is almost guaranteeing that you’ll be amazing because they’re straight up telling you what they like. [Read: The 9 sexiest foreplay moves that will never ever go wrong with anyone]

#4 Look incredible. What a lot of people don’t know is that sex is extremely visual. Sure, you might close your eyes for some of it but the rest of the time where are your eyes wandering? On your partner, of course!

Looking good will give them that extra stimuli they need in order to categorize sex with you as their #1 joy. Hit the gym. Get a wax. Put on something sexy for them. All of these are awesome ways to be incredibly good in bed every time. [Read: 15 real life tips to look ridiculously amazing in bed instantly]

#5 Foreplay, foreplay, foreplay. I don’t think I can stress the importance of foreplay enough. You could be a master at everything else, but if you skip foreplay it’s just cutting down on your greatness level SO much.

Only a well-oiled machine works at top efficiency, right? So you need to get the juices flowing before getting to work. Foreplay sets up sex and gets your partner in the right mood for accepting one heck of a fantastic night. NEVER skip it. [Read: 18 sex tips for men to make her crave for a lot, lot more]

#6 Cater to their specific needs. No one is the same when it comes to what feels good and what doesn’t. Some people *generally women* take much longer to finish than others. If this is true for your significant other, then you need to switch things up and cater to their needs first.

If they can only finish on top, then make sure that they’re in a top position most of the time—or at least toward the end of your sexcapades. Catering to their individual needs gives you an extra leg up on making sure you’re pleasing them perfectly.

#7 Switch up positions. Boring sex is not good sex. And the only way sex can possibly be boring is if you never change positions. Different positions feel different for both people. Some people like certain ones more than others, too.

This means you need to switch things up if you really want to be the best and please them better than anyone else. Changing positions makes it exciting, adds pleasure, and makes you really good in bed every time. [Read: The 30 day sex challenge – 30 sexy positions for 30 nights]

#8 Change the speed. Not only is singular-position sex boring, but one-speed sex is almost just as boring. It may feel good to go as hard and fast as you can for a while, but sometimes it’s just too much and you really need to take it down a notch.

Plus, going slow and then speeding up again really adds to the dynamic and puts in so many more sensations that wouldn’t even be felt if everything was one speed. So change it up a few times during your dirty deed.

#9 Communication is key. I think everyone forgets to talk during sex. Sure, discussing the weather might not be the best idea at that time, but talking about the sex you’re having is! Ask them if they like stuff. Tell them what you want them to do to you.

This opens up a door for you to not only learn what they like best, but also get some dirty talk in there to make things even sexier! [Read: How to talk dirty to your partner and sound really sexy]

#10 Read their body language. Body language gives away a truckload of information during sex. You really need to understand what means good and what means bad. Read that body language and respond accordingly and you’ll be great in bed every time.

#11 Take charge. Someone who knows what they want and tells you what to do to get it is hot. Take charge in the bedroom. Tell them what you want them to do. Demand them to sit still, not touch you at all, or dare them to not make a sound for a certain amount of time.

Obviously, keep things in the realm of what the two of you are comfortable with, but definitely be demanding. It’ll make everything that much more intense and hot. [Read: 13 untold sex secrets you really have to know]

#12 Make it last. Unless you only have five minutes before work and have to get a quickie in, make the sex last a reasonably long amount of time! I’m pretty sure there isn’t anyone out there who would complain about sex lasting too long. Longer pleasure = better pleasure. [Read: How long should sex really last? The real score on time]

#13 Ask for feedback. After the deed is done and you’ve both had time to return to your normal breathing rate, ask them how they liked it! Don’t probe for too much information, but do ask them if they liked certain things better than others. It’ll give you material to work off of for next time!

#14 Practice makes perfect ;). The more you have sex with someone, the more you’ll get to know what they like personally, and the better you’ll be able to pleasure them. So get naked and practice!

[Read: 10 bad girl sex tricks and 6 bad boy sex tricks you need to have in your arsenal]

Being good in bed every time is a lot easier than most people think. As long as you follow these 14 secrets, you’ll shock the panties off of everyone you sleep with!

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