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10 Ways the Perpetually Busy Can Still Find Love

Squeezing dating into a busy schedule isn’t easy. But when you keep these tips in mind, you’ll be looking at success in love in no time.

how to find love when you're busy

Time is probably the most expensive commodity that everyone seems to want to have, but the luxury of having it is not available to most of us. You wake up, prepare for work or school, drive or take public transportation to get there, hoping that you will get in time in spite of the morning rush hour. Then you work for nine hours or more, depending on the mood of your boss, and if you are the boss you might be obliged to work longer hours.

Before you know it, you look out of the window and notice the sun has gone down, and yet you still have errands to run. You have to go buy your pets their favorite food, you need to buy that new fertilizer for the garden that you told yourself you’d buy since last week, you need to bring your laptop to a repair center, amongst so many other things.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. You don’t even know if you will have time over the weekend to attend your sister’s wedding or visit your mother. Oh, and how about that date of yours that you kept postponing?

How to date despite a busy schedule

All you have to do is to be creative and know where to look. Here are a few effective ways to squeeze finding love into your busy schedule.

#1 Do you ever go out of the office for lunch? Or have dinner meetings? Or how about brunching with your family or friends over the weekend? Have you ever thought that the nice dining places that you go to might have that one person that you can like and eventually date?

When you are in a restaurant, try to have a quick survey around. Can you spot anyone that you might be attracted to physically? Is the individual alone or with friends? You can always ask waiters or you can approach them yourself and strike a conversation. Take advantage of this. It is nice to know that this person has the same great taste in food as you. [Read: 15 really easy conversation starters you can use with someone you like]

#2 Maintaining good health and fitness might just be the key to hooking up. Do you go to fitness classes or to the gym? Do you attend yoga classes or join marathons? Well, if you are a workaholic, you should start to take care of your health, even if it is just an allotment of an hour every two days, or three hours a week.

Now comes the great part – there are so many members of the opposite sex in these places! It’s a great way to get to know someone, especially if it is in a class, as you will already have something in common. [Read: Meeting a great guy at the gym – 8 do’s and don’ts]

#3 Do you always find yourself in front of your laptop or PC? Then whenever you need a break from all those e-mail responses and reading work-related material, go online and join dating sites. It’s a good break in between all those hours of work, without leaving your work table. Just be wary of who you would like to eventually meet up with. Take your time getting to know them first. [Read: 14 dos and don’ts of online dating]

#4 You know how your friends are always setting you up? And you keep telling them you don’t have the time, but you do have the time to watch movies with your friends and eat out or drink after work? Why don’t you tell your friends to bring your blind date on the next group hang-out?

Not only will it not be an awkward first date, but because this blind date is a friend of a friend, it will be easier to break the ice. This is also a fantastic way to save time, as you get to spend time with your friends while meeting someone new.

#5 Tomorrow is the annual corporate sales event that you are always being sent to attend. Or how about that monthly meeting with other branches of your company? Almost everyone sees these kinds of gatherings as work-related events. But what if there’s someone in that crowd of employees who might just tickle your fancy?

Corporate events may be the perfect setting for you to find a like-minded individual whom you can date. Turn that boring event into a chance to mingle among the social scene in your work field. Don’t limit yourself to talking to people within your department. Branch out, network, and you just might get lucky when the office hottie from three floors down starts chatting you up. [Read: 12 quick tips to add more people to your social network]

#6 Do you ever find yourself staring at the laptop screen, and not being tempted to join dating sites, ever? Then, there might still be hope for you. If you are not the kind to join online dating sites, then be active on online forums that you have a strong connection with.

Be helpful to people who are asking questions, and extend a hand when you know you are an expert on it. Who knows, someone who’s impressed with your know-how might suddenly send you a private message until you end up chatting and getting some coffee together.

#7 You spend your weekends volunteering for animal shelters or teaching the kids in the less fortunate areas of your city. That is great, really great. But you think it won’t let you find love? Of course, it will! Look around you and see all the other people who are willing to spend their time to help others.

And the best thing about this is that you know this person you’ve bumped into has a kind heart and believes in social work. You can also spend time with them while you two volunteer. That is great time spent well. [Read: Is your busy schedule bogging your down? Did you know that volunteering can help heal depression?]

#8 Are you the kind of workaholic who spends their free time doing hobbies? Like visiting museums is a must or catching up on your reading in cafes or libraries? Or do you take up cooking classes or visit thrift shops and collect antiques? You might be luckier in finding love if you like relaxing in stress free spaces over a weekend.

Your book geek sweetheart might be on that next table in the café, especially if they are reading the same book that you finished last week. Or perhaps that person, who has been staring at the same painting as you, might just be the one. Explore and open your horizons to endless possibilities. [Read: 33 best placed to meet attractive and eligible men]

#9 Do you often hit up bars in an attempt to simmer down after a long day of work? Bars, pubs, clubs and drinking hot spots are popular with the young and single for a reason! Alcohol is a wonderful social lubricant, and it allows you to feel more confident than you really are.

With everyone else feeling the buzz of a couple of beers, you might find that flirting with that hot girl by the bar or that guy who’s been eyeing you from afar might just be a whole lot easier. [Read: 13 ways to  be charming and approachable]

#10 Are you the music junkie type that loves concerts? The music scene is another good way to find love. There are so many workaholics that tend to use concerts as their only way to spend free time, and if you are one of them, then hitting it off with another music junkie is not a problem.

Whether you go alone or with friends, the high after a great show can help you gain the confidence you need to approach a particularly attractive member of the audience. And who knows, the music may have put you in a great enough mood that exudes charm, and this can be the love of your life’s cue to finally approach you.

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Busy people tend to want to hit two birds with one stone. When you’re de-stressing after a long work week, pick out an activity that allows you to mingle with others. You never know which event or concert or coffee shop will pave the way for you to find true love.

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