How Can Women Manipulate Men Easily?

How Can Women Manipulate Men Easily

Do women manipulate men? Most women try but fail to manipulate their man convincingly. Here’s a complete guide to manipulating men in the easiest possible manner.

Read the first of the top ten ways on how to manipulate men before reading these five pointers on manipulating men to do your bidding.

#6 “Fine! I’ll do it on my own!”

Emotional blackmail. Guys can’t stand it, but they also can’t do anything about it.

So the next time he says he won’t come shopping with you, don’t fly off into a fit of fuming rage.

Just manipulate his mind and say, “Fine, I’ll go alone, because none of my other friends are free. If they were free, I wouldn’t have asked you anyways. It may be a little late in the evening, but then, that’s okay. It’s not like the city is not safe for girls to travel alone.”

Oh, and don’t forget to wear your best martyr expression, and make sure it’s wee bit hurt, wee bit let down.

#5 Get his mom on your side

Now, all the monster-in-law theories apart, the pluses of getting his mom on your side are just way too many to be ignored, especially when it comes to women manipulating men.

When the two most important women in his life are in it together, there is little that a guy can offer in terms of resistance.

Most guys, even the ones who are not mamma’s boys, still think twice before messing with their mum. So go ahead, be real nice to the in-laws. [Read: Tips to impress your man’s parents on the very first meeting]

#4 Foodie manipulation

They were not kidding when they said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. If there is something you really really want him to do, but you know he’ll refuse straight away, cook him a nice fancy dinner, light a few candles, and then ask when he’s in gastronomic heaven. [Read: 25 sweet romantic gestures for everyday life]

It will be one tough thing for him to say no, and he won’t. Not unless his life depends on it!

#3 Blame it on biology!

Now, one of the best things about being a woman is that you can yell at him, act all pricey, irritated, and peevish, and blame it all on PMS when you get caught trying to manipulate men. Guys can’t contradict it, because they don’t understand it. And you thought nature was being unfair! Sometimes, it is unfair in your favor!

#2 Shed a tear

The age old, time tested weapon. A girl’s best friend in all messy situations and manipulative situations. He’s yelling at you at the top of his voice. And you know, this time it really is your fault. But you also know that saying sorry won’t shut him up.

So wring out a tear or two, and most guys will stop. When a guy sees a girl cry, usually his thought process goes, “Crap! Crap! She’s crying, oh my God! What do I do? What do I do???”

Most guys don’t really know what to do with a crying woman. And their first priority in such a case is to make her stop. More so, if she’s crying because of something that they’ve said. Even if they still think they are right, they will shut up. And they will be careful the next time they broach the topic.

#1 Seduce him!

Why waste time talking about all the stupid things that you always talk about, especially things like his depleting bank account and overdue credit card bills. Just tell him you want him, and you want him right now! Men are far more agreeable after a good romp. God, we girls can get wicked! [Read: Sexy tips to be a super seductress]

So go ahead! Give it a shot. But remember, moderation, as always, is the key while manipulating men. The trick is never to let him realize what you really are up to. So if you keep wearing that hurt expression every time he refuses to come shopping with you, one day, he might just call your bluff and know that he’s just being manipulated into doing things for you.

[Read: How men think about relationships and how you can manipulate his mind further]

At the end of the day, always remember that women manipulate men all the time, but to have the best effect while manipulating men, use these ten tried and tested ways to get things your way, in style!

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64 thoughts on “How Can Women Manipulate Men Easily?”

  1. Alec says:

    I find this article cruelly condescending and incredibly sexist. If any woman treats me this way, I’ll kick her to the curb and love every minute of it. Just keep in mind ladies; we’re not as dumb as we look.

  2. Sooz says:

    This is vile and idiotic trash.

  3. Mira says:

    This is hilarious! A lot of great pointers here, and the best part are the comments by Sooz and Alec. They say they arent dumb, but in reality, they really are. Don’t you guys know most women do these things already?! And let me tell you, these things work… all the time!

  4. jordan says:

    lol @ Alec. I love seeing people use semi-colons incorrectly.

  5. jason says:

    This is a bunch of bullshit. I mean this kinda stuff doesn’t work on real men! Just on ignorant boys who are insecure and afraid to lose you broads!! There’s way too many of you out there to be worried about this kinda bullshit! Period!

  6. Thomas says:

    Not sure about the other men here, but yep some of this stuff does work. It’s sounds like their egos are a bit bruised, since the truth hurts.

    Now what actually works, Cooking? Sure does, unfortunately most women these days can’t even cook popcorn.

    And for seduction, well they have lost that art too, and I am not talking about just lay there sex, but the true art of seduction.

    The other tips are so, so at best and work mostly on suckers that want to be manipulated, but the seduction and cooking a good meal thing………….absolutely!

  7. Frank says:

    Being a man who was sexually abused as a child I would like to add that such treatment would not just be unfair, but downright cruel and selfish.

    All these ways work? Yes, sometimes.

    However, I have usually dumped these women and I believe it shows that in fact it is men that communicate properly and that women just act like children.

    I doubt the women at the top of the intellectual pile stick to such childlike methods for long. It usually changes when the man leaves them.

    But you women ever thought? Promoting your man to resent you is the reason he feels less inclined to do anything for you? And if you think any man over the age of 15 has not seen these tactics and spoke badly about the girl after then I dare say that you are the stupid ones. Use the internet, find out for yourselves whether men know this or not.

  8. Dan says:

    All you women think about this ….When this type of women manipulates your son and ruins his life, it will be karma effecting you for all your dishonest acts

  9. Jamie says:

    Guys come on just because your ego is bruised doesn’t give you an excuse for being rude. Im pretty sure a woman has done this to you before, but now that you relize how she did it your hurt and maybe a little insecure. Be realistic every woman knows how to manipulate a man without needing the internet,or any help for that fact. It’s apart of our nature. Just like wanting to always be right and in charge, is apart of your nature. For future refrences you might want to not be so gulible next time a woman manipulates you into doing something. Your problem is your ego, gulibiltiy, a slight bit of stupidity and not being aware of what’s going on most of the time. I also garantee every time you have been with a woman that she has manipulated you in some way, shape or form.

  10. frances says:

    Hey guys just so you know I’m a woman and frankly I wouldn’t even attempt it and besides every woman will manipulate her man at one time (maybe not in a big way) eg. If she wants the white china plates that are a tad more expensive than the plain blue ones you saw no doubt one wat or another she will get those china plates 🙂

  11. Jay says:

    I see the women’s commission agents are on work. So that these dumbheads (“women”) try these crazy and more importantly ‘brutally and cruelly destructive’ things – oops! I meant- “Excercise THEIR RIGHTS”, and then get a nail in the head – Just what anyone would get; and then they enforce the violence against women acts (VAWAs) and then avail “Free COMPULSORY SECURITY FOR ALL FEMALES OF THE PLANET”. After that they may kill/beat any male (human only; animal cruelty acts are there but they dont include human males) and torture ’em at their will. Accomplishing final level of feminist utopia. Amen to you all.

  12. Jay says:

    “wanting always to be right and in charge” where did you get that? I am not being rude (which ofcourse and with an undoubted certainty you will interpret me to.) I ask politely – where… do you get that from?
    Who taught or rather told you (you dont display an appreciable ability to learn- this is a personally, yet, calculated comment not any provocations). So… who told you this? your father? (If yes, please trust and excuse me that I wont ever want to meet him.) If your mother (I wont even doubt it). Your friends or I must say “company” (ahh, I can put a bet on this one).
    And why do you use a boyish name? Ahh never mind you can do anything. (Not saying “Jamie” is boyish, ofcourse you are immune to boyishness and girlishness; so kindly dont bother your “precious” (-ofcourse sarcasm) brain on this question, and reply the above mentioned, (with a reasonable logic if possible, which I doubt is, but nevermind we dont want my opinions.)

  13. Jay says:

    “to manipulate a man…. is a part of our nature”. Ofcourse nothing is left to be said. But let me tell you, you never say “our” this word is not technically correct on your tongue. I know ‘ladies’ (women word is reserved for rest 95% like you and your company; (“woman” because else it wouldn’t be politically correct); (“company” word is inclusive of your guardians). I know ladies who are not like your “utopian” version of the female human body design (merely a design as its morality or the common sense would just be your fancies). Not all are “soul”-less or as in your words I must say – “Practical” like you. Dont bother beating your brains on this comment as it is not asking you anything or any justifications. It is a directly incident remark (which I believe is on the topic were discussing – “our” nature and the questions that are raised – hence my this comment is also valid). So… if you believe that this is “practical” then (as you can expect) I am not going to support you (ever, ofcourse). And please dont put such techniques of yours to practice coz that would only contribute to ruin the economy of the already disturbed globe and the paralyzed morality of the already gravely immoral generation phase of this century. Amen.

  14. hmmmm says:

    Minipulation is harmless….unless ur a controlling woman who over abuse the art of minupulation….I don’t seem the harm in seduceing your man becuz u really want those sexy shoes u saw at the mall….or that u want him to get off that damn video game and come to bed with you and you feel u only way of doing that is by sexually seduceing him and giving the cute lil inocent puppy dog face…..the only way I find it harmless is if uover abuse it by making him do something illeagel… or make him dump his friends or whatever…in my eyes that’s the wrong way to minipulate someone…..but if I would really like some help around the house I wouldnt mind using a lil minipulation to get. My man to help…hell in the end using sexual minipulation makes us both win…..the woman gets those sexy shoes and the man gets a nice blow job what’s the harm in that? Win win!

  15. Lacey Bique says:

    I have to agree with most men unless you are wet behind the ears and a novice with women this will fool you………buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut people of high intelligence well seasoned and versed in dealing with women will not be swayed by crying but would otherwise become enraged and tell her to stop crying shes not a baby…….none of this would work on him

  16. Patrick says:

    This is hilarious any men who fall for these schoolgirl tricks should be shot and quite frankly if your the kind of witch that’s using these teqniques on your partner and they’re working you should seriously consider the low iq your future offspring will most definatly possess

    The truth is most men of reasonable intelligence know theyre weaknesses before they’re 15 and these teqniques will be countered by either their own manipulative teqniques or a violent relationship ruining response. If you are hoping to manipulate your partner you should see a psychiatrist as you are most likely a sociopath or maybe even a psychopath

    Men are equal human beings not pets with bank accounts

  17. David says:

    As a man I am a little surprised by some of the heated and pained reactions of other men commenting. This article describes exactly how women are. It sucks, it’s disappointing, it’s hurtful, it’s angering, and — it’s real. I mean, it’s the kind of real that’s in your face every day of your life. That’s why I’m surprised by the way some of the men are reacting — because the article itself is not surprising. No, it’s not cool, but the reactions do betray the simple fact that we men are in fact oblivious and easily manipulated. Articles like these are a good thing. I wish they were published by the thousand.

  18. David says:

    Don’t get angry about the article — be thankful for the article and get angry with the reality. Then type ‘female manipulation’ into Google and keep reading until you vomit. Then read some more. Then go to sleep and wake up and read more articles again. Then you’ll not only be adjusted to reality but prepared to deal effectively with the women you meet and you will no longer be one of those tools (99.9% of men) who spend their lives hanging from women’s strings.

  19. Glass Houses says:

    Doesn’t worry me one bit because I won’t have anything to do with them. I think they look great, but that’s where I draw the line.

  20. Jack says:

    So hilarious. I’m not going on commenting each “technique”, only I can see that men are not the only ones with a big ego: try confirming women that “That’s true, you really can get whatever you want!” or “Oh, you little witch, how did you get it?” and they will feel smarter. Plain ol’ flattering.
    Also: I wouldn’t be proud if I can make someone buy something as useless as a chandelier.

  21. Michelle says:

    This article is hilarious! And what’s even more bemusing is the fact that some men have taken it so seriously as to feel hurt by it! I guess the truth must hurt for them.

  22. sarah says:

    teach me more maniplative ways

  23. Jack says:

    @Michelle: Yes, definitely. Truth hurts. We men are all doomed by your subtle arts. How can we be so smart to win when you play like this?

  24. LOL says:

    LOL.. The majority of the population is stupid. So yeah, this will work on alot of guys. Good luck ladies, you’re going to be manipulating a bunch of idiots not worth your time (or maybe they are? OUCH!). I thought you girls were smart enough to know this? Being you’re all geniuses LOL

  25. kofybean says:

    Great article. I manipulate women for sex. So fair is fair.

  26. SingleMaleUnmarried says:

    Yikes, I am so glad I am single and unmarried… happy as can be. And don’t come my way…

  27. Brian says:

    I hate being manipulated, why is it women cannot just be honest as to what it is they want. Im an agreeable guy for the most part, i just hate it when people think they can walk all over me. Don’t get me wrong, for the most part this isn’t that bad, but seriously crying to win an argument when you are clearly wrong is pathetic, its the kind of 5 year olds pull. The blame it on biology thing is also very annoying. I honestly don’t care about the others at all, manipulate me at will, but do not LIE TO ME. It pains me to see someone i care about crying, so please do not do this to try and win an argument when you are wrong. That is very frustrating and is going to cause more problems then it solves. As for blaming biology, please do not lie to me. I understand it is hard for you, i do, but seriously, i hate being lied to. Women hate it when men lie, what makes you think you should be an exception. Honesty is a two way street.

  28. Daniel says:

    a woman that does these things to a man is not really in love with or respects him. Relationships are supposed to be a partnership of 2 people acting as one unit. These methods sound selfish and I was with a women that treated her man like this, I would leave.

  29. Drew says:

    If you are a man always trying to impress women buying her things, trying to please her every need, giving her money, taking her places all the time, rides, taking her children out buying them stuff, etc. Then you are bound to get manipulated and used by sick women. Articles like these encourage unhealthy relationships, infidelity, social withdrawal, mental health disorders, homosexuality, etc.
    Us men, need to be ourselves, know ourselves well, what we want, when we want it and how. Throw your cards on the table right at the beginning of a relationship, or as you are beginning to know a person. This will scare away possible manipulators. Tell them the truth, don’t lie. If you are broke, be smooth about it, be charming and real.
    Real love is real love. If a women likes you and enters a relationship with you, knowing your highs and lows, and is willing to work as a team with you, to grow with you, to build the relationship from nothing to something, then she is a keeper. Don’t get comfortable and take the victim, poor me, route. Work as a team. I am sure there are many women out there looking for true and sincere men.
    Women who enjoy these articles and apply this garbage, need to realize they are also being manipulated by the media. That their ambition and shallow behavior, is a weakness the media uses all the time, looking to distort, alter, manipulate female mentalities and behaviors in a collective way. There is an agenda they wish to fulfill. And ladies, you are falling for this. You also encourage victimized men to feel a need to treat women like crap.
    You all then wonder why the world is turning the way it is. In a wrong direction.

  30. Akenaj says:

    Nice one Drew, but all in all this article was pretty darn funny!!!! Hehehe

  31. Drew says:

    Thanks Akenaj

    And you know what, regardless of how I feel about problematic women, my experience with them, I will have to agree with you, it is funny. Messed up, but funny. 🙂 Men as well as women, need to stop taking advantage of other people no matter what. People, we need to be true to ourselves and others. Laters

  32. Monica says:

    Those “manipulations” are really common for a reason, men don’t aknowledge their girl that they’re aware of what’s going on (it’s losing time since they will deny it) and if they love you, they put up with many things. But if you’re not dating a moron, you can be sure he’ll notice, and resent you for it, because :
    1) You didn’t manage to be honest with him
    2) You though he would be stupid enough for it to work (and as you stated, a man’s bruised ego is powerful)
    I don’t get it, why spending time and energy strengthening a relationship if you weaken it that much afterward?

  33. Jason says:

    As a man, I actually find this article pretty funny, mainly because it doesn’t work on me, and all the girls I’ve dated who try this end up looking like the odd one out. For all the men upset with this article, this is just satire, it’s making fun of how stupid people think men are and how bitchy people think women are.

  34. Matt says:

    I have no complaints, if you want to seduce me to get a chandelier go right ahead

  35. I find this piece an absolute disgrace. How would women react if a man wrote how to manipulate women? They would have them up in arms and rightly so. Double standards.
    How contemptuous of men this article is.

  36. penis man says:

    uh dudes, dudes do this sh*t all the time. its called pump & dump

  37. kokopear says:

    I cannot believe this. I am disgusted by this post. Manipulation is NOT a good thing. Nobody likes being controlled. I have a brother with a manipulative girlfriend and she has used scheming, manipulation and intrigue to get him against his own family and even his own children. She has broken the family apart and always gets what she wants. A lot of men like my brother don’t even realize how manipulative some women can be, It.s real sad and it sucks that this post makes false assumptions about most women being manipulative and controlling. Thank goodness im not, I would’nt like to be manipulated by anyone

  38. My1stmummadedamien666 says:

    To all Adams, the greater and superior evil they began and always will be the Eves of this world

  39. Blah says:

    This article is depressing (like any other article about human beings) and so are the people posting here…… whew. I agree totally with Drew and am a woman who’s been with her man for over 9 years. Manipulation will always lead you to a break up, or a very unhealthy, sick relationship. I know that it’s gonna sound cheesy but yes honesty sure is the key… He knows I’m a bit crazy, but not manipulating, I also suffer from depression due to my past, but Hell he’s always been by my side and I will always be there. I really hate majority of the people because they are dishonest and twisted… And I find this article true for many women but offending to others and then it makes the good ones look very bad, as always.

  40. GoodLife says:

    Any behind the back manipulation = “I can’t trust you as a person.” Then the guy will either play the same games your playing or just break up with you.

    *Thumbs Up* for #1. Whatever he said ‘no’ to earlier doesn’t matter now, get whatever you want in this ‘time span of gratitude’. lol

  41. fulu mu lu says:

    thank you for sharing this now i know what to look out for to spot manipulative women.

  42. Mike says:

    It’s actually rather easy to cope with a manipulative girl. All a guy has to do is stop giving a fuck .

  43. Saim says:

    i was literally laughing at all that funny stuff well similar to a wikihow on how to get enlightened in 16 steps…well every human manipulates other to some extent but its not healthy the way its is put up here just my opinion…..

  44. MissCane says:

    Scheming, selfish, manipulative women, need weak, insecure men; usually with unresolved mommy issues. Even when these men are unhappy and isolated from their friends, they don’t have balls enough to leave. But what real woman wants a man with no balls?

  45. barry r says:

    I’ve had it all done to me! Don’t think it isn’t happening to you! what good is a bitch that pulls this? i’m asking!

  46. Victoria says:

    Relax my dear dear souls.. if we trace our behaviour to our close species – the primates ( chimps and bonobos ) and really take some time to educate ourselves with basic psychology..we would only enjoy these articles. I hope I get to befriend some sweet simple men ( men are truly simple and women are complex – only as designed by nature ..hence two opposites attract.. )
    yes ..indeed .. more we keep our minds neutral and not influenced by stereotypes and super inflated list of do’s and don’ts of our very complicated civilisation..there can be harmony indeed. We know men and women both need each other and both have their respective natures and every behaviour has a history behind it. Prejudice only looks fancy in stories but logic and devotion to unveil the many layers of human behaviour bring more rewards than plain blame and break up pattern. Thank you for your valuable time. Regards and love. Peace through wisdom be upon all.
    P.S – Expect and hope for the best in everyone and everything and the chance that it becomes your reality just improves.

  47. AR says:

    The truth is (scientifically proven on Neurobiological level): women value relationships more then men. They place so much value into “who said what”, hat it drives men crazy.
    They have to manipulate us, regardless of how cruel it may seem: they had to do so since Adam and Eve to protect their relationships with men, those same men that they manipulate.
    If you (guys) feel hurt by being manipulated, just remember – all of this is done because of their insecurity, because they actually DO want us to stay with them, to make them feel secure, and yes – in charge. That is why wives hate mothers-in-law: they both can’t stand manipulation strategies of the other woman in the guy’s life. “What goes around, comes around”. Guys – let them be….

  48. FemininePisces says:

    No lady with self respect and respect for her partner would attempt even half of this. And to the one who said “it’s a part of our nature” , SPEAK FOR YOURSELF.

  49. Anonymous says:

    I love being gay.

  50. Felix says:

    I wish I was also gay.

  51. Jay says:

    Hate to say it but this is a dangerous game with someone like me who has that so called “off switch” do something that that is really bad and completely void of emotions for you.

  52. fishmate says:

    My ex tried a few of these. Never worked. I think a guy would be naive and pretty stupid to fall for these in which case it says as much about the woman for picking a stupid guy. I. e. She is most likely as stupid. Why be with a man you need to trick. Get a grip girls…

  53. Roland says:

    You forgot to add “Cry rape and abuse” to your list of manipulative tactics.

  54. Roland says:

    The first time I submitted the above comment it was deleted. I wonder if it was found to be irrelevant? Or maybe it was found to be too “spammy” in nature. Neither, I think. I think it was deleted because the femmenazi who wrote this article doesn’t want the other side to be heard by the public. The truth hurts doesn’t it? Own up to the realities of this degenerate society you are helping to create and perpetuate. How about instead of teaching women to manipulate men you teach them to love and respect them?

  55. Oh fuck you says:

    Says the rapist…

  56. Troy_Davis says:

    A BIG thank you for writing this article! I am trying to show my older son which types of ‘Murican women to look out for. Luckily he’s more into asain women anyway. Guys who’ve been overseas will ALL tell you how unfeminine and worthless western women are when they come back. It’s one of those things you just can’t go back to. If you could drive a New Porsche or a nice BMW why would anyone in their right mind chose to pay for life to drive a beat up old Yugo with no muffler, 4 flat tires 200,000 miles and a blown gasket? It’s foolish.

  57. Troy_Davis says:

    That comment should get you into the authors pants, right?

  58. Alkan23 says:

    I’d see through all of these like staring at fish through glass. I’d just as quickly take the upper hand, or end the relationship.

    I tend to be willing to take a lot of pain to maintain power.

  59. Euron says:

    pump & dump > dealing with this shit

  60. ARealMan says:

    These are all Domestic Violence (DV) techniques. Clearly the editors of this site are advocating for women to perpetrate unprovoked DV against men. Shame on them.

  61. Dude says:

    This is a very sad article about ‘How to manipulate a man & get what you want’

    And then women wonder why they’re unhappy or unfulfilled ?

    I’ve chosen to be single for the last 7 years because all I ever seem to do is meet women who operate like the author preaches.

    And I’m far too Warm & Loving to be alone. So,

    well done girls, you’re so blinded by this type of propaganda that you can’t see the obvious truth, and as a consequence you may though others WILL suffer.

    Once again, Horay for the girls.

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