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How to Make Yourself Cry: 10 Techniques to Weep It Out in No Time

how to make yourself cry

If you’ve ever wanted to know how to make yourself cry, you probably already know how difficult it can be. Here’s how to do it and make it convincing.

It’s not the easiest thing to know how to make yourself cry, but sometimes there are certain situations in life when you need to cry. You may need to get out of work, avoid getting a speeding ticket, or even to manipulate your significant other into doing something you want!

At some point in your life, there will be a reason to make yourself cry, and it would be best to figure out how to do it before that event actually happens. That’s why I’m here to help you learn how to make yourself cry, because you never know when you’ll need to.

Why do we cry?

This may be a question you’ve never really thought much about before. It’s just something people do naturally, and nobody really ever asks why. Well, there is a very big reason people are even able to cry. Who would’ve thought leaking fluid from your eyes would be an evolutionary thing?

But it is. It’s believed that people cry because it’s a sign of vulnerability. Those who cry get pity from others, and therefore, are more likely to survive. Well, this was true way back when humans were still living in caves. And maybe it’s still true today. [Read: When a woman is crying – The gentlemen’s dos and don’ts]

How to make yourself cry

Actors aren’t the only people who need to know how to spark some tears and open the floodgates. Everyone should know just how to bring fake tears to their eyes, because it can be a really useful skill for certain situations.

It’s really not something too difficult to master, and it’s easier for some of us than others. If you’re more in touch with your feelings, for example, it may be easier. Nevertheless, you can learn just how to make yourself cry with these tips.

#1 Think about the saddest time of your life. This is probably the saddest and most difficult way to make yourself cry for the simple fact that nobody wants to think back to a really sad day that made them cry a lot. Nobody wants to relive that.

However, when you do, those emotions come to the forefront, and you’ll be able to cry a lot easier – and those tears will seem the most real. So if it’s tolerable enough, and you need to cry THAT BADLY, thinking about a really difficult time will help. [Read: Don’t shed a tear! 14 ways to stop yourself from crying]

#2 Don’t blink for a long time. Obviously if you hold your eyes open for a long time, they’ll start to water a lot. Your eyes need lubrication, and if they feel super dried out, they’ll start to overproduce tears in order to keep them nice and glossy.

This isn’t the best way of making yourself cry, however, because you have to have a lot of time in order to get the tears necessary to make it seem it look like you’re really crying. Plus, you’ll look a tad bit strange holding your eyes open for so long.

#3 Avert your eyes from someone often. While you’re “crying,” you’ll want to keep looking away from the person. Nobody cries and looks someone directly in the eyes. Most people shield their face so the other person can’t see.

That being said, if you can muster up even a little fake tears, looking away from the person will make them believe there’s really more tears underneath your shielding hands.

#4 “Wipe away” tears. This is another great technique for making yourself cry that will be more convincing. You don’t just let your tears fall when you’re crying, right? Right. So wipe away the tears even if there isn’t anything to wipe away.

As long as you can get your eyes a little more watery than normal, pretending to wipe away your tears will explain the absence of them running down your cheek. Doing this will also help make your eyes a little more red – just like when you’re really crying.

#5 Sniffle. When you’re learning how to make yourself cry, you have to remember this. When your tears run, your nose runs. Everyone knows this, and if you’re crying without sniffling, it’ll seem like something’s off. So do your best to sniffle every now and then in order to really sell those tears.

My advice is to not do this too often, however. Unless you can get some serious tears flowing, the excessive sniffling will be a sign that you’re not really crying. Keep it light and not very loud. As long as it’s audible, it’ll work. [Read: 14 movies you should watch for a good cry session]

#6 Pretend you’re trying NOT to cry. I don’t think most people are okay with crying in front of people – especially not people they have to see every day. It’s a sign of vulnerability, and it makes you seem like you can’t keep your emotions in check.

People try NOT to cry when they are actually crying. How do they do this? By steadying their breathing and by looking up in order to stop the tear flow. Doing both of those will help it seem as though you’re trying your hardest not to cry – which will also explain the lack of tons of tears.

#7 Open your throat. You know when you yawn and your eyes somehow seem to get all watery and teary? That’s actually related to a muscle in your throat. If you can keep your mouth closed and open your throat like you do when you yawn, tears will form.

It takes little while to get the motion down, but once you’re able to do this, it’s SUCH a useful tool for making yourself cry when you need to. Practice this a lot, and it’ll become second nature at times.

#8 Onions. If you need to make yourself cry and you’re prepared to do so during a certain confrontation with your significant other in the other room, go ahead and chop some red onions. Any onions will do, but the red onions are the most powerful and produce the most tears.

Just make sure to hide the evidence so people don’t suspect you of fake crying when your eyes are all watery from chopping up some onions. This is a sneaky tip for how to make yourself cry. [Read: Good cry – 15 sad romantic movies that are a must watch]

#9 Practice often. The art of making yourself cry needs a lot of practice. Seasoned actors can probably cry at the drop of a hat, and that’s because they’ve spent so much time doing it. So just practice this in your free time.

This entire feature, I’ve been practicing myself – seeing what I do and what works the best. It’s really useful to be able to make yourself cry with the least amount of effort, because real tears fall naturally and without you trying at all.

#10 Be aware of your body/emotions when you’re really crying. The next time you find yourself actually crying, try to pinpoint how it started, what your face looks like, and how your whole body feels.

Then, when you have to make yourself cry, try to put all of those things into play. Screw up your face the same way, wrap yourself in your arms if that’s what you do when you actually cry, and try to look as much like you do when you cry for real as you can.

[Read: 66 Really depressing songs that will make you cry and heal you]

Making yourself cry isn’t something everyone can do easily. It takes time, and the right technique to make it seem realistic. But with these tips, you’ll learn how to make yourself cry. Oh! And don’t forget to practice.

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