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Make the Most of Your Girls’ Night Using Our 13 Fun Ideas

Girls’ night out isn’t half as fun as it could be if you never know what to do! These exciting ideas will have you planning your next GNO ASAP.

girls night out

Let’s all be honest with ourselves here: girls’ night out is just as important as brushing your teeth every day. We all need time to catch up with friends, gossip about the newest men in our lives, and just relax.

Now, having a wine and movie night is fun every once in a while, but do you really want to do that every time you have the opportunity to get together with your gal pals? My advice is not to stick to the same old routine each time. That’s a good way to make a fun thing go bad pretty quickly. [Need an idea? Read: At home bikini waxing – tips and tricks for first-timers]

Girls’ night out the right way

I can’t tell you enough how vital it is to have girls’ nights pretty frequently. While it’s fun to drag our boyfriends or husbands along and go out as couples, there is something special about getting your best girl friends together and letting loose.

Although we all want to do this as much as we can, sometimes we just run out of ideas on what to do in order to make girls’ night eventful and fun. But fear no more! Here are some awesome and exciting ideas for girls’ night out that will make you forget all about those boring wine nights.

#1 Painting party with a twist. I’m sure you’ve probably heard of the newest trend in wine drinking and painting. You know, you have a couple glasses of wine, then paint your own version of a specific picture in a class with all your friends. Well, you can do the very same thing at home. [Check out: What to do when you’re bored at home]

What’s the twist? How about instead of painting a copy of a picture, you hire a sexy male stripper, make him sit there in all his half-naked glory, and do your best to paint him? Talk about a fun night!

#2 Fake bachelorette party. This might be a little immoral, but what the heck? You deserve a fun night with your friends. What’s more fun than a bachelorette party? Throw on some penis attire, have someone put on an old veil, and be prepared for fun and free drinks!

#3 Movie night with drinking games. As the name suggests, choose a movie and create a unique drinking game tailored for that movie. For instance, you could watch a chick flick, and drink every time a romantic comedy cliché is seen. Or you could watch an action movie and do a shot every time a villain details his next move. The possibilities are endless. [Try: 10 dirty drinking games for naughty guys and girls]

#4 DIY-athon. More commonly known as a Pinterest Fail Party. Choose a craft or two from Pinterest, follow instructions to the letter… and see how effective your chosen craft is. Extra points for anyone whose creation is unrecognizable, compared to the original idea.

#5 Teenage sleep over! Want to hearken back to your teen years? Order some pizza, bring your PJs, and settle in for a night of nail painting, makeovers, and girl talk. Of course, being adults, your nail painting could be punctuated with cocktails, and your girl talk dotted with some more “mature” content.

#6 Make a music video. Whether country music is your jam, or 70s rock gets you going, throw on some genre-appropriate attire, grab some hairbrushes, and rock on. Lip sync, dance, throw your hair around–imitate the behavior of your favorite band and record it all. If nothing else, you’ll have something to laugh about down the road.

#7 Thrift store competition. Race to see who can find the highest heels, the worst dress, or the most distinctly 80s attire. A thrift store competition requires only a handful of change, and a whole lot of creativity.

#8 Pole dancing lessons. Although this is one of the pricier options on the list, what’s better to do with your girls than learn how to work a pole like a pro? Throw on some leggings and a cute top, and learn how to dance with the best of them. [Check out: The girl’s guide to strip clubs and female strippers]

#9 Sign up for cooking classes. Many local community centers offer cooking classes. Typically, you can choose from a cooking class for a specific dish *think lasagna*, or a certain type of cooking, such as baking or Thai cuisine. Sample each other’s dishes, and determine who should be in charge of making dinner for your next girls’ night. [Read: 10 ideas to make cooking with your partner more fun]

#10 Candle and soap making. The internet abounds with recipes for candle and soap making. With only a few ingredients, perhaps some wine, and plenty of patience, you can spend time with your girls and create something useful for your bathroom.

#11 Adult toy themed party. Another potentially risqué option, an adult toy party allows you to explore aspects of your sexuality you might not have thought about before, with your girl friends there to egg you on. As a bonus, you might learn a thing or two about existing bedroom favorites that you hadn’t thought of before. [Read: How to plan the perfect sex toy party with your friends]

#12 Hit up some local free concerts. Most cities *and even some small towns* offer free concerts and festivals that are the perfect setting for a fun girls’ night. Food trucks, good music, and even some craft booths make this girls’ night an easy hit.

#13 Blindfold wine tasting. Get your best gals together, grab a few blindfolds, sample from at least five different bottles, and see who can guess the most types of wine. Although this requires something of a refined palette to win, it’s an excuse to drink lots of wine with your best friends. Who could say no to that?

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Although there’s nothing necessarily wrong with the usual movie night, these 13 girls’ night out ideas will take your next party from boring to instantly fabulous.

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