The Art of Texting Cute: All the Cute Things to Text Your Boyfriend

Not sure how to be romantic via text? Don’t fret, we’ve found all the cute things to text your boyfriend that will showcase your romantic side.

cute things to text your boyfriend

Okay, let me be the first person to say, “I get it.” Being romantic with your partner is a tricky field to navigate, especially in a new relationship. Not to mention finding cute things to text your boyfriend. We often feel awkward expressing our feelings, and we don’t want to come across as cliché or clingy. So, we need to find the perfect combination of sweet and original.

Don’t quote The Notebook, or other love stories overplayed and over-quoted. Be original. Trust me, it means SO much more when it comes from the heart. Some of us perform better in person, face-to-face, while others prefer the text method. [Read: 25 tips to make your boyfriend happy every day]

Cute things to text your boyfriend that will leave him saying “aww”

Personally, I can get my thoughts across much more clearly when I can write it out. I do not come across as smooth or cool in person, at all. On the contrary, I stumble over my words, and hold back many of the things that I want to say because I fear the look that will come across my partner’s face after I say it to them. I’ve become a lot better at this in recent years, because I’ve been with the same partner.

But it is important to note that when you are first getting to know somebody, it might not feel comfortable to be romantic and sweet to their face. If you are anything like me, you need time to think about what you are going to say. Time to perfect your romantic statements. I like to think I’m a very romantic person and partner. Therefore, I’ve compiled a list of cute things to text your boyfriend that truly blow him away.

It is important to remember this—don’t copy these word-for-word.

Like I said previously, keep it original. Don’t be cliché. The more it relates to your actual relationship, the better. It is so much easier to connect with a cute text if it actually makes sense for your relationship.

Are you ready to be the cutest version of yourself? You’ve been warned. You are going to be so cute that you could compete with puppies. And we all know how cute puppies are.

#1 Thankful for your time spent together. This is a simple, but cute, thing to text your boyfriend that he probably will not be expecting at all. If you go on a date, or just go for a walk together *pretty much any time spent together* be sure to text him something along the lines of “I just want to thank you for tonight, it was great to spend time together, just the two of us.” Oh, and put a cute emoji with it, like a smoochy face or a double heart. [Read: 36 sweet little things to say to your boyfriend]

#2 Life is an adventure. This is something I tell my boyfriend pretty often actually, and it always makes him so freaking happy, guys. Seriously! Text him something along the lines of “I love that everything we do together feels like an adventure.”

This makes them feel appreciated, and it shows that your connection is unique and special. Some of the simplest things, like going to the grocery store, or making dinner feels exciting and new because you are doing it with them. [Read: How to live a simple, more satisfied life]

#3 Motivation. My boyfriend is one of my key motivators and supporters. Telling him this really makes him happy, because he feels like what he is doing actually matters. Text your boyfriend something like “Thank you for motivating to be my best self, because sometimes I cannot find the motivation within myself.” It makes them feel wanted and appreciated.

#4 Why don’t you build me up, buttercup? Texting your boyfriend something about how he puts you in a great mood and pulls you out of sadness, is another cute thing to text your boyfriend. Add something about his laugh or goofy attitude will make it more relatable and personal.

#5 Music is key. Do you have a song that you always listen to when you are together? Or perhaps, a key song that brings you back to when you first met? When my boyfriend and I first started dating, we always listened to 11:11 by The Arkells, at 11:11 PM.

Now, if we aren’t together, I text him at 11:11 with a line from the song. Music brings back a million emotions, and may bring you back to the sweet moments you have spent together. [Read: 25 little ways to make your boyfriend feel special every day]

#6 I’m thinking about you. This one is super simple, but it works. At some point throughout your day, text your boyfriend about how he crossed your mind, and how you are thinking about him. Seriously, everybody loves to know they are thought of by somebody they care about.

If you want to be super cute, tell him that you saw something that made you think of him. Connecting another experience or object to him brings up a million emotions and memories, just like a song would. [Read: 20 sweet and sexy ways to flirt with your boyfriend]

#7 The long, heart-felt “scroller.” I’ve done this countless times, and it not only makes my boyfriend feel amazing, it makes me feel amazing too. It’s a “scroller,” if you know what I mean. You have to scroll to read the full message, you can’t just look at the few lines across your screen and reply immediately. It’s a long message about how amazing they are and how they have made your life better. It’s usually super personal and makes them sit there and really think about their response.

#8 It’s confession time. “Hey, remember that time you caught me staring at you in class, and I said I was actually looking past you? In all honesty, I was staring at you, and I was caught up in your smile. It made me realize that I want to see that smile every day of my life.”

Yup, it’s sappy and sweet and it’s going to make him say “aw” a million times over. This is super sweet and connects your past to your present.

#9 Sitting beside each other. Send him a cute text when you are sitting right beside him. Say “I love you” or “you look handsome.” It will bring a smile to his face and you will be there to see it! How great is that? It will catch him off guard, because he won’t be expecting a text when you are together, and it’s a simple text to send that goes a long way.

#10 Get cheesy. If you’re looking for cute things to text your boyfriend, I give you permission to Google the cheesiest pick-up lines on the internet. Send them his way. Be lame–this is key. And it will make him laugh and bring some light to his day. [Read: Corny lines that will get your man smiling]

#11 What do you meme? In this day and age, you don’t need to just send “text” messages. Because you can send photos too! Often, my boyfriend and I send each other cute *and hilarious* memes throughout the day, just to keep in touch and remind each other that we are thinking of the other. A little meme never hurt anybody.

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Romance isn’t dead, it’s just evolved! You need to be fun and think outside the box. You will find your own way to be sweet, and find cute things to text your boyfriend that will leave him saying “aww.”

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