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15 Fun, Weird, and Intimate Things to Do As a Couple

things to do as a couple

As fun as it is to spend the night out with your lover, nothing beats the ultimate form of intimacy: staying in at home and indulging in these things.

Look around, and you’ll find a multitude of date night ideas for you and your lover to indulge in. From splurging on French champagne at a beautiful lookout point, to the classic dinner and a movie date, there are plenty of ways to treat yourselves.

Depending on who you ask, couples should partake in a date night at least once per week. With a nice dinner costing $100 on average, food alone will set you back $400 a month—not to mention all the other add-ons, like movie tickets, gas, and parking. Although you shouldn’t be stingy when it comes to treating each other, reality dictates that there are bills to pay and a future to plan for. [Read: Top 50 awesome date ideas to wow your date every single time]

Nights out? You’ve got competition

As wonderful as it is dressing up and heading out for a fun night on the town, sometimes all we want *and need* is to save a dollar or two by staying home, kicking back, and relaxing. You’ll be surprised by how awesome it is to enjoy each other’s company from the comfort of your own home.

Here are 15 things to do, as a couple at home, to feel closer. Some are fun, some are weird, some are intimate, and some are all three. If you do everything on this list naked, more power to you.

#1 Become the next Masterchef(s). Cook something new together and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Just like the “Masterchef” finale, whip up an incredible entrée, main course, and dessert with your partner. Pair your feast with the right wine, and save the cleanup for tomorrow.

#2 Play the “If I had a million dollars” game. Ask your lover what the two of you would do together if you found a million dollars on the street. Plan trips, pick out your flight, hotel, and itinerary, then feel completely miserable after because it was just a game. Even so, it’s nice jumping into a fantasy world with your lover. No reason why you can’t both work towards turning it into reality.

#3 Have a fart-off. Yes, this may be a weird option, but trust me when I say that it is both fun and intimate. You don’t go around farting in front of strangers, but you do fart in front of those closest to you. Break down all the walls with your partner, and indulge in a fart-off. Acting like 5-year-olds may be just the activity needed to bring you two closer. [Read: 13 unique and gross ways to build intimacy with your partner]

#4 Act out “America’s Next Top Model.” Set up a home photo shoot. Take pictures of each other and don’t be too shy to get creative. From stoic resume shots, to self-preserving ones of you two naked in each other’s arms, you will be tickled when you review the pictures after.

#5 Zit popping. Yes, this may seem gross, but what’s the point of being lovers if you’re not going to use each other to pop those hard-to-reach white and black heads? My partner has an obsession with pimples, and jumps at the chance to pop mine. As weird as it is, it saves me the trouble of contorting myself into bizarre positions. Of course, I do the same for him.

#6 Make love everywhere. Sex is always fun, but why not take it up a notch and do it everywhere around the house? From the bar counter, to the top of your antique, marble-topped coffee table, nowhere should be off limits when it comes to getting freaky. Spice it up even more by role playing, making use of costumes, and introducing toys into your foreplay. [Read: 30 sexy things that are definitely worth trying to spice up your sex life]

#7 Get all DIY. From painting the guest bedroom, to setting up that IKEA bookshelf, attempt DIY projects as a couple. You’ll definitely feel closer to each other after struggling with 20 different screws and a power drill. Pop in some good music and have a dance party during breaks.

#8 Have a camping session. Not everyone has the time to head off for a long camping trip whenever they want, so what do you do? Set up your tent, blow up those mattress pads, unroll those sleeping bags, and turn off all the lights. Pretend you’re out camping and be sure to fully immerse yourself in the experience. Take it a step further by cooking your dinner over a little Bunsen burner on your balcony. Or just order take out.

#9 Curl up on the couch. There is no denying that a cozy night in with your lover is the ultimate form of simple intimacy. Curl up on the couch, turn down the lights, turn on the surround sound, arm yourselves with snacks and dessert, and hit play on that blockbuster you ordered.

#10 Game night. Who says that game night has to involve more than two players? Indulge in everything from strip poker, to naked Twister, to board games with a sexual twist. You can get adult-themed games everywhere, so why not plan something fun for next week? [Read: 10 naughty sex games that’ll leave the two of you really horny in no time]

#11 Debate. Pick a random topic and just go at it. From discussing the French Revolution, to whether Scarlett Johansson is hotter pre-or-post-baby, keep it fun and exciting. Remember, the topics should be spontaneous and not planned.

#12 Have naked days. Every day is naked day at my place. What about you? If you don’t already have one, pick any day of the week and make it your official naked day. Do everything naked: cuddle on the couch, eat dinner, and even reply to that boring PTA letter. If you have kids, be sure to only do it after they’re tucked in for the night because…well, duh.

#13 Watch a whole series. Save this for a long weekend where you have nothing else planned. Pig out on fattening takeout together and go mental watching an entire series. If you haven’t already seen them, here are some great options that encompass a myriad of genres: Lost, House of Cards, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Orange Is the New Black, and Scandal.

#14 Have a spa day. Who said that only women should pamper themselves? Men should, too. The next time you both have a whole day to yourselves, plan an in-house spa day. Take a bubble bath together, put on a face mask, and massage each other. Don’t forget the ginger tea—or wine, for that matter.

#15 Sweat it out. I don’t mean sex. I mean popping in an intense workout video and going at it. If you’re stuck for options, head over to YouTube and search for something along the lines of “couple’s workout.” The couple that sweats together stays together, right? You will both feel ripped after, and can work off whatever adrenaline you have left over with some shower sex.

[Read: 16 simple non sexual touches that’ll leave you more connected and loved]

As you can already tell, there is more to a relationship than heading out every week and spending a fortune. There are plenty of simple, yet wonderful things you can do at home to feel closer to each other. Whether you end up getting weird and crazy at 4 AM, or fall asleep in each other’s arms by 8 PM, nothing is more intimate and fun than spending some quality time at home with your lover.

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Lianne Choo
Lianne Choo
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5 thoughts on “15 Fun, Weird, and Intimate Things to Do As a Couple”

  1. Mildred says:

    I got some really great ideas that I would never have come up with and some that I thought about but have never done.Thinking about making love over every inch of the house is something I hope to get to do before I die even though I would like to leave out a few sanitary areas. I also like the Master chef idea especially if we could prep, taste, and cook together. I would love to come up with some interesting, exotic or comfy dishes where part of the intimacy is in the experience of the cooking and eating. I love the idea that intimacy comes in many forms and I want to try many of them personally.

  2. Patti says:

    There are awesome ideas is this article! Some of them I think you have to be very close with your partner to do, but otherwise a lot of them are great! My boyfriend and I will go to the hot springs here and it is so lovely. This is our time to relax and have a day together. They have a sauna there, so we will usually go there afterwards. We can turn any date into something romantic, it just depends on how hard you try 😉

  3. Genos says:

    We might just try one of these but I have to share you a story of what me and my partner did and it was so naughty. We went to this restaurant and we were all excited about the food and it turned out to be an epic bust for us. The food wasn’t that great and the service isn’t either. We spent over 300 dollars just the two of us in that restaurant and we didn’t really get our money’s worth. While my partner was waiting for his credit card to be returned, I asked permission to go to the ladies room, to my surprise, he followed me and he also went to the ladies room. He said, we didn’t get our money’s worth for the food but I’m sure we;re gonna get our fill with this. He made love to me in the cubicle on the toilet and good thing the bathroom is super clean. We really did it inside of that small structure and he cummed inside me. I really loved it and I said that I got full now. Good thing we didn’t have to worry about getting pregnant because I was on the pill. We got out and luckily no one suspected us, although the waiter was curious as to where we went and we just both said we went to the restroom. LOL

  4. For I says:

    I’m unconventional. I Told her who I am. I’m a pathological liar. I have a tendency to make things up for no reason. It complicates relationships. In one case I dated a girl and realized 99% of what she knew about me was a lie. But I met a girl who I knew was my soulmate. I had really worked to curb my issue. But I still told a lot of lies and she never caught on to who I was or what was wrong with me. Eventually I had to tell her. To admit to a lie is hard. But for pathological liars, I almost would rather die. Contemplating between suicide or the truth was the most difficult decision for me to overcome, because I had never admitted to my disorder before. A part of me, while it was a lie, was a part I came to accept. It was a part of me she knew. I wanted to be with her for the rest of my life, and that’s when knew I had to tell her. When I told her, she didn’t know how to feel. She didn’t talk to me for about a week. When she finally did, she started talking to me as though I was a mental patient. I was hurt. So I went off in a rant. I may have told her lies, but she knew me more than anyone has ever. Every lie was still me. I told her once I saw this billboard and it made me laugh. I didn’t, but she knew my type of humor. And maybe I didn’t see a cool car that day, but it told her I liked cars. Then she said “stop telling me lies. But keep telling me stories”. I burst out crying. I had been terrorized by this disorder for years thinking I was lying. It brought me pain, sadness, and depression. And in a few sentences, she completely made it go away. She made my condition into a gift. I’ve never felt closer to anyone. And I never will. It was more meaningful than any single night we could ever share together.

  5. jap says:

    Every morning he puts my socks on me. He wakes me up, then wakes my feet up… When he takes the blanket off of my feet he says “Good morning feeties! How are you guys this morning?!” At this point I’m BARELY awake, but I feel like it genuinely disappoints him if my feet don’t “respond”, so I have to wiggle my toes. If I do wiggle them, he says “The feeties say it’s gonna be a good morning!”, and if I don’t, he – in a very serious tone – says “Feeeeties, don’t be gruuuumpyy!” and I then have to wiggle my toes anyways. He will then kiss both big toes and put my socks on, then go about his morning. I have always been a terribly grumpy person in the mornings, but waking up to him is like waking up in a Disney movie. We’re gross and adorable and he’s perfect.

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