160 Cute, Sweet & Romantic Texts to Send a Guy & Make Him Think of You!

If you want to send romantic texts to a guy but can’t find the right words, don’t fret! Here’s everything you need to do to send the perfect message to him.

Texts to Make Him Think About You

You’re staring at the screen on your phone, the cursor blinking, and your brain is blank. You want to send a cute text to him, maybe something witty and flirty, but everything you think of sounds cringe-worthy. If you’re looking for sweet and romantic texts to send a guy that will make him think about you, it’s important to know the major do’s and don’ts, as well as a few ideas on what to text to make a guy think of you all the time.

When you want to send a cute text to your guy but you can’t think of the right words to say, it can be a real pain.

You can write the perfect, cute text but if you send it at the wrong time, your guy is going to either be annoyed that you woke him up, or it’s going to get lost in the rest of his inbox.

The good news is that you can learn how to be the ultimate texter. By understanding the art of effective texting, you’ll always be on your guy’s mind. Let’s jump into everything you need to know to keep him hooked on your messages! [Read: Little texting mistakes new couples often make]

A quick thank you to technology!

Believe it or not, there was a time before texting or instant messaging. You had to telephone someone and tell them how you feel or what you want… with your actual voice. What a shock!

Even worse, you might have had to go up to them and tell them in person. Oh, the horror!

Thankfully, we’re no longer stuck in the dark ages and we have messaging apps to help us communicate with whoever we want to talk to. Texting has flipped the dating game on its head.

Flirting is so accessible now, that even the shyest and quietest person can build up their confidence with a few flirty messages. [Read: 18 rules to get a guy to text you first if you don’t want to appear too eager]

Just because it’s easier than ever before to send a message, doesn’t mean it’s easy to send the right kind of message. Navigating the new world of flirting over text can be difficult, so we’re here to give you tips that will make you a professional in sending romantic texts to a guy in no time.

A few quick do’s and don’ts when texting a guy

Get the basics right and then the rest will come easily! Some of these rules for sending romantic texts to a guy may sound obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people ignore the basics.


1. Make sure that you get the right number before sending a text.

2. Be creative with what you send *we’ve got a few ideas for you very shortly!*.

3. Understand that he might not be able to reply straight away, and be okay with it. [Being left on read – what it really means when they don’t text back]

4. Keep the word count down – nobody has time to read an essay.


1. Message very late at night or extremely early in the morning – you may wake him up, or he’ll think you’re after a booty call.

2. Expect “hi” or “how are you” to do the trick – it’s boring and you can do much better than that.

3. Send more than one text – you’ll end up looking desperate and that’s not going to keep his mind on you for the right reasons.

4. Always be the first one to text – if you’re having to come up with texts to make him think about you constantly, perhaps you need to wonder why his mind isn’t on you that much in the first place. [Read: Stop texting first – 17 secrets to make dating more fun & less stressful]

Texts to make him think about you – guaranteed!

At the end of the day, you know the guy you’re texting and you know what he is going to respond to.

However, if you’re struggling for inspiration, here is a selection of romantic and cute texts to make him think about you. You might like to try these the next time your mind goes blank.

1. Will I see you tonight? I have a surprise.

2. I was just thinking about you…

3. I can’t stop thinking about this guy. I think you might know him…

4. Netflix and chill – plan? [Read: Netflix and chill! – how to do it the right way]

5. Last night was so amazing.

6. I’m in bed and it feels very empty without you here.

7. You give me super-butterflies!

8. If you want to drive by mine tonight I promise I’ll make it worth it.

9. I’ve thought about you all day long.

10. I really miss you, I can’t wait to see you again.

11. I had a dream about you last night.

12. I can’t stop thinking about that one thing you did last night. [Read: 15 sex moves he will love and then beg you for more]

13. My friends tell me they wish their guy was like you.

14. I just saw something hot and I thought about you.

15. I’ve just realized how lucky I am.

16. My friends keep asking me why I’ve got a constant smile on my face. Any ideas?

17. I can’t concentrate on my work, all I’m doing is thinking about you.

18. Guess what I’m thinking about…

19. I just walked past someone wearing your cologne. Now I can’t stop missing you. [Read: When you miss him – 20 mind tricks to stop missing the wrong guy]

20. Make yourself available on Friday, I have the best date lined up.

21. I miss your hugs, do you want to come and give me one?

22. Did I ever tell you how much I love waking up next to you?

23. I hugged my pillow when I woke up this morning and wished it was you.

24. I can still smell your scent on me from last night.

25. Imagine what we could be doing right now…

26. I can’t wait for tonight, I’m already thinking of what we could do.

27. I wish I could have woken you up properly this morning. [Read: Reasons why you should have morning sex more often]

28. What was I like in your dream last night?

29. I’ve just read an article about how making out is great for your health. Wanna help me get healthier?

30. I wish we could have both called in sick today and spent the day together. Tomorrow?

31. Dinner’s on me tonight, literally if you want.

32. Everyone loves a fresh bed, want to come over and test mine later?

33. Work is going so slow, but thinking of you makes it much better.

34. Roadtrip?

35. I just bought some new lingerie, do you want to see it?

36. I’ve already got butterflies for when we meet later on.

37. It’s just occurred to me how lucky I am to have you.

38. Good morning handsome! I hope you have a kick-ass day that treats you right! [Read: 20 reasons a good morning text is so important – make their day]

39. I know that I can always depend on you to be there when I need you.

40. Whenever I think about you, I can’t help but smile!

41. Buy one get me free drinks at mine tonight.

42. How about a game of truth or dare?

43. What do you think I would do if you were here right now?

44. Your favorite song just came on the radio, it made me think of you. [Read: 49 mushy, heartwarming songs to listen to when falling in love]

45. I love wine, but I think you might be hitting evens.

46. Can’t stop thinking about me huh?

47. Today is a crazy day but I’m even more crazy about you.

48. I’m the luckiest girl in the world!

49. My lips, your lips, it’s time for a meeting.

50. My stomach is doing somersaults thinking about all the fun we’re going to have tonight.

51. You’re the only man I could ever want.

52. You’re my favorite person in the world.

53. I’m practically addicted to you. I can’t get enough.

54. You satisfy my needs in every single way.

55. I’m grateful to be able to call you mine.

56. The other girls must be so jealous I get to have you to myself.

57. You make me feel so safe whenever I’m with you. [Read: 25 compliments for guys they’ll never ever forget]

58. Babe, there’s no one else out there for me.

59. I honestly admire so much about you.

60. You work so hard and that’s a huge turn-on for me.

61. I appreciate everything you do for me.

62. You’ve taught me so many things in our relationship, and I can’t thank you enough for all of it.

63. You make me so proud to call you my man.

64. No matter what we have to go through, just know that I’ll never give up.

65. You have a way of making me feel so comfortable whenever I’m with you.

66. I can’t even describe how happy you make me.

67. You feel like home to me. [Read: 40 secrets to making your boyfriend happy and lucky to date you]

68. I just love how it feels to be loved by you.

69. I want to continue learning and growing with you in my life.

70. Just the sound of your voice is enough to get my heart going crazy.

71. Sometimes I have to stop myself from thinking about your hands on me just so I can get my work done.

72. After I met you, my days just became so much brighter, so much happier.

73. I hope you have a fantastic day. You really deserve it.

74. I just don’t get how you can work so hard and still be as amazing of a partner as you are.

75. Your ambition is your sexiest quality. [Read: 24 sexy ways to arouse a man & get him in the mood if he’s not horny]

76. I love how much you make me laugh. Your sense of humor is one of a kind.

77. I don’t think I could ever find someone else like you, no matter how hard I try.

78. Even when my life feels crappy, I smile knowing at least I still have you.

79. You make me feel really good about myself and that’s something nobody has been able to do before.

80. As cliché as it may sound, you really are the light in my life.

81. I’ve got a special surprise waiting for you when you get home… You deserve it!

82. I still can’t believe I get to spend every single day knowing you’re mine.

83. Nothing makes me happier than seeing you relaxed and comfortable.

84. To me, you’ll always be an inspiration.

85. There is no other man I’d rather be spending my life with.

86. I just love you.

87. Where is my strong, pickle-jar-opening man when I need him?

88. Thanks for always killing the spiders when I need you to!

89. You, me, takeout, and a movie. Tonight.

90. When you get home, you’d better be ready for me.

91. You’re the best for putting up with as much as you do.

92. Come over later, I’ll let you touch my butt. [Read: What turns a guy on? 51 subtle sexual turn-ons that arouse men in seconds!]

93. All my friends are jealous of how happy you make me.

94. I can’t believe you did ___! That’s so impressive.

95. Hey there, sexy.

96. I don’t know anyone that can do ___ like you.

97. Your work ethic is so hot.

98. Remember our first date?

99. Your personality is just as hot as you are.

100. No one can make me smile like you do.

101. My friends were totally checking you out the other day!

102. I bet you’ll smile when you read this!

103. I don’t think anyone can make me laugh like you do.

104. When do I get to see you again? [Read: 74 dirty, sexy things to text your boyfriend to turn him on]

105. You make me feel so confident in myself.

106. I hope you know how great you are…

107. I am SO into you right now.

108. You’re one of the most interesting people I’ve ever met.

109. Wow! You’re really smart.

110. Currently bragging about my awesome man.

111. Are you even real? Because someone as perfect as you can’t exist.

112. I normally don’t like scary movies, but with you there, I know I’ll be safe.

113. Nobody gets me like you do.

114. I can’t wait to get my hands on you later. [Read: 156 sexy, dirty questions to ask a guy & make him horny just listening to you]

115. I can’t wait for you to get your hands on me later!

116. I’m so glad we met!

117. I’m debating calling in sick, just to come see you at work today.

118. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone whose smile I like more than yours!

119. If there’s one thing I would change about you, it would be your current location… so you could be with me.

120. You make me blush, and you’re not even here!

121. Waking up to a text from you seriously makes my day.

122. I love the way you smell when you’re hugging me. [Read: 50 ways to make him feel appreciated]

123. Come home soon. I miss you.

124. I wish all of my friends would meet a guy as good as you.

125. Thanks for being you.

126. You make me so happy every day.

127. You’re the kind of guy I always hoped I’d meet.

128. I love thinking about all the ways I’ll get to love you in the future.

129. You’re my Prince Charming.

130. I hope I dream about you tonight. [Read: 20 subtle ways to make him miss you]

131. My life is happier because you’re in it.

132. You have my heart.

133. Thank you for making me feel so safe.

134. We could do anything together and I’d have a good time.

135. Hello handsome.

136. I hope I make you as happy as you make me.

137. I love how much I love you.

138. Thank you for loving me like you do.

139. I don’t know how I survived all these years without you.

140. I can’t picture my life without you. [Read: Does he or doesn’t he see a future with you? 30 signs to read him]

141. I hope you’re having a wonderful day. Mine will be better once I see you.

142. I’m in bed. Want to come over?

143. What would you do if you were here right now?

144. I can’t wait to see you! I’m going to give you the biggest kiss!

145. I miss your smell.

146. It’s been too long since I’ve seen you. I even miss your morning breath.

147. I’m wearing the shirt/boxers/sweats you left here.

148. You’re simply the best!

149. It’s like we were made for each other.

150. I couldn’t ask for a better dog/cat dad.

151. I can’t wait to grow old with you.

152. I love you the most! [Read: 15 subtle flirting moves to bring them close without much effort]

153. I’m picking out a cute outfit for this weekend.

154. What do you think of this look? *With a picture*

155. This is how sad I am that you’re not here with me right now *with a cute sad face*.

156. Want to video chat? I miss your face.

157. I couldn’t have dreamed up someone better than you.

158. I didn’t know what to say, but I want to make you smile today.

159. You complete me in every way possible.

160. I fall in love with you more and more each day. [Read: 20 heartfelt ways to tell your boyfriend you love him for the first time]

The most important tips to compliment him just right

When trying to send a cute text that will make him think about you all day, it’s important to be in tune with what kind of compliments and acknowledgments resonate with him. Typically speaking, where women like to be complimented on their beauty, men like to be complimented on their achievements and work.

If you want to make sure you’re doing romance for your man right, use the romantic texts to send to a guy we’ve shared above, but also remember to follow these tips.

1. Mention his manliness

Men, by and large, have a psychological need for what Carl Jung termed the “hero archetype.” Recognizing and affirming their masculinity can activate this deeply ingrained archetype.

How about sending cute texts for him that say something like, “You’re so manly, it’s like Thor lost his hammer and you picked it up!” This serves dual purposes: acknowledging his manliness and subtly becoming one of those cute texts to make him think about you all day long.

2. Talk about how safe and comfortable you feel

As we said, men are often socialized to be protectors, tapping into the “caretaker archetype.” Use this to your advantage with romantic texts to send a guy. This does more than just stroke his ego—it validates his role in the relationship, which can be extremely fulfilling. [Read: Must-know secrets to master while texting a guy you like]

3. Tell him how well he takes care of you

This cute text tip plays into the psychological concept of the social exchange theory, which posits that relationships are built on a system of rewards and costs. When you affirm his contributions, you’re giving him social and emotional rewards.

4. Bring up his personality

Ah, the trait theory of personality psychology would love this one! Acknowledging specific personality traits he prides himself on will make those romantic texts to send a guy all the more meaningful.

With this texting tip, not only do you compliment the core of his being, but you’re also showing your attentiveness to his behavior and personality. This type of compliment in a cute text will go a long way in making him think about you.

5. Mention his hard work and ambition

This tickles the part of the male brain interested in achievement motivation. Telling him you find his ambition sexy is like adding rocket fuel to his drive. Think of it as one of those cute texts to make him think about you and all the future possibilities.

[Read: 44 warm ways to say “I appreciate you” & show appreciation without words]

It’s not always easy coming up with the right words to text a guy you like. Use these cute text ideas and implement the dos and don’ts into your flirting habits, and you’ll naturally become a professional and send romantic texts to a guy.

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