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What Is Tribbing? A Complete Guide to Master the Art of Scissoring

what is tribbing

When on the topic of lesbian sex, there is one thing that immediately comes into the average person’s mind. What is tribbing or scissoring?

What is tribbing? Today we take a look at what we know so far. Figure out fact from popular culture myths, and see what lesbians would want us to know about the phenomenon of scissoring.

What is tribbing?

Tribbing, or commonly known as scissoring, is the sexual act automatically associated with lesbian sex much to the chagrin and frustration of some lesbians. Some say that it’s impractical and impossible to do, while there are others who like it.

Nevertheless, the image has inadvertently been burned into everyone’s mind. The obsession towards it still continues to proliferate with the amount of talk, porn, and sex scenes that glamorizes it. [Read: How to have a first time lesbian experience minus the awkwardness]

Tribbing vs. scissoring: Is there a difference?

These terms are used often interchangeably, but are they actually synonyms? By definition, tribbing is the word used for any female to female sex act that involves one partner rubbing her vulva against the partner’s body. Tribbing may take the form of one partner dry humping her partner’s leg, or both partners rubbing at each other’s vulvas.

Tribbing can be said as the umbrella term for any female to female sex act that involves frotteuristic action to achieve pleasure or orgasm.

On the other hand, scissoring is a specific sex position. It is a form of tribbing that involves two females rubbing their vulvas with interlocked legs like two scissors clashing together. So, tribbing can be done in many ways. One way comes in the form of scissoring.

#1 Scissoring is a real thing. There have been a lot of arguments whether scissoring is a real thing that happens during lesbian sex or just a figment of naughty imagination. But just to get it out of the way, it is very much real and some lesbian couples do engage in the act. However, there are skeptics and naysayers for several good reasons. [Read: What is it really like to have a lesbian experience?]

#2 Scissoring is not for everybody. Simply said, there are some couples who tried, were not satisfied, and didn’t bother to do it again. Scissoring is just one from a multitude of sex positions that are more pleasurable and easier to pull off than the former.

Yes, in theory scissoring looks hot and sexy, but for some people who tried it in real life and never repeated it, claim it is a disappointment and not worth the enormous effort. [Read: Enjoy these sexy lesbian sex positions]

#3 Scissoring requires a lot of effort. From one look at the position, anyone can deduce that the scissor can be uncomfortable and exhausting. From the awkward posture of the couple, to the trouble of syncing your movements that it becomes equally pleasurable, keeping all that up until climax, or lack thereof will require a great deal of hard work.

#4 Not all bodies are built to enjoy scissoring. There is a joke somewhere that only lesbians with twig legs can fully enjoy the benefits of scissoring. They do have a point. If you pick up two Barbie dolls with all their “fit” physique and tried to prop them into a scissor position, their crotches wouldn’t even meet!

As anyone can see, scissoring is not an option for plus-sized couples and couples with flexibility problems because it just wouldn’t happen. They would be spending their whole night exhausting themselves without making any significant progress. [Read: How do lesbians have sex? 10 truths about girl on girl sex]

#5 Why are people so obsessed with scissoring then? Two reasons: porn and lesbian sex scenes in cinema. Lesbian porn is as old as porn itself and for some reason the aforementioned sex act has had a lot of coverage due to its exotic look.

And to add haze to the perpetuated myth, lesbian sex scenes in movies has made use of this cliché as well. It’s easy for someone who has little idea about lesbian sex to be misled by two porn actors apparently screaming with delight as they scissor on scene. [Read 10 reasons why lesbian porn is way, way hotter than straight porn]

#6 Other alternatives to scissoring with these tribbing sex positions. As mentioned, tribbing takes many forms other than scissoring. While scissoring looks good and sounds enticing from an outsider’s perspective it poses some problems when put to the test. There are many ways tribbing can be performed. Here are a few ideas some may find easier than scissoring.

**Missionary style – yes, it is vanilla, but it’s the go-to position for a reason. Tribbing in the missionary style not only allows the couple close facial contact for kissing, the position is also less strenuous and allows one to take the lead and dictate the movement rhythm.

**Woman on top style – have your partner lie down while the other rides and rubs her clit against her partner’s belly. This allows one free hand to stimulate the breasts and the vagina of the partner lying down.

**Leg humping position – this position is one of the top ranked tribbing positions. The leg is easier to straddle. It provides closer contact with the vulva compared to a human torso. It can seem like only one of the couple is enjoying. Then again, she has her hands free to stimulate her other partner. [Read: 10 intimate sex positions to feel closer to your partner]

#7 Will tribbing or scissoring pose a lesser risk for STDs?  No. At first glance, the apparent lack of penetration seems like it should screen out some STDs. But tribbing and scissoring still pose a risk for sexually-transmitted diseases due to skin and fluid contact.

Some STDs like gonorrhoea and chlamydia are caught from the transfer of secretions through the mucus membranes. That’s why even non-penetrative sexual acts like tribbing and scissoring also requires protection and caution.

[Read: How to scissor right and become the perfect scissor sister]

And now you have your answer to, what is tribbing? Often debated *sometimes fantasized*, it is an acquired taste for most people. 

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