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Having a Hands-Free Orgasm: Everything You Need to Know

Did you know that you can achieve an earth-shattering hands-free orgasm using the power of your mind? Trippy, right? Well, read on to find out how.

handsfree orgasm

Orgasms can be so many things: ecstatic, blissful, mind-blowing, pleasurable, faked, and even absent. But hands-free? The term seems like an oxymoron, but a lot of people swear by it. [Read: 22 common reasons why women fake an orgasm in bed!]

So what is it, really?

Before you wrack your brains struggling to figure out what the heck this thing is, we’ll give you everything you need to know about having a hands-free orgasm and whether you can actually get off on it… for real.

What is a hands-free orgasm?

A hands-free orgasm is a kind of erotic hypnosis, which uses guided meditation specifically created to relax the mind and turn on that pleasure-point, that switch, in your subconscious. As a result, you can orgasm with just your mind, without any touching at all. [Read: 10 tips for women who want a mind-blowing orgasm]

This kind of orgasm was actually popularized by none other than the internet, when a YouTube video with a soft-spoken female narrator promised intense sexual gratification just by hypnotic whirls, red and black spirals, and a honey-smooth voice.

A hands-free orgasm (let’s call it HFO from now on) has proven to be quite a game-changer for both men and women—or at least, it tickled the fancy of many a kinksters out there. This is because we all know that sex is tactile and highly physical.

However, HFO banks on the premise that sex also has a psychological element, and that you have to be in the mood for sex and have no distractions to reach the peak of pleasure. It operates in the same way as traditional hypnotherapy, in which you subject your mind to the power of suggestion by relaxing your thoughts and allowing them to focus on images suggested by the hypnosis. Simply put, HFO is meant to get you off just by stimulating your brain and your imagination, mimicking the psychological sensations of actually having sex, or at least masturbating. [Read: Accidental orgasms – 7 awesome ways to make the accidental happen]

How does hands-free orgasm work?

With the help of guided meditation, you relax physically and mentally. Then, you empty out your mind from all the stress and pressures of life, leaving your mind empty and prepared for aural stimulations produced by the hypnosis.

With a little practice, you can learn to master HFO and, believe it or not, bring yourself to powerful *and not to mention possibly multiple* orgasms.

By Googling “hands-free orgasm videos,” you can have access to a wide array of clips, from hypnotic swirls to actual pseudo-pornographic images *and even some explicit anime*. They are all characterized by one thing: a soothing, smooth, sensual voice in the background that seemingly lulls you with soft-spoken commands and vivid imagery. [Read: 11 most common sexual fetishes in the word + 5 super weird ones]

Is it for everybody?

Many men and women swear by being able to achieve a hands-free orgasm with simply the help of guided meditation and erotic hypnosis. Many get into it initially because it is a curious experience, so much more different than the passive, voyeuristic role you play in traditional pornography.

If you are going to watch videos, you will find that there are many erotic hypnosis videos for every preference. These go from foot fetishes to anime porn to submissions and even to tentacle porn.

How do you do it?

Though there are many kinds of videos and approaches to erotic hypnotism that cause hands-free orgasms, they basically have the same idea and process, which we will tackle one by one below:

#1 Find a private spot. Like with actual sex and other meditation practices, you have to find a quiet, comfortable, private spot where there are no distractions. This should allow you to focus on your erotic meditation and how your mind and body react to the stimulation. [Read: Going solo: The 15 sexy benefits of masturbation]

#2 Breathe deeply. Take deep, abdominal breaths to expand your belly and allow your lungs to expand as well, taking in more oxygen and energizing your blood flow. Inhale through your nose and imagine your lungs as a balloon. Fill them with oxygen as you inhale, letting your body wash you over with relaxation, and then breathe out your stresses.

As you settle into relaxation and calm, start to focus your mind on your clitoris, vagina, and perineum *that piece of skin between your vagina and anus*. This will also help stimulate your blood flow to your crotch. It may help to do a few Kegel exercises as well in order to be in touch with your sexual center and slowly build passion. [Read: 1 minute Kegel exercises for men and women you can do anywhere]

#3 Talk dirty. As you settle into a calmness, let the hypnotist’s words penetrate. If you are watching a YouTube video or some other erotic hypnotism clip, let the words and imagery penetrate your subconscious. This is also the perfect time to think dirty thoughts and imagine yourself doing dirty deeds.

If you’re the loud type, you can let out and talk dirty as loudly or as softly as you want, whatever turns you on even more. Another tip is to think back to that time when you had your best “O” ever, remember those feelings, and give in to them. [Read: How to talk dirty in bed and fantasize the right way]

#4 Meditate. Summon all your hottest, raunchiest fantasies and let them bring you to heightened sexual pleasure. With enough practice, you can do this without any difficulty. As long as you keep your mind open and free from any distractions, you are more likely to receive the suggestions and the stimuli from erotic hypnosis videos or from your own meditations.

The idea here is to put yourself in a trance-like state when your mind is open and can therefore translate or reflect this openness throughout your body, making you wholly open to the suggestions and sensations of the erotic hypnosis.

#5 Focus and defocus. Throughout the whole process, remember to keep your focus. One of the biggest problems many face, especially when they are new to meditation, is trying to focus without overthinking. So you have to try to think of one thought at a time and not allow other thoughts to come in and distract you.

Direct your thoughts on what you are feeling, the sensations that are slowly building up, or whatever it is that you are feeling in the moment. Do not think about anything else, such as what you should or shouldn’t be feeling, or if you’re doing something wrong. Just concentrate on the pleasure. [Read: 10 female masturbation tips for guaranteed orgasmic bliss]

#6 Keep trying. Getting the best orgasm hands-free doesn’t happen overnight. For many, it won’t happen on your first try. You have to remember that a big part of “coming” is psychological, and when it comes to hands-free orgasm, you have to train your subconscious to be able to direct your emotional, physical, and sexual functions. Once you have this down pat, you will find it easy to get off with just the power of your mind going in an erotic, hypnotic spiral.

For anyone wanting to explore their sexuality, be in touch with their sexual center, or just simply try out a different kind of orgasm, then hands-free orgasm is definitely for you. It allows you to relax and open yourself up to all the sexual possibilities as you let your mind control your body and bring you to greater carnal heights—all by yourself, and with no hands!

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Hands-free orgasm is changing the masturbation game, and many swear by getting off of it. While anyone can definitely try it out, it still takes a lot of practice to rein in your mind and let it direct your sexual core to the point of orgasm. The tips above can help you get started, so why not give yourself a little private time and try it out?

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