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20 Sexy Yoga Poses that Look Super-Hot & Make You Feel Really Good Too!

Yoga’s all about discovering balance and finding inner peace, but you can do that while still looking fine as hell. Sexy yoga, here we come!

sexy yoga poses

Breathe in, breathe out. After leaving yoga, you usually feel calm and at peace with yourself, which is what you should feel. But, yoga can also make you appreciate your body and give you a confidence boost as well – and by yoga, we mean sexy yoga.

Think about it, you remember the Downward Dog position? Yeah, if you don’t get turned on while a guy’s watching you bend and stretch your way to enlightenment, then you’re not doing it right.

20 sexy yoga positions you need to master

You absolutely need to know some sexy yoga positions! They’ll come handy when you feel like spicing up your moments of meditation, which means you’ll probably end up having sex instead.

Here are the best sexy yoga positions that you can do in and out of the bedroom.

1. Savasana

You may be wondering why this is a sexy position, but it is. You’re completely calm, and laying on your back in the natural human pose. Nothing fancy, nothing forced, just your body in a resting position.

Also, this sexy yoga position is a great turn on for guys as they’ll be able to easily scale up and down your body, feeling every inch of you.

2. Tree pose

It doesn’t sound so hot, but oh… it is. You’re standing perfectly straight with your palms touching each other above your head and one foot against your thigh.

You’re stretched out, and your stomach and chest are exposed. This is a great position for stretching your entire body and also for having sex in the shower.

3. Puppy dog stretch

This one sounds so sweet and innocent. But oh, trust me, when the guy is just giving it to you from behind, there’s nothing innocent about this position.

Basically, you’re on your hands and knees with your butt sticking up in the air. You get a good stretch out of it, but this also is the perfect position to hit the g-spot. [Read: How to turn up your sexual thermostat]

4. Reclining pigeon

Everyone knows how sexy yoga reclining pigeon is! Joking, actually, you can change the name, it’s not really a turn on.

You lay on your back, bending your left leg and resting your right leg horizontally across the other. This will first of all, stretch your glutes. But, it’ll also help support your man when he enters inside of you.

5. Bridge pose

This position is hot. You’re working out your glutes by laying on your back and raising your cute little butt into the air. You can do this position inside the bedroom as it may help you become even more aroused.

If you find your legs getting sore, just ask your partner to help you out by holding them for you. Personal note: you’ll orgasm.

6. Standing straddle forward bend

This position has your legs spread apart with you being in half, having your head try to touch the ground. You need some flexibility. This position screams sex – I mean, how can it not?

It’s basically an open invitation for your partner to come from behind. [Read: Subtle, obvious, and really sexy flirting moves for girls]

7. Wheel pose

This is basically the bridge, however, amped up a notch. The bridge is for new yoga enthusiasts. Also, if you’re able to hold yourself in this position, your partner is going to love having sex with you.

You basically start on your back lying down, put your hands firmly on the ground beside your head, and you push yourself up with your hips being the highest point. Imagine doing that naked?

8. Half dog at the wall

This is where you’re trying to go into a downward dog but you’re too horny to make it fully, so you end up bending over halfway with your arms holding the wall for support.

Ideally, I would do this position in the shower, or when you’re having sex up against a wall. Get him to flip you around, with your head facing away from him – man oh man, you have to love this position.

9. Reclining bound angel

This one is spicy. You’re lying on your back with your legs open in a butterfly position, and your arms above your head, with palms touching.

Now, if you don’t get turned on by seeing that, well, I think you need to take a couple more yoga classes. Your man is going to love it. [Read: Best possible positions for yoga sex]

10. Standing split

If you can do this, you’re a freak! Okay, you’re not. But I can’t do it, so that automatically makes me jealous.

You need to be flexible enough to bend literally in half, put your nose to your knee, and lift your other leg 180 degrees up. If you can do this, well, I can only imagine your sex life.

11. Three-legged dog pose

This sexy yoga position is basically an advanced downward dog, but sexier. So while you’re in down dog, you lift one of your legs straight up in the air.

Because your hips are wider, your partner will be able to easily enter inside you – it’s just a better angle.

12. Reclined big toe

Who came up with these names? Anyways, reclined big toe has you laying on your back with one leg straight up in the air, with your index finger wrapped around your big toe.

You get an amazing stretch down your legs and plus, you’ll gain some flexibility. So when you’re having sex, you can use this pose as a way to challenge yourself by getting your leg over his shoulder. He won’t complain. [Read: Body language attraction]

13. Chakra kiss

This sexy yoga position is cute. And if you’re having sex, well, it’s great for both foreplay and penetration.

You basically sit on the floor with your feet touching each other and your legs bent in opposite directions – like a butterfly and your palms touching in front of your chest. But, with a partner, you’ll be sitting on them and wrapping your legs around them.

14. Cobra

This one is great for…stretching, right, it’s great for stretching your spine. You’re lying flat on your stomach, and slowly pushing your upper body up with your arms, keeping your legs on the ground.

Once you’re done stretching your back, get your partner to come over and give it to you from behind.

15. Dead bug

Ah yes, the dead bug. It’s more exciting than it sounds. You lie on your back with your knees bent in the air, holding on to your feet. Think of the position when a woman is giving birth – I’m sorry if I killed the moment.

But this is a great position for stretching your hip flexors and thighs… oh! And for your partner to easily enter inside of you. [Read: Why men love women and their oh-so-hot bodies]

16. Shoulder stand

You’re lying on your back, slowly raising your hips and legs up to the ceiling. Not only can your partner just grab your legs and enter easily, this position is highly sexual because you’re staring at your reproductive organs.

17. Child pose

This one looks really easy, but it actually can be challenging. You start kneeling and sit on your heels, with your knees separated so that they’re hip-width apart.

You then take your arms and put them in front of you, stretching yourself out. Your partner can easily enter from behind and they will once they see you sensually exposing your back.

18. Bound angle

So, I wouldn’t have sex in this position, but I recommend it in order to create flexibility in your hip area. This will help you greatly in being able to open your legs wider *such goals we have in life.*

You sit on the floor and put your feet together in front of you, making a butterfly shape. Move your chest closer to your feet, and you’ll feel the burn in between your legs. You want that burn, baby. [Read: Clearly noticeable signs of body language attraction]

19. Downward-facing dog

This is the classic sexy yoga position. It’s used in every Blockbuster comedy, and well, it’s what gets the guys coming to yoga class.

Whether you’re using this position during sex or not, the minute you get into down dog, it feels like you’re about to take it from behind. And that feels so right.

20. Cat/cow flow

You’re going to be on all fours for this position. Once there, you’re going to inhale and arch your back, like a cow. Then, you exhale and curl your spine like a cat.

Not only is this position extremely sexy, but it’ll help you to control and have better orgasms – yay!

[Read: Dry humping and the virgin’s guide to orgasm]

Now that you know these sexy yoga positions, dust that yoga mat off and get stretching. If yoga isn’t your thing, well, then just use these positions in the bedroom. What a win-win!

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