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Do Women Like to Swallow? And 20 Other Sex Questions Answered

We know how many questions there are about what women like when it comes to sex. Do women like to swallow? Here’s the answer and more.

do women like to swallow

When it comes to the world of sex, there are often a lot of questions. Do women like to swallow? Do they like a lot of pubic hair? What about sex positions they like best? Many of these questions never get answered and honestly, it’s a shame.

While we all have our curiosities, it’s still frustrating to never get answers to those questions. You end up thinking about them often and it can be distracting. But you can’t just ask any woman to answer the questions you have about sex, right?

Being curious about what women like is a great thing

Honestly, it’s fantastic that some guys are super curious as to what women like in bed. Why? Because if you never ask questions, you never learn. And if you don’t learn, you’ll most likely never be able to please your girl – which I’m sure all of you really want to do. [Read: What women actually want in bed]

So do women like to swallow?

If you’re curious about all things sex and women related, we have the answers for you. Here are some of the most asked sex questions answered by a woman herself. Keep in mind that every woman is different and nobody will always like the same thing.

#1 Do women like to swallow? The truth is that it depends. Some women really like it and get turned on by it and some can’t even stand it. There are also others who don’t care either way and will just do it to make you happy. Overall, there seems to be more women who don’t like to swallow than those who do. [Read: 10 reasons girls who swallow make the best girlfriends]

#2 Does size really matter? Yes and no. Size only matters if you’re very small and also lacking in all the other departments. If you have a smaller sized penis but are amazing at oral and have no problem doing it, then it won’t matter. As long as your girl gets hers, it’s usually not an issue.

#3 Why do women fake it? Because we’re tired and don’t feel like giving more instructions to men who won’t listen. That may sound harsh, but that’s usually why women fake it. Either that or they’re too afraid to ask for what they really want that’ll actually get them to orgasm. Sometimes women fake it because they don’t want to hurt their partner’s feelings, too. [Read: 12 things guys do that make girls want to fake it]

#4 Do women like blowjobs? This will, again, depend on the actual girl. Some women love it and are turned on by the fact that they’re making their men feel so good. Other women find it gross and don’t like it at all. Truthfully, even if a woman isn’t a fan of it, they should still be giving you oral if it’s what you really want – but only if you do the same.

#5 Do women like deep throating? This is also going to vary from woman to woman. However, I will say that women who tend to like rougher sex and being manhandled usually also like deep throating. Pro tip: NEVER do this without first making sure a woman is okay with it.

#6 How do guys ask for a blowjob nicely? I’ve actually been asked this question before and there’s a really easy way to ask that doesn’t seem selfish or pushy. All you have to do is say, “Baby, I would love it if you sucked my dick. It would be such a turn on.” This should be enough to get her to do it simply because you love it. But don’t expect her to if you don’t give her oral. That’s just not fair. [Read: 16 ways to get your girl to give you head with ease]

#7 Do women like sex as much as men? Short answer: hell yes. Long answer: women like GOOD sex just as much as men. If sex with you is subpar, women would rather get themselves off.

#8 Do women like their nipples pinched, licked, or sucked? This will depend on the woman. However, most women are sensitive in this area and find that stimulation to the nipples feels great. But she won’t like it if you bite really hard and make it hurt.

#9 Are women grossed out by pubic hair? Grossed out isn’t necessarily the best word for it. But if you have a ton down there and aren’t groomed, it can be somewhat of a turn-off. I will say this: if you have a ton of pubes, you probably won’t get a blow job. Nobody wants a face full of pubes. [Read: A man’s guide to removing pubic hair safely]

#10 Do women masturbate and how often do they do it? Yes, the very large majority of women masturbate and they do so a few times a week to every day. It just depends on the woman and her libido and active sex life.

#11 Why do women like having sex with the lights off? Not all women do, but it’s a common occurrence if a girl is insecure with her body. With the lights off, you can’t see her flaws. To avoid this, tell your girl how amazing her body is all the time.

#12 Do girls like getting dick pictures? No. They’re not attractive. Don’t send them.

#13 Do women like knowing how many people men have slept with? I think most women do LIKE knowing, but no good will come of them knowing a guy’s number – especially if it’s particularly high. [Read: Don’t let your partner’s sexual history ruin things]

#14 Do women prefer circumcised or uncircumcised penises? It really doesn’t matter. So long as you’re keeping it clean, there really isn’t a difference besides its appearance when flaccid.

#15 What do women think about during sex? Usually whoever is inside her at the time. Some women fantasize about different things and other women think about the chores they have to do. If it’s good sex, she’ll be thinking about you.

#16 Why don’t women like threesomes? Some women do if they’re into both men and women and like to have sex with multiple people. The issue arises when a woman in a relationship is asked to have a threesome by her monogamous partner. It’s a blow to our self-esteem and makes us think we’re not good enough. [Read: Threesome sex or three times the trouble?]

#17 Do women play with their own boobs? Yes. Often. You would too if you had them! And sometimes they get sore – around that time of the month – and it just feels nice to have them massaged.

#18 Do curved penises turn women off? Not really. We may think it’ll be a little bit more of a challenge. But overall, it doesn’t matter. Sometimes it can even be a good thing if it’s curved in a certain way. [Read: 8 tips and positions for men with curved penises]

#19 Do women like to watch porn? This depends on the women completely. Some women love it and get off to it while others find it to be degrading and a huge turn-off. Usually, if a woman is more open to experimentation in bed, she’s also open to watching porn.

#20 What position makes women orgasm the fastest? Generally speaking, missionary with a pillow under her butt will make you hit her g-spot the best. However, this really depends on what your girl likes best since it can change for everyone.

#21 Why don’t women like dirty talk? A lot of women actually DO like it. However, if you’re finding that your girl doesn’t and you want to try it, she might refuse because she’s intimidated. Dirty talk can be a little scary if you’ve never done it so some women just don’t know how, but might actually like it.

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There you have it. The question of, “do women like to swallow?” has been answered and then some. Hopefully, this can clear the air and help men understand women a little better!

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