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What are Blue Balls? A Full Guide to Blue Balls & Real Experiences

Are blue balls real? Is it just a trick guys use to have sex? If you want to know what are blue balls, here’s EVERYTHING you need and all the FAQs too!

what are blue balls

Are blue balls real or is it just a trick used by guys to get into a girl’s pants? What are blue balls? Do blue balls exist? So many questions, and they all point a pair of balls in a guy’s shorts.

Maybe you’ve heard your boyfriend say, “you’re giving me blue balls.” But what are blue balls really, and how does it feel when a guy experiences it?

The term blue balls gets thrown around a lot in conversation and usually goes hand-in-hand with a guy uncomfortably readjusting his balls. So you’re probably wondering, do they turn blue? Does a guy’s balls start to look like Papa Smurf? All these questions, yet not so many answers!

Do guys get blue balls? Does it hurt?

Yes, guys get blue balls. And does it hurt? Well, the guys who experience it say it does. And the guys who don’t experience it, well, they either fake it or ignore it. But if you’re a girl, it’s always good to be well informed about the male anatomy and their blue problems. After all, you may hear the blue balls line someday and you’d have no one to guide you about it.

But before we go any further, and just to let you in on the fact that I know what I’m talking about, I’ve experienced it. A grand total of one time! And let me tell you, it’s not pleasant. But then again, I do think most guys fake blue balls just to get sex. Why do I say that? Well, from my experience, when you do get a serious case of blue balls, sex is the last thing on your mind!!

But more on that in a bit. Let’s start from the basics, so by the time you’re done, you’ll know everything about blue balls, and more!

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Are blue balls real?

Whether you have balls or you’re a partner of someone who has balls, you probably want to know what are blue balls. The first thing I can tell you is that this is no myth. Blue balls are here and they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. So, let’s get down to business and expand your mind with the knowledge of blue balls.

And once you know how it works, why it happens, and what you need to do, you don’t need to be ignorant or fooled by a guy into having sex just because he has “blue balls”.

What are blue balls?

When a guy gets aroused and retains his heightened state of arousal *a huge erection* for a considerable period of time, his testicles could start to hurt. This painful sensation that a guy experiences when he’s aroused but unable to ejaculate is known as blue balls.

If you’re in bed with your guy and dry humping him or teasing him for a while, he may get blue balls. And he may even convincingly tell you that the only way to make it go away is by having sex.

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Have you ever fallen for that excuse to have sex?

You should probably know that, no, the testicles do not actually turn blue. There are no clear and visible signs or symptoms of blue balls, and almost all the time, all the proof you have is his word. But just so you know, he may not always be faking it. [Read: Have you fallen for the just-the-tip sex excuse?]

What kind of guys get blue balls?

Literally everyone can get it. But there’s a slightly higher possibility when a guy is younger, throbbing with testosterone, and playing with himself for a few hours at a stretch because he has all the time in the world and zero responsibilities.

Keep that going, and he’ll learn to edge. But he may also get a side order of blue balls, with no idea what to do or how to fix it!

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Why do guys get blue balls?

Let’s get this truth out right now – Not all guys experience blue balls. In fact, a big majority of guys have never experienced it even once in their lifetime.

When a guy gets blue balls after a prolonged state of arousal, his pelvic area or his testicles may start to hurt gradually. It could be a painful throb of agony, or it could feel like a dull pain that lasts for quite a while even after his erection goes limp.

The first time I experienced pain in my scrotum sacs *the bag that holds the balls* when I was 20, I assumed it was blue balls. At first, it hurt but it also excited me because I was going to experience blue balls for the first time in my life. But it wasn’t a case of blue balls. It was just my strained member that was tired after a rather long night dancing around ladies on the dance floor. [Read: How to grind with a guy sexily and discreetly and give him an erection]

Surprisingly, none of my friends have experienced blue balls. But there was this one friend who claims to experience it, and each time the guys talked about blue balls, he always argued his case rather passionately and vociferously. After all, just because I hadn’t experienced it until then doesn’t mean I wouldn’t believe it, right?

How does it happen?

When a guy gets aroused because his girlfriend has been a rather naughty sex kitten, he starts to get hard down there. And you probably know that already. [Read: 16 signs you’re a sex kitten and loving it!]

Now here’s why that happens. In all our bodies, blood flows through arteries and veins, providing oxygen to different vital organs. But when a guy gets aroused, the flow of blood through the artery into his penis increases, while the flow of blood out of his penis decreases because the vein carrying the blood out constricts itself.

Due to this imbalance in inflow and outflow of blood in his penis, it starts to stiffen and get erect. That hard stick shift you feel when your hands slip into his shorts, well, it’s all the work of blood flow alone. No bone!

As more and more blood starts to flow into his private area, and less starts to get out from there because of his heightened state of arousal, the pressure could start to build up within his member and his scrotum sac *which gets enlarged*  because of all the excess blood accumulating inside his privates. [Read: What is tea bagging? Your steamy guide to tea bag your guy right]

For some men, as the blood flow increases, they would start to experience pain due to the increasing pressure created by the blood flow. But once he ejaculates, the accumulation of blood flows out through the relaxed vein and his member returns to the flaccid state, which can help in releasing the built up pressure.

So what are the chances of this happening when you’re in bed with your guy? Well, slim to none. It’s not that simple to keep a guy erect for a few hours straight, unless you’re coming up with unique ways to keep him horny every minute! [Read: How to tell if a guy is horny – 22 signs he’s horny AF already]

How to make a guy get blue balls?

Do you want to see a blue ball in action? It’s hard to predict your chances of creating blue balls out of normal balls. But your chances are exponentially higher if you stimulate him and keep him hard for a prolonged period of time. And by prolonged, I don’t mean 15 minutes. We’re talking about an hour or maybe a lot more, no one can tell for sure other than your dedication and your guy’s throbbing penis!

But then, why would you want to do it? He’s going to be in intense pain, you’re going to snigger and giggle. He’s going to get annoyed. And before you know it, he’s jacking off furiously and painfully while balancing his mind between a state of arousal, and anger towards you. Who needs this drama?!

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On that note, perhaps, it’s time to share a first person account into my own blue balls experience to help all you ladies and gents out there.

Blue balls and my personal experience with one

I’m going to keep it short, because you don’t care about my story, you care about blue balls. So let’s go straight to it.

We were on vacation with friends a couple of years ago. My girlfriend and I were out drinking all evening with our friends. And all of us came back to my hotel room, drank a lot more, and we finally kicked our friends out of the room by about 2am. The night was young, we were pissed drunk, so we decided to drink some more and have glorious sex.

All good so far. But we failed to understand just how drunk we were. But we started having sex.

And for the first time ever that night, I fell asleep on top of my girlfriend while having sex, with my member deep inside her. And she decided to conveniently pass out under me around the same time! *okay, don’t judge, we were totally wasted!*

Forward to three hours later, just as the early morning sun was rising, one of us woke up, nudged the other person, and we continued to have sex, because we had lost all recollection of time and we assumed we were still having sex. A few strokes in, and boom, searing pain and confusion, I couldn’t begin to understand what was happening. Was I high? Was this real? I couldn’t feel my penis anymore, all I could feel was numbness and pain. I didn’t know what was happening!

I jumped out of bed, and there I was, standing with an erection that hurt like hellfire – literally burning, searing, and throbbing all at once. I couldn’t touch it, each touch felt like a hammer blow. I checked the time, it was past 5am, what was going on! And that’s when I realized we fell asleep while having sex. And I fell asleep with an erection that stood firm for over 3 long hours! *I was proud of it, but the pain was stifling my pride* I always assumed a penis would go limp when the guy sleeps, and just slip out. But clearly, that wasn’t the case here.

My girlfriend was laughing, she couldn’t find anything different about my penis. It looked the same to her, but she was drunk, and everything was extra-funny! And as much as I panicked, I couldn’t help laughing too *I was crying in pain just a wee bit too* but it was all very exciting!

I stood under a cold shower for 30 minutes, tried masturbating, awkwardly and painfully tried having sex again, and I don’t know what worked, but we both passed out again, and I woke up feeling totally normal by noon that day.

What do the doctors say about these balls?

Called Epididymal Hypertension in medical terms, most doctors don’t seem to care too much about blue balls. There are hardly a handful of studies about it. In fact, no one even truly knows the real reason behind why only a few guys experience it while the majority of the male population don’t experience it.

If you think blue balls need medical attention, you’re just freaking out. The medical community doesn’t really care about your man’s blue balls. Over time, his balls calm down on their own. The only time a guy with blue balls should see a doctor for it is if he experiences serious pain in his testicular region. [Read: The most common health reasons why sex is painful for men]

Are they harmful?

If you experience blue balls, don’t think that a guy’s dick is going to fall off. Blue balls are not going to damage a man’s health. They cause the guy some discomfort and varying states of pain, but so far, no one has found any conclusive long-term health conditions associated with blue balls.

Both of you just sit down together and marvel at the painful, but once in a lifetime opportunity, of getting to see or experience blue balls. It doesn’t happen often, so that’s a story worth sharing and repeating!

But let’s find out what causes pain during erection, how blue balls work, and more facts about blue balls to make you a know-it-all!

Vasocongestion and blue balls

Vasocongestion is the expansion of tissues in the human body due to increased blood flow. Many people confuse this with blue balls, but it isn’t. The male erection is, of course, caused due to vasocongestion where the tissues expand to take in more blood, but the same thing happens with your cheeks when you blush.

Even the cramping you feel when you’re on your period is due to vasocongestion. [Read: The complete guide to having amazing sex on your period]

Priapism and the four hour erection

Has your boyfriend taken any erectile dysfunction pills before having sex? Very rarely, erectile dysfunction pills or even hormonal irregularities could leave your man with an erection that lasts for over four hours. Even an ejaculation may not help him go limp.

If he’s experiencing a case of painful blue balls due to the little blue pills, rush to the emergency room. It isn’t blue balls anymore. It’s a case of Priapism which could damage the tissues in his penis and prevent him from ever having a hard erection again. [Read: The reason behind why losing an erection bother guys so much]

Some guys just get confused

If your guy complains of blue balls after a prolonged period of arousal, it’s not always certain that he’s suffering from blue balls. Most guys just bear the pain or even brag about it, in the hope of getting more sex. But there could be reasons other than blue balls for his discomfort down there.

Here are 6 reasons why a guy could confuse the pain with blue balls.

1. He’s extremely aroused

If your man is extremely aroused, the flow of blood could increase the pressure in his groin. This could cause an uncomfortable pain each time he flexes the muscles in his groin to lift his member up, because more blood is pushed into his penis than required.

2. The ball banger

If your guy experiences blue balls while having sex, it could probably be his ball sacs hurting after it constantly hits against your body while having rough sex. [Read: 15 dirty ways to have the sexiest rough sex ever!]

3. Broken penis

Did you apply a lot of pressure on his member while blowing him or while riding him? At times, aggressive sex could damage your guy’s tissues down there and both of you may not notice it until after the deed. [Read: 9 sex positions that could leave a guy with a broken penis]

4. Limp and up

Constant states of getting erect and going limp because of prolonged foreplay could leave his member feeling sore, weak and painful.

5. Urinary tract infection

At times, the blue balls may turn out to be a case of urinary tract infection, especially if he has difficulty peeing or if he feels a burning sensation down there.

6. Testicular torsion

This is a something that can turn out to be quite dangerous, and the guy may even lose one or both of his testicles if left unchecked. At times, the spermatic cord at the back of his balls may get twisted intentionally or accidentally resulting in sharp pain around his testicles or in the abdomen area which could be confused with blue balls. But in reality, the pain is experienced because the oxygen supply is getting cut off to the testicles.

If your boyfriend complains of blue balls and the pain doesn’t go away within a couple of hours, take him to the hospital. At times, the constant pain he experiences when he gets an erection could also be a symptom of partial testicular torsion which gets twisted due to the pressure buildup during an erection. [Read: How to last longer during sex without any difficulty]

It’s been said that women can experience blue balls too

When a girl experiences a constant state of arousal that stretches over a few hours, the blood flow into her pelvic region could increase the pressure, and induce cramping-like symptoms just like the ones you feel during your period. And if it isn’t cramping, you may also feel heavy down there, which could lead to you experiencing a painful sensation.

And there’s a word for this too. It’s called blue bean, pink ovaries or blue ovaries, or whatever slang you choose to use. Read more about it here – female blue balls – Blue beans and the search for real answers!

A few facts about a guy and his blue balls

Here are a few more things you need to know about blue balls that could help you deal with your man’s blue balls without feeling guilty about it.

1. Does it go blue?

A guy’s balls don’t really turn blue. It may seem slightly swollen if you look closely. But if it looks bluish, rush to the emergency room. It’s probably testicular torsion.

2. How can you get it down?

A guy can help himself out and ejaculate to ease the pain. Ask him to finish himself off before heading out. But at times, it may take a while for the pain to go away once it gets there.

3. Should you have sex to cure blue balls?

Sex helps, but it usually isn’t the answer. As much as a guy says he’s got blue balls and needs to have sex, it’s not the easiest way to solve the issue. Having sex and getting the guy to ejaculate would help if he’s still in the early stages of blue balls. But once it actually starts to hurt him, sex would only feel more uncomfortable instead of pleasurable! [Read: 18 fascinating and unknown facts about the penis]

4. A massage

Massaging his testes and around his pelvis without arousing him could help in the recirculation of blood, which could dilate the veins stopping the blood from flowing out of his penis. [Read: How to give a sensual massage and work your magic]

5. Wait it out

Just stare at the clock and keep count. If your man experiences blue balls, stay calm and wait for the pain to ease itself out. It will, it’s only a matter of time.

6. Very few guys ever experience it

If you’ve got a guy who complains of blue balls, well, lucky you, you’ve just seen a medical miracle! Remember, most men don’t experience blue balls even once in their lifetime.

If your boyfriend gets blue balls often, or if he says the pain is intense, go to a doctor. It’s probably something that’s more serious and needs looking into.

Remember, science hasn’t been able to conclusively prove that blue balls even exist, although several guys complain about painful blue balls all the time. Most doctors believe the pain one experiences down there could be a symptom of a much bigger issue if the pain lasts a while. [Confession: Sex with an uncircumcised man, myths and all!]

As a guy, I was one of those guys who never experienced it, until I finally did. Perhaps I’m just lucky I had to endure it just once in my life so far. But if your guy experiences this often, don’t laugh at him. Wait it out or head to a doctor. Even if the doc says blue balls don’t exist, he may be able to ease the pain or find the reason behind the pain.

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So is your guy just lying about his painful blue balls, or is it a severe case of something that’s far more serious? Now you know what are blue balls, and everything there is to it. And these blue ball facts will definitely help you deal with the situation in the right way too!

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