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What Does a Pussy Taste Like? The Secrets that Give the Vagina Its Flavor

You’ve found yourself asking, “What does a pussy taste like?” Read the facts, and the personal accounts and learn what makes a vagina taste the way it does!

what does a pussy taste like vagina

When someone asks, “What does a vagina taste like?” you can bet it’s because they’re planning to go down on someone, or they have already done so and are wondering if everything is working smoothly down there. [Read: How to make your vagina smell good & taste even better]

Unfortunately, there’s no single answer. The vagina, like any other body part, has its own chemical makeup. The skin itself will taste like the rest of the skin on your body, but the fluids are another story.

What’s in the vagina?

Inside the vagina, you will find more skin and an extremely tiny hole called the cervix. The vaginal wall has no glands, but the blood plasma seeping through it produces vaginal fluid.

Then, when ovulation draws near, another type of fluid, cervical mucus, is secreted.

The technical terms leave a lot to be desired, but fluid is fluid, no matter what it’s called.

All you need to know is that women produce vaginal fluids regularly for a variety of reasons. [Read: How to get rid of vaginal odor – 16 ways to beat the sniff test]

1. Lubrication

The vagina produces its own lubricating fluids to keep things comfortable, but arousal lubricant is a little different.

It’s produced as a response to being turned on or sexually stimulated to prepare the vagina for intercourse. Arousal fluid is clear and more slippery than your average vaginal fluid. It also disappears pretty quickly.

2. Cleaning

The vagina is a self-cleaning machine. It naturally secretes fluids to keep itself clean and maintain a healthy pH balance with healthy bacteria.

3. Ovulation

The consistency and chemical makeup of the discharge changes several times throughout the menstrual cycle. The vagina secretes different textures and colors of fluids during a woman’s least fertile and most fertile days. [Read: Peeing after sex and other confusing myths about the vagina]

What does a vagina taste like, and why?

No matter what it’s used for, if you put your tongue inside or near the opening of a vagina, the fluid will be there. The taste, on the other hand, will vary depending on diet and lifestyle.

The vaginal fluid and cervical mucus are mostly made up of plasma, which collects chemicals from all over our bodies. That’s why STDs and STIs are so easy to catch. It’s all over the place!

If you want your fluids to taste a certain way, be vigilant about your lifestyle. Smoking, alcohol, and drugs can alter it to the point of toxicity not only in your vagina but your whole body.

1. Diet

Because each food that you eat is chemically different, it’s received by the body in different ways. Even the vagina responds to what you eat!

While most foods don’t have a significant enough effect on the taste or smell of your vagina, it can happen. If a food alters the smell of your pee or sweat, it’s likely altering your vaginal fluid, which may impact the taste,

Rumor has it that eating sweeter foods will result in a sweeter taste, while bitter foods can produce a more bitter and acidic taste. [Read: What does a vagina feel like? 35 pussy facts & descriptions from men]

2. Alcohol Intake

Alcohol does all kinds of interesting things to your body, including increasing perspiration.

The added sweat can add a bit of a salty tang and a sweaty smell. Depending on what type of drinks you may have had, you might taste bitter or sour in a way that you normally don’t.

3. Tobacco

Tobacco is generally dreadful for your body, but who would have thought that it could have a negative impact on your vagina, too?

There are hundreds of ingredients in cigarettes, all of which combine to produce thousands of different chemicals. These chemicals can definitely change the taste and smell of your vagina. What does a vagina taste like if you’re a smoker? An ashtray.

4. Hygiene

Obviously, negative hygiene is going to have a huge effect on your vaginal taste and odor. [Read: Perfect pretty pussy – 22 ways to make your vagina more beautiful!]

Vaginas might be internally self-cleaning, but you’re responsible for your external upkeep. Neglecting your nether regions is a certain way to develop foul smells and tastes.

What does a vagina taste like if it’s healthy?

The fact is that there’s not just one answer for this. A healthy vagina just tastes like a healthy vagina.

Given that vaginas secrete different fluids to clean themselves, lubricate, and just move your body through its monthly cycles, you’re going to taste different from day to day. Add in the dietary factors, and your taste might vary even more.

A healthy vagina can taste metallic, sweet, sour, bitter, or salty! [Read: 25 hot ways to make a guy go down on you & signs to tell if he likes it]

What does a vagina taste like if it’s unhealthy?

While there are a thousand different ways for a healthy vagina to taste, there are a handful of hard negatives when it comes to how it shouldn’t taste.

As much as advertisements for vaginal washes might make you believe that a vagina really should be all roses, it definitely should not! Skip the floral sprays and washes because they can have a negative impact on your vaginal health.

Pay special attention to any particularly “fishy” odors or tastes. Anything that’s overwhelming or foul could be an indicator of an infection.

It could be something as simple as your vagina reacting to a change in soap or laundry detergent, but it’s better to be safe than sorry!

If you catch a whiff of something that resembles the smell of a dead fish, consult a doctor! [Read: How to have safe sex in every single way]

What does a vagina taste like? What the food critics have to say

“Healthy pussy tastes like unsweetened yogurt.”

“She is what she eats when you eat her, so if her diet is heavy on fruits and veggies and stuff like that (no asparagus, please), she tastes sweet. If she has a meat-driven garlic pizza with pepperoni and fish cakes type of diet? One serving is enough.”

“Not bad. Not bad at all. I enjoy a mouth full of labia, to be honest. Where’s the beef?”

“It’s really weird to describe, but it smells and tastes like a combination of old french fries, old hamburger meat, that McDonald’s smell, and sadness.”


“On a bad day, it’s like a third armpit.”

“Butterscotch, yo!!!”

“Like a 9v battery. I’m serious. Not quite as shocking, though.” [Read: How to smell good – 25 secrets to attract anyone with your delicious scent]

“One of my old boyfriends swore that the closest taste he could compare it to was duck sauce. Yes. From Chinese restaurants.”

“Feels like a warm handshake from the president of the United States, but tastes like watery sauerkraut.”

“It smells like the sea or a fresh clam. It can taste bitter or like nothing at all.”

“I think it tastes like salt and vinegar potato chips.”

“Oyster sauce.”

“Tangy like bleu cheese. Slippery like okra. Musky like bourbon. Fun like an arcade.”

“Peachy salad dressing would be the best I could come up with. Tangy and just a little sweet. The texture is very velvety and soft between the inner labia and generally skin-like on the outer labia.”

“Have you ever bitten your lip and gotten a little bit of blood in your mouth? It’s got a very distinct taste. Even when a woman isn’t on her period, there’s always a hint of that flavor among all the others.”

“It tastes like tuna and feels like a bowl of salt and vinegar chips. Sometimes vice-versa.” [Read: Female confessions – the feeling of oral sex for women]

When vaginal fluid and fun facts collide

I’ve only eaten one woman’s vagina, and it was, in fact, an enjoyable experience. She tasted sweet, actually. It wasn’t until a few months later that a friend found a random article that stated how vaginal secretions are mostly blood plasma that I put two and two together… She was diabetic.”

“Diabetic here. My first boyfriend once said to me, “You taste sweet today.” I thought he was trying to be cute, but then he was like, “No, seriously, sweet like sugar.” So I tested my blood, and I was way higher than I should have been. He became the pussy psychic and would tell me when I needed insulin.”

“It depends on who you’re with, what they eat, pre-existing conditions, etc. Some of the women that I’ve slept with taste like nothing at all, and others taste OMFGTERRIBAD. Don’t have oral after eating McDonald’s. Just. Don’t.”

“It’s sort of like when you kiss flesh, to a degree. Kissing neck, body, etc. It’s a tad salty, yes, but not at all like table salt. It will drastically change from woman to woman. Hygiene will be a factor, too. Are you hoping for a comparison to food or something? It’s not really a flavor.” [Read: Smelly body parts that ruin great sex]

From the connoisseurs

“On the whole, I’d say that I genuinely enjoy the taste of a woman. Such a unique taste, and everybody is different! It’s like their sex fingerprint. It’s not like I want vagina-flavored something, but the flavor of vagina is generally pleasant to me.”

I can say that some pussies taste better than others. In addition to that, I do love the act of giving a girl head, but I only love it when her pussy tastes divine. I don’t really ask the girls how they get their juices to taste so delicious because I think that’d be a weird conversation, but I suspect it’s along the lines of when you smell a person. There are certain smells that are just more arousing than others.”

“To me, the best-tasting vag is one that doesn’t have much of a smell or taste, which I find to be a pretty rare phenomenon. A girl that I recently went down on probably had one of the nicest vaginas ever in that regard. It makes it a much more enjoyable experience.”

“The outer lips move with the suppleness of your ear lobes. Soft, plump, and you then catch the scent of the muskiness. That healthy primal warmth of intimate perspiration is a bit like a neck after a heavy workout. The first feel of her taste is as slick as canned peaches. Her melt itself is that of, I can only weakly describe as, a slight caffeine bitterness mixed with a creamy bliss.”

“I mean, I wouldn’t use vaginal discharge as a topping on my sundae, but I don’t think it’s a horrible taste. I’ve grown accustomed to just accepting the taste because I noticed it was the best way to get girls off (most of the ones I’ve hooked up with, at least).”

The weird and the extreme

“Depends on the girl. I’ve had girls who tasted very sweet, which is awesome and rare, and I’ve had girls who tasted like dead fish and battery acid, which is not awesome and way more common.” [Read: 39 sexy cunnilingus techniques to give a girl oral sex & tongue her to bliss]

“Lick the back of your hand. Wait 10 seconds. Smell. It tastes like that smell.”

“What does a vagina taste like? It tastes like debt.”

“Salty milk and old coins.”

“Lemon Pledge.”

“It tastes like fermented aloe on a 9-volt battery.”

“Like having your brains smashed out by a slice of lemon wrapped around a large gold brick.”

“Nectar, water, salt, and citrus, mingled with the scent of her hair and her skin and her sweat. It’s intoxicating and heady in all the best ways.”

“Rainbows and kittens.”

Now that you know what a healthy vagina tastes like, it’s your prerogative as to whether or not you’re going to go down there to test these observations. Have fun, and always practice safe sex!

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