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What is the Right Age to Get Married?

right age to get married

Many young men and women wonder about what the average age of marriage is, and what is the right age to get married. But instead of asking yourself what the best age to get married is, ask yourself these questions.

The average age to marry is unique and different across the world.

But what is the right age to get married? And how can you ever tell if you’re too young to marry?

The questions are many, but you know the truth, right? You can marry at any age, as long as both of you are in love.

Or wait a minute, is it so simple? Can you really marry at any age, as long as you’re truly and deeply in love with each other?

No, you can’t. Unfortunately, a successful marriage takes more than just true love to succeed.

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Are you ready to marry?

Many people wonder if being eighteen or nineteen or even twenty is too young to get married. But there are so many things you have to consider.

The right age to get married is a tricky way of looking at the problem. While the average age of marriage in several countries can give you some pointers, it’s not really personalized to give you the right answer.

What is the right age to get married?

Here are five pointers that everyone who wants to get married has to look into. While being too young to get married can seem like a scary factor, there are bigger things to consider. So irrespective of whether you’re eighteen or twenty five, ask yourself these questions. And if you’re unsure of even one of these pointers, it’s probably not the best age to get married, for you or your partner. [Read: Are you ready for a live in relationship?]

You really have to consider all these options before getting married, or you may end up in an unhappy relationship, or worse, destroy yourself physically and emotionally.

Do you have the financial stability?

Is this the right age for you to get married? Getting married is a commitment that’s beyond sharing popcorn and watching movies, or going out for dinner dates. While your life doesn’t really change after marriage, a marriage brings with it a sense of financial responsibility. You can’t really ask your dad to give you a week’s allowance or pocket money. Are you ready to take on that burden of looking after yourself and your new family? [Read: Money management for couples and newly weds]

Are both of you earning enough in steady, well paying jobs to live comfortably and manage any sudden expenses that come along the way? [Read: Money can buy happiness in love]

Are both of you emotionally mature?

The average age of marriage in your country will not affect your emotional maturity. It’s for you to decide. You may be partying late, having a lot of fun, and not worrying about what you’re going to do the next morning. But for two people to live with each other happily as a married couple, you need to be emotionally mature.

You may have had a lot to deal with over your teenage years, like college assignments, dating, errands, meeting your friends, and tons of other stuff. Now, you’re going to have to deal with twice as much, because you have a partner who is going to have their own share of problems too. Can you handle that? You can’t really shut your room door and lock yourself anymore.

Your mum isn’t going to be outside your room door after cleaning the mess you created. Once you’re married, no matter how difficult life gets, you can’t shut your problems away. You have to face it like a mature person. Are you ready for that? Is your lover ready for that? [Read: How to cheer up your partner]

Are you ready to compromise in the relationship?

Love your playstation? Love talking for hours on the phone? Or love just sitting back on the couch and swishing beer cans into the bin? Are you ready to give it all up for the sake of your relationship? What about food habits, sleeping habits and how long either of you take in the bathroom?

A marriage looks cute from the outside, but in real life, marriage is about love and compromise. And this compromise should come naturally. Many people in failing marriages say marriage is nothing but a compromise, and a give-and-take relationship. But that’s far from the truth.

Marriage isn’t about compromise, love is. And it comes from the heart. You shouldn’t compromise to put up with your partner, you should do it only if it genuinely makes you happy. Lovers like pleasing each other with little acts of kindness and love, because it brings each other more joy and happiness. Are you ready to compromise for each other? Remember, you’re going to live with each other now, and you’re going to be sharing a lot more than a few hours every day.

Can you handle your lover’s shortcomings?

Now, as perfect as either of you are, none of us are entirely perfect. We come with our own packages of good and bad. Good is wonderful and sweet. But can you handle the bad? Can you handle it if your partner snores? Or gets up at three in the morning because they’re hungry? Or leaves the toilet unflushed? Or perhaps, you or your partner feels lazy after work, while the other person likes to rest only after finishing all the chores. These are just a tiny part of the different shortcomings that we all come with. You may think you can definitely handle these things, but these shortcomings are actually the biggest reasons why relationships and marriages fail!

Can you handle each other’s likes and dislikes?

Over times, little details like likes and dislikes can make sharing together time an unbearable pain. He likes watching the game, while she likes watching a TV show? Or do you like Chinese food while your partner likes Indian food? While dating, these differences seem cute and adorable, but in a marriage, these are not cute acts that happen once in a while. You have to deal with it every single day. And it’s left to both of you to compromise and adjust your own likes and dislikes to match that of your partner’s. For a successful marriage, you need to match your likes and dislikes and compromise with each other’s demands. [Read: Long term relationship requirements]

So what’s the right age to get married now?

Now that you know what it takes to hold on to a successful marriage, ask yourself the same question truthfully. Is this the right age to get married for you? Leaving the average age of marriage apart, are you and your partner really ready to move in together and live as a married couple? These five questions can seem really simple, but unless you give them a serious consideration, you might come back to this page a few months later and wonder how such small things became such unbearable issues that are tearing your marriage apart. [Read: How to be happy in life]

So always be cautious. Take time to decide, and give it enough thought. It’s easy to take a plunge into the ocean of love. But are you going to like the pleasant sensation or will it be a shocking and icy chill? These questions will give you the answer.

So what is the right age to get married for you? Now you know the answer, and really, the average age of marriage makes no difference, it’s these five questions that divide the happy marriages from the failed ones.

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14 thoughts on “What is the Right Age to Get Married?”

  1. Morgan says:

    Me and my boyfriend have been together for almost a year now. We’ve been on and off for about three years, but we’re pretty serious. We love eachother to death. He just turned sixteen and I will be in a few months. We want to get married when we’re twenty. Is that the right age?

  2. James says:

    Morgan if both of you have solved the above questions of the article then petty much yes. If at 20 you are financialy indepented and you still love each other, then why not?

  3. Beverly Ann Clark says:

    I am getting old right now and young and I am not over 20.i am 41 years old woman and I have a responsibility to live of my own in community apt of my own with a room mate to.

  4. vivian says:

    Its beter u get matured before jumping into marriage, n before dt make sure u learn ur partner very well , n learn hw to avoid some talks n lear people around u n around ur partner but before all dis, make sure u knows wat u want n think twice concerning it den make a good decng towards it

  5. Litney says:

    Hi! I really love your articles about love and relationships!
    Anyways, i’m with my bf for 7 months already. I’m 16 and he is going to be 15 in 3 months. I want the both of us to get married after 8 or 9 yrs cause I want to get married when it am 24 already but my bf wants after 10 yrs so we can be ready for everything, he told me. This article made me realize that he was right after all. Thank you guys!

  6. Amelia says:

    My partner and I have been together for two years and living together for just over one. Naturally we’ve discussed marriage we’re both ready to make the commitment, live alone completely independently, have plans of our future, even have a beautiful dog together etc. The only problem is that we’re twenty and are constantly told by the media (and some friends still living their party days) that we’re to young to understand a commitment. Our family are supportive however. We plan to wait a few more years to avoid all the negativity out age brings though we both know we’re in it for the long hall.

    I just wish that assumptions were not based on stereotypes and rather on the individuals themselves. There is a huge range in maturity among people our age, but we are all labelled ‘too young’ and ‘immature’.

  7. Amanda says:

    I met my boyfriend on june 6th 2013 at his army graduation (my older brother was graduating and introduced us) we were friends first and i fell in love with my bestfriend. he is a wonderful person inside and out and we talk about getting married everyday. We are long distance he lives in vegas i live in texas, we visit eachother for one week once a month. im planning to move in in january. When u are ready to get married u will feel it in your heart, you wont be able to picture life without that other person. Yes this commitment comes with large responsibilities such as financial stability, but marriage is a commitment and you stick with that person whether u r flat ass broke or freaking loaded. that shouldnt matter. yes its better to be ready to support eachother so u dont struggle but either way marriages will have struggles reguardless of any circumstance. how u deal with these issues is a different story. you have to decide if ur in it for the longhaul. and if not ur not ready. Maturity is important but every relationship is different. if u function well with eachother the way u are, dont force urself to change what isnt broken. understanding eachothers wants and needs is what i would say is most important, that can make or break a relationship. the key to a successful marriage is the 5 love languages. this is a book by gary chapman if you read this book like i did and u understand ur partner like i understand mine u will have a loving relationship. i would not suggest marraige before the age of 17 because statistics show more divorces develop in younger marriages. i am 20 years old and id do any and everything to make my partner happy, just as he has done for me. there is no AGE limit on love. no one says this is the exact age to get married, the only age. if u love eachother and are sensitive to eachothers wants and needs and u cant picture urself without that person, you do whatever it takes to be with them. compromises and sacrifices will be made, a marriage is a union that makes u eachother, you are no longer your own person, it unifies people as one. if u are ready to make that kind of change then why wait?

  8. Amanda says:

    Amelia, forget what anyone else stereotypes u as. if u love him and he makes u happy, u do what it takes to make u both happy. I am also twenty but in my culture women always marry young. dont worry about it, to be honest if it makes u happy you need to stop listening to what everyone else thinks and do what u and ur boyfriend think. do what it takes to make eachother happy

  9. jf jimbo says:

    Yeah… Not that I mean to ruin the young folks party here but..

    I met a girl at 18; she was 16. We have been together for almost 8 years. Two years ago, while trying to put money aside for a cashdown for a house payment, i worked myself to exhaustion. I got into a depression. And within one year, I saw my partner taking her distance from me. It started with her doing all that she could to support me and make me feel good. She knew who I was. She wanted to help me get better. But fast forward one year.. She was tired of putting in the effort. She ended up not touching me as much as before.. Our last year, we made love once or twice a month max.. And she eventually told me she had met a guy a few weeks before.. And instead of cheating on me, she wanted to split.

    I was the only man she had ever known. So at some point, in our down, she felt the need to try something different. And this is what will happen to most younger couples! SERIOUSLY! Now.. Hold on..!

    Not every relationship goes like this. I get it. I was devastated.. But after a few months
    . I got over it. I met another girl.. We took our time. Saw eachother for weeks before even kissing. Two months before getting intimate..!

    She was 22, and I was 26 when we met. It was after a 7 year relationship I had. She had been with her ex one year. Before that, 5 yrs with the previous guy. But she was still living with her parents. I had an appartment/condo since 18. This week its our 1 yr anniversary.. And all I can say is that….

    This relationship takes every little bit of energy that I have, and sucks it right down the sewer.. On a daily basis. I am invested heart and soul into this relationship, so I want to believe in change and in her being able to grow emotinally, but jalousy, lack of REAL LIFE knowledge, and living with her dad makes this woman such a hard person to handle…

    I still hope… But I am so desperate…..

    All of this to say..
    I’m 27 and I am still struggling to find true love. Now, with a step back, I see how great my exgirlfriend was.. But it’s too late.. And eventually, she would have wanted to try something different!

    So remember this. Within 2-3 years of a relationship, you do NOT know everything about your partner.
    Untik you have lived TOGETHER, for at least a few years, you still might discover new things.

    Once you find that REAL one for you, please, dont waste energy on stupid details. Realise all that you have.

    And if it doesnt work now.. Keep hoping. It will come 🙂

    Love is not always what it seems.. And is never easy!

  10. Mickey says:

    I would only do it if I were 90 years old, had 2 weeks to live, and just didn’t care anymore. Otherwise, it’s not worth it.

  11. Brian Tamayo says:

    I am past the median age to get married, which is about 25 for women & 27 for men. As of now I am 34 & never been in a committed dating relationship at all & completely struggling to find love; trying to woo the right girl. Getting married is the most difficult part of my lifestyle, been single & will most likely stay a single bachelor for life. Okay what is really holding be back is going back to school & earning my college undergrad degree while working part time.

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