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Women Who Don’t Want Children: The Valid Reasons Behind Their Choice

women who don't want children

You may be on the fence about having kids, but you know women who don’t want children. It’s a hot topic, but what are the reasons why?

I used to think I was the only one, but women who don’t want children are beginning to speak up and question whether or not they should have children.

Whenever I’m around children for longer than two minutes, I start to think about if I really want to have kids. Is this something I really want? To be honest, I’m enjoying my relationship and the freedom of doing things whenever I want, without having to change a poopy diaper or wish for more than one hour of sleep a night.

And when I’m around other people’s children, I wonder if this is something for me. Because let’s be honest, raising children is a lot of work, much more than most of us think it is. [Read: Why millennials are choosing puppies over babies]

Women who don’t want children

Of course, having kids is biologically a part of us. We’re designed to reproduce as all other animals. There’s one thing that makes us different. We’re conscious beings. Is a bumblebee conscious? Maybe, but as of now, science hasn’t proved it.

We have the choice between having kids or not. But when you bring up this topic to most people, they look at you in shock. Why wouldn’t you want kids? Is there something wrong with you? But in reality, the reasons for not wanting children are understandable. Once you know the reasons, you will better understand women who don’t want children. It’s more common than you thought. 

#1 Population control. We all watch the news, we all have eyes. Right now, the world isn’t going down the best road. If we keep bringing more people onto the planet, well, who knows how much of a planet we’ll have left. Overcrowding and environmental deterioration are strong reasons to not have children.

Not only do they not want to contribute to the problem, but they also don’t want to have their offspring suffer with what’s happening around us. [Read: How to be a good citizen of the world living at home]

#2 Children aren’t cheap. I know you can’t put a price tag on love. Let’s get real, children aren’t cheap. In fact, raising one child in the United States until they’re 18 will cost you around $250,000. On top of those costs, you may have medical, car, and other financial payments which make it hard for you to think about financially supporting another human being. If you can’t support yourself, how can you support a child?

#3 She has fertility issues. This is a common problem with women. It prevents many women from continuing the process of getting pregnant. Depending on the treatment needed to have kids, it could simply cost too much or they don’t want the pain of trying and having it fail. Some women don’t want to go through any artificial procedures if they can’t bear children naturally. [Read: 8 problems that can make your relationship stronger]

#4 Fear of passing down certain genes. Naturally, we’re curious about how our child will turn out. If your family has a strong history of health issues, including mental health, your desire to bring a child into the world may not be as strong.

There’s a huge fear that women *and men* will bring a child into a world filled with hardship and suffering.

#5 Career matters more. Some women would rather focus on their career than raising a family, and we all know the struggle of balancing both career and family. You simply can’t have it all. This is why some women choose to focus on their jobs rather than a family. Can you blame them? No. At least they’re not spreading themselves thin. Instead, they’d rather just not have children at all.

#6 They don’t have maternal instincts. It’s assumed that all women have maternal instincts because, well, they’re women. But not all women are packed with maternal instincts. Just because we have reproductive organs, doesn’t mean we come with the empathetic and nurturing skills needed to raise a child.

For women without maternal instincts, they prefer not to have children for the sake of themselves and the unborn child.

#7 Children don’t fit into their lifestyle. Maybe they’re constantly traveling or spending long days at the office. The point is, not every lifestyle fits well with child rearing. Of course, they could alter their lifestyle but they like their lives the way they are.

When you have kids, you adapt yourself to their needs and this means sacrificing things that you may enjoy doing. Instead, these women want to keep their lifestyles the way they are and that means the children are out of the picture. [Read: Before even considering kids, every couple must do these 18 things]

#8 They’re scared about making the right choice. When you have kids, even the small choices you make have huge consequences. With kids, you spend most of your time thinking if you did the right thing. Some women don’t want to deal with the consequences of potentially making the “wrong decision.” Putting your child first sounds easy, but in reality, it’s exhausting.

#9 They’re terrified of the world. Like I said before, there’s a lot of bad things happening around the world. Though on Instagram it looks nice, in reality, the earth can be harsh. Why would you want to bring a child into the picture?

This is a common thought among women who don’t want children. They don’t want their potential child to go through the world’s problems. It’s best not to have any children. [Read: How to make the world a better place]

#10 They just don’t want kids. In the end, women don’t need a reason to not have children. Sometimes you don’t want to have kids and your reason is indescribable. You just don’t want them. The desire isn’t there.

This is a perfectly fine reason which doesn’t need anymore explaining. A woman could be very nurturing and have time to invest into having a child but simply doesn’t have the urge to do so. And you know what? That’s okay.

[Read: 11 ways to know if both of you are ready to have a baby]

Are you one of the women who don’t want children? Or do you know someone who’s against having kids? Hopefully, you now understand why they chose to make that choice.

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