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Long Term Relationship Poll – What Matters Most?

long term relationship poll

Finding someone attractive or falling in love is easy. But staying in love, and cruising through the roads of a long term relationship is the difficult part.

See this long term relationship poll to know what the Lovepanky readers had to say about what really matters most in a long term relationship.

What matters most in a long term relationship?

Long Term Relationship - Long term relationship advice

Long term relationship – What’s the verdict?

From what we see, a huge number of readers (65%) believe that trust and honesty is the most important factor in any long term relationship, followed by communication (17%) and chemistry (11%).

So if you really want to ensure that you and your sweetie are still holding hands while taking a walk in your eighties, then ensure that you have a lot of trust in each other, and are honest.

Lovepanky Says

We’ve always believed that trust and honesty is the most important requirement of a long term relationship, but do remember that many other factors do influence whether we trust our partners or are truthful to them. After all, if you stop communicating or start to drift apart with different interests, or find yourself attracted to someone else due to lack of chemistry, it all leads to the proverbial doom in the long term relationship.

Trust and honesty definitely is the most important factor in a long term relationship, but that doesn’t mean other things don’t count.

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3 thoughts on “Long Term Relationship Poll – What Matters Most?”

  1. James says:

    Interesting what the poll results are when taken from the same people who have a very high divorce rate… I’d agree that trust and honesty and communication should be up there.. but seriously… divorce is so common place nowadays… people get married 4,5,6 times… and still don’t seem to get that… I think there should be a class in school for relationships I really think it would be an asset to the world to know how to build better and stronger relationships so that we can develop these skills early in life, most problems with trust, honesty, and communication stem from early childhood and bad relationships… just my opinion… I would love to have been better prepared for love. Love is an emotion… Sex is an action… they should not be paired in this sense. None of us can really describe what love really is, or why we feel that way yet we are expected to grow up and just naturally know what this is and how to properly express it. So many people out there think sex and love are the same thing when as I have stated… they are not. In fact I think its the opposite. I think love is more something where you can spend nights on end with this person and sex not be the smallest reason for which you are there.. It’s an emotional connection and commitment to another… Sure you share the physical side and it is likely more intimate than it would be with some stranger… But in the end its all about emotion and you can jump right into bed with someone no problem (at least before you actually love) but letting someone into your heart takes time and effort and it is a slower process… Love is unconditional, which means that person can do no wrong in your eyes… you will always love them no matter what you go through together. All in all, Love is Blind! that’s something many of us do know through experience.

  2. Linda Terry says:

    Respect. Without it love dies and the relationship deteriorates

  3. Gary says:

    Chemistry only scored 11%? I’m pretty surprised at that. If there’s no chemistry, especially during the initial stages of getting to know someone, then how are you going to go the distance? I don’t know about you, but my ideal life doesn’t include being bored to tears with my partner because we don’t have all that much in common with one another or that all important spark that everyone likes to talk about. There’s no doubt that honesty and communication are important factors and can really be the decision makers in any good relationship, but it looks like everyone needs to put a lot more importance on chemistry. Maybe that’s why the divorce rate is so high!

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